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National Confederation of Officers Association (NCOA) write to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL extending Solidarity and support for the Indefinite Hunger Fast from 08.03.2021 SNEA demanding Promotion of BSNL Executives w.e.f. 01.07.2018 through the Non-post based Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018.

NCOA letter to CMD


Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL:

GS, President and both AGSs had meeting with CMD/BSNL on 03.03.2021 and had discussions on the Hunger Fast from 08.03.2021 demanding Non-post based promotions from 01.07.2018 onwards and other important issues:

I. Hunger Fast from 08.03.2021 demanding Non-post based promotions from 01.07.2018.

Today, on 03.03.2021, we had a very fruitful discussion with CMD on the most important issue. We tried to clear the apprehensions of CMD on various aspects on implementation of the new promotion policy. We explained the status of implementation of the policy with reference to the main Telecom and Finance cadres.

1). On implementation of the new promotion policy w.e.f. 01.07.2018, status will be:

i) Today, the number of AGM/DEs will be about 2300 (promoted as SDE between 2004 & 2008), much less than the number of AGM/DE working today on Regular and LA basis. Similarly the number of CAOs will be less than 250 (even with 2009 batch AOs). In July 2021, number of AGM/DE will be about 4000 plus (all promoted as SDE in 2009 and corresponding LDCE). Next eligibility is in July, 2023 and then in 2027. All of them have put minimum 20 to 30 years of service (SCF: 25-30 yrs and LDCE: 20 yrs) by the time of AGM promotion.

Upto 2026, the number AGMs will be less than 4500, we explained.

ii) BSNL already utilising JTO and SDE equivalent Grades as interchangeable which is a provision in the new promotion policy. A new JTO will work in JTO, SDE and Sr SDE Grades, interchangeably for 15 years before their DE promotion. JTO plus SDE number will be around 19,500 now.

iii) A fair ratio will be maintained between JTO/SDE/Sr SDE --à AGM --à DGM.

2). Only new Executives can become AGM/CAO equivalent Grade in 15 years at the age of 40 to 45. Thereafter they are having another 15-20 years of service left and will get stagnated, which is the concern of management:

It will happen only from the year 2032 onwards, after 11 years from now, we explained. BSNL should be lead by its own Officers. This is possible only when the Executives entering at the age of 25-30 years as a Direct Recruit gets promotion to AGM/CAO Grades in 15 years, at the age of 40-45 years. Then only they are having further promotion avenues to DGM (E5) Grade at the age of 50 to 55 years, SG JAG Grade/ Jt GM  Grade at the age of 50-55 years, Addl GM/GM Grade and CGM Grade as per merit.

In other PSUs, Executives are reaching DGM Grade in 12 to 15 years, at the age of about 35 - 40 years through 3 to 4 Non-post based Time Bound Functional promotions and then moved upwards as Jt GM, Addl GM, GM and CGM etc and leading the company.

The chart explains the status:

AGM: 40-45 yrs

DGM:50-55 yrs

SG JAG: 50-55 yrs

Those entering as Executive from Non-Executive cadres through promotion quota (LICE), they will reach AGM/CAO Grade much later, we explained.

The question of continuing in the same AGM Grade for 15 to 20 years does not arise at all, we explained.

3). There is no financial implication involved on implementation of this policy as Executives are already reaching the scale as per the existing EPP itself. Rather there is saving for BSNL, we explained.

4). DPCs on post based promotions may take minimum 5 to 6 years due to Reservation issue:

i) Promotions made in 2018 in AO, CAO and DE cadres become provisional. Now Appeal is filed in High Court. It will take 5 to 6 years to complete the litigations in High Court and then in Hon SC. If the SC judgment is in favour of BSNL, it can proceed further but it will take minimum 5 to 6 years. If Hon SC dismisses the BSNL petition and agreeing to CAT orders, then no one can say when further promotion will take place as it is linked with Nagaraj Judgment and its implementation, we explained.

ii) For other cadres, including SDE(T), there is no stay on promotion. But promotion with reservation is stopped by the clarification issued by DoT and Law Ministry in October 2020.

iii) Since Govt policies on Reservation will be followed in the new Promotion Policy also as decided by the BSNL Board, Reservation will automatically taken care in the new Policy.

In the light of the discussions, it seems that the apprehension of CMD on implementation of the new promotion policy is slowly getting cleared. CMD assured to examine the facts submitted by us at the earliest. Further in view of the discussions, CMD made an impassionate appeal to withdraw the Indefinite Hunger Fast from 08.03.2021.

II. Launching of 4G services:

We informed CMD about the discussions with the senior Officers of DOT (Secretary, Addl Secretary, Member(T), Member(F), Member(S)) on the 4G issue. Without 4G services, BSNL Revival is not at all possible and the revenue cannot be increased. The employees can contribute only after the launching of 4G services.

CMD informed that there is no headway on the matter. Discussions are going on at the highest level of PMO, how the deadlock can be broken. BSNL is trying to impress upon all that the new process will take long period to take off. Now DoT almost convinced on the matter. CMD also agreed to our view point that the new tender process through POC route will take atleast 2 years for roll out.

On the specific issue of upgradation and launching of services, there is no further progress, CMD informed.

The various letters written by us to various authorities on the issue, including Hon Minister is getting good response, mounting pressure on the Govt as it is getting the support of public and media attention. Discussions are going on at highest level, at PMO to find solution to BSNL 4G issue.

III. OF connectivity from RailTel:

We appreciated the initiative of management which will give stability to the media connectivity to Eastern Region especially NE Region. The connectivity doubled from Guwahati and Kolkatta towards Chennai.

PGCIL hiked the Tariff and abruptly disconnected BSNL connectivity. Thereafter management acted swiftly and got MOU signed with RailTel on almost 1/3rd rate.

Once local connectivity is established, BSNL can go for tender in the future for such connectivity, CMD informed.

IV. Transfer of Accounts Personal:

We explained that transfer of Accounts Personal are pending for the last two quarters and it should be cleared at the earliest as in other wings. The matter we discussed with Director (Fin) also on 02.03.2021. CMD assured to give necessary instructions.

V. Rule 9 Temporary Transfer:

We requested to clear the deadlock on Temporary Transfer. Many genuine cases including medical cases are pending for approval. CMD informed that once Executives are going on Temp transfer, they are not going back which creates operational issues and unwanted interference from various quarters.


Final hearing on the court case for CPSU Cadre Hierarchy promotion (Non-post based Time Bound Functional promotion) through BEPPARR 2017 approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018.

The case filed by SNEA & Others at Hon CAT, Chandigarh for Non-post based Time Bound Functional promotion through BEPPARR 2017 for all the eligible Executives on Regular basis came up for final hearing yesterday, 01.03.2021. The case was listed for final hearing. However, before arguments starts, BSNL counsel informed the Hon Court that BSNL filed an MA along with counter to the rejoinder filed by SNEA. BSNL filed the counter in the last minute to the rejoinder filed by us on 26.10.2020. Since the documents are submitted late by BSNL Counsel, it could not reach the bench by the time of hearing. These documents are to be accepted by the Hon Court before final hearing.

After preliminary pleadings on the urgency of the matter, Hon Court gave the earliest available date, 30.03.2021 for final hearing of the case.


Annual General Body meeting of SNEA, Kannur Branch

held at Telephone Bhavan Conference Hall, Kannur on 3/3/2021

Com Deepak CK BS welcomed the gathering and Com Kishore, JTO NQM Presided over the function. Com Rajesh Manchan CHQ Advisor, Com Jithesh CS, Com Deepak DS, Com Manoj DP and Com Vinod DT addressed the meeting. The leaders urged up on the importance of the strike and promotion, where management is not ready to promote executives even in the reduced  vaccancies after restructuring. Meeting had a fruitful interaction about the agitation programs and participation. Meeting elected the following as new office bearers of Kannur Branch.

President: Pramodan ,JTO Electrical
Vice president: Bhanumathi,JTO Marketing
Secretary: Kishor Krishnan ,JTO NQM

Assistant Secretary: Rajesh,JTO TIM
Treasurer: Praveen ,JTO Electrical
Organising Secretaries :
1- Ranjith K P,JTO FM Kannur
2- Bijesh ,SDE OD Kannur
3- Nithin Kumar ,JTO TIM Kannur

Executive committee members :
1- Deepak CK ,JTO CAF KNR
2- Dileep K,JTO AJK
3- Ajitha ,SDE STR KNR
4- Joy,SDE Electrical KNR
5- Manoj P,SDE Civil KNR


General Body meeting of Pala Branch, SNEA Kottayam was held at the Telephone Exchange Pala in the forenoon of 25/02/2021


District President Kottayam Com. Thomas Sebastian presided over the meeting. District Secretary Com. Biju Joseph Pawath welcomed all to the meeting. District Treasurer Com Anish James also attended the function. Several comrades from Pala, Kanjirapally and adjoining areas attended the meeting.

Circle Secretary Com. Jithesh K.P. inaugurated the function and explained regarding the upcoming agitation programs. Circle Treasurer Com.Suneer.S, CWC Member Com. Vimal Raghunath and Assistant Circle Secretary Com. Vivek G. addressed the function.

The meeting concluded with the Vote of thanks by. Babychan Michael, Branch  Secretary Kanjirapally

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General Body meeting of SNEA Kottayam was held at the Conference hall of PGM Office Kottayam on 25/02/2021


District President Kottayam Com. Thomas Sebastian, presided over the meeting. District Secretary Com. Biju Joseph Pawath welcomed all to the meeting. District Treasurer Com Anish James also attended the function. Several comrades from Kottayam, Changanasseri and adjoining areas attended the meeting.

Circle Secretary Com. Jithesh K.P. inaugurated the function and explained regarding the upcoming agitation programs, medical insurance scheme and other burning issues.

CWC Member Com. Vimal Raghunath explained with facts and figures the various hurdles faced by present SCF DPC promotion scheme and the need to switch over to CPSU CH/ BEPPARR 2017. Assistant Circle Secretary Com. Vivek G. addressed the function and spoke about the present financial situation of the company, recent developments in the 22820 case filing etc. Circle Treasurer Com. Suneer S., Area Secretary Central Com. Maneesh K.P, District Secretary Circle Office Com.Aslesh.S.S, Ex District Secretary Com.Vipin.K etc also addressed the function.

The meeting concluded with the Vote of thanks by Com. Sudeesh A.N., CEC Member KTM.


Congratulations to the newly elected District Office Bearers of SNEA Pathanamthitta

Annual General Body Meeting of SNEA Pathanamthitta was conducted on 24-02-2021 at the Conference Hall of GM Office PTA. Circle Secretary Com.Jithesh K.P., Circle Treasurer Com.Suneer S., ACS Com.Vivek G., CWC Member Com.Vimal Raghunath, CWC Member Com.Sureshkumar, Area Secretary Central Com.Maneesh.K.P., District Secretary Circle Office Com.Aslesh S.S., District Secretary Kottayam Com.Biju Pawath etc attended the AGB. Circle President Com. George Varghese and several others joined the meeting via online mode.

District President Com. Robin Kurien Joseph, presided over the meeting. District Secretary Com. Manoj N. welcomed all to the meeting and presented the Secretary’s report and audited accounts. Circle Secretary Com. Jithesh K.P. inaugurated the function and delivered the felicitation address to the retiring/retired comrades, Com Shanthamani G, JTO Kadampanad & Com. Basheer Khan P.S. JTO Panthalam. CS honoured their long service to BSNL by presenting the Mementos to them. Circle President Com. George Varghese also spoke about Com. Basheer Khan’s long relationship with our association as Branch Secretary Pathanamthitta and in other capacities. DS Com. Manoj enlightened everyone that even after officially retiring around ten months ago, Com. Basheer Khan never fails to visit & help out in his Customer Service Center everyday and Com. Shanthamani never misses to hoist the National flag during Independence day & Republic day. Both of these sincere comrades were harassed and unnecessarily transferred away from Pathanamthitta during the infamous RAO era.

Some of our veteran leaders of Pathanamthitta Com. G Sivaraman Nair Sir, Com. K. John sir, were also present in the function and delivered felicitation address. Circle Secretary Com. Jithesh K.P. also remembered about the outgoing District Secretary Com. Manoj N. and his organizational skills.

The meeting concluded with the Vote of thanks by Com. Shyam Mohan.

The following office bearers were unanimously elected in the AGB:

President:- Com. Robin Kurien Joseph, AGM BSS Thiruvalla

Vice President:- Com. Pinky S John, DET, Pathanamthitta

Secretary:- Com. Shyam Mohan SDE EB, Thiruvalla

Treasurer:- Com. Resmi G L, SDE Plg

Asst. Secretary:-

Com. Lithin Thomas JTO Mktg Thiruvalla ,

Com. Rony Mathew Philip JTO Vennikulam

CEC Member:- Com. Marella Sandeep JTO Pallikkal

Organising Secretary:-

Com. Mahesh JTO BSS

Com. Srikanth, JTO Computer

Executive Committee Members:-

Com. Ragesh Krishna, JTO STR

Com. Suresh Kumar E K, SDE Civil

Com. Harikumaran Nair, JTO Ezhamkulam

Com. Biju T, JTO Vadasserikkara

Com. Deepthi Krishna, AO, Thiruvalla

Com. Deepu Jayakumar, JTO EB

Com. Sreejith S, JTO, Elanthoor

Auditor:- Com. Moncy Thomas, DET Thiruvalla


Indefinite Hunger Fast from 08.03.2021:

REGULAR Promotion to all eligible Executives w.e.f. 01.07.2018

Our Demands:

1. Regular Promotions through the Non-post based Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy, BSNL Executives Promotion Policy Amendment and Recruitment Rules (BEPPARR) 2017, approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018, effectively from 01.07.2018.

2. Regular Promotion upto DGM Grade instead of LA promotion and open the path for promotion to higher posts.

a) SSA/local meeting may be held and explain the compelling reasons for going for Indefinite Hunger Fast:

b) Meet all CGMS and BA/SSA Heads and submit the copy of the Notice issued on 05.11.2020 and explain the compulsions to go for agitations and seek their intervention.

c) Promotion is for all the Executives. Support of all the Executives may be sought for the agitation by meeting them individually.

Make all out preparations by meeting every Executives to make the Indefinite Hunger Fast a big success till management listening to our demands.

Appeal to all Executives


CS writes to CGMT reg Surrendering 1800 MHz GSM spectrum in Kerala Circle, consequences including operational issues and service degradation, our request.

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CS writes to CGMT reg exploring Business opportunity - Work Near Home facilities

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Kerala government is considering work-near-home (WNH) facilities for IT firms to provide office arrangements within the neighbourhood of employees, so that office work flows can be maximized with minimum risk to the employee's health.
The net leasing or absorption of office space might fall to 25 million sq ft this year across eight major cities. The requisites are vacant building space, internet connectivity, power supply and easy accessibility, which is perfectly suited to our resources.

This is a rare and golden opportunity for earning a sizeable business in EB as well as real estate of BSNL Kerala Circle.  We requested CGMT for his personal attention to take up the matter with Government of Kerala at the earliest.


GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL

Non-launching of 4G Services by BSNL even after 1 year 3 months really shaking BSNL. BSNL missed precious 5 months after the Cabinet approval on 23.10.2019. BSNL Revival is fully depends on 4G services and then only Revival will pick up momentum. BSNL should avail the allotted 4G spectrum and provide 4G or 3G services as per the availability of equipments for better speed and coverage and earn revenue. Thousands of Crores spend in Phase VIII tender for 4G equipments should not become waste.

Instead of focusing to upgrade existing network to 4G by spending hardly 2500 Crores, BSNL focused on new tender worth 9000 Crores for purchasing and deploying new equipments! Net result is that BSNL Revival taken back seat and poor employees not getting even their salary in time.

It is a known fact that evenif the POC is successful, the new tender may take atleast 2 to 3 years to fully roll out and launch 4G services by completing the formality. In another 2 to 3 years, other operators will launch 5G services. The fresh expenditure on 4G will become a waste, in addition to the expenditure incurred in Phase VIII tender.

It is high time for BSNL management to look for all other alternatives to utilize the available network and the Govt allotted 4G spectrum to provide data services with maximum speed and better coverage. Parallel to the POC, earnest efforts required for procuring the equipment from M/s Nokia through Add on order. Eventhough the time frame for placing Add on order is over, management should adopt some unorthodox methods to negotiate with the vendor and place Add on order. Otherwise, as everyone knows, BSNL revival will become a nightmare, if management is waiting for the POC route and the new tender for 4G roll out.

GS letter to CMD on 4G services


INDEFINITE HUNGER FAST from 15.02.2021 postponed to 08.03.2021

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL

Postponement of “INDEFINITE HUNGER FAST at BSNLCO and Circle HQs” from 15.02.2021 onwards to 08.03.2021 onwards demanding promotions upto AGM equivalent Grades in all the streams w.e.f. 01.07.2018 through the new promotion policy, BSNL Executive Promotion Policy Amendment & Recruitment Rules, 2017 (BEPPARR - 2017) approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018, having NO financial burden on BSNL.

Dear comrades,

During the intervening period, all efforts should be made to meet each and every Executive (irrespective of Assn) and explain the developments going on regarding promotions: i) promotions are due from 01.07.2018 onwards and DPC promotion will be possible only from a prospective date, ii) hurdles on conduction of DPC due to Reservation issue, iii) Restg and consequent post reduction, iv) hurdles on conduction of DPC for promotion to AO, CAO and DE cadres as the promotion made in June 2018 become provisional, v) there is no financial implications in giving the promotions etc. Conduct SSA/Branch meetings as much possible and involve all.

A common write up to all the Executives prepared and circulated in the group. Make sufficient copies and distribute to all the Executives.

Write to all the CSs and SSA Secretaries of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA requesting to support and join the agitation.

Meet all CGMS and SSA Heads and submit the copy of the Notice/memorandum and explain the compulsions to go for agitations.

Initially it will be Relay Hunger Fast and it will be converted into Indefinite Hunger Fast from 15.03.2021 onwards.

During the 1st week from 08.03.2021 to 12.03.2021, we will make an appeal to all the Executives to perform duty by skipping the Lunch in support of the agitation.

Lunch Hour demonstration will be held on 08.03.2021, 10.03.2021 and 12.03.2021 at Circle and SSA HQs in support of the agitation.

From 15.03.2021 onwards, agitation will be intensified. INDEFINITE HUNGER FAST will be started from 15.03.2021.

Accommodation will be arranged by CHQ/Delhi Comrades at New Delhi.

GS letter to CMD


CS writes to CGMT regarding Implementation of long stay and Posting of officers to shortage BAs – 

1. case of service rendered in Wayanad district under Kozhikode BA, 

2. Preparation of long stay list, combined for JTO and SDE

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Formal meeting with Smt Anita Praveen, Addl Secretary/DoT on 27.01.2021

GS, President and AGS met Addl Secretary, DoT on 27.01.2021 and held discussions on the following points, submitted in advance in our letter dated 14.01.2021.

1. Launching of 4G Services in BSNL by Upgradation of existing network to 4G.

2. Regular Promotion to BSNL Executives through the Non –post based Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018, based on the Terms and Condition for absorption into BSNL. 90% to 98% of the positions in strategic cadres are vacant after the VRS.

3. Regular promotion instead of Looking after arrangement in BSNL for the BSNL Executives.

4. Very slow pace of Restructuring in BSNL. Abnormal delay in re-deployment of Officers as Circle and BA heads on need basis hampering the BSNL business and Revival process.

5. Salary payment on last working Day of each month as revenue collection is about 1400 Cr per month and the salary is about 425 Cr.

During discussion, AST was very keen on BSNL Revival and Govt support to BSNL. Other issues like progress in Land monetization also come up for discussion. On standard pay scales and 3rd PRC, AST advised us to wait for the improvement in the revenue so that issues having financial implications can be discussed and resolved.

1. We explained that BSNL made its 4G network ready by 2018 through Phase VIII tender by spending about 6000 Cr and waiting for 4G spectrum but not able to launch the services now, even after spectrum allotment. On upgradation of existing 4G network and launching 4 G services, Addl Secretary informed that it is well within BSNL and BSNL can take the decision. 

BSNL can go ahead with upgradation and start services. On upgradation of ZTE equipments, AST informed that, for that the relaxation has to be given by Home Ministry. Before the Govt decision in April, BSNL got more than 5 months to upgrade the network and launch 4G services after the Cabinet decision. There was no restriction during that time. Govt committed to allotment of 4G spectrum and 4G launching is to be done by BSNL management.  

2. Regular Promotion to BSNL Executives through the Non –post based Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018, based on the Terms and Condition for absorption into BSNL. 90% to 98% of the positions in strategic cadres are vacant after the VRS.

3. Regular promotion instead of Looking After arrangement in BSNL for the BSNL Executives.

On points 2 and 3, we explained the Hon PCAT order of 2002 and 2010, the terms and condition for absorption in which Time Bound promotions upto SG JAG Grade is assured, BSNL Board decision dated 28.05.2018 approving Time Bound promotions upto AGM Grade, reference to DoT and the stand taken by BSNL that BSNL is waiting for the reply from DoT. There is no financial implication in giving promotions to BSNL Executives, we explained. BSNL is giving higher pay but not giving Regular promotions, blocking the career progression we explained. BSNL management intentionally not giving promotion to its executives. AST surprised that if BSNL is not having any financial implications, what is the problem in giving Regular promotions?

On reply from DoT to BSNL, AST assured that it will be examined and necessary action will be taken.

4. Very slow pace of Restructuring in BSNL. Abnormal delay in re-deployment of Officers as Circle and BA heads on need basis hampering the BSNL business and Revival process.

We explained that many big BAs having more than 50 to 100 Cr revenue is headless for years together and it is severely affecting the business prospects. On the other hand, many Officers are posted at same place without any justification at all. Even their redeployment not taking place as per company requirement. Abnormal delay in Restg, merger etc hampering the revival of BSNL. AST surprised to hear from us and told that BSNL management has to take care of those matters and DoT can only support BSNL.

5. Salary payment on last working Day of each month as revenue collection is about 1400 Cr per month and the salary is about 425 Cr.

We explained that salary is paid from the revenue generated by the employees and not by taking any loan from the banks. In order to motivate the employees, salary is to be paid on the last working day and it is very much possible just by re-scheduling other payments. It is really unfortunate that salary payment has not become regular even after 1 year of VRS and expenditure reduction by more than half. AST expressed hope that salary payment will be regularised soon.


22/01/2021: CHQ News

Promotion through BEPPARR 2017 (CPSU CH) and Post based Promotion through DPC:

A comparative Chart:

Comparative Chart:

21/01/2021: CHQ News

Group Term Insurance for BSNL Executives – Reminder for annual renewal of the scheme w e f 01-03-21 reg.   GTI Guide Lines

20/01/2021: CHQ News

Today, CPSU CH promotion case filed by SNEA and Others for non-post based Time Bound Functional Promotion for all the eligible Executives w. e. f. 01.07.2018 onwards through BEPPAAR 2017 was listed for hearing at Hon CAT, Chandigarh Bench. The competent authority, BSNL Board approved the new promotion policy on 28.05.2018, amending the EPP 2007 and BSNL MS RR 2009 and scrapping all the RRs of SDE/AO equivalent Grades on approval, we pleaded. The promotion is through Time Bound up gradation after every 5 years, upto AGM Grade in E4 scale. 

This promotion policy is framed as per the Terms and conditions for absorption in BSNL and Hon PCAT orders of 2002 and 2010 in this regard. So, management will not have any other option, other than implementing it. All the promotions after 01.07.2018 will become irrelevant and invalid on implementation of the policy w. e. f. 01.07.2018 as all those Executives will be getting promotion from 01.07.2018 onwards. We filed a Miscellaneous Application also, opposing LA promotion and demanding Regular promotion. 

The Division Bench of CAT Banglore was hearing the urgent cases of Chandigarh in the afternoon, online as DB was not sitting at Chandigarh. 

After preliminary hearing, the case posted to 01.03.2021 for detailed and final arguments.

Instead of supporting the management for delaying the promotions from the due date of 01.07.2018, all Associations should demand its implementation from 01.07.2018 itself. Management is cleverly using some Assns to deny our legitimate right for promotion, at least from 01.07.2018. Why Association is demanding promotion from a prospective date when the Executives are eligible for promotion from 01.07.2018, we are not able to understand.

18/01/2021: Circle News

Transfer order of SDE (C), Shri K.A.Karunakaran modified from North East -1 to Lakshadweep islands under Kerala Circle. Due to our efforts, we could convince the BW unit, that Kerala is not an excess zone, but deficit one. Congrats all....!! Thanks to our beloved CGM Shri C.V.Vinod Sir and CE Shri Sathesh.R Sir.

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15/01/2021: CHQ News

Last few days, we met all senior Officers of DoT including Secretary/DoT, Addl Secretary, Member(Fin), Member(Tech), Member(Services) and Jt Sec(Admn) and held discussions on various issues like launching of 4G services by upgradation of existing equipments procured by spending more than 5000 Crores, likely delay of 4G procurement atleast by two years through the new tender, BSNL Revival, demoralization of Executives as there is no career progression, Regular Salary payment in BSNL on the last working day of the month etc.

14/01/2021: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, DIR(HR), BSNL:

Posting of Office bearers of Executives’ Association as BA/Unit Head: If the BSNL order is followed in true spirit without discrimination among the Associations, large number of CGMs and BA Heads are to be shifted as they are Office bearers of one or the other Association.

The decision may be reviewed for maintaining the dignity of the Office of GMs and CGMs who holds BA and Circle Head post. Otherwise, all such postings of Association Office bearers to the post of BA and Circle Heads are to be reviewed irrespective of which Association they belongs.

GS letter to DIR(HR)  View Cor. Office Letter


Hunger Fast for 5 Days from 04-08, January, 2021

Demanding Non-post based Time Bound Functional promotions w.e.f. 01.07.2018 through the new Promotion Policy, BSNL Executives Promotion Policy Amendment and Recruitment Rules (BEPPARR) 2017.

Congratulations to all the Comrades for making it a big success. It was a tough task to make the Hunger Fast success in the severe climatic conditions of Cold wave and rain at different parts of the country. That also when large number of our active comrades spearheading our agitations earlier were taken VRS.

This once again proved the strong commitment and firm determination of our comrades for non-post based promotion through BEPPARR 2017 from 01.07.2018 itself, with no compromise on the date of promotion. In many Circles, Executives from far off SSAs participated in the Hunger Fast on rotation and made it successful.

The game plan of the management to derail the new promotion policy by making continuous attempts for DPC for limited posts from a prospective date also exposed. It is another attempt by the management to deny promotions from 01.07.2018 onwards thereby deny 2 ½ years of service for all future promotions through promotions from a prospective date. Unfortunately some Executives are also fallen into this trap without knowing the real implications. One simple question, Are they against Time Bound Promotions in BSNL? If they are not siding with the management, they have to join hands with us and take the agitation to its logical conclusion.

It is a good beginning for the next Agitation of Indefinite Hunger Fast from 15.02.2021 onwards till our demands are met. All the Circles to conduct CEC and SSA level meetings at the earliest in the intervening period for making it a big success. Our conviction, commitment and dedication will lead to the success of the agitation and switching over to new promotion policy.

Day-1 : Com.Shafi, DT Trivandrum inaugurated the hunger fast at Circle office, Trivandrum

View more photos of Day-1

Day-2 : Com.Vivek.G, ACS inaugurated the hunger fast at Circle office, Trivandrum

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Day-3 : Com.Jyothish, DS Thrissur inaugurated hunger fast at Circle office, Trivandrum

View more photos of Day-3

Day-4 : Com.Maneesh.K.P, Area Secretary Central inaugurated the hunger fast.

View more photos of Day-4

Day-5 : Com.Shiyas.A from Electrical wing inaugurated the hunger fast...

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07/01/2021: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Recovery of excess payment due to wrong/erroneous fixation- Case of Officiating JTOs

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05/01/2021: Circle News

Fixation of pay on 2nd PRC implementation - case of officiating JTOs who got regular promotion during the period from 01.01.2007 to 07.05.2010

BSNL Corporate office has agreed to the request of Kerala Circle as a one time measure as a special case, to allow exercise of option under para 3.6 of Order No. 1-16/2010-PAT(BSNL) dated 07-05-2010 for fixation of pay under 2nd PRC in respect of officiating JTOs promoted as regular JTOs during the period from 01-01-2007 upto 07-05-2010.

All eligible JTOs in service/retired may be allowed to exercise option within 2 days of issue of this letter, On exercising option : 

1) The official will continue to draw pre-revised pay(i.e First PRC pay) w.e.f. 01-01-2007 till the date of Promotion.

2) On the date of promotion, Pay may be first fixed in the pre-revised JTO scale (9850-16400) and then refixed in the corresponding 2nd PRC pay scale i.e 16400-40500.

View Letter || Annexure

04/01/2021: CPSU-CH News

Hunger Fast at Circle Office from 04.01.2021 to 08.01.2021 for Implementing the New Promotion Policy BEPPARR 2017 from 01.07.2018 as approved by the BSNL Board.

The Hunger Strike will be inaugurated by our Young Vibrant Leader Com. Shafi,  District Treasurer SNEA Trivandrum at 10 AM

02/01/2021: CPSU-CH News

Hunger Fast at BSNLCO and Circle HQs

From 04-08 January, 2021

View Circle Notice || View CHQ Notice


Implement the New Promotion Policy BEPPARR 2017 from 01.07.2018 as approved by the BSNL Board.

Promotion for BSNL Executives as per the Terms and conditions for Absorption.

Honour the Assurances of Time Bound Promotions upto SG JAG Grade.

Time Bound Promotion after every 5 years as approved.

BSNL formed in 2000 but still working as Govt Dept, unlike the other CPSUs.

Abandon Govt structure and embrace the CPSU structure for promotions in BSNL.

Implement non-post based Time Bound promotions before Restructuring.

Change of Designation alongwith change of scale.

Promotions with Parity and Uniformity, without discrimination.

Past Service Weightage for future promotions.

Only Regular Promotion, NO Look After or Adhoc promotion.

Regular Promotion upto DGM Grade instead of LA arrangement.

No CPSU run by deputed management, BSNL should stop deputation.

BSNL should be lead by BSNL Officers as in other CPSUs.

Open Promotion to Higher Posts for BSNL Executives.

