31/12/2017 :


31/12/2017 :

Highlights of the CWC meeting held at Bhubaneswar on 15th and 16th December, 2017.

A very successful CWC meeting was held at Bhubaneswar. Odisha comrades made excellent arrangements for the CWC meeting. All the Circles, except A&N, NE I and NE II attended the CWC meeting. Shri A M Gupta, GM(SR), BSNLCO and Com Laxman Bhanot, All India President, AIGETOA addressed the CWC.

Discussion on issues related to growth of BSNL: Very fruitful discussions were held on viability related issues such as the move to create a separate Tower subsidiary, allotment of 4G spectrum and launching 4G services, NGN project implementation, upgradation of external plant, transmission media related issues, adverse impact on the consolidation of SSAs into BAs, empanelment of vendors for BB modems/EPBTs etc, deployment of Accounts personal in CSCs, deployment of Executives into revenue earning field units etc. GSM Phase VIII tender is finalised with more emphasis on 3G and 4G services.

Promotions in different wings and implementation of Uniform Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU Cadre Hierarchy: Since the post based promotions are held up due to various reasons and it may take two to three years to overcome the court cases, CWC unanimously decided that, hereafter strongly pursue the Uniform Time Bound Functional promotion policy or CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, pending for the approval of BSNL Board. CWC acknowledged that it will be the biggest career progression and breakthrough for the BSNL Executives. Associations focus should be on implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy at the earliest as it will give uniform promotion avenues to thousands of Executives in different wings. Outstanding issues are to be pursed after the implementation of the policy which is agreed upon.

The salient features of the draft promotion policy approved by the MC of BSNL board are: a) Uniform Promotion policy with three assured Time Bound functional Promotions upto AGM Grade with a residency period of 5 years each, b) No fresh DPC for the Executives working in the higher scales, c) Date of implementation will be 01.01.2017, d) Uniform date of promotion with two dates of review in an year: 01st Jan and 01st July, e) New Designations as followed in other CPSUs, f) AGM equivalent positions will be increased by double, g) Initially AGM promotion between 8 to 12 years and thereafter in 10 years of combined service, h) For JTO/JAOs with more years of service, AGM promotion in 8/9 years instead of 12 years, i) Time Bound financial upgradation will continue upto E6 scale.

Implementation of Standard pay scales of E2 and E3: Eventhough DoT want to implement the PO dated 28.03.2017 with E1 and E2 scales, due to our continuous efforts, Hon MoSC did not agree to the proposal of DoT to reiterate the earlier PO dated 28.03.2017.

CWC expressed serious concern over the undue delay in implementation of standard pay scales recommended by BSNL. More serious efforts are required from BSNL management to impress upon DoT for approving the proposal, CWC opined. If there is no further improvement in the settlement of the issue in the near future, CWC unanimously decided to intensify the agitation programmes. CWC also authorized CHQ to take legal remedies if required.

3rd PRC implementation and ongoing agitation programmes: CWC reviewed the progress on the issue and expressed its sincere gratitude to BSNL management and BSNL Board for approving 3rd Pay Revision with full 15% fitment. The one day strike on 27.07.2017 and two days strike on 12th and 13th December, 2017 was a great success. A very successful Human Chain was conducted throughout BSNL on 23.11.2017. NCOA conducted a march to DPE office on 27.11.2017 demanding removal of affordability clause. For the mobilization of the strike, conventions conducted at Patna, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, Pune, Ahmedabad, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Chennai, Bangalore, Bhopal and Hyderabad. Memorandum to be submitted to all the MPs demanding implementation of 3rd Pay Revision without affordability clause.

CWC unanimously resolved to make all out efforts to get the 3rd Pay revision implemented in BSNL with full 15% fitment.

Superannuation Benefits to BSNL directly recruited employees: CWC expressed its gratitude towards BSNL management for enhancing the contribution towards pension fund by another 2%, from 3% to 5%. Now the total contribution is 25% out of 30%. Efforts should be continued for further enhancement of the contribution. Adhar linking of the EPF accounts to be expedited.

EPF full pension option: The CWC meeting unanimously decided for legal action by the Assn to get the full pension option for all the BSNL Executives, covered by EPF. BSNL is contributing 12% of Basic + IDA towards EPF without the statutory ceiling. The case will be filed by the Assn for the affected Executives, centrally at Delhi for getting the benefit for all, across BSNL. A separate legal fund will be collected for this purpose from the affected parties (Rs 500 per head) exclusively for this purpose. The list of the affected Executives interested in full pension option is to be prepared immediately by all the units.

Social security measures like Term Insurance, Corpus Fund etc: CWC unanimously decided to demand early implementation of the Term Insurance scheme. The discussion going on at BSNLCO with LIC to be speeded up for early implementation.

Withdrawal of additional increment on post based promotion under EPP by DoT: The CWC meeting unanimously decided to challenge the DoT order withdrawing the additional increment. The case will be filed centrally at PCAT, New Delhi for the affected Executives for getting the benefit for all, across BSNL. A separate legal fund will be collected from the affected parties (Rs 500 per head) exclusively for this purpose. The list of Executives got the benefit of additional increment and affected by the DoT order is to be prepared immediately by all the units.

MT Recruitment and strategy to fill up the vacuum at top management, increase in DGM(T) posts: The CWC meeting unanimously resolved that since sufficient talent is available within the organization for Telecom operations, Finance etc there is no need for External MT in these areas. Internal candidates are to be selected through proper screening and groomed through a fast track mechanism to fill up the top management positions. Association has to give top most priority to this aspect. Efforts are to be made to increase the DGM(T) posts as very less promotional avenues are available for Telecom stream comparing to other streams.

External DGM recruitment: BSNL management agreed to our demand for scrapping Extl DGM rect rule. Hereafter there will not be any fresh extl DGM rect.

Pay parity of Rs 22820/ Pay loss of post 2007 recruits: The CWC meeting unanimously decided to pursue it further for a logical conclusion. Since the committee not agreed pay parity with pre-2007 rects by way of 30% fitment, alternative solution is to be worked out to address the pay loss for all the post 2007 rects, without any discrimination. All the post 2007 recruitment made in the provisional pay scale of E1 (pre-revised E1A), either in E1A or E1 (Provisional) scale, which will be revised to E2 scale for all. It is clarified that DoT approval is required for this as per the recent DoT instructions since financial implication is involved.

Officiating pay protection: BSNL order dated 19.02.2010 withdrawn the pay protection on officiating promotion resulting reduction in pay by one or two increments and recovery of pay to the tune of lakhs of rupees. Orders issued on 28.02.2017 resolving the issue once for all for the Executives officiated till 18.01.2007, date of issue of EPP order. The order dated 28.02.2017 restored the protection of pay drawn during officiating promotion.

Joint Committee recommendations on Uniform TBP w.e.f 01.10.2000: Once the required data is received from the Circles, CWC decided to further pursue the matter to address the serious anomaly in the 1st TBP. For this purpose, amendment to EPP-2007 is to be pursed with management for early approval of BSNL Board and DoT.

E1A and E2A scale notionally w.e.f 01.10.2000 for Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/PS etc: The proposal is approved by the MC on 31.05.2017. However DoT is not agreeing to this proposal as these cadres were not working in E1A and E2A equivalent CDA scales as on 01.10.2000. Earlier such proposal was rejected by the BSNL Board in 2007. Again Assn pursued the matter with more justifications and the revised proposal is approved by the MC. CWC decided to vigorously pursue the issue further evaluating the situation so that BSNL Board approves the proposal.