Stop deputation and promote BSNL Own Executives.

Allow career growth for young Executives.

Provide fast track promotion for the meritorious candidates.

Executives drawing higher scales but could not extract the work of higher posts.

Smooth career progression for BSNL Executives.

This struggle is for all the Executives, across all the Wings in BSNL.

Excutives Unity Zindabad

01/01/2021: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Suggestions for minimizing number of PAN India ADSL plans

View Letter

01/01/2021: SNEA wishes everyone a very Happy New Year

26/12/2020: Sad News

SAD NEWS: With profound grief and deep sorrow, it is informed that Shri.Renjith.G, JTO, Alappuzha BA, aged 43 years, has passed away and left for heavenly abode. SNEA mourn the untimely departure and pay its rich tribute to him. Let's together pray for his soul and join the bereaved family.

24/12/2020: SNEA wishes everyone Merry Chirstmas

18/12/2020: CHQ News

The Writ Petition filed by National Confederation of Officers Association (NCOA) against IDA freezing for CPSE’s  Executives,  admitted by Hon’ble High court of Guwahati on 16.12.2020.

Hon Guwahati HC issued Notice to Union of India to file Reply, Returnable on 04/01/2021 for consideration of interim relief and order. 

SNEA is part of NCOA and involved in filing the case.

Congratulations to all for winning the first step and the support extended to us.

18/12/2020: CHQ News

Congratulations to all the BSNL Executives for making the Twitter campaign on 17.12.2020 demanding non post based Time bound functional promotion w. e. f 01.07.2018 a big success. 

Gear up for the next more tougher agitation programs from 04.01.2021, Hunger Fast at BSNL CO and Circle Offices.

17/12/2020: CHQ News


 Appeal to all the Associations and Unions

Appeal to all the Executives in BSNL. 

Kindly support the Twitter campaign on 17.12.20 demanding non post based Time bound functional promotion w.e.f 01.07.2018.

Comrades, non post based time bound functional promotion only will give us career progression after Restructuring and VRS. 

It is for the promotion for all the Executives, minimum up to AGM Grade and thereafter to DGM and above. 

It is a common issue for all the Executives and those become Executives in the future. 

 Hash tag   #ReformHRPolicies_BSNL

Tweet to

CMD,BSNL  @cmdbsnl

Hon Minister @rsprasad

Secretary, DOT @DoT_India

Director HR  @arvind9963 

(Every Tweet shall contain Hash tag and Profile tag)

16/12/2020: CHQ News

Twitter Campaign on 17.12.2020

Requests all BSNL Executives to Join:

Time Bound Functional Promotions from 01.07.2018 through BEPPARR 2017 with PARITY

Time Bound Functional Promotion after every 5 years

New Designations along with change of scale

Past Service Weightage for future promotions

Open Promotion to the Higher Posts

Only Regular Promotion, NO Look After/Adhoc promotion

Honour the Assurances

Open Twitter accounts for all the members and follow the Twitter account of CHQ, GS, Circle and SSA. 

SNEA/CHQ can be followed on @sneachq

General Secretary can be followed on @gssnea

SNEA Kerala can be followed on @sneakeralabsnl

16/12/2020: Circle News

SNEA Kerala CEC Meeting (held online through Zoom) on 12/12/2020

A CEC meeting of SNEA Kerala was organised through Zoom on 12/12/2020 from 7.30 PM. Circle Office Bearers, DSs, CEC members and Branch Secretaries joined the meeting online which was conducted mainly to discuss the ongoing agitation programs with regard to BEPPARR 2017 implementation/delay in 4G roll out and the next opening of window for registering/ renewing the health insurance policy which is due on 23.03.2020.

Circle secretary welcomed all participants. During reporting, Com. CS briefed about the agitation programmes being conducted under AUAB platform at different levels to protest against non implementation of 4G, IDA freezing for CPSUs from 01.10.2020 to 30.06.2021, the Lunch hour Demonstration/protest day observed against the undue delay in implementing BEPPARR 2017 as per CHQ call etc. Com. CS also briefed about the discussions held with the Circle Administration on 16.11.2020 regarding various HR/service matters. Most of the issues which were taken up with the Administration are either resolved or under the active consideration of the Circle Management and is being vigorously pursued by SNEA Kerala.

Circle President in his brief address reported the fate of the pay fixation of the erstwhile Officiating JTOs who were regularised after 2007. CEC opined that the Circle Administration is not willing to implement Corporate office orders and adhere to relevant guide lines already issued with regard to the subject. We are expecting serious intervention by the Circle Head in this matter for resolving this issue, as per our request, once the CGMT joins back after leave. The EPP orders which were issued to the JAOs were cancelled by the Corporate office simply citing probation, provisional orders and SLP pending at Supreme Court etc. which are most common and visible during all promotion orders being issued these days and hence to be resolved for the affected JAOs. We have tried to convince CGMT also regarding the negative stand taken by Corporate Office in this matter. SNEA Kerala has once again written to the management in this regard for early resolution. Looking After arrangements in all cadres have been arranged by the Administration as requested by us during the agenda meeting so that shortages in critical posts in BAs could be addressed to good extent. Certain short comings with regard to LA arrangement in BAs like Kozhikode, Malappuram, Kannur etc have been brought to the notice of Circle Administration and it is expected that those cases also would be addressed soon. BA Heads have been posted in all BAs except Kottayam and that too by promoting the Adhoc DGMs which became part of the history in Kerala Circle. Transfer requests from executives who served more than two years in a station were also issued by the Circle management as demanded by us.

The CEC meeting congratulated Com. George Varghese, CP and Com S Narendrakumar, CVP for their posting as GM Malappuram and DGM NWP CFA Circle office respectively under LA arrangement.  The CEC meeting also congratulated Com Rajesh Manchan, CWC Member who was unanimously elected as advisor to CHQ from Civil/Electrical wing. It was reported that Com Vivek G, Assistant Circle Secretary and Com Maneesh K P, Area Secretary Central have been nominated to the respective sub committees formed at CHQ level during the last CWC meeting for early resolution of 22820 basic pay and pay loss issue of JTOs/JAOs.

The following were discussed in length during the CEC meeting.

Agitation by SNEA for implementing BEPPARR 2017

The remaining programmes are

All out efforts to be made to conduct the above programmes in a grand manner. DSs may convene immediate general body meetings to convey message from the CHQ regarding the need of agitation programmes to all members. They may also take the initiative to create twitter account for all members and make arrangements to follow twitter accounts of SNEACHQ, GS, and SNEA Kerala on 17.12.2020 positively.

Health Insurance scheme renewal/ registration

The health insurance policy for employees in BSNL Kerala circle including their family members which commenced from 23.03.2020 was the concept of Circle Administration. The initial discussions, policy conditions, negotiation and finalisation of the bidder were carried out under the active involvement of GM HR taking Associations and Unions in to confidence. When it reached the premium collection stage, management back tracked from the initiative because of the compulsions created by some unions for reasons best known to them. At last, with the firm determination of SNEA and BSNLEU, the policy became a reality and came in to existence on 23.03.2020.  After eight months of its commencement, more than 200 members got the benefit and total reimbursed amount has crossed more than 1 Crore with a claim ratio of 72%. The members of the policy could get the quality treatment including cashless facility from their preferred prominent hospitals and BSNL Kerala could reduce the medical expenditure burden substantially.  

Meeting also condemned the way the so called recognised executive association expressed their views when management sought the opinion about the existing health insurance scheme. In reply to the administration letter they stated that they are unaware of the policy where as their association was also present in all discussions with the management till the finalisation of the bidder. Some of their active members including district leaders and their family also joined the scheme. The CEC meeting decided to open the window for renewal/ new registration with regard to the Health Insurance Scheme and to initiate negotiation with the insurer for pursuing more benefits for lesser premium amounts to employees and their family members.

Conducting Branch, District and Circle Conference of SNEA Kerala

DSs have reported that many Office Bearer posts at Branch and District levels are lying vacant after the VRS and the recent transfers/LA arrangements in BAs. The CEC meeting decided to conduct Conference/ General body meetings in BAs before March 2021 to elect the new body where the existing elected body has already completed or about to complete its tenure. During the discussion, Com. CS informed the meeting that the Circle body has completed two years in the month of November 2020 and a few Circle Office Bearer posts are lying vacant. It was reported that the CEC can decide about the modalities of conducting the next Circle Conference to elect the new body. Com. CS also pointed out that Com. Circle President is retiring on superannuation in the month of March 2021. Even though holding of Circle Conference was an agenda proposed in the meeting, noting the agitation program by AIGETOA questioning the continuance of the Circle President as a BA Head in the Circle which amounts to challenging the organisational right, the CEC felt that it is not appropriate to take a decision on the matter for the time being and hence kept pending for discussion in the next CEC meeting.

Opening of Child Bank Accounts at BA level.

It has been decided to open child accounts under the parent circle bank account of SNEA Kerala to operate at BA level as directed by the CHQ. DSs may arrange producing KYC documents of concerned District office bearers to the State Bank of India in this regard.

Diary and Calendar printing.

Meeting appreciated the hard work and enthusiasm shown by the committee for finalising 2021 diary and calendar for printing. District Secretary Ernakulam, Com R Suresh Kumar reported that the SNEA Diary-2021 would be made available for distribution before 25.12.2020.

The CEC meeting concluded by 12 AM. Circle Treasurer Com. S Suneer delivered vote of thanks.

11/12/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Time bound promotion to JAOs completed 4 years of service in E1 scale and crossed the minimum of E2 scale

View Letter

Annexures - 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6

10/12/2020: Sad News

SAD NEWS: With profound grief and deep sorrow, it is informed that Smt.Mercy George, DE Aluva, Ernakulam BA has passed away and left for heavenly abode. SNEA mourn the untimely departure and pay its rich tribute to her. Let's together pray for her soul and join the bereaved family.

10/12/2020: Circle News

Congratulations to all...!! Transfer Orders released for AO/JAO cadre....we were continously pursuing for these orders with the Management.

View Orders

We thank Administration for releasing the orders as promised to us in the meeting with this association on 5/11/2020 and in further follow-up meetings.

09/12/2020: CHQ News

Agitation programs demanding promotions w.e.f. 01.07.2018 through BSNL Executive Promotion Policy Amendment and Rect Rules 2017 (BEPPARR 2017):
Protest Day on 10.12.2020:
Sample Black Badge for printing and wearing on 10.12.2020.
Sample black Badge  Sample Black badge (pdf).

Twitter Campaign on 17.12.2020 demanding promotions w.e.f. 01.07.2018:
Open Twitter accounts for all the members and follow the Twitter account of CHQ, GS, Circle and SSA. 
SNEA/CHQ can be followed on @sneachq
General Secretary can be followed on @gssnea
Posters for the agitation may be printed by the respective Circles / SSAs. Sample poster for printing:
Sample Poster     Sample Poster (pdf)

08/12/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Calling Volunteers to Look after to the post of STS at Kozhikode BA

View Letter

Circle Administration has called volunteers to look after STS posts to all the BAs vide letter dtd 27/10/20. Since the eligibility of executives to exercise the option was limited to the declared number of vacant posts - 80, only 55 option forms were received, out of which 48 got posting orders vide letter dtd 11/11/20. We requested your good self to further call option by going down the list since Malappuram and Kozhikode BAs didn’t get even a single candidate when the requirements are as high as 10 and 7. The option to Kannur and Palakkad BA also was meagre compared to other BAs.

We express our sincere gratitude to your good office for further seeking aspirants from among all eligible candidates to the post of STS by LA vide letter dtd 2/12/20 as requested by us. To our dismay Kozhikode BA, with a declared vacancy of 7 in the first option letter and filled none is missed out while calling the fresh option. Therefore it is requested that Option may be called to look after to the post of STS of Kozhikode BA also as done in case of other BAs.

08/12/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Releasing of Civil/Electrical Executives for BA Works

View Letter

We appreciate the proactive steps being taken by the Circle Administration under the guidance of our respected CGM for deployment of Civil/Electrical executives to telecom core area till the restructuring process is over. This action has yielded fantastic results in many BAs in maintenance, operations of such assets as well as revenue generation areas like asset management. But, some BAs have failed to understand the concept behind this deployment and to utilize these experienced and highly qualified engineers. For instance, an SDE Civil attached to Palakkad BA is seen utilized as PA to GM instead of Land and building section, which will be apt for utilizing his skill, talent and vast experience.

Your kind attention is invited to the matter and you are requested to bestow your personal attention in reviewing the reposting/redeployment cases of the civil/electrical wing executives who were released/attached to various BAs, case by case and to take corrective actions immediately so that effective utilizations of the highly qualified and experienced executives take place for the betterment of our company as well as to uphold the dignity of the post.

Further we request your goodself to call for option for LA from Civil/Electrical officers to the post of EE/AGM and SDE also to meet the shortages in these cadres and to motivate the officers.

05/12/2020: CHQ News

Update on renewal of BSNL' CMTS license and 2G spectrum

CMD has informed SNEA CHQ that the Unified Access Service License Issue is likely to be resolved in a weeks' time. Processing of BSNL' proposal regarding renewal of the same wef February 29,2020 had picked up momentum after GS SNEA' letter to Hon. Minister for Communications last week citing severe service interruptions in its existing mobile network in various LSAs in the country. Timely replacement of faulty GSM/3G network elements including critical BTS cards could not be carried out by the foreign Vendors as they were not able to ship those to India due to import license issue faced by BSNL because of non renewal of CMTS license and 2G spectrum wef February 29,2020 by the WPC wing of DoT in cash neutral manner as suggested by the BSNL management. BSS teams in Kerala have been struggling hard for long to manage BTS failures due to card faults.We thank CHQ for bringing the matter before the highest office of Ministry of Communications as per our request.

Media News: Economic Times

04/12/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Transfer Requests after publication of long stay list and posting of officers in Engineering/Finance streams

View Letter

04/12/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg LICE Promotion to the post of Rashtrabhasha Adhikari

View Letter

01/12/2020: CHQ News

Lunch Hour demonstration at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs tomorrow, 02.12.2020.

Demand: Non-post based Time Bound Functional Promotion in all streams from 01.07.2018 onwards with Parity through the new promotion policy, BEPPARR 2017 approved by the Board.

All the Executives should join the agitation for their career growth.

30/11/2020: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri R K Goyal, PGM(Pers):

GS, President and AGS met PGM(P) last week and held discussions on the following issues:

Promotion in different cadres: On promotions, management is making all efforts to do the DPC, starting from JTO to SDE, PGM informed. Due to the court order, promotion cannot be given with reservation, PGM informed. So he is considering the promotions without reservation. How far it will be successful and giving promotion without reservation, we have to wait and watch. Competent authority and CLO who is a DPC member will allow promotions without reservation is to be seen in the coming days (Promotion without following reservation fully in AO to CAO promotion is questioned by the SC Commission and the Parliamentary Committee for which BSNL and Secy/DoT could not give proper reply so far).

On JTO to SDE promotion, 1st AIEL, final list already published. BSNLCO is trying to complete the 2nd AIEL (upto 2008 rect) by incorporating the corrections which is in the advanced stage. After that, the 3rd AIEL(upto 2012 rect) work will be started in full swing.

Promotion from SDE to DE missing cases: Fresh legal opinion will be taken in which the seniority of the SDEs already promoted in 2018 will be explained along with details of the s.

DGM(T/F) Promotion on Regular basis: The Regulariztion of the existing Adhoc DGMs will be completed first by publishing the final eligibility list. Thereafter relaxation in DE/CAO qualifying service will be considered, PGM informed.

Declaration of tenure stations in UKD Circle: UKD Circle already recommended for declaring few stations as tenure stations and the proposal is pending with BSNLCO. PGM assured to process the matter after discussing with DIR(HR).

SDE seniority revision – cases from A&N, AP/TL, HP, PB and RAJ Circles: We brought the pending cases of correction seniority list from few Circles. As juniors are already working in higher Grades, we requested to expedite the matter. Individual cases from different Circles will be completed at the earliest. With respect to the seniority fixation of SDEs from AP/TL Circles who passed the LDCE 2007, PGM assured to discuss with GM(Rect) for verifying their eligibility and VY.

Clarification on Lateral Advancement Scheme for JTOs and SDEs upto Feb 2006: Estt wing sought some queries regarding the applicability and pay fixation for Lateral Advancement promotion for JTOs and SDEs and treaing it as the 1st TBP. This on the reference received from TL, GUJ, AP etc Circles. PGM informed that as per the earlier discussions we had on the subject, matter has been examined and positive comments from Pers section sent to Estt section.

Further it will be pursued with Estt section.

27/11/2020: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon Minister

Undue delay in renewing BSNLs Unified Access Service License (UASL) for its CMTS Operations and reallocation of 2G spectrum w.e.f. 29.02.2020 seriously affecting smooth functioning of GSM/3G networks in many LSAs. Immediate intervention solicited from the highest office for early resolution.

Smooth Operation & Maintenance of GSM/3G networks in many parts of the country has been seriously affected due to inordinate delay in replacement of faulty Core/ Radio Access Network elements including critical BTS cards which are to be supplied by different GSM Vendors. All are foreign Vendors and they require BSNLs import license for supplying BTS cards and other accessories to India.

GS letter to Hon Communication Minister

27/11/2020: CHQ News

Agitation for Regular Promotion in all streams from 01.07.2018 onwards with Parity through the new promotion policy approved by the Board:

Trade Union Programme:

1. Lunch Hour demonstration at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs on 02.12.2020.

2. Protest Day on 10.12.2020 by wearing Black badges.

3. Twitter Campaign on 17.12.2020.

4. Hunger Fast from 04.01.2021 to 08.01.2021.

5. Indefinite Hunger Fast from 15.02.2021 onwards.

Open Twitter accounts for all the members. CS and SSA Secretaries have to open the Twitter account and instruct all the members to follow the Twitter account of CHQ, GS, Circle and SSA. 

SNEA/CHQ can be followed on @sneachq

General Secretary can be followed on @gssnea

CSs and SSA/Dist/Branch Secretaries to start campaining and make adequate preparations.

26/11/2020: Circle News

Urgent intervention of CHQ sought for resolving the crisis developed due to non renewal of BSNL’ Access Service License for CMTS operations by the DoT.

It has been reported that smooth Operation & Maintenance of GSM/3G/4G networks in many parts of the Circle has been seriously affected due to inordinate delay in replacement of faulty Core/ RAN elements including critical BTS cards which are to be supplied by different GSM Vendors. Vendors require BSNL’ import license for supplying BTS cards and other accessories to India which is to be issued by the Regional Licensing Offices (RLOs) which is inturn held up due to delay in processing BSNL’ request for renewal of its CMTS licence for Operation of Mobile Services in various License Service Areas in the country as the same had expired on February 28, 2020. Issuance of Unified Access Service License and Spectrum Allocation Letter of Intent (LoI) need to be done by the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) wing of the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India, the administrative Head of BSNL. 

SNEA Kerala has brought this to the notice of CHQ for taking up the issue at the highest level in the Ministry of Communications for early resolution of the crisis which is seriously affecting mobile network services in many Circles.

23/11/2020: CHQ News

IDA freezing for CPSUs from 01.10.2020 to 30.06.2021

NCOA and AUAB calls for observing 25.11.2020 as PROTEST DAY.

DPE Order freezing IDA  NCOA letter AUAB letter

National Confederation of Officers Associations (NCOA) calls for observing 25.11.2020 as PROTEST DAY.

All Unions and Associations in BSNL (AUAB) calls for Lunch Hour Protest Demonstrations on 25.11.2020.

On one side Govt not implemented 3rd Pay Revision for many PSUs including BSNL. BSNL employees are working round the clock to maintain the essential telecom services during the Covid 19 pandemic. Many CPSUs are playing important role in maintaining the essential services during the Covid.

NCOA and AUAB deplore the Govt decision for Freezing of IDA in the name of Covid 19.

All SSA Secys are requested to coordinate with other Assns and Unions to make the programme a big success.


SPOCs for EPF related matters at Circle & BA level  have been assigned by Circle administration

As requested by us vide our letter dated 15.10.2020 and as per the follow up discussions held during the agenda meeting with the CGMT on 5.11.2020, Circle administration has appointed SPOCs (Single Point of Contact) for dealing with EPF related matters of employees at Circle and BA level. We thank respected CGMT Sh. C V Vinod Sir and GM HR/Admn Sh. R Sathesh Sir for their prompt response and action in this regard. We also thank our Palakkad team for bringing to our notice about hardships being faced by employees while dealing with EPF related matters especially for settlement of various EPF claims and the necessity of having such an arrangement at BA and Circle level for their speedy resolution for EPF beneficiaries in the Circle.

View Orders || our Letter dtd 15/10/2020

19/11/2020: CHQ News

Twitter campaign on 17.12.2020 demanding Time Bound Functional Promotions w.e.f. 01.07.2018.

Open Twitter accounts for all the members. CS and SSA Secretaries have to open the Twitter account and instruct all the members to follow the Twitter account of CHQ, GS, Circle and SSA. 

SNEA/CHQ can be followed on @sneachq

General Secretary can be followed on @gssnea

CSs and SSA/Dist/Branch Secretaries to monitor the progress in Twitter a/c opening.

17/11/2020:  CHQ News

GS writes to Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon Cabinet Minister for Communications & IT:

Denial of permission for BSNL to launch 4G services using the existing infrastructure and BTSs by upgradation of about 49,300 4G/4G compatible BTSs already procured, spending thousands of Crores. BSNL revival is getting abnormally delayed. Even one year after the Cabinet decision on 23.10.2020 for BSNL Revival and allotment of 4G spectrum, BSNL could not launch 4G services. Right from the day one, BSNL faced the unique problem as you rightly stated earlier, BSNL DID NOT ALLOWED TO GROW.

More than 60% mobile revenue is from 2G services, BSNL cannot ignore 2G and go for 4G alone after 2 years. So the new technology under testing should be 4G as well as 2G compatible. Similarly such developed Technology and equipments should have sufficient capacity for transmission of high power.

Request to intervene in the matter decisively for allowing BSNL to launch 4G services immediately with the existing network, through upgradation of the existing 49,300 BTSs which are procured, installed by spending more than Rs 5000 Crores on the anticipation that BSNL can launch 4G services within 2 to 3 months on allotment of 4G spectrum. The new tender for 4G equipments may be dealt separately without clubbing with the upgradation.

GS letter to Hon Telecom Minister

16/11/2020: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL on 13.11.2020:

GS, AGS and Com Arvind Dahiya, CP/BSNLCO met CMD and held discussions on the following issues:

1) Launching of 4G Services:

CMD informed that the Technical Committee has submitted its report on 30.09.2020. Committee recommended that BSNL has to discontinue with 2G services which is opposed by BSNL. None of the Indian firms have 2G technology. Committee agreed only for upgradation of BTSs supplied by L1 (M/s Nokia). This will serve only South and West zones. Another recommendation of the Committee is that the Source code should be placed in an Escrow account.

BSNL submitted its response to the Committee report on 08.10.2020 firmly demanding 2G and 4G for its revival. BSNL requirement is 2G/3G/4G compatible Core and RAN. Otherwise BSNL 2G&3G services and 4G services will have separate Core and RAN, escalating our expenses by thousands of Crores. It is to be compensated suitably by the Govt.

All the issues will be discussed in the ETG (Empowered Technical Group) headed by the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Prime Minister, most probably on 20th or 23rd November. CMD also will be attending the meeting. BSNL will insist for early POC, CMD informed.

2) ICR agreement with Vodafone for 4G services:

Discussion is going on. Vodafone is demanding very high rate. After Diwali, CMD is trying to have meeting with the CEO of Vodafone on this issue.

16/11/2020: CHQ News

Meeting with Sri S K Gupta, Director(Fin) on 13.11.2020:

GS and AGS met DIR(Fin) and held discussions on the following issues:

DIR(F) informed that almost all the short term loans and loans having higher interest rates are closed after getting Rs 8500 Crores by issuing Bonds. We could reduce the liability by this and all the bank liability upto March 2021 is cleared by this. The collection is good, almost steady and it can be utilised for other purposes, till March. All the outstanding payments towards the employees are made, old labour payments are done in instalments almost every month, electricity pending dues come down from 300 Cr to below 100 Cr, DIR(F) explained.

The half yearly result is good and BSNL again become EBITA positive after some years. After the issue of Bond, BSNL has to prepare and submit the balance sheet to the stock exchange.

On our query, he expressed confidence that the salary payment will become regular in one or two months time.

DIR(F) really appreciated SNEA for taking up very serious issues and the recent letter on Alphion AMC was appreciated by all. Senior management took our points very seriously and discussed in detail, he told. He told us to continue to take up such issues and give feedback to the management on various issues.

He will now work as Pr CCA, New Delhi with the additional charge of DIR(F)/MTNL.

New Director(F) Smt Yojana Das also present. She will be taking the charge on Monday, 16.11.2020.


13/11/2020: Circle News

Inter BA request transfer orders to SDEs/JTOs issued today.

View Order-1 || Order-2

As assured by the CGMT during the agenda meeting with SNEA on 5-11-2020, Circle administration has issued inter BA transfer orders to SDEs and JTOs who have completed two years in a station, on their requests. We express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the CGMT, Sh. C V Vinod Sir, GM HR Sh. Sathesh Sir , Smt. Leena Rose Thomas DGM HR, Smt.  Sunitha George AGM HR and Smt. Renu Viswanathan SDE HR for processing the request transfer cases of SDEs/JTOs this year also on our request, which is being implemented every year as part of a fair and transparent transfer policy formulated in 2008 in the Circle.

DSs may verify the orders for any errors or omissions and may bring it to the notice of the Circle team for follow up action at Circle office. During the agenda meeting with the CGMT, we had also requested to publish stay particulars and transfer requests with respect to executives in other cadres such as Accounts, Finance, Civil and Electrical wings. We had also suggested inviting options from AOs towards giving LA orders in the cadre of CAO. We had also given suggestions with regard to transfers and LA orders in Civil and Electrical wings as well. We are happy to note that all such requests and suggestions from our side have been well accepted by the Circle Administration. 

Inter BA transfer requests from JAOs, AOs and CAOs have been published. Volunteers have been called for giving LA orders in the cadre of CAO. Left out cases in LA AGM cadre in EKM BA has been issued today as pointed out by us. 

We are following up with the Circle HR team for early release of all orders including LA and inter BA transfers in all other wings/ cadres as well. 

Further, SNEA Kerala is fully committed to ensure justice to all especially during the Covid pandemic for ensuring minimum disturbance to executives as far as transfer and posting based on stay is concerned. Our suggestions in this regard have already been accepted by the Circle Head and we express sincere gratitude to our CGMT in that regard.

12/11/2020: Circle News

It is a matter of proud and happiness, today the Agali area bandwidth increased from 1G to 10G with the active intervention CGMT Kerala on request of SNEA Palakkad through SNEA Kerala.
Thanks to CGMT Sir for the prompt action and close follow up. Also Congratulations to SNEA Palakkad for focussing on this critical service issue. We also thank Kannur team for sparing and diverting the equipments for this purpose.

Earlier on 21/9/2020, SNEA Kerala escalated to CGMT, the Severe bandwidth issues in Attapadi area causing heavy customer complaints and churn  View Letter

10/11/2020: Circle News

Congratulations..!! long pending TBP orders issued for the 12 JAOs : View Orders

We were continuously pursuing for these orders. It was an agenda item in the recently held meeting on 5/11/2020 with Management where CGMT  promised that the EPP orders will be issued soon. We thank CGMT Shri C.V.Vinod Sir and GM HR Shri Sathesh.R Sir for the immediate resolution of this issue on genuine ground.

08/11/2020: Circle News

Meeting with Circle Management on 05.11.2020

A meeting SNEA with Circle administration was held on 05.11.2020 on various agenda points which were the active points of discussion in our CEC meeting held on 22.09.2020. The meeting were initially scheduled on 12.10.2020 and delayed due to the inconveniences of circle administration.

Respected CGMT Shri C.V.Vinod chaired the meeting, GM HR&Admin Shri Sathish.R, DGM HR&Admin Smt.Leena rose Thomas, AGM HR Smt.Sunitha George, SDE HR Smt.Renu Vishwanathan and SDE Admin Shri Sanjay Kumar represented form administration side.

CP Com George Varghese, CS Com Jithesh, CT Com Suneer, CWC members Com Suresh, Com Rajesh Manchan, Com Salim, Com Vimal, Com Gafoor,  CVP Com Narendrakumar, ACS Com Ramana, Vivek, District Secretaries Com Aslesh, Com Jyothis, Com Sreejesh, Com Manoj, Com Vipin, Com Sabu, Area Sec South Com Vinukumar attended the meeting for SNEA.

In the introductory speech CGMT extensively discussed about 4G and initiation taken by the circle administration to commission new 4G sites in kerala by diverting licenses from other circles, ICR agreements with Vodafone and Airtel, the indigenous core, Partnership outsourcing model of BSNL, and initiatives taken by Circle Administration for allotment of 5 MHZ spectrum for Kerala circle with full justification which ensure ROI within one year as suggested by the Assocation under various occasion etc. Kerala circle has tremendous telecom business potential. Most of the customers are loyal customers.

Circle secretary expressed the gratitude of SNEA for convening the meeting which allowed 13 members participation through online and six offline . BSNL has a very good market potential for FTTH connection. The way the circle head impressed corporate office for retaining the exclusive LCOs registered under spouse/ward category also is well appreciated.  If it continues BSNL Kerala have a very good chance for regaining the pristine glory under the able leadership of our CGM.  Circle head interested to intervene in HR issues and settling most of them also is unique. Circle president Com George Vargheese also appreciated the circle head for the achievements of Kerala circle. Circle administration served the soft copy of reply to all our agenda points before the meeting.

The following issues were discussed in the meeting


1.    HR Restructuring and redeployment:

CGM briefed the restructuring proposal of Kerala circle sent to corporate office which projected 55 DGMT, 20 DGMF, 210 AGM &32 CAOs. CS thanked CGMT for considering the proposal of Association to reinstate the operational DGMs which was missing in the proposal of corporate office. Further we reiterated associations stand on transfer policy which envisaged in 2008. As the working strength in JTO/SDE cadre is only 50% of the sanctioned strength after VRS, administration may request corporate office to retain all JTOs promoted as SDEs in the expected DPC promotion. CS also requested to retain these officers in their respective BAs and if at all the transfer is necessitated, the stay particulars of the officers may be checked.   