Finalization of HR Plan: Immediately after the MV, SNEA took up the issue of finalization of HR plan as some of the HR issues are pending in the BSNL Board for several months. On our continuous persuasion for framing the norms for the areas which are not covered in the draft proposal based on M/s Deolittee recommendations such as Transmission mtce, Leased circuits, Broad band, FTTH, hilly and tenure areas etc, management constituted an Internal Committee for the same. The committee recommended separate norms for Transmission Mtce, Leased Circuits, Broad Band, FTTH, hilly and tenure areas etc. Now focus should be given to finalise the HR plan based on the actual assets for the proper distribution of staff.

Membership and enrolment of new members: The subscription deduction through salary during October, 2017 is about 21,850. All the non members, new LICE JTOs and direct rect JTOs should be approached during the month to enroll them as members and submit the form for salary deduction before 10th of every month. Change from one Assn to another Assn can be made from 15th December to 15th January, once in 6 months. All SSA/ Division/ Branch Secretaries to take special efforts in this regard and enhance the membership. The target is to cross 23,000 mark in January, 2017.

Facilities to the Recognised Association, restoring the number of Office bearers to 15: CWC demanded the restoration of number of office bearers to the original 15. Office accommodation and telephone facilities are to be extended at the earliest.

Rule 8 cases: Most of the Circles reported very good progress in the Rule 8 cases. GUJ, TN and HP Circles assured that maximum Rule 8 cases will be settled shortly. When promotion orders are issued under CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, all Rules 8 cases are to be settled by allotting them to the request Circles.

Soft tenure/hard tenure transfer policy: CWC unanimously resolved for the restoration of Circle break for the soft tenure stations. The actual requirement for hard tenure Circles should be assessed based on assets, CWC suggested.

Accounts related issues, Circle wise list, filing of IT returns etc: The IT return is to be filed by CHQ on financial year basis. For that purposes, all the circles should pass the accounts for 2017-18 and audit the same through an external auditor. The audited balance sheet is to be submitted to the CHQ Treasurer.

The payment details by the DDOs are to be made available to CHQ Treasurer by all the Circles.

The list of Executives subscription deduction taken place are to be made available to CHQ by all the Circles. Details of STR and STP will be collected by CS/TN Circle. Details of WTR, WTP, TF(Mumbai) and ITPC will be collected by CS/MH Circle. Details of NTR and NTP will be collected by CS/Delhi Circle. Details of ETR, ETP, TF(Kol) and Telecom Store will be collected by CS/WB Circle. Details of NETF will be collected by CS/AS Circle. Details of INSP & QA will be collected by CS/MP Circle. Details of NCNGN and BBNW will be collected by CHQ.

147 seniority case judgment: Hon Supreme Court pronounced the judgment on 13.12.2017, dismissing all the SLPs filed by the 147 officers against the Hon Kerala HC order, revising their seniority from 1994 onwards strictly based on eligibility.

206 Seniority judgment: Hon Supreme Court in its judgment dated 15.12.2017, restored the seniority based on 206 and confirmed the judgment of Hon SC dated 21.01.2015. The seniors are eligible for promotion at par with the juniors and

Revision of TA/DA rates: CWC demanded the revision of TA/DA rates.

All India Conference: The next All India Conference will be conducted by Punjab Circle. Rs 200 per member will be collected for the conduction of AIC. Rs 50/- each will be distributed to the Circle and SSAs. The CWC unanimously resolved to extend the term of the present CHQ body for one year or till the next AIC whichever is earlier, as per the provisions of the constitution.

Holding of Circle Conferences: After the Hyderabad CWC in February, 2017, the following Circles conducted the Conferences: OR: 12-13/March 2017, UP(West): 24.04.2017, NTR: 11.08.2017, UKD: 21.08.2017, J&K: 28-29/August 2017, MH: 18-19/Sept 2017 and Bihar: 06-07/December, 2017.
PB Conference scheduled for 22-23/December, 2017. KTK Conference scheduled for 24-25/Feb 2018. The tentative dates for Circle Conferences are JKD: Jan or Feb/2018, GUJ: Feb or March/2018, AS: April/2018, CHTD: by April/2018, TN: April/2018, CHG: June/2018, RAJ: date will be decided in 01/2018, WB: After 03/2018.
It is decided to conduct the Circle conferences at the earliest, where ever it is due.

30/12/2017 :

Circle Executive Committee Meeting on 13/01/2018:
Notice is hereby issued for Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Kerala Circle to be held at 10 AM on 13/01/2018 at Ernakulam. All Circle office bearers, SSA Secretaries, CEC members and Branch Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting in time.
View Notice

30/12/2017 :

Congratulations..!! to all JTO Trainees (LICE VY 2015-16) for successfully completing Field Training today. SNEA Kerala wholeheartedly welcomes all to the Executive fraternity and best wishes for the Glorious Career ahead.
View Posting Orders

29/12/2017 :

Congratulations..!! to all Direct Recruitee (through GATE) JTO Trainees for successfully completing Phase-I training today from RTTC-Jaipur and joining for field training on 01/01/2018. SNEA Kerala wholeheartedly welcomes all to the Executive fraternity and best wishes for the glorious career ahead.
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27/12/2017 :

A New Body of Directors have taken over the charge of Engineers’ Co-Operative Society Ltd T.950, Thiruvananthapuram on 23/12/2017.

Office Bearers:

President - Sri. A R Gopinathan Nair
Vice President - Smt. Minimol . I
Secretary - Sri. Pradeepkumar K V

1. Smt. Sophiyamma Thomas
2. Smt. Maya S S
3. Sri. Anilkumar KA
4. Sri . Manoj Krishnan
5. Sri. Murthy P R
6. Sri. Prasad Raj RV

25/12/2017 :

20/12/2017 : CHQ News

Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL:
GS writes to Secretary, DoT: BSNL is in the revival mode. For accelerating the growth, support from the Govt is absolutely required at the appropriate time, now by allotting 4G spectrum. So far, BSNL could not start 4G services as Govt did not allotted 4G spectrum. BSNL will be out of competition from the Telecom market if it did not start 4G services immediately. All the Telecom Operators, except BSNL, launched 4G services with the 4G spectrum allotted by the Govt.

It is high time for the Govt to intervene and support its own PSU, otherwise BSNL will miss the DATA Bus also as in the case of VOICE Bus. The way Govt helps the private operators in the present situation, special consideration required for BSNL also, Assn demanded.
GS letter to Secretary, DoT

GS, President and AGS met CMD and DIR(CM) and held discussions regarding entering into 4G services by BSNL. A detail project report (DPR) is prepared by BSNL and will be discussed in the BSNL Board meeting tomorrow, 21.12.2017 (on 20.12.2017, meeting of the Audit committee of the Board is scheduled). Thereafter the DPR will be submitted to DoT for further necessary action. BSNL is strongly pursuing with DoT for 5 MHz 4G spectrum in 2100 band. It will be partially in the form of equity (50% through equity and 50% on installment payment basis.

Pay fixation under FR22(1)(a)(1) for the officiating JTOs:
The Hon Kerala High Court in its recent order extended the benefit of pay fixation under FR22(1)(a)(1) without the restriction of FR 35 for the officiating JTOs. Assn discussed the matter with the concerned officers and requested to generalize the judgment for all the affected officiating JTOs and not to file appeal in the Hon Supreme Court against the High Court order. As we demanded, concerned section in the BSNLCO processed the matter for generalization of the judgment and not to appeal against the High Court order. The matter is referred to legal section for their opinion. The circulation of the second list approved by the management also kept pending for generalization of the judgment.