2.    Pending Request Transfers:

CGM reported that the list of executives requested transfer already published and most of the requests are to Ernakulam and Thiruvananthapuram districts. While considering the requests in genuine and on humanitarian ground, the business needs and operational requirement of shortage BAs cannot be ignored and executive have to move across BAs if such transfers results shortage. We thanked CGMT for directing BA heads to forward request transfer requests to circle office after 3 months of joining. The request list of Civil/Electrical and Accounts cadres are not released. We requested to consider all the transfer requests. Since circle management considers Kerala circle as surplus circle with respect to Accounts personal, the two year completed JAOs, recruited in 2018 may be given transfers to their choice from surplus BAs without substitute.  CGMT agreed to publish request transfer list of all cadres.

Circle office published list of request transfers in accounts cadre on 06.11.2020 as per the assurance of CGMT.

3.    Rule 9 temporary Transfer:

We Thanked CGMT for forwarding all temporary transfer applications to corporate office.

4.    EPF related issues and suggestions:

On our request letter dated 15.10.2020, CGMT announced the approval of SPOCs at circle and BAs and the order will be issued soon in the intranet. This was a consistent appeal of our Palakkad BA comrades.

5.    EPP pending issue for JAOs and inclusion of 2013 JAOs in gradation list:

On the agenda item CGM announced that the EPP orders will be issued soon. Thanks to CGMT for immediate resolution of the issue on genuine ground. The issue of  inclusion of  left out 2013 JTO in the gradation list will be discussed further.

6.    Pay fixation and recovery issue of officiating JTOs:

CGMT told that the issue will be settled and  model pay fixation will be issued within a reasonable time, in light of the recent reply received from corporate office for the clarification sought by the circle in case of officiating JTOs regularised between 2007 and 2010. While thanking to the reply, CP also requested Circle administration to pursue the pay recovery case of officiating JTOs regularised after 2014 with corporate office as well refixation of these JTOs without reversion made before Training. CGMT agreed to endorse these orders to BAs.

7.    LA arrangements in BAs:

CGMT reported that looking after for DGM and AGM has already been called. We requested the same may be done in the CAO and Civil/Electrical wing also. We pointed out that looking after arrangement order could have been issued in interest of service instead of own cost transfer.  Circle administration also compelled executives to exercise option by giving personal messages which could have been avoided, by going down the list and assigning the same to the senior most executives of the respective BAs where ever options were not received. Also CS pointed out certain disputed cases in the recent LA order for which CGMT assured to settle it by case to case basis.  CGMT agreed to review the case of joseph from Alleppy and Sri. Velayudhan from Trichur. ( Both case approved, Thanks to CGMT for prompt favourable orders).CGMT also  opined  that executives should have the courtesy at least to reject the offer given by the circle for which CP replied that it is because it has not been practiced in our circle earlier.  

8.    Non availability of BA Heads:

CGM reported that except Kottayam all other BAs have now GMs. Corporate office posted one GM to Kerala and two were assigned to hold the GM posts among the senior Adhoc DGMs. We thanked circle administration for taking the historical decision to post  BSNL Absorbed officers Adhoc DGMs as GMs to head BAs.

9.    Continuance of Employees’ health insurance scheme for the next year:

CGM agreed to our views conveyed in the letter no dated 20.10.2020. CGM had a detailed analysis of the scheme and replied that corporate office is not in a position to assure that if the deduction is made from salary, it may not be credited to the insurer timely. CGM assured to announce the policy in a semi official way for adding more employees and to negotiate with the insurer for more benefits with lower premium.

10. Civil/Electrical Issues:  CGMT  clarified the stand of Corporate office in the case of Transfer of SDE civil from Kerala inspite of his intervention and the present stalemate in continuing External project.

11.   TR centralisation:

CGM assured that all our suggestions will be well taken care of.

12. Covid-19 affected employees – leave eligibility:

CGM informed that proposal for special leave for covid affected, in primary contact are duly sent to corporate office as in case of railways etc.

13. Online attendance system:

While registering protest in implementation of online attendance system, we suggested to record the man hours worked each day as done in IT companies. CGM advice to develop a culture reaching early at office. He also agreed to our   suggestion  to input of measuring work.    



14. AMC for Engine Alternator:

We told that direction may be given to float tender for EA repair in all BAs as done in EKM, KLM and ALPY. During the last CGMs tenure, BAs taken a stand to repair engine alternators their own and still believe that the system need to continue. We pointed out that the AMC charges per BTS are as low as 300 Rs. At last CGM agreed our views and decided discuss the progress of tendering process in the next BA head meeting.

15. Marketing and Consumer Mobility related issues:

1. Mobile Marketing:  Frequent plan changes, Pan India  plan implementation  without considering the Kerala scenario, Activation delay, Ekyc, Pyro, sancharsoft issue etc

2. BB plans above Rs. 500 plan charges can be provided in FTTH network also. But customers are deprived of the higher speed that can be attained in the FTTH network due to plan restrictions:

BSNL provided lot of BB plans above Rs 500/- in FTTH network earlier. But the speed of such plans are less, maximum up to 10 Mbps. BSNL introduced attractive FTTH plans later with higher speed and lower tariff than these BB plans. Recently BSNL increased speed of 499 plan from 20 Mbps to 30 Mbps, but for 599 plan it is still 10 Mbps even though the customer is paying 100 Rs extra. This is a matter of  concern  in the field when the customer understands that he is paying more for an inferior service. We suggested to CGMT that the speed of the higher tariff BB plan be increased at par with the lower plan. CGM opined that all such plans need to be migrated to higher plans by calling the customers. He also requested us to intimate the details of such plans.

3. Tower renewal and IP IN sharing:  We have pointed out the problem in renewal of Towers due to non payment of  rent and in  some cases renewal is not possible on genuine  reason . In such case IP sharing is to be approved for which the ceiling on additional land lord  rent is creating problem. CGMT agreed to take up the issue with corporate office.

4. In situ scrapping of towers:  CGMT appreciated our suggestion and agreed to issue orders in this regard instead of dismantling and storing  resulting huge loss.

5. Issues related with Call centre, Activation delay, Dkyc issues, Term cell penalty etc

CGM informed that the call centre vendor is under bankruptcy. Corporate office is requesting Kerala circle to start a call centre of our own which will be discussed with association and BAs. CGM has the firm opinion that certain BAs are not completing the CAF cropping in time and any delay or error with regard to such ignorance need to be viewed seriously.

16. New FTTH Plans:

We requested to implement the new FTTH plans having higher speed in all BAs. CGM replied that these plans are not economical to BSNL and is introduced only to combat with our competitors (reliance and airtel). if the implementation at EKM and TVM BAs are encouraging, it may be introduced in other BAs also.

17. Commencement of IPTV in other BAs:

CGMT acknowledged the displeasure in the commencement of IPTV in Kerala circle. For the time being the concentration will be to implement it in BSNL and Exclusive LCO networks. He also agreed for discussion with corporate office about the tariff structure.

18. Cluster monitoring and invoice processing: CGMT informed that CMD has agreed to make necessary changes if any suggested by the circle in case the performance of  present   cluster partners are not satisfactory and retender is required. All clulster incharges  are to  strictly and seriously  monitor the cluster maintenance and  the improvement in service quality and  at least retention of customers are to be ensured .

19. LCO Payments:

Corporate office is not in favour of cash payment to LCOs. Registration of B-pay and commission hand over through Wallet is being practiced now. Corporate office is allotting money in this vertical but is not sufficient to pay all the pending bills.

20. Infra procurement leased model:  CGMT appreciated our suggestions and informed that these issues are to be dealt at corporate level.

21. Transmission maintenance:

We requested to float tender for UG OF cable maintenance in all BAs and to sign agreement under type V model for the overhead cable maintenance. CGM replied that he will discuss the issue in the next BA head meeting.

22. SRRC & repair of PP modules and cards:

Most of the employees worked in SRRCs took VRS and the non receipt of temporary advance has badly affected its functioning. Tenders for the repair at BA level may be called for the repair of the cards and modules. Instead of repairing the old PP modules with a repair cost ~ 4500 Rs, 80A PP modules with rates between 5000 and 6000 are available in the market which can be purchase by sanctioning LPCs in BA itself we suggested. We also informed that the spares available in the market are not of the desired quality. In reply CGM told that technically sound employees wish to work may be posted at SRRCs. Experienced retired employees also may be considered for contracting the work and tenders also may be floated.

23. Clarity/CRM/FMS issues:

To the concern of the association about the frequent failures of clarity, CRM and FMS CGM told that it is a pan india issue and need to be settled from corporate office. We also brought to the notice of CGM the issues related with migration of existing Broad band numbers to the FTTH network. No issues are being faced in migration of Huawei Core numbers whereas Utstar migration has so many hurdles. 

24. Refund of deposit to closed numbers:

We informed that the refund of security deposit through topping up of the customers mobile is not implemented in most of the BAs citing the technical issues and we need not pay voluntarily the deposit to the NPD customers until customers claim for the same. We also informed that the earlier procedure to pay back the deposit through cheque stopped by BSNL citing the transaction charge and postage expenditure and some refund cases are there which completed all formalities in the system to refund through cheque which need to be reviewed. CGM replied that the non implementation of refund by pushing mobile stock is not in the notice of the circle and will discuss in the next BA head meeting. Our opinion  regarding  closure due to  NPD numbers and refund thereof  will be examined.

25. CPAN B-node issues:  The matter was  discussed with CGMT citing Wayand failure , CGMT agreed to  take up the matter with Vendor are concerned

26. New Business models:

To our request to allow LCOs to rearrange our poles and to erect new poles for 10 Years like BOT model, CGM replied that let LCOs submit the proposal for consideration of BSNL. With regard to the termination of LCO agreements of the non performance, CGMT told that corporate office has already instructed for termination of such LCOs and care should be taken to ensure that, all connections provided by the non performer is migrated to BSNL Own FTTH network or to any other exclusive LCO networks.

27. AMC related issues of OLTEs, DSLAMs, Switches etc:

We informed that due to  the active intervention by SNEA , corporate office has terminated the AMC of Alphion OLT. Similar issues are to be highlighted in all other AMCs by cost accounting. We also requested that, a portion of money saved in the AMC termination may be reinvested for arranging proper spare or for replacing the OLTs with cost effective new equipments. CGMT told that Kerala circle decided to form a cost cell for the same.

28. NGN Migration and POI shifting pending:

We requested circle to complete all migration immediately.  CGMT informed that  priority will be given in releasing Temporary Advance  for this work.

29. Delay in updation of online payments in CRM and there by delay in reconnection:

To our specific request to have payment gateways of our own, CGM informed that it is not under the purview of Kerala circle.

30. Customer bills not receiving through email especially for enterprise customers using their company email domain:

CGMT informed that as per ITPC the issue has been settled and if complaints are still there may be because of the non updation of email/mobile numbers in CRM due to the change of officers in charges. May be taken up individually as and when complaint is registered since ITPC  is demanding specific cases.   

31. FTTH provisioning and KPI monitoring , Centralised customer care centre for FTTH and Technical support to BSNL Franchisees/Exclusive LCOs:

In the meeting we emphasised the need of call centre for FTTH customers and a centralised NOC for OLT partners at circle level. CGM replied that NOC at circle office will not yield the desired result and may think of forming an expert team having sufficient experience in field in BAs or at circle level.  We had a detailed deliberation regarding dynamically adjusting the MTU size in all BSNL network elements and also pointed out the importance replacement of old routers with new one with advanced facilities. The super core router installation at Kozhikkode BA and its failure in commissioning related with vendor issue also discussed.

32. Purchase of high end ONTs exclusively to provide recently launched plans above 100 Mbps in TVM and EKM BAs:

To the subject we told that now ONTs compatible with Alphion OLT are available in the open market. Therefore we may suggest customers to purchase compatible ONTs changing the rental option.

Other items discussed with CGMT

Antidating of promotion – case of 4 JAOs posted against resultant vacancies aroused due to declining of selected candidates against LICE examination conducted for 2015-2016 vacancies:

CGMT replied that the case is under active consideration of the circle office.

The meeting was fruitful, interactive and lasted  for nearly 4 hours .

07/11/2020: Circle News

Continuance of Employees’ Health Insurance scheme for the next year:

In the agenda meeting held with Management on 5/11/2020, we requested to launch the insurance scheme next year in the official platform so that participation of employees will be more, resulting in reduction of premium and more benefits to the employees. 

CGM agreed to our suggestions and views which was also conveyed to management in our letter dated 20.10.2020 and accordingly a letter has been issued to all Unions and Associations inviting opinions whether to proceed with this Medical insurance in the official platform or not. We thank CGMT for the positive response.

View Letter from GM (HR/Admin)

07/11/2020: Circle News

Modifications issued in the DGM LA orders : Circle Administration agreed to the discrepancies raised by this association reg DGM LA postings in the agenda meeting held on 5/11/2020 and accordingly modified orders are issued. We thank CGM, GM HR and his HR team for considering our requests and issuing modified orders.

View Modified Orders

06/11/2020: Circle News

Transfer Request List for JAO/AO published : View list

In the agenda meeting with Administration, we requested to publish the transfer requests received in Finance wing as well as from Civil/Electrical wings as done for JTO/SDE. We submitted to CGMT about JAO-2018 batch completing 2 years service this Oct-2020 and requested to consider these cases.

We thank Administration for publishing the list for JAO/AO cadre as promised to us in the meeting. We are pursuing for publishing the same for Civil/Electrical also.

We are continuously pursuing with Administration for considering these transfer requests in all cadres ASAP.

06/11/2020: Circle News

Agenda Meeting held with CGMT at Conference Hall, Circle office on 5/11/2020.

The meeting began at 3 PM and was very interactive meeting that ended at 6.30 PM.

CGMT Shri C.V.Vinod chaired the meeting. GM HR&Admin Sri Sathish.R, DGM HR Smt.Leena Rose Thomas, AGM HR Smt Sunitha George, SDE HR Smt.Renu Vishwanathan and SDE Admin Shri Sanjay kumar attended from management side.

Circle office bearers and District Secretaries attended the meeting through video conferencing and interacted with the management on various agenda points. Office bearers from Trivandrum and Circle office attended directly at Conference hall.

Just before the start of the meeting, reply to our pre-submitted agenda points was shared to us by GM HR and these points were further extensively discussed during the meeting.  VIEW REPLY to our AGENDA POINTS

05/11/2020: Circle News

Congratulations..!! Looking after arrangement issued in the cadre of DGM

Orders for 18 executives issued out of 27 vacancies. The discrepancies reported from various DS has been taken up with Administration.

View Orders

03/11/2020: Circle News

Corporate office considered our suggestion regarding extra ordinary high AMC cost of 9% for Alphion OLTs procured long back on very high rates and issued letter stating that current AMC contract stands terminated wef 31.12.2020. 

View Letter

This is the result of recent letters submitted by both SNEA Kerala at circle level and SNEA CHQ at corporate level where it was requested to immediately stop the AMC and replace the OLTs with new one.

New OLTs are available between Rs 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs in the open market with 3 years warranty where as BSNL is paying about Rs 1.75 lakhs per OLT per year as AMC for the old, outdated Alphion OLTs. 