Withdrawal of additional increment on post based promotion under EPP by DoT:
The CWC meeting held at Bhubaneswar on 15-16 December, 2017 unanimously decided to challenge the DoT order withdrawing the additional increment. The case will be filed centrally at PCAT, New Delhi for the affected Executives for getting the benefit for all, across BSNL. A separate legal fund will be collected for this purpose from the affected parties (Rs 500 per head) exclusively for this purpose. The list of the affected Executives got the benefit of additional increment and affected by the DoT order is to be prepared immediately by all the units.


SNEA CWC being held at Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa decided to go for legal action for implementing EPF Full Pension Option Scheme

Initially SNEA will contribute One Lakh Rupees from legal fund to start the legal action. Subsequently all beneficiaries are requested to contribute 500/- towards legal fund.

All DS may collect the details of interested applicants, we will fight the case at Delhi by fixing Chief EPF Commissioner as respondent, so that all Circles will get the benefit.

CS Kerala addressing CWC meeting at Bhuvaneshwar

CWC Member Com.Biju Pawath addressing CWC regarding issues related to EPF and Superannuation benefits

CWC Member Com.SureshKumar addressing CWC regarding Rule8 transfers and Soft tenure tranfer policy

CWC Member Com.Jasim addressing CWC regarding CPSU Cadre Heirarchy

CWC Member Com.Sudheer addressing CWC

AIGETOA CHQ President Com.Lakshman addressing SNEA CWC meeting at Bhuvaneshwar

GM(Staff Relations), Corporate Office Shri AM.Gupta addressing the CWC



CHQ leaders of all Unions & Associations met today and congratulated all the BSNL employees for making Two Days Strike, a complete success. The meeting also condemned the negligent attitude of DOT Administration and BSNL Management towards BSNL employees strike and their legitimate demands. It is further decided to hold meeting on 08-01-2018 to decide the future course of actions for launching harder Trade Union actions in terms of Parliament/Sanchar Bhawan March and Indefinite strike.
Message from Circle Secretary:
Dear Comrades,
Congratulations and sincere thanks to entire Comrades for the successful culmination of two days historical strike to protect our beloved Company from disintegration. This 2 day strike is only an eye opener to the Central Government and DoT authorities that employees will not allow to destroy our Company. The strike reiterated that employees are bound to safeguard our company for the safety of this country, to protect the Telecom Sector of this country, to give an affordable communication to the common man of this country and for the future generation of this country. We must be proud to participate in this Historical Strike. More and more intense fight is inevitable to achieve our ultimate goal. Comrades, start preparations from today onwards for a prolonged and sustained struggles to give a fitting reply to the dark forces which are continuously trying to destablish our company. Once again thanks to the entire Comrades for your active participation in strike.



12th & 13th DECEMBER, 2017

Make door to door campaign for the success of the strike with 100% participation.


SNEA has decided to resort to legal action for extending Full Pension option under EPFO. The list of interested members is to be collected from all SSAs so that filing of the case can be done immediatly after the CWC on 15th December. The case will be filed either at Delhi or in Ernakulam which will be decided in the upcoming CWC. SSA Secretaries are requested to coordinate the list from the SSA immediately so that a clear picture of the Circle can be presented in the CWC.


Congratulations..!! JAO Phase-I (4 Weeks) Induction Training scheduled for the Departmental Candidates against 40% quota held on 17/7/2017 View Orders

05/12/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Joint Forum writes to Hon MoSC: Reconsideration of the wrong presidential order issued by DoT on 28.03.2017, totally negating the recommendations of BSNL Board by lowering the pay scales of the entry level cadres of JTO and SDE equivalent from the proposed E2 scale to E1 and E3 scale to E2. Reconsider the decision to refer the matter to DoPT and take a favourable decision based on the DPE letter of 09.07.2014. In case Govt feels it is required to be referred, it may be referred to the nodal Ministry, DPE and not DoPT.
Joint Forum letter to Hon MoSC || DPE letter dated 09.07.2014

05/12/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Meeting with DIR(CM) on 01.12.2017: GS, President and AGS met Sri R K Mittal, DIR(CM) and held discussions on starting 4G services by BSNL. An expert committee has been formed by BSNL to make recommendations in this regard. The committee recommended for using the Wi-Max spectrum for starting the 4G services. The ecosystem for starting the 4G services in 2600 MHz Wi-Max spectrum is the major challenge, DIR informed. Again BSNL has to take a call on whether to continue Wi-Max services or not. Alternative spectrum in lieu of Wi-Max spectrum also can be taken up with DoT. In both cases, the nodes are to be procured.
DIR(CM) further told that BSNL is making a strong case for allotting another 5 MHz spectrum in the same 2100 MHz band to start 4G services. Earlier response from DoT was not at all encouraging but now slight change is visible in the approach of DoT. The present nodes are compatible for that purpose. Management is very seriously considering for starting 4G services and various options are explored for this purposes, DIR informed.


Red salute to one of the most valiant comrade K.Mohanan, Circle Secretary of BSNLEU, who retired on Superannuation on 30th Nov 2017.
As the Convenor of the Forum of Unions/Associations in BSNL, he has been instrumental in uniting all Unions under a single banner to fight for BSNL and for our Trade Union Rights. His role in leading many agitations in the Circle including the historical struggle against autocracy and curtailment on Trade union rights will be remembered for long.


Congratulations..!! to all LICE JTO Trainees for successfully completing Phase-I training and also for getting posted for field training in their choice BA.
SNEA Kerala once again wholeheartedly welcomes all to the Executive fraternity and best wishes for the glorious career ahead. We thank CGMT and his Team - GM(HR) Shri Robin Poddar, DGM(HR) Shri James Sagayaraj and AGM(HR) Shri Makesh for the positive orders as assured to us in our meeting on 9/11/2017.
Covering letter || Annex-I || Annex-II


Congratulations..!! to all Direct Recruitee (through GATE) JTO Trainees for successfully completing Phase-I training tomorrow on 1/12/2017 and joining for field training on 4/12/2017.
SNEA Kerala wholeheartedly welcomes all to the Executive fraternity and best wishes for the glorious career ahead. View Orders


Congratulations..!! Time Bound Payscale upgradation orders E3-E4 of 29 Executives in Electrical issued. We sincerely thank CGMT, HR Team, CE (Electrical) and all who supported us to complete the process which was due from 1.1.2017
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Developments regarding Pending EPF Full Pension option:
It is understood from NCOA HQ that a meeting is scheduled at New Delhi by EPFO with representatives of EPF beneficiaries to sort out the pending issues regarding EPF full pension option arised out of Supreme Court directions on the subject.

Hon’ble MP Com.N.K.Premachandran who has taken up this issue through a private bill in the parliament as well as EPFO will be representing the EPF beneficiaries. One of the major issues is extending the benefits to the serving/post 2014 EPF beneficiaries. It is also reported that EPFO is moving for transfer of all pending cases before various High Courts to Delhi High Court.

During the last CEC of SNEA Kerala held at Thrissur on 15/11/2017, we discussed this issue with our GS. SNEA Kerala expressed its readiness to file a case at Ernakulam High Court since the leading case in the matter was originated by Milma employees at High Court of Ernakulam.

Considering the above developments, GS has informed that the Association shall take up the matter legally if necessary and advised to get prepared and wait for the outcome of the Delhi meeting of EPFO.

At the Circle level we have contacted NCOA leaders at Ernakulam who are conversant with the Court cases in this matter. They have assured all assistance & guidance in this regard.

Since this is a matter of concern for all BSNL recruited executives and non-executives as well as other PSU employees, we believe that a common platform can be utilized for further movement both legal and organizational.

In the above circumstances, we are informed by CHQ that further consultation with other Unions also shall be done at the HQ level and we are advised to wait for a final decision after CWC being scheduled on 15th & 16th December at Bhuvaneshwar.

EPF and SAB issues in STR:
Circle Association has taken up the issue of implementation of Super Annuation Benefits in STR with Circle Secretary Tamil Nadu for his urgent intervention with STR Administration. It is learnt that EPF higher pension option is yet to be called in STR as done in Kerala Circle. We requested CS TamilNadu to takeup the issues immediately. We are following up.


Meeting with GM(HR) on 24/11/2017 for discussing posting of LICE JTO Trainees:
CS, CT and ACS met GM(HR) on 24/11/2017 for discussing posting of LICE JTO Trainees for field training who will be completing Phase-I training in this week. We reiterated our stand and the assurance given by CGMT in a formal meeting with this Association on 9/11/17, that all JTO Trainees would be posted in their Choice BA / Home BA. GM(HR) responded positively. We met DGM(HR) and AGM(HR) also and discussed the same, case by case.

We once again requested Administration to consider the long pending transfer requests of Com.Haskar and Com.Vinod between Malappuram BA and Malappuram STR. The file was finally putup and we are trying for favourable orders soon.
We also discussed other transfer requests recieved on compassionate grounds.


SAD NEWS: Com. N.Raman Nair, DE (Installation), Trivandrum EXPIRED today evening on 27.11.2017 at SUT Hospital Trivandrum due to Heart-attack.
(cremation at 12 noon on 28/11/17 at Thycaud Santhi Kavadam)
It is a shocking news, especially for most of the Trivandrum Comrades, as he was very much enthusiastically participated and lead today's Core Group meeting and gave his valuable inputs and commitment to shift equipments for the reduction of power expenses.
SNEA Kerala Circle conveys its deepest condolences to the bereaved members of his family for this greatest loss. Com.N.Raman Nair was an active member of SNEA. He served as Asst.Circle Secy of the erstwhile JTOA and was an all time front line organiser. Few years ago, inspite of his bad health he was transferred and went to Malappuram as a responsible union activist respecting all Associations decision.

26/11/2017                       C H Q - N e w s


MARCH TO DPE OFFICE ON 27.11.2017 demanding removal of affordability clause. by the Executives in all PSUs under the banner of NCOA.
March will start at 13.30 Hrs from SCOPE building, CGO Complex, near Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi.

All our activists from BSNLCO and Delhi Circles to participate. Maximum activists from neighbouring Circles HR, UP(W), PB and RAJ also to participate.

Notice issued by NCOA || Intimation to Secretary, DoT and CMD, BSNL

26/11/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

All Unions and Associations of BSNL served formal Notice for the two days strike on 12th and 13th December, 2017demanding 3rd pay Revision WITH 15% fitment w.e.f 01.01.2017, settlement of 2nd Pay Revision related issues and No Tower Subsidiary formation.
Trade Union Notice for two days strike on 12th and 13th December, 2017

26/11/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Meeting with Director(HR) on 24.11.2017: Director(HR) called a meeting of the Joint Forum on the notice for agitation programs from 27.11.2017 onwards on standard pay scales issue and other HR issues. During discussions Director(HR) informed about the progress on various issues. On pay scales she has personally spoken to PS to Hon MoSC about the decision of the Hon MoSC on the subject. PS informed that MoSC directed DoT to refer the matter to DoPT. DIR(HR) told PS that this matter is not related with DoPT and if required, DPE has to be consulted. PS suggested to discuss the matter, next week. We expressed our concern over the undue delay in settling this most important and vital pending issue of 2nd PRC when 3rd PRC implementation is under consideration.

On promotions, DIR(HR) categorically told that in the present situation, nobody can expect present post based promotions in near future. CPSU Hierarchy is the only viable option for which management is committed. The new proposal is already approved by the MC and after due consultation, it will be placed in the next Board meeting shortly.

When management is taking all possible steps to resolve the issues one by one, DIR(HR) appealed not to go for agitation as things are progressing in the right direction.

After the meeting, Joint Forum leaders met and deliberated on the issues. JF appreciated the progress in certain issues and the strong initiatives towards resolving promotion related issues which is in the advanced stage. At the same time the pay scale issue requires more focus in the coming days, it is observed. The preparations for the relay hunger strike also reviewed. The agitation programs during next few weeks decided earlier by NCOA and Unions and Assns also considered. Finally JF taken decision to make more preparations before the next agitation programs as it will be a serious and indefinite agitation program and decided for touring various Circles, if required before the agitation. Meanwhile the pay scales issue may get some shape in DoT also.

In view of that Joint Forum decided to postpone the Indefinite Relay Hunger strike to 09.01.2018 and make serious preparations and ground work for the agitations after the two days strike on 12 & 13, December, 2017.

Letter to Secretary, DoT and CMD, BSNL on E2 and E3 pay scales
Letter to CMD, BSNL on HR issues

26/11/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Meeting with PGM(Pers) on implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy providing uniform promotional avenues for the Executives of different streams upto AGM grade on Time Bound basis.
The concluding meeting with us held today, 23.11.2017. On introduction itself PGM(Pers) informed that the proposal is already approved by the MC of BSNL Board and as per the MC decision, the proposal is now shared with other Assns also in to make it more employee and Company centric. There is little scope for much change considering the administrative constraints and whatever possible, management accommodated. However SNEA and AIGETOA reiterated our demands for reducing the residency period atleast from 12 to 11 years for AGM promotion, increasing the service weightage for the JTO equivalent cadres in higher scales for promotion to Sr Manager grade, replacement of MT by fast track promotions after the scheduled meeting on the issue, bench marks and other small corrections in the proposal. We categorically told that any positive changes and suggestions are welcome but we cannot wait further as no promotions are visible now, other than this CPSU proposal. The proposal is to be implemented immediately. PGM(Pers) informed that in the present situation, we cannot expect any promotions in the near future, other than CPSU Hierarchy and the same thing has been conveyed to all the Assns during the discussions with them. The discussions with the Assns will be appraised to DIR(HR) and CMD immediately and then to the next MC and the final proposal will be sent to the next Board meeting itelf.

The discussion with the Recognised Association was scheduled as the last one, for concluding the formalities. All the Rules 8 cases will be considered on implementation of promotion orders and all will be given their choice Circles, we will ensure that. Once CPSU Hierarchy is implemented, Rule 8 itself will become irrelevant as all will get promotion to Manager grade in 5 years which is an all India cadre.


HUMAN CHAIN ON 23.11.2017
Demanding 3rd PRC with 15% fitment, left over items of 2nd PRC and No Tower Subsidiary formation.
View Photo Album
Thousands and Thousands of Employees participated in the HUMAN CHAIN at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs with huge enthusiasm clearly demonstrating that the Employees are ready for any struggle to get the issues settled. This is a clear warning to the Govt. We congratulate all the Disct Secretaries, Branch Secretaries, office bearers at all levels and activists for making the program a grand success.