View Kerala letter || View CHQ letter

Kerala circle is spending Rs91, 05, 528/- every year for maintaining 52 Alphion OLTs. The original cost of these equipments was Rs 10,11,72,538/- and the AMC cost is 9% of the project.

we could provide very few connections in Alphion OLTs these years because, the capacity is 32 connections per PON port which the vendor denied enhancing to 64 connections per port citing the non-purchase of licence, when we badly needed capacity addition.

Now a days, a good quality OLT having 8 ports with capacity 1000 lines (8 port X 128 line) is available between Rs 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs in the open market. Despite going for the AMC, if BSNL is purchasing new OLTs (52 Nos) for replacement of these Alphion OLTs it will cost only 65 lakhs (cost of one OLT taken as Rs 1.25 Lakhs). The new vendor will offer 3 year free maintenance for the purchase. BSNL need only Rs 65 Lakhs for 3 years instead of Rs 2.73 Crore, 3 year AMC charge.

02/11/2020: Circle News

Historic Day for Employees of BSNL...!!

BSNL Executives Shri George Varghese and Shri Venugopalan.S took the charge of GM as BA Head in Malappuram and Kannur respectively. It was a long cherished dream of all executives since long to hold such responsibility.

We once again thank respected CGMT Sri CV Vinod Sir for his extraordinary decision for  filling up the vacuum of BA heads and for having confidence in entrusting this responsibility to these BSNL Executives.

We are sure, this will boost the morale of all  BSNL Executives and Non Executives in a long way.

30/10/2020: Circle News

Congratulations to all...!! Finally Corporate office accepted our views on the Fixation of pay on 2nd PRC implementation - Case of Officiating JTOs who got regular promotion after 01.10.2007 upto 07.05.2010

We were pursuing this for the last 5 to 6 years at various levels and finally Corporate office has issued clarifications and accepted our views. As per the clarification received from Corporate office, the officiating JTOs promoted as regular JTO between 01.01.2007 and 07.05.2010 have been allowed to exercise option under para 3.6 of BSNL CO letter No 1-16/2010-PAT(BSNL) dated 07.05.2010 for fixation of pay under 2nd PRC as a onetime measure. Circle office has endorsed and issued instructions that options may be called from eligible JTOs in service/VRS retirees and pay may be fixed accordingly. Congratulations to all...!!

Clarification letter to Kerala from Corporate office || Circle office Letter || Clarification lr to Kolkata

28/10/2020: Circle News

Volunteers called for ordering Looking after Arrangement in the post of DGM and AGM/DE

interested volunteers may submit three options in the order of BA preference by email to on or before 31/10/2020 

Options called for DGM LA || Options called for AGM LA

26/10/2020: Circle News


For the first time in history two executives recruited as JTOs are given the charge of GMs in Malappuram and Kannur. It was a long cherished dream of all executives since long to hold such responsibility.

We thank respected CGMT Sri CV Vinod Sir for his extraordinary decision for  filling up the vacuum of BA heads and for having confidence in entrusting this responsibility to these BSNL Executives.

We are sure, this will boost the morale of all  BSNL Executives and Non Executives in a long way.

View Orders

26/10/2020: Circle News

List of Inter BA Transfer Requests in the cadre of JTO/SDE received at Circle office, Trivandrum:

View Published List

Consideration of pending Transfer requests got delayed due to Executive Membership Verification process, and now due to our continuous persuasion Circle HR wing has finally published the list of transfer requests received at Circle office.

The discrepancies /missing cases / not yet forwarded cases by BA may be reported immediately to respective District Secretaries for taking up with Administration and following up.

We are following up with Administration for publishing similar list in the cadre of JAO/AO also.

21/10/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Importance of having a Group Health Insurance Policy in BSNL and the need to further strengthen Kerala BSNL Employees’ Health Insurance Scheme launched in March 2020 under the banner of Associations and Unions with wholehearted support from Circle Administration, our request.

View Letter

21/10/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Issues related to CPAN system maintenance in Kerala Circle, necessity of keeping spare B2 Nodes in each BAs/Zones and urgent need to resolve many unsettled issues between KL NOC and Zonal NOC BLR/FH team BLR, our suggestions

View Letter

20/10/2020: CHQ News
15/10/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Terminal benefits management for EPF beneficiaries, need to have a SPOC at Circle office and BAs, our request

View Letter

15/10/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Effective utilization of the professionally qualified and highly competitive Civil Engineers available in the Circle, need to motivate the well experienced workforce and explore sources of additional revenue generation for BSNL, our suggestions.

View Letter

15/10/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Execution of BA OFC laying work clubbed with STP work to minimise expenditure

View Letter

14/10/2020: CHQ News

Congratulations: BSNL circulated the AIEL of JTOs with the same age old criteria of Rect Year and Training Centre marks, vindicating SNEA stand.

The AIGETOA demand for: i) 1:1 inter-se seniority (irrespective of rect year) and ii) seniority based on Date of Joining rejected again vindicating SNEA stand.

The AIEL circulated on 12.10.2020 is same as that of the final AIEL circulated on 20.02.2015 and again on 14.06.2018, except placing the supernumerary JTOs recruited from 2001 to 2007 rect years at the bottom of each Rect years. Against these AIEL only, AIGETOA fought the cases at CAT and High Court and filed contempt petition and stopped the second DPC in 2018.

The major contention of AIGETOA was that the DR JTOs of 2001 rect year onwards are to be interpolated with 1995 to 1999 rect promotee JTOs as there was no DR rect during 1995 to 1999.  Another contention of AIGETOA was that the 1995 to 1999 rect JTOs who joined in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 etc through the LICE quota and SC/ST quota are excess promotees. Both contentions are not accepted by the Court as well BSNL. BSNL placed all of them in respective Rect years from 1995 to 1999, irrespective of DoJ in the new AIEL also.

Whether AIGETOA and their activists will accept this AIEL or again go for litigations as done in 2015 and 2018 is to wait and watch as the AIEL published on 14.06.2018 and 12.10.2020 is one and the same. We hope that better sense will prevail on them and they will not oppose this AIEL and stop DPC as done in the past.

Last 10 years, AIGETOA was fighting legal battle in different courts claiming for 1:1 seniority irrespective of Rect year (1:1 interpolation of 2001 rect DRs with 1995 Rect promotees) and declaring the 1995 to 1999 rect JTOs joined after 2000 as excess promotees.

If litigations were not there, all the JTOs upto 2001 would have become SDEs in 2015 itself as per the final AIEL dated 20.02.2015. Remaining JTOs become SDEs in 2018 or even earlier.

The AIEL particulars for the remaining batches also will be called shortly as assured by the management.

The new PGM(Pers) immediately after joining, took immediate action for changing the criteria of inter-se-seniority from DoJ to Rect year and Training Centre marks. He was earlier GM(Estt) and instrumental for JTO RR 2014.

Their agenda is very clear now:

i) Delay and thereby deny the promotions to large number of JTOs (1995 to 1999), about 4000 in promotee quota. They retired without getting promotions. They were not a contender for further promotion to DE.

ii) Delay the promotion of remaining JTOs upto 2005 and the 2007 and 2008 JTOs also by not allowing the DPC in 2018.

If litigation was not there, DPC and LDCE could have conducted year wise w/o delaying promotions.

Most importantly, they are working with the management to derail the much awaited Time Bound Functional Promotion (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) which will give smooth promotion to the youngsters from 01.07.2018 onwards. Our efforts will continue to get the new promotion policy implemented and these JTOs also gets their SDE promotion from 01.07.2018 itself instead of a prospective date. Equally important, other eligible Executives in other cadres also have to get their promotion from 01.07.2018 onwards. Definitely we will be successful in our efforts and the coming CWC will be taking very strong decisions to get it implemented without any more delay.

Cov Lr || AIEL-upto 2001 YOR || Cov Lr || AIEL-from 2002 to 2008 YOR 

13/10/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Legacy procedures and complex procurement policies badly affecting timely replacement of life expired and faulty passive telecom infrastructure in Telephone exchanges and BTS sites, urgent action solicited to bring radical changes in the procurement policy to improve telecom service quality and revenue generation, our submissions and suggestions 

View Letter

12/10/2020: CHQ News
12/10/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg AMC of Alphion OLTs

View Letter

It is learned that huge amounts are being paid to OLT vendors in Kerala circle towards the AMC charges. Kerala circle is spending Rs91, 05, 528/- every year for maintaining 52 Alphion OLTs. The original cost of these equipments was Rs 10,11,72,538/- and the AMC cost is 9% of the project from 2019.

As we all know, we could provide very few connections in Alphion OLTs these years because, the capacity is 32 connections per PON port which the vendor denied enhancing to 64 connections per port citing the non-purchase of licence, when we badly needed capacity addition.

Now a days, a good quality OLT having 8 ports with capacity 1000 lines (8 port X 128 line) is available between Rs 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs in the open market. Despite going for the AMC, if BSNL is purchasing new OLTs (52 Nos) for replacement of these Alphion OLTs it will cost only 65 lakhs (cost of one OLT taken as Rs 1.25 Lakhs). The new vendor will offer 3 year free maintenance for the purchase. BSNL need only Rs 65 Lakhs for 3 years instead of Rs 2.73 Crore, 3 year AMC charge.

The 21 OLTs of UTSTAR supplied by ICOMM and HUAWEI/STARLITE OLTs diverted from Punjab don’t have AMCs and executives working in NIB and NOC are maintaining it without any AMC. For Alphion OLTs also similar procedure may be followed.

Therefore SNEA Kerala circle urge upon circle administration to immediately stop such extravagant expenditure in the name of AMC, when the need of the hour is to explore all austerity measures when BSNL is unable to pay even salary/wages in time.

In this connection though it is a pan BSNL issue we would like to point out that Kerala Circle could reduce the AMC cost of Mobile equipments to the tune of Rs36 per line per annum by taking bold decisions while many other Circle were incurring an expenditure of Rs270 per line per annum.

11/10/2020: Circle News

Draft Longstay list in the cadre of SDE and JTO published in Kerala Intranet.

As the list published is based purely on ERP data which does not consider the stay at circle tenure stations like Wayanad and Idukki, all our members are requested to go through the list and represent to the administration for necessary correction if any.

SDE covering letter || TVM_KLM || PTA_ALP_KTM || ENK_TCR || PGT_MRX || CLT_KNR

JTO covering letter || TVM_KLM || ALP_PTA_KTM || ENK_TCR || PGT_MRX || CLT_KNR

08/10/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg transfer and posting order in the grade of SDE (Civil)

View Letter || Transfer order

Considering the facts and figures, we requested CGM Kerala for necessary action to bring more executives to Kerala Circle instead of transferring executives from this profit oriented circle. We also requested to Cancel the transfer order for SDE(Civil) and taken up at Corporate office level.

03/10/2020: Circle News

SNEA Kerala CEC Meeting (held online through Zoom) on 22/09/2020

A CEC meeting of SNEA Kerala was organised through Zoom on 22.09.2020 from 10 AM. Circle office bearers, DSs, CEC members and Branch Secretaries joined the meeting online which was organised mainly to discuss issues to be taken up in the proposed CWC meeting next month. Detailed discussions were also held regarding Kerala Circle administration’ proposal of Executive redeployment in the Circle.

Circle Secretary welcomed all participants. During reporting CS briefed the deliberations held in the Circle Secretary’ meeting (online) organised by CHQ on 14.09.2020 and the CGM’ meeting with Associations held on 16.09.2020. 

Circle President presided over the meeting. In his address, CP briefed about the recent developments in HR issues happening at Corporate level. The recognised Association is keeping mum about the recent order of Corporate office about deferment of time bound promotion for a period of two years in the case of refusal of post based promotion. The restructuring plan of Corporate office has not made provisions for Operational DGMs in Category 2&3 BAs. The proposal of redeployment by the CGM Kerala cannot be accepted as such and any transfer according to such proposal need to be protested strongly, other than request transfers. CP pointed out that Kerala Circle is paying maintenance charges for huge number of unused service connections to cluster partners unnecessarily. Number of leased line connections as being shown in cluster invoices is not matching with the actual. DSs have to actively intervene in the problems faced by the field executives at cluster level. Immediate GB meetings have to be organised at Branch and District levels to deliberate on field issues and need to represent grievances/suggestions to BA Heads with copies to Circle body for taking up at Circle/CHQ levels. CP requested the CEC members to have fruitful discussions in the meeting about the innovative ideas to improve the revenue, cost reduction and issues related with cluster maintenance. 

The following points were discussed in the meeting.

1. CPSU Cadre Hierarchy: Meeting had very detailed discussions regarding the present promotion policy, the scope of promotions in the context of post reductions as per restructuring plan, etc. To ensure promotion to all cadres, CPSU cadre hierarchy implementation seems to be the most suitable option. The participants opined that immediate trade union actions need to be launched for immediate implementation of the policy already approved by the BSNL board. Kerala Circle body to present the subject in the upcoming CWC meeting in that line. A calculation sheet may be prepared by Circle or CHQ depicting the benefits to executives if CPSUCH is implemented and the advantage each Executive gets if implemented at a retrospective date of 01.07.2018. 

2. Redeployment of executives in Kerala Circle: The meeting requested all DSs to calculate the number of executives required in their BAs according to the post VRS justification issued by corporate office on 27.12.2019. The justification of JEs may also be calculated and compared with existing strength. 

3. Immediate protest against Corporate office orders like deferment of time bound promotion for a period of two years which affects executive career badly. CHQ to be requested to launch immediate protest call against such orders and we have to give wide publicity and awareness among our members. The protest call may also be brought to the notice of BA/Circle administrations and to be displayed in notice boards at all levels.

4. The CEC thanked CHQ for bringing the severe data congestion issue being experienced in the 3G/4G radio network in the Circle to the notice of CMD requesting early resolution including diversion of unused software licences available in other Circles and permission to use additional spectrum in the Circle to upgrade the RAN. As promised by the CMD to CHQ, Corporate Office has taken positive steps in this regard. SNEA Kerala’ suggestions for PAN India 4G launch through other innovative and industry standard models are also under the active consideration of BSNL Board.

5. AMC of Engine alternators: Some of the BAs have not floated tender for AMC of Engine alternators at BA level as done by Alappuzha and Kollam BAs. DSs to pursue the same with those BA Heads if required to expedite the same in all BAs. It has been pointed out that due to covid-19 pandemic vendors are participating in tenders even though BSNL payment is delayed.

6. Marketing related issues: There are plenty of mobile plans available in prepaid segment in CM vertical and is being often modified on a fortnightly basis. Thirty Six new plans were either introduced or modified in the present financial year. The retailers are continuously complaining that they are not made aware of the changes being incorporated among these plans and hence they are not in a position to promote such offers other than the basic plans. Therefore rationalisation of various mobile prepaid plans has become inevitable. It would be always better to have minimum basic plans and freebies/offers/ bundles so that required promotions can be done more effectively by the franchisees/ retailers with regard to prepaid products. It is observed that the outsourced vendors who manage official websites are pushing advertisements of our rival firms which need to be curbed once for all. These firms are purposefully giving their advertisements in our websites to grab our loyal customers. It has to be strongly protested. BB plans above Rs. 500 plan charges can be provided in FTTH network also. But customers are deprived of the higher speed that can be attained in the FTTH network due to plan restrictions. The lower FTTH plan 499 offers 20 Mbps where as BB plan 599 offers only 10 Mbps. Even though these plans are BB plans, the minimum speed being provided to FTTH customers is not offered to customers who opt high end BB plans. 