Interactive Meeting with JTO Trainees (LICE-VY-2015-16) at RTTC TVM on 21/11/17:
Circle Secretary Com.Santhosh Kumar, Circle Treasurer Com.Premkumar, Circle Vice President Com.Narendra Kumar, ACS Com.Ramana, DS-TVM Com. Dr.VG.Sabu, DT-TVM Com.Jayakumar, Branch Secretary-RTTC/MS Com.Maheshwaran Nair, Ernakulam Comrades - Com.Biju, Com.Biju Kamath, Com.Roy Mathew and other leaders and activists attended a meeting with LICE JTO Trainees who are going to complete Phase-I training by this month end at RTTC Trivandrum on 21/11/2017 at 5PM. Large number of Trainees attended the interative meeting and cleared their doubts. We once again welcome these Trainees to the Executve Fraternity.


CS writes to CGMT regarding Posting of LICE JTOs (VY 2015-16) on completion of Phase-I training
View Letter

Kindly recall the meeting held with your good self on 9/11/2017, in which we discussed the posting of JTOs who will be completing their Phase I training on 30-11-2017. In this connection we would like to submit the following for your information and kind consideration.

New batches of 111 LICE JTOs will be completing their Phase I training on 30-11-2017and they are distributed evenly from all SSAs. It is pertinent to note that the persons undergoing training were working in their respective BAs in core areas and their absence seriously affect the development works of the BAs, particularly the field unit is suffering much in this regard. Moreover large number of these Trainees came to Kerala Circle on Rule8 just before the LICE and rejoined their family. Further immediate disturbance in their family will definitely reduce the productivity of the said candidates.

In this context, it is requested that JTOs who will be completing their training on 30-11-2017 may be posted in their respective BAs itself so that we can overcome the shortages presently facing by the BAs and considerable amount of TA/DA can be saved and also family disturbance to the employees owing to transfer can be avoided.

Moreover, it is also requested that JTO’s posted in the month of February 2017, majority of them were posted in northern parts of Kerala, and some of them have requested for posting back to their hometown owing to medical/family problems may also kindly be considered.


Super Annuation Pension scheme - Interactive session with LIC officials

Dear Comrades,

SNEA Mobile/RTTC Branch, Trivandrum is organising an interactive session with Sri. Prajod Viswanathan Sr. Branch Manager,LIC of India,Pattom regarding the recently introduced Super Annuation Pension scheme for the BSNL recruited employees.
All are requested to utilize the opportunity for clearing your doubts.

Date and time: 21 November 2017 (Tuesday) at 13.30 hrs
Venue: Library Conference Hall,RTTC.

Maheswaran Nair V
Branch Secretary
Mobile/RTTC Branch


Meeting with CGMT on 9/11/2017:

This Association had a formal meeting with CGMT on 9/11/2017 at 3 PM to discuss various suggestions for improving Revenue, Marketing activities, Reducing operational costs, suggestions for improving mobile network, issues in consumer mobility and HR issues.

Circle President Com.George Varghese, Circle Secretary Com.SanthoshKumar.T, Circle Treasurer Com.Premkumar.G, CWC Member Com.Biju Pawath and ACS Com.JV.Ramana attended the meeting from Association side. The following points were discussed:

Suggestions for Improving Revenue, Marketing and Reducing Operational Costs:

1. Recovery of outstanding dues –Project Aiswarya. Co-ordinated action plan for recovery of outstanding dues. Association has suggested to strengthen Recovery team by increasing the number of TRIs along with field staff. At present proper attention is not been given to small amount which more likely for easy recovery. CGMT agreed to our views and suggested to discuss at SSA level also.

2. Proposal for change in S&D policy – CGMT agreed to escalate to Corporate office.

3. Focussed attention to Retailers/DSAs. Effective sale analysis through Sancharsoft Data. We have suggested proper analysis of Sancharsoft data focussing on retailer/ DSA and prepare a monthly statement of sale and commissions for each partner. CGMT agreed to instruct the concerned to take necessary actions.

4. Portal may be updated with new banners so that we can keep a uniformity in banners and images. Open file can be shared so that printing will be much better.

5. EKYC Issues – a). Ensuring uninterrupted service b). May be given to all DSAs/Retailers also. CGMT is fully aware of these issues and being taken at all level

6. Bulk SMS service can be offered with lower rates since there is intense competition in this field. CGMT pointed out the recent approval for Bulk SMS received from Corp. Office at the instance of circle office.

7. Blackout days are irrational now

8. Reversal of Recharge is required. At present reversal of TOPUP only is allowed. CGMT noted our suggestion

9. Improvements in landline /mobile sector with involvement of all stake holders including contract workers with cooperation of all unions and associations – formation of works committee at BA/Area level – CGMT agreed to instruct BA heads for necessary action and suggested to take up suggestions by SSA units also with BA heads.

10. Civil and Electrical works- CGMT agreed for carrying out work through limited tender

11. KSEB Contract load calculation as per Electricity Code 2014 – CGMT agreed to give a general letter from Circle Office to KSEB in this regard.

12. Sterlite supplied HUAWEI DSLAMs can be equipped with OLT card. Need not incur much expense. Instead of going for Vector VDSL it will be a better option.

13. Slow progress of FTTH through LCOs

14. K- Fone – Discussion may be held with State Government in this regard.

15. Malware attacks affecting modems and PC.

16. OLT Shortage - CGMT informed that in 95 locations OLT will be delivered as inbuilt with the next phase of NGN by UTStarcom.

17. Defence Network is laid throughout the circle from end to end passing through many of the exchanges and are terminated in STR rooms. So far no compensation has been announced for utilizing BSNL resources such as Space, power etc. CGMT agreed to escalate to Corporate office.

18. Main Constraint/Delay for laying new OFC is Permission from Road Authority (PWD and NH). CGMT agreed to interact with State Govt Authorities at State level and suggested to have co-ordination meeting at District and local level also.

19. Initiate/ plan for the Shutting down of WLL MSC at Manjeri- CGMT agreed to look in to the suggestion.

20. Permission from KSEB to lay OH OFC- Will be addressed to KSEB atleast for Wi-Fi project

21. Duplication of work in CSC- Even after the introduction of SAP, CSC people are forced to make entry in Circle package. Agreed to examine our suggestion and enquired about the details of the present system

22. Committee may be formed comprising Accounts Wing & Engg Wing to sort out the issues faced by CSC.

23. Fund Shortage – CGMT informed that due to dip in revenue, Corporate office is feeling difficult to release timely funds. This month also only one third of the electricity fund is allotted and we have to find solutions to reduce expenditure. CGMT informed that there is a dip of 15% in the Kerala Circle Revenues.

24. Temp Advance Issues – Relaxation may be provided for the delay in submission. CGMT has suggested to discuss this issue with PGMF and agreed to consider the case on specific ground.

Suggestions/Issues related to Consumer Mobility and others:

25. The NWO-CM wing of circle office had directed SSAs to make suitable arrangements for ensuring AMC for good number of DGs, PPs &ACs supplied by the vendor as part of the Phase V 2G/3G expansion project in Kerala circle after expiry of mandatory AMC. Necessary instructions may kindly be given to all SSAs to formulate streamlined and effective mechanisms to ensure smooth working of all infra elements for proper upkeep of the network. Proper co-ordination and control among various wings in SSAs to achieve the same need to be ensured in this regard. It is suggested to direct SSAs to operate separate tenders, if necessitated, to carry out maintenance of such infra elements. Further the AMC of non branded hardware in core equipment is also exempted without proper alternate arrangement and reduction in AMC costs. CGMT has noted our views for N/A

26. Acquisition of sites in government land/buildings to construct towers etc are held up at present, as Government of Kerala has come up with new regulations like Rs. 50,000/- as entry fee for five years, rental charges to be fixed by PWD, free Wi-Fi to the potential users there etc. It is requested to take up this case with State Government to review these norms to expedite mobile network developmental activities in the State. CGMT has noted our views for N/A

27. It is requested that a NOC for the proposed OC-PAN to be deployed in Kerala circle may be installed most preferably at Ernakulam collocated with the existing OMC-R/S. If exclusive NOC is not viable/feasible for the circle, it is suggested that a separate team for carrying out the operations with all required privileges may be constituted and deployed at Ernakulam itself. We all know about the difficulties being faced by the circle, at present, in getting necessary support from the BB-NOC at Bangalore for effective managing our mobile network as well. CGMT has noted our views for N/A and suggested to take up the issue with CHQ also.

28. It is also requested to consider commissioning a NOC for carrying out smooth operations of NGN in Kerala circle, collocated with the existing OMC-R/S at Ernakulam. CGMT has noted our views for N/A and suggested to take up with our CHQ also

29. OMCR works at Ernakulam. The long pending OMCR work at Ernakulam may be completed for the effective utilization of manpower and resources.

CGMT has noted our views and informed that the estimate for civil is sanctioned and the clarification sought for electrical from corporate office is already replied for N/A

30. Field BSS units find it extremely difficult to troubleshoot BTS/NodeB failures happening due to media issues, as many BTSs and almost all NodeBs are working in IP backhaul, the reasons for the same as well as the nodes in between where it is occurring, can be identified only from BBNOC. BBNOC support is not that adequate to meet the present field requirement and is almost zero after office hours. It is requested to take up this case with BSNL Corporate Office and to procure sufficient privilege in accessing BB-NOC server so as to have live monitoring on this essential information for maintaining 100% mobile network availability in Kerala circle. CGMT has noted our views

31. The RF drive test tool recently procured for South Zone circles and supplied to Kerala has many handicaps to capture critical RF parameters with regard to both voice and data. This may be brought to the notice of BSNL Corporate office so as to resolve the issues with the vendor. CGMT has noted our views and instructed to purchase Lap Top locally and suggested to use data card instead of Phone as being done in Trichur.

32. Network quality issues arising out of CDMA interference especially in areas where Nortel & Huawei BTSs are deployed need to be addressed at the earliest so as to ensure better service quality to our esteemed customers. It is understood that tender for procurement of CDMA filters are already finalized by the NWO-CM unit. It is requested to expedite the supply of the same to the concerned field units. CDMA filters can be purchased by SSA also

33. Field NQM units have been finding it difficult to address coverage complaints from commercially important customers due to non availability of 2G & 3G Personal Boosters. It is requested to expedite procurement of the same for which tender has been finalized by the NWO-CM unit. Procurement of boosters are in progress.

34. Issues existing with certain Infra Providers like M/s. Indus etc. are yet to be resolved to share good number of BTS sites that too at some highly potential locations in Kerala. It is requested to look in to the same. The issue is being addressed with corporate office as well as with IP providers.


35. Review of HR issues like pending upgradations of executives and non-executives,VC status…etc to be monitored and reviewed in circle management meetings. A power point slide may be included once in a month to review the status. CGMT has noted our views

36. Filling up of JTO/JAO posts resultant of declined candidates. The matter is being examined by HR section

37. Posting of JTOs joining under Rule 8 to their choice SSA. CGMT assured that to the maximum extent our suggestion will be taken care as in the past.

38. Fixation of pay of Officiating JTOs under FR 22.1.a.1-Implimentaion of High Court judgment. CGMT suggested to discuss this matter with PGMF also

39. Regular filling up of ADOL Posts- implementation of HC order. The matter is presently with corporate office

40. Recovery of pay on account of wrong fixation-compliance to corporate office instruction. CGMT suggested to discuss this matter with PGMF also

41. Revision of pension of pre2016 pensioners

42. Posting of JTOs whose training will be completed on 1-12-2017, requested to post in home SSA so as to avoid transfer grant and inconvenience to executives. CGMT assured that to the maximum extent our suggestion will be taken care as in the past.

43. Transfer request of JTOs posted outside home SSAs along with new posting of JTOs on genuine compassionate grounds. CGMT assured that specific case shall be considered and suggested to wait up to march

44. Transfer request of DEs to their home circle CGMT agreed to our request.

45. Posting DEs/DGMs -Acute shortage of DEs/DGMs in TVM BA CGMT noted our request and enquired specifically about TVM and KNR

46. Shortage of Executives in Electrical wing to take over the HUWAEI Sites. CGMT noted our request but expressed the constraints

47. Mapping of Electrical wing staff to SSAs in ESS portal. CGMT agreed to our suggestion to retain the electrical wing with SSAs and informed that any other proposal has not come to his notice.

48. Diary 2018 - Administration may not purchase diary for SNEA members. The amount being approved by corporate office may be reimbursed to SNEA members as association is printing Technical hand book and diary for the use of executives. CGMT noted our request and suggested to wait for instruction from corporate office.

49. Frequent Webinars/Meetings may be avoided and may be conducted once in a fortnight. CGMT informed that Corporate office is doing daily review and Circle office is only doing once in a week. CGMT also intimated that he wants only BA Heads and DGMs for the meetings and if they are not confident to answer then they can bring other Executives and Officers.

The meeting was very much interactive and fruitful. CGMT heard us and positively informed that he will direct his Circle Team and BA heads for further follow-up actions on the above points and also take up with Corporate office where ever it is required. The meeting ended at 5 PM.

15/11/2017 CHQ News :

The date of the human chain is changed, with a view to facilitate more time for the mobilisation. Now, the human chain will be held during lunch hour on 23.11.2017.

Decisions taken in the meeting of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, held at New Delhi on 14.11.2017.

A meeting of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, was held at New Delhi today the 14.11.2017. Com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE, presided over the meeting. BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA, FNTO, SEWA BSNL, BSNL MS, AIBSNLOA, BSNL ATM, BSNL OA and BEA BSNL attended the meeting. The following decisions are taken unanimously.

(1)The date of the human chain is changed, with a view to facilitate more time for the mobilisation. Now, the human chain will be held during lunch hour on 23.11.2017.

(2)The strike notice for the two day strike, to be held on 12th & 13th December, 2017, will be served on the Management and the DoT on 23.11.2017.

(3)At the circle level, a meeting of all the circle secretaries of the unions and associations should be held on 18.11.2017. The ways and means to effectively organise the human chain and the two day strike, should be discussed and decided in these meetings. (At the Corporate Office this meeting will take place on 17.11.2017)

(4)The last date for submission of memorandum to the Honourable MPs has been changed to 30.11.2017. A copy of the memorandum to be submitted to the Honourable MPs, will be circulated within a day or two.

(5)Posters and hand bills will be printed at the All India level, by the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, in English and Hindi, and it will be sent to the circles. The expenditure for these will be borne by all the unions and associations. The posters and hand bills should also be printed in the regional languages, at the circle level.


Circle Executive Committee Meeting on 15/11/2017 at ThrissurView Notice
Notice is hereby issued for Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Kerala Circle to be held at 10 AM on 15-11-2017 at Hotel Pearl Regency, Trissur. General Secretary Com. K.Sebastin will attend the meeting. All Circle office bearers, SSA Secretaries, CEC members and Branch Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting in time.