7. FTTH provisioning and monitoring: As we are witnessing, Kerala Circle has been marching way ahead to attain significant targets in FTTH provisioning compared to all other Circles. It was SNEA Kerala’ proposal to implement LCO model in BSNL to promote FTTH services.  Also, SNEA Kerala has been playing the pivotal role in promoting and popularising the present Exclusive LCO business model which has become a successful one in the present scenario which has already started yielding tangible results. This model of FTTH provisioning need to be further strengthened in all BAs which would be our lifeline and thus would definitely help BSNL to fight effectively to capture more FTTH business in the highly competitive digital data market and that too during the most difficult times of financial crisis. The FTTH network is being expanded on a large scale in most BAs and hence there is a need to put in place a robust mechanism for effective monitoring of various network elements including OLTs and their KPIs. Also, we need to concentrate further to respond quickly to customer requests as well including faults to ensure best service quality to our esteemed customers. Most of the Exclusive LCOs are not having adequate experience in this field and hence are not fully aware of the smooth and detailed working of all elements. Further, higher data requirements from customers during the covid-19 scenario have caused significant increase in the traffic causing choking of data during peak hours. It has been decided by the CEC to urge upon the Circle administration to form an exclusive centralised NOC for FTTH services at Circle level for ensuring smooth operations and maintenance of FTTH network similar to OMCR and CPAN NOC which would be very much helpful for extending quick response to customer requests, fault management and technical support to BBCs and LCOs. 

8. Rationalization of one time charge for FTTH installation to be levied by LCO which was suggested by SNEA earlier and now implemented in J&K circle to be implemented in Kerala circle also.

9. Permission for using BSNL poles for re-erection by exclusive LCOs: In the meeting with Associations, CGM was anxious about the shabby fibre cable network at many places and its maintenance. As an attempt to bring professionalism in optical fibre cable drawing to customer premises, we suggest giving permission to exclusive LCOs for using BSNL poles and re erecting them in some neat and tidy manner to extend FTTH connections during their tenure of contract with BSNL may be up to 10 Years. Further, we may consider allowing these LCOs to erect new poles also by their own as per some guidelines to be formulated by BSNL similar to provisions available in the BOT model. We may also consider some business arrangement, in which the E-LCO may be asked to build the pole/cable network, operates it and eventually transfers the ownership to BSNL after a specific period of contract.  

10. Cluster maintenance: The meeting requests the entire cluster in charges to issue notices to non performing Cluster partners immediately. All unused service numbers and PCO connections are to be closed to avoid unnecessary paying of maintenance charges to cluster agencies. SNEA would like to suggest that if new tendering is not feasible on immediate basis, and if the partners are agreeing to increase the 15 % capping, such vendors may be allowed to continue by fixing the capping rate proportional to their performance. If that option is also not feasible, the limiter tender possibility may be explored.  

11.  Our suggestions on proposals revenue increase and new business model to be compiled and submitted by DSs to CS.

12. Members expressed disappointment over the present Circle administration’ priorities in instilling confidence among employees and motivating them to revive BSNL as promised earlier prior to VRS. There were discussions about the recently introduced Mobile no. OTP based online Employee attendance which appears to be a surveillance of the employees in Kerala Circle that too in the mid of COVID-19 pandemic without any directions from BSNL Corporate Office. Members have viewed this as an act of mistrust of the Circle Administration in the self-motivated workforce who has been toiling hard even without timely salary and any financial support from the management for maintaining the network round the clock even in the post VRS scenario. Members opined that even though mobile app was made available to the field personnel for marking their attendance, the administration need to focus more on those aspects required for motivating the employees to increase their productivity when there is no visible action from any corners to revive the company other than a revival package in paper. The Circle Administration has been unfortunately focusing on aspects like surveillance of employees that too in the COVID 19 scare and when there are severe restrictions in the public transport system in the country.

13. Members also pointed out the lack of seriousness being shown by the Administration in addressing the field difficulties caused due to terminating access of OMCWEB portal without making any alternate arrangements to BSS/NQM personnel for monitoring the network through internet. The Administration doesn’t seems to have proper  vision to consider OMCWEB as a powerful RF tool for the network optimizing team instead seems to consider it as just another portal available in BSNL. Also, they pointed out that the CNMC portal cannot be a replacement for OMCWEB at present due to many reasons. The CEC decided to pursue with the Administration to make it available to all BSS/NQM personnel through internet.

14.  All SSA/ Branch GB meetings to be completed before 31st October 2020.

15. Meeting of different sections/verticals to deliberate upon Operational/ Marketing issues are to be conducted by BA bodies and to be taken up for resolution with BA/ Circle Administration.

16.  The meeting decided to print Calendar and Diary 2021 for all members.

17.  It was suggested to request Circle Administration to post an executive as SPOC for EPF related claims and settlements at Circle level.

The online CEC meeting was concluded by 6.30 PM. 

Circle Treasurer delivered vote of thanks.

02/10/2020: Gandhi Jayanthi

30/09/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding Staff Redeployment - our views and suggestions

View Letter || Annexure-1(SDE/JTO & AO/JAO)     ||     Annexure-2(AGM/CAO)

29/09/2020: CHQ News

AUAB Notice to observe BSNL Formation day

01.10.2020 as BLACK DAY

In protest against:

1) Cancellation of the 4G tender floated by BSNL.

2) Failure of BSNL management to upgrade existing 49300 4G compatible BTSs and procuring another 15000 BTSs(4G) through existing Phase VIII.4 tender Add on order and launching 4G services.

BSNL employees suspect that it is a conspiracy to deny 4G technology to BSNL and thereby to convert it into a sick company.

All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB) meeting held on 07.09.2020 decided with a heavy heart, to observe 01.10.2020, the 20th Formation Day of BSNL as BLACK DAY.


AUAB also decided to organise HUNGER FAST on that day maintaining social distancing.

The employees will wear black-badges on that day.

AUAB Notice

24/09/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Performance of Cluster partners and suggestions for improvements

View Letter

23/09/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Termination of access of OMCWEB portal to the field units, our suggestions

View Letter

23/09/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg our Feedback about "Utility of IP-MLLN solution in BSNL Telecom Network" in today's scenario

View Letter

21/09/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Severe bandwidth issue in Attapadi area causing heavy customer complaints and churn

View Letter

21/09/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Consolidation of Business Areas and rationalization of Work & delegated powers- request for sanction for DGMs for Operations and Finance

View Letter

Though the representative association has presented figures much less than justified by Circle office and the norms, we are working out the justification of each cadre and details are being worked out...

18/09/2020: Circle News

Meeting with Circle Management on 16/9/2020 :

A meeting was held by Circle Management with SNEA and AIGETOA at Conference Hall of Circle Office at 11 AM on 16/9/2020 to discuss the following agenda points:

1. Executive manpower redeployment in tune with the latest restructuring directions from Corporate Office 

2. Shortage of manpower and posting of executives in such BAs/Places 

3. Redeployment of manpower to cater to the needs of the present market conditions 

4. Innovative ideas to improve our business penetration, especially in view of the present Work from Home' scenario adopted by Corporates 

5. Ideas to improve the revenue and revenue collection 

6. Cluster-wise maintenance activity for Landline/Broadband - Suggestions for improvement  

Circle Secretary Com.Jithesh.K.P, Circle President Com.George Varghese and other office bearers joined the meeting through online by Google Meet.

CGMT Shri C.V.Vinod chaired the meeting. PGM Smt.Yojana Das, GM Shri Sukumaran.N.K, GM Shri P.G.Nirmal, GM(HR&Admin) Shri Sathesh.R, DGM (HR&Admin) Smt.Leena Rose Thomas, AGM(HR) Smt.Sunitha George, SDE(HR) Smt.Renu Vishwanath represented from Management side.

CGM congratulated both the Executive Associations for the 2nd MV results. 

In his speech, CGMT mentioned the shortage of executives in certain districts.

As the submarine OFC cable connectivity project of Lakshadweep Islands to the mainland is coming up, CGMT mentioned that there would be a transfer of few more executives to Lakshadweep though the project would be handled by STP.

The respective vertical heads also shared the ongoing developments and the future plans in their verticals to the Associations.

The Recognized Association presented  a MBA PPT vision statement. It is disheartening  to note ( though not unexpected ) that they are competing with management in reduction of executives posts in the Circle in their presentation. They could not find any operational issues prevailing in the circle. As far as cluster maintenance is concerned  one of the office bearer is of the view  that it is issue with cluster incharge as he could resolve all the issues in a cluster where he was in charge for  just 3 months in Kottayam BA.

Our Circle Secretary Com.Jithesh.K.P representing  majority executives in Kerala Circle expressed the pain and agony of Kerala employees in maintaining/providing the BSNL services under severe limitations. Circle President Com.George Varghese also voiced the concerns of employees, the field realities and  reiterated our view  upon the online attendance system. Other office bearers in the meeting – CT Com.Suneer.S, DS MRX Com.Kamalraj, DS ALP Com.Vipin, and DS ENK Com.Suresh Kumar.R also expressed and put forward the thoughts of majority executives in Kerala Circle to the Circle Management. We thanked CGMT and Circle administration for having called such a meeting.

The proposed distribution plan shared by Circle Management w.r.t SDE/JTO & AO/JAO was out rightly rejected for its flaws as it was not seen to be in line with the revenue generated nor with the business potential of the BAs nor in accordance with any norms nor in consideration of geographical area, number of exchanges  etc. We have pointed  out the  inconsistency of the figures from SSA to SSA and section to Section. While all efforts are taken to ensure justification in certain sections like  a tailor made one, certain important areas are totally ignored.  We requested CGMT to convey the deep sorrow and frustration of executives  created  by the statement of CMD  that executives can aspire maximum a  DGM  promotion only by the age of 57 while it was pointed out  that  executives are waiting for the first promotion even after 25 years. We pointed out the fact that the  officers with same qualification and service are getting  more than  5-6 promotions in  their career in the same organizations.  While we are talking about revenue generation it is bound to see on our expenditure in the  form of many AMC, Purchase etc.

As per the restructuring plan released by Corporate office for the Group-A officers, Ernakulam is proposed to have 5 GMs whereas it is to be noted that in Kerala Circle 5 BAs are not even having BA Heads for a long time. So we requested Circle Management to fill the vacant BA head posts first, the restructuring has to begin from top and not from the bottom.

To cater to the shortages in BAs we already have a transfer policy in the Circle which is being followed since 2008 but which is usually done at the end of financial year and we felt that this is not the right time to do it in the name of restructuring plan. However the  request transfers pending  may be considered  at the earliest.

At many places the power plant and  batteries are not in good condition and we are facing difficulty in maintaining the services. In the absence of temporary advance, Executives are investing their personal money to run the services, the labour payments are pending for more than a year, in many places the LCO partners are not paid, but we fail to understand the prime concern of Management in clearing the invoices of cluster partners on war foot basis every month.

We requested management to form Committees at all levels for understanding the actual field realities for better solutions in the long run of BSNL.

We fail to understand that when our employees in Kerala Circle are giving their best to run the services under severe limitations, Management is busy in giving more weightage to HR activities like transfer, redeployment, online attendance etc.

Already three executives were posted recently to Lakshadweep and now in the name of Submarine OFC project by STP, transferring more executives to the islands may not  give desired output in terms of revenue from the experience from  the submarine OFC project of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

It is understood that Management has proposed to reduce manpower on the pretext of outsourcing of various works. But it is to be noted that the work of executives is not outsourced. The work for them has only increased with slow software packages like Clarity, CRM, ERP etc. It is also seen that accounts  executives are reduced in the proposed deployment plan but we fail to understand the outsourcing of their work which never happened in Accounts. In fact while there was 5 tier check  in pre VRS period, today the check level has reduced to just 1 or 2 in accounts wing due to shortage of office Assistants. As far as Technical cadres of JTO/SDE/DEs are concerned none of the works of executives are outsourced and rather become more difficult due to entrusting the work to totally outsiders which was handled and supervised by non executives.

Since the Corporate office has justified PGM/GM posts based on revenue  though none available in BSNL, the requirement of executives in Kerala has to be based on revenue we pointed out. Accordingly BSNL Kerala  justify 10% of the executives which is around 3000. We felt that the present justification is arrived at to ensure that the wage bill of the circle is not  increased  to affect its profitability. The figure projected by circle administration 1602 for Telecom Engineering and 284 for Finance can not be accepted and any rationalization based on such justification is not based on realities.

Finally CGMT  assured that  he will consider the points  raised by us and  suggested to give him our views on all issues  and the decision will be taken after discussing  with us. As far as cluster maintenance is concerned CGMT suggested that since the 3 month  period is over, those partners who are not really performing can be terminated by finding alternate agencies for which any policy change is required it can be got approved for Kerala circle.

17/09/2020: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri S K Gupta, DIR(Fin) on 16.09.2020:

GS and AGSs met Shri S K Gupta, DIR(Fin) and held discussions on various points:

Restructuring, consolidation of SSAs into BAs and post reduction: We expressed our serious concern for merging small SSAs and creating BAs, thereby surrendering DGM/AGM level posts and creating GM level posts. This will have adverse impact on the promotion avenues of the Executives, we explained. In fact GM level Officers are not available in BSNL but there are sufficient number of Executives eligible to become AGM and DGM, without incurring any additional expenditure. DGM/AGM level posts to be created in BAs, based on the Revenue in the SSAs under Cat 1, 2 & 3 BAs, we demanded.

Similarly DGM(Accs & Budg) required in Cat 2 BAs instead of CAO.

The management proposal for making AGM and DGM posts interchangeable is feasible only when the promotion from AGM to DGM is on Time Bound (when promotion to DGM is not post based). DIR(Fin) agreed to our view points and assured to discuss with CMD and DR(HR) in this regard.

Payment of dues: The Pension Contribution not paid to DoT for one year and about 1100 Crores is outstanding. Society, medical payment to retirees from April 2019 etc are also pending. This month, bank loan quarterly repayment of Rs 1100 Crores is to be done. In December month, the instalment is about 2700 Crores. This week, the GST payment of more than 200 Crores will be made. On salary payment, DIR(Fin) informed that it is expected in next week.

16/09/2020: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Jagdish Prasad, GM & CLO(SCT) on 15.09.2020

GS, President and AGS met CLO and held discussions on filling the unfilled SC/ST vacancies in SDE cadre for the vacancy years, 2009-10 and 2010-11 for which DPC held was in June, 2018. They are eligible for promotion notionally from 15.06.2018 itself as others got the promotion on 15.06.2018. The SC/ST quota could not fill up as JTOs from 2001 rect onwards are to be considered for promotion but the method of fixation of inter-se seniority was quashed by EKM HC and ordered for fixation of seniority as per DOJ. In ST category, 216 vacancies out of 220 vacancies as per 7.5% quota remain unfilled as on 15.06.2018.