Congratulations..!! E4 DPC of 29 nos (99 Batch) approved by CE(E), now minutes to be formally approved by CGMT, thanks to all who lead us and made this fruitful


CS writes to CGMT regarding Fixation of pay for officiating JTOs under FR 22.1.a.1 View Letter


CS writes to CGMT regarding Protection of Pay who had officiated higher post prior to 2007 View Letter


CS writes to CGMT regarding suggestions for S&D Policy View Letter

8/11/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

CPSU Cadre Hierarchy or Time Bound Functional promotion policy upto AGM equivalent grade approved by the MC of BSNL Board on 02.11.2017.
download CPSU Proposal approved by the MC

The policy approved by the MC is fully in line with the broad understanding reached with the Recognised Association SNEA, without a minor change. The discussions were held for more than 9 months with more than 50 meetings. Feedback from all the stake holders also considered by the management before the last meeting with us.

It can be easily understood now how AIBSNLEA as usual distorted the contents of the proposal even by circulating a fake document and its content as the CPSU proposal in their website on 04.11.2017. While reporting in the website, they forgot to maintain the dignity and minimum decorum to be maintained by a trade union. It may due to the frustration in their mind. They could have worked out the mechanism with us as done by AIGETOA in a matured manner. In all the earlier occasions also they will become active in the last moment of issuing a promotion order or any orders and claim it is their victory. Now we hope AIBSNLEA could understand the policy and why fresh DPC is not required for giving promotions. We could convince the management during discussions that there is no need for fresh DPC as the Executives are already working in the higher scales for which DPC already conducted.

Two of our demands, 10 years combined service for AGM promotion and bench marks as per Khan Committee did not agreed by the mgt citing administrative constraints and for making promotions more performance oriented. We will continue to pursue these points.

8/11/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR) on 06.11.2017: JF leaders met DIR(HR) and thanked her for the initiative taken for approving the Uniform Time Bound Promotion Policy (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) in the MC held on 02.11.2017 by amending EPP 2007 and BSNLMS RRs. Since it is a major policy change, BSNL Board approval will be taken, DIR(HR) informed. Fine tuning of the proposal can be done before going to the Board to make it more oriented towards company as well as employees. Initiative will be taken to convene the Board meeting at the earliest to approve the proposal. JF pleaded that this is only an amendment to the EPP/ existing RRs which is already approved by the Board and basic features of EPP and RRs like residency period, pay fixation etc not changed to have more financial implications on the company or DoT. Considering the huge unrest among the Executives due to delay in promotions, we requested to implement the policy at the earliest and issue promotion orders immediately. DIR(HR) assured to examine the matter.

On 3rd PRC, for the first time, DIR(HR) hinted that it is becoming a difficult issue. The issue of pension contribution on actual basic pay is still in DoT and some officers are not favour of that. DoT Finance is not agreeing for refund of about Rs 2000 Crores paid in excess so far from 2007 onwards but DoT Finance has taken a neutral stand for the future contribution which is helpful for BSNL. BSNL has shown this refund amount of Rs 2000 Cr as source of income for meeting the additional expenditure for 3rd PRC, which may not be refunded now.

Last week DoT convened a meeting to discuss the revival of BSNL. As per the DPE guidelines BSNL is an incipient sick CPSU. During discussion DoT suggested VRS/reduction of retirement age for the revival as proposed in the case of MTNL.

7/11/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

GS writes to CMD, BSNL: Immediate implementation of Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion policy (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) approved by the Management Committee of BSNL Board on 02.11.2017. BSNL Board delegated the powers to the MC of BSNL Board for amendment of RRs etc. Sending proposal to the full Board will unnecessarily delay the much delayed promotions.

JTO(T) with 18 years, JTO(C/E) with 23 years, JTO(TF) with 25 years are waiting for the implementation of CPSU Hierarchy for their first promotion. Similarly SDE(T) with 17 years and SDE(C/E) with 23 years are waiting for DE/EE promotion. Hundreds of Executives are retiring every month without promotion.

GS letter to CMD, BSNL


CS writes to CGMT regarding Filling up of JAO posts, resultant of declining of selected candidates against the 2015-16 vacanccies View Letter

This association was requesting the Administration to fill up the resultant 5 vacancies in JAO cadre on account of declining the post by 5 candidates selected earlier. Now Corporate Office has issued clearance empowering CGM of recruiting Circle to fill up the vacancies from the select list already available as per the rank and category. But it appears that Circle Office is not taking necessary action in this regard resulting denial of promotion to the eligible candidates as well defeating the very purpose of the administration for filling up of the posts. The objections now being raised is without any basis.

Following are the facts in this case regarding the present 5 vacant posts:
1. Out of the selected JAOs one candidate had not joined for JAO training though offered to him and he has joined for JTO post later.
2. The remaining from group C employees has appeared in the LICE for promotion to JAO as well as JTO as per the eligibility provided in respective Rectt. Rules.
3. They have passed both the examination.
JAO posting was offered first and they joined in the post after completing the training. Afterwards when same JAOs were offered JTO post they have joined for the JTO posts which resulted four JAO posts vacant.

As there is no provision for posting of JAOs to the cadre of JTOs under any circumstances it can be done only as per eligibility as Group C employees while appearing in the LICE from Group C to JTO.
From above it is clear that the posting of the above candidates to JTO posts can be done only with the presumption of their status as Group C employees and there by the JAO post occupied by them to be treated as declined as the same that of the candidates declined the JAO posting at the initial stage itself.
Considering the above facts it is once again requested to fill up the vacant post from among the eligible candidates.

In this regard, Circle office has sought another clarification from Corporate Office and we have taken up the issue with our General Secretary for a positive clarification.

6/11/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Main advantages and major breakthrough of the broad understanding on new promotion policy upto AGM Grade:

1) Promotions will be given without fresh DPC. NO TIME DELAY.

2) Promotions w.e.from 01.01.2017, from a retrospective date.Practically all will get promotions one year in advance and service in the new cadre will be counted from 01.01.2017 onwards for further promotions. To great extent, this will compensate the losses due to delay in promotions.

3) Uniform promotional avenues for all the Executives in different wings. Dy Manager (E1 provisional scale) to Manager (E2 provisional scale) to Sr Manager (E3 scale) to AGM (E4 scale).

4) Khan Committee recommendations implemented as it is (ie. Promotions in 5-5-5 years and relaxation for SC/ST Executives), except for bench marks. Management slightly tightened the Bench marks upto AGM.

5) Functional promotion assured after every 5 years.
6) Date of promotion will be 01st Jan/01st July, irrespective of DPC date.

7) Continuing EPP upto E6 scale for all the Executives including DGM(Adhoc).

On implementation:

1) All JTO/JAOs joined before 2012 will get promotion as Manager (SDE/AO) on 01.01.2017 itself.

2) All Executives got SDE/AO promotion before 2014 will get promotion as Sr Manager or AGM on 01.01.2017 itself.

3) In the new promotion policy assured functional promotion is provided after every 5 years. In the present RRs, minimum qualifying service is fixed as 3 years for JTO/JAO to SDE/AO promotion but promotion is getting after 18 to 25 years (now SDE(T)-18 years, SDE(C/E)-23 years, SDE(TF)-25 years). The minimum qualifying service fixed is 7 years for SDE/AO to DE/EE/CAO promotion but promotion is getting after 17 to 23 years (now DE(T)-17 years, EE(C/E)-23 years).

More than 25,000 Executives completed 5 years of service (3 years for SDE/AO) in the post/grade will get promotion on the same day, 01.01.2017 to Manager or Sr Manager or AGM grade.