CLO assured that the matter will be taken up with Pers section as per the information furnished by SNEA in the letter dated 11.09.2020 to promote the JTOs belong to the SC/ST category for the unfilled vacancies of 2009-10 and 2010-11, notionally w.e.f. 15.06.2018.

It has come to our notice that this matter was not taken up by the SC/ST Welfare Association, SEWA BSNL so far with management to fill up 15% SC and 7.5% ST quota.

GS letter to DIR(HR) dated 11.09.2020 in this regard

15/09/2020: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL

Extending E1+5 increments to post 2010 Recruited JTO/JAOs as an interim measure to address the huge pay loss of thousands of JTO/JAOs recruited from 2010 onwards in the provisional Pay Scale of E1.

GS letter to CMD

14/09/2020: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL

i) Immediate Promotions to different Grades through the Non post based, Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy, namely BEPPARR 2017 approved by the BSNL Board meeting held on 28.05.2018 – clarifications to the various queries raised by your goodself in the meeting held on 08.09.2020 regarding its implementation w.e.f. 01.07.2018 reg:

ii) BSNL Executives promotion cannot be depend upon the vacancies after the Restructuring and also as per the Terms and Conditions for absorption in BSNL.

iii) Promotion given in May/June, 2018 for about 7500 Executives to AO, CAO and AGM/DE Grades become provisional, leaving no headway on Reservation issue.

GS letter to CMD

10/09/2020: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL on 08.09.2020:

GS and President met CMD, BSNL and held discussions on the following issues:

4G Services: The Expert Committee submitted its report to the Govt. As reported earlier, the Committee recommended for indigenous Core equipments for 4G Technology. So, the chance for 4G services in the near future is getting diminished. We have to see how we can pressurise the Govt not to put discriminative conditions on BSNL regarding 4G services.

We discussed the congestion in 3G network in some Circles like Kerala. Due to congestion, the MNP figures are coming down. We requested CMD to consider augmentation of 3G/4G RAN utilising the additional 5 MHz spectrum (4G spectrum) and by diverting unused software licenses. Thereafter, improvement in customer addition and port-in can be analysed and if it is successful, it can be implemented in other Circles also. CMD promised us positive action to improve the network availability and easing data congestion as demanded.

On 2G licences extension, CMD informed that discussion is going on with DoT in this regard.

Immediate Promotions to different Grades through the Non post based promotion: During the discussion with CMD, indications are that other than promises, BSNL management not taking any initiative to break the deadlock. At the same time they want to complete the Restructuring at the earliest.

I. CMD is of the opinion that the Executives promotion should be such that they should reach maximum upto DGM Grade and retire within 1 or two years (DGM promotion after 57 years age and no further promotion required for them). We have to break this thinking of the present management. We strongly protested this attitude of CMD and BSNL management and demanded that BSNL Executives should get promotional avenues upto GM/CGM level. BSNL should be lead by its own Officers and not by outsiders and management should plan for that. This is possible only when the Executives get promotion as AGM/CAO Grades by the age of 40-45 so that they can move forward as Jt GM, Addl GM/GM and CGM, as per merit. Instead of that, management is trying to block the career from the first promotion itself by delaying the promotions as much possible.

In 20 years, BSNL Management could not create its own top management. There is not a single Regular DGM after 20 years! JTOs with 20 to 28 years of service are still JTOs! But on these queries CMD have no solution other than sympathy for them.

II. CMD apprehension is that Executives will become AGM/CAO in 15 years and thereafter another 15-20 years they have to work which is not good. We explained to CMD that once they become AGM/CAO in 15 years, then only they are having further promotion avenues to DGM (E5) Grade, SG JAG(E6) Grade, Jt GM(E7) Grade, Addl GM/GM(E9) Grade and CGM Grade. Today JTOs are retiring in JTO Grade, without promotion and remaining retiring as SDE/AO or AGM/CAO. Further, new Executives only become AGM/CAO in 15 years, that will happen only after 2031, after 11 years. Till that time, all promotions to AGM/CAO Grades will be with senior Executives having 20 to 30 years of service.

III. Another apprehension of CMD is following Hierarchy in BSNL: In categorical terms, we told CMD that there is no hierarchy followed in BSNL, for many years. Normally is Hierarchy is in Govt Depts, not in PSUs. Management is still holding the Govt mindset, it is to be changed.

i) There is no GM/CGM level officer of BSNL, so no Hierarchy followed.

ii) Only 161 DGM(T) working out of 1331 posts and 14 DGM(Fin) out of 402 posts. So no Hierarchy followed.

iii) Only 1400 AGM/DE working out of 5303 posts (7470 including upgraded posts) and 19 CAO working out of 1347 posts. One and half years back 7000 AGMs were working in BSNL. So no Hierarchy followed.

iv) Above all, the Consultant appointed by BSNL itself recommended for no hierarchy upto AGM Grade which is accepted by BSNL.

In nutshell, no Hierarchy followed in BSNL from JTO/JAO to SDE/AO to AGM/CAO to DGM to GM to CGM. Still BSNL is functioning as some system is in force. So management cannot stop promotion in the name of Hierarchy.

We categorically told CMD that other than promises at different level, last 14 months no promotion took place (other than 230 Adhoc DGM promotion, Adhoc is not a promotion) after his take over.

We strongly demanded that BSNL Management should change its negative attitude towards the employees and their welfare, especially on promotions and should provide promotions w.e.f. 01.07.2018 itself by implementing the new non-post based promotions.

Compensation for Covid 19 deaths and proper treatments: We explained the difficulties faced by the employees due to non availability of cashless treatment and few unfortunate deaths of BSNL employees due to Covid 19. We requested for immediate relief to them, atleast as per Govt norms and arrangement for cashless treatment. CMD was positive and assured early action on this.

Restructuring and drastic reduction in posts: We expressed our apprehension on drastic post reduction that will have adverse impact on our promotions. At the same time the AGM/DGM level posts merged and GM level posts created, when there is no GM available. We demanded that before implementation of BSNL Restructuring, BSNL has to switch over to non-post based promotions.

Amendment in EPP, postponement of EPP for 2 years: We protested the unilateral action of BSNL Management by amending the Time Bound Financial upgradation, linking with post based promotion. Post based promotions are based on DoP&T rules and already one year ban is given for next promotion in the case of declining the promotion. TB promotion is different and double punishment cannot be given for the same. We demanded that it should be withdrawn.

07/09/2020: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL expressing concern on merger of SSAs into BAs and drastic post reduction which will adversely affect the promotional avenues --- Restg order dated 27.08.2020:

Drastic reduction of DGM level posts and creation of GM level posts by merging DGM posts will adversely affect the promotional avenues of the Executives and will create unnecessary financial burden on BSNL. Since the promotion upto AGM equivalent Grade is non-post based, Time Bound as per the new promotion policy and the promotion to DGM and above are post based,  reduction in the number of DGM posts will affect the promotional avenues beyond AGM/CAO/EE Grade.

GM/PGM posts are sanctioned by merging small SSAs, earlier headed by TDM/TDE (DGM/AGM). Justified DGM/AGM level posts, based on the revenue or asset are not sanctioned for the larger SSAs at BA HQs. The deputation of the ITS Officers will end in March, 2023 and the number of ITS officer in BSNL this year (2020-21) is just 293 but the number of GM/PGM posts created by restructuring is much higher.

Posts justified for Transmission Mtce and BSS is not sanctioned.

GS letter to CMD on BA consolidation

05/09/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg our views on Online Attendance System for introspection.

View Letter

SNEA Kerala would like to differ from the administration on certain points where the BSNL Kerala unfortunately is focusing right now. During this time of pandemic created by Covid-19 and pandemonium created by VRS, going for such a drastic steps would do harm to the morale of the rather self-motivated work force, who toil really hard and working almost round the clock for filling the huge gap left by the VRS. It may be reckoned that no mechanism or revival package has been implemented by the management so far as envisaged by the BSNL revival package. Even after the elapse of seven months, the cash flow or release of salary hasn’t been set right, which was the highlight of BSNL revival package and VRS.

The views of SNEA regarding the online attendance system are narrated below for introspection please.

1. Majority of the field staff are working round the clock without bothering the working time of 9:30 to 5:00. Compelling those self-driven brave heart warriors to fit into the time frame may backfire which in turn would jeopardise the smooth sailing. SANCHAR NIGAM EXECUTIVES’ ASSOCIATION KERALA CIRCLE (Recognised Association of Executives in BSNL) SNEA Bhavan, Dharmalayam Road, TVM-695001 Circle President George Varghese DGM, Ernakulam Mob: 9447162900 Circle Secretary Jithesh.K.P SDE, Kannur Mob: 9447707475 Circle Treasurer Suneer.S AO, Circle Office Mob: 9447341693

2. Many are forced to attend the official works with their own vehicle due to lack of vehicle/delayed payment to the drivers. Many are commuting to work places/fault locations directly from home to save time/expenses. Compelling them to reach the office before and after the specified jobs, only for the sake of attendance marking, would end up losing precious time and make unnecessary spending, which would not fetch results in longer run.

3. There are staff working in outdoors, TIM, BSS, External projects etc. need to attend works to protect/restore our networks, which are not in our control or scheduled as per the convenience of the external agencies like PWD, KWA, Railways, other telecom companies, it may require to work overnight or odd hours. Compelling them to shrink to the prescribed timeframe would not only be detrimental but also will lead to loss of assets.

When all these ground realities are known to everyone in the administration, introduction of a system which would not help to boost the morale of the hard working employees, rather it would destroy the existing peaceful working atmosphere. It may be appreciated that many are attending the works, inspite of their residential area being quarantined due to Covid-19, risking their life only because of their sheer passion for the company. They could have easily availed special leave had they been "system oriented".

Instead of applying these types of surveillance system in common, this can be utilised as a tool wherein the controlling officers are finding it difficult to enforce discipline with the tools which are in vogue. If this IT tool can improve the efficiency of Kerala Circle it is a welcome step but we are afraid will it demotivate the dedicated, self-motivated executives and staff who are facing innumerable embarrassing situation from customers, vendors, labours, land lords etc. and hope better wisdom will prevail.

SNEA Kerala, being a responsible association which always stand for 'Company first' would like to appeal the management, to have an introspection on the issue and issue favourable orders which would take BSNL Kerala to its pristine glory.

03/09/2020: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P. K. Purwar, CMD/BSNL:

Inconsistency in management decisions complicating the HR issues and leading to unending litigations – latest one is the BSNL order regarding deferment of next Time Bound Pay Scale Upgradation under Executive Promotion Policy [EPP] for a period of two years in the case of refusal of post based promotion, in complete disregard of i) the understanding reached between the Associations and the BSNL Management while framing of EPP in 2006, ii) REA Rules 2014 and iii) BSNL Board decision dated 28.05.2018:

Time Bound Financial Upgradation upto E6 scale is provided under EPP 2007 as per the Terms and Condition for absorption in BSNL. In the said Terms and Condition for absorption, the promotion upto E6 will be Time Bound Functional promotion and post based promotions are above E6 scale, beyond SG JAG only.

Time Bound Financial Upgradation (upto E6 scale) and post based promotions are entirely different, it cannot be linked at all.

Till the notification of the 2nd MV, i.e. upto 15.06.2020, this issue was never discussed with SNEA. After the 2nd MV, whether it is discussed with the new Recognised Association, before issuing the order on 31.08.2020 is not known to us.

For a newly recruited JTO/JAO, 2 year deferment is having cumulative effect. If the first promotion to SDE/AO is declined, then his/her next 4 Time Bound Pay Scale Upgradations will be deferred by 2 years each.

Pers section once again miserably failed to study the matter and bring the facts to the notice of the BSNL Board. The Board meeting held on 28.07.2020 amended a non-existing policy provision, making mockery of Board decisions.

In view of the above submissions, it is requested to withdraw the above order Dated 31.08.2020 which is not tenable as it is in contradiction to the i) Terms & Condition for absorption, ii) Board decision dated 28.05.2018, iii) DoPT guidelines and iv)REA Rules 2014 provisions. On implementation of the BSNL Board decision dated 28.05.2018, ie. CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, automatically deterrent on refusal of promotion will come into force.

So far we are waiting for the response from AIGETOA. Their silence indicates they are accepting the order and it might have issued by taking them into confidence. It may be another achievement and gift to the Executives.

GS letter to CMD

02/09/2020: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, DIR(HR) on 01.09.2020:

GS, President and AGS met DIR(HR) and held discussions on the following issues:

1) Promotion in various Cadres through CPSU Cadre Hierarchy promotion:

DIR(HR) informed that the information sought by DoT is already sent to DoT for their guidance on implementation of Reservation in the approved Policy. We suggested to implement it, following the Govt policy and as an when the guidance is received, it can be implemented from the due date of 01.07.2018 itself.

2) JTO to SDE seniority issue: We enquired about the further course of action after the Ernakulam HC order dismissing the Review Petition.

DIR(HR) informed that the RP filed for restoring the Training Centre marks as criteria for deciding the JTO inter-se seniority is dismissed by the Hon HC. In the case filed by AIGETOA activists, Hon HC ordered that JTO inter-se seniority is to be fixed as per Date of Joining (DoJ) which is against the BSNL policy followed so far. In the JTO RR 2014 also, the inter-se seniority criteria is defined as Training Centre marks.

The main prayer in the petition by AIGETOA activists for 1:1 seniority between 1995 rect Deptl JTO and 2001 rect DR JTO also dismissed by the HC.

DIR(HR) informed that BSNL is filing SLP in the Hon Supreme Court shortly against the HC judgment directing DoJ criteria for inter-se seniority among the JTOs. BSNL is waiting for the judgment copy.

3) JTO to SDE left out cases of 15.06.2018 DPC:

The SC/ST quota of 15% and 7.5% did not fill up due to the dispute in JTO seniority from 2001 rects onwards. Out of 220 ST vacancies, only 04 vacancies could fill up on 15.06.2018. ST candidates of 2002 rect year was already promoted in the 2011 DPC. Some SC quota vacancy also pending. We requested management to take immediate action for the promotion for the left out vacancies of 2009-10 and 2010-11 vacancy years, notionally from 15.06.2018 itself.

Surprisingly SEWA BSNL did not taken up this issue of left out cases of 15.06.2018 promotion, mostly SC/ST so far with the management. Even the 15% (SC) and 7.5% (ST) quota is not filled up in the last JTO to SDE promotion but they are silent!

4) SDE to DE left out cases in the 29.06.2018 promotion:

The contempt petition at CAT/CDG is disposed clearing the roadblock for promotion for the left out cases. Their juniors are already promoted on 29.06.2018 and all are eligible for promotion w.e.f. 29.06.2018. DIR(HR) informed that there is some difference of opinion between different sections in BSNLCO about the promotion for the left out cases itself. So BSNL sought the legal opinion from the lawyer defended the case at Chandigarh.

Since DIR(HR) had a meeting with the CMD, other issues could not discuss today.

01/09/2020: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD, BSNL: Our sincere gratitude for fixing the initial pay at Rs 22820/- for the 2010 batch JAOs (Deptl, 10% Quota) by extending the option ( View Order copy)

Similar benefit of Rs 22820/- as the initial basic pay for all the JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batch and JAO DR batch 2010 recruited prior to the JAO (Deptl) (40% and 10%) is to be extended without any delay.

GS letter to CMD  Committee formation on 10.01.2017 on SNEA demand

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