Promotion to AGM grade: The major challenge for the Assn was to make the promotion to AGM time bound for the existing SDEs in huge numbers.

In all the wing/streams, where ever stagnation is there, the promotional avenues got minimum doubled. In Telecom itself, the number of AGMs will be between 8500 and 9500 whereas present number of AGM posts is just 3978.

For the existing Executives in higher scales, promotions to AGM can be after 8 to 12 years of combined service in Manager (SDE/AO) and Sr Manager (Sr SDE/Sr AO) grades.
In the present post based promotions, it may take another 6 more years to complete entire list no. 7 (ie. by 2023) for DE promotion.

As per the new policy all the Executives promoted as SDE/AO before 01.01.2014 can become AGM between 01.01.2017 and 01.01.2022.

SDE/AOs can become Sr Manager after 3 years and AGM after 8 (3+5) years.

New SDE/AOs as well as JTO/JAOs in E4 scale can become Sr Manager on 01.01.2020, after 3 years and AGM on 01.01.2025, after 8 (3+5) years.

JTO/JAOs in E3 scale can become Sr Manager on 01.01.2021, after 4 years and AGM on 01.01.2026, after 9 (4+5) years.

By Adhoc promotions, all 2008 promoted AOs can get promotion as CAO immediately.

Note: When we could convince the management to give promotions w.e.f 01.01.2017, one year early, it is surprised to see that some are continue to demand post based promotions from a prospective date.

4/11/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Meeting with CMD, BSNL on 03.11.2017: JF leaders met CMD, BSNL and thanked him for approving the CPSU Hierarchy proposal by the MC on 02.11.2017 as assured to us, based on Khan Committee recommendations. We informed CMD that the Executives are eagerly waiting for its immediate implementation as all will get promotions w.e.f. 01.01.2017 itself. There is no need for sending it to BSNL Board as it is simply an amendment to the existing EPP approved by BSNL Board and DoT. MC of the BSNL Board is delegated all such powers. CMD assured to examine the matter. Since DIR(HR) was out of BSNLCO for some meeting, we could not meet her.

3/11/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

GS writes to CMD, BSNL: On behalf of entire 47,000 BSNL Executives, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to the BSNL Management for approving the Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion policy (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) upto AGM grade by the Management Committee of BSNL Board in its meeting held yesterday. This bold decision of Management to convert BSNL from a Govt Dept into a CPSU in terms of promotions, after 17 years of its formation is really commendable.

GS writes to DIR(HR): Issuing minutes of the formal discussions held with the Recognized Executives Association SNEA on implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and the broad understanding reached.

Letter to CMD-BSNL || Letter to DIR(HR)

2/11/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Congratulations to one and All..!!
Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) upto AGM Grade approved by the Management Committee of BSNL Board today.
We express our sincere gratitude to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD/BSNL, Smt Sujata T Ray/DIR(HR), Shri Deb Kumar Chakrabarty, PGM(Pers) and Shri Manish Kumar, Jt GM(Pers) for bringing a uniform promotion policy for all the Executives irrespective of wing/stream and taking bold initiative and decision to convert BSNL into a CPSU in terms of promotions, after 17 years of its formation.

Broad agreement reached between the Recognised Association SNEA and BSNL Management on Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) proposal.

I. It will be a Uniform Time Bound Functional Promotion policy for all the Executives in different cadres and in different wings upto AGM grade. This will end the disparity in promotions between various cadres in different wings and provides uniform promotional avenues to all the Executives in different wings.

II. New designations will be as follows:

JTO /JAO equivalent grade - Deputy Manager
SDE /AO equivalent grade - Manager
Sr. SDE /Sr.AO equivalent grade - Sr. Manager
AGM /CAO/EE/DE equivalent grade - Asst General Manager

III. Date of implementation: 01.01.2017.
As a onetime measure, all the existing Executives in higher scales and completed the qualifying service will be placed in higher grades on 01.01.2017 itself without conducting fresh DPC.

IV. Subsequent review: 1st Jan/1st July, 2018 onwards, twice in a year.

V. Existing Executives in higher scales will be placed in higher grades without conducting fresh DPC.

VI. Promotion upto AGM grade will be on Rect year/ vacancy year basis.

VII. Functional Promotion upto AGM grade will be on Time Bound basis as under:

a) Deputy Manager (JTO/JAO) to Manager (SDE/AO) --- 5 years.

b) Manager (SDE/AO) to Sr Manager (Sr SDE/Sr AO) --- 5 years.

c) Sr Manager (Sr SDE/Sr AO) to AGM (DE/CAO/EE) --- 5 years.

d) Since Sr Manager (Sr SDE) grade is newly introduced as a functional grade, time bound promotion to AGM grade will be after 5 years of service in Sr Manager (Sr SDE/Sr AO) grade or 12 years combined service in SDE & Sr SDE equivalent grades, whichever is less.

e) If sufficient number of eligible Executives is not available for AGM/CAO promotion, Adhoc promotions will be given by relaxing the qualifying service.

VIII. Time Bound upgradations to higher scales will continue for the Executives already working in higher scales, on completion of qualifying service in the lower scale.

IX. Relaxation in qualifying service for the Executives in higher scales:

a) Manager (SDE/AO) in E3 scale will be considered for promotion to Sr Manager Grade after 3 years of service in Manager Grade. All will get AGM promotion in 8 years.

b) Dy Manager (JTO/JAO) in E4 scale will be considered for promotion to Sr Manager Grade after 3 years of service in Manager Grade. All will get AGM promotion in 8 years.

c) Dy Manager (JTO/JAO) in E3 scale will be considered for promotion to Sr Manager Grade after 4 years of service in Manager Grade. All will get AGM promotion in 9 years.

X. One year relaxation for the Dy Managers (JTO/JAO) recruited for the same rect year.

XI. Present LDCE passed and corresponding vacancy year Seniority Quota Executives will be enbloc senior to other JTOs. They will be treated as SDE from 01.01.2017 itself.

On CPSU Hierarchy, the formal discussions are taken place with the recognized Assns only, as per the provisions of Recognition Rules. SNEA only have the right for negotiation/discussion with the management on such policy matters. On large number of issues, agreement reached between both sides. But on some issues, management did not fully agree to the demands, citing administrative constraints.

This will be the major breakthrough for all the Executives and a direct result of the membership verification and becoming recognized Association. During verification campaign, it was assured by SNEA that it will try to get promotions within 3 months, ie. by March, 2017. By this new policy, promotions will be effected from January, 2017 itself, just one month after the MV.

AIGETOA also contributed to frame the proposal by valid suggestions and we really appreciate their positive and pragmatic approach to end the deadlock situation in promotions.

Due to various reasons Assn could not update the latest developments and this major breakthrough to our activists at various levels for the last two months when proposal was under finalization.


CS writes to PGM(Finance) regarding Implementation of Supreme Court judgement on recovery of excess/wrongful payments made to employees in BSNL View Letter


Circle Executive Committee Meeting on 15/11/2017 at ThrissurView Notice
Notice is hereby issued for Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Kerala Circle to be held at 10 AM on 15-11-2017 at Hotel Pearl Regency, Trissur. General Secretary Com. K.Sebastin will attend the meeting. All Circle office bearers, SSA Secretaries, CEC members and Branch Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting in time.

31/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

GS met CMD BSNL on 30.10.2017 and held serious discussions regarding the meeting with the Hon MoSC on E2 and E3 pay scales, his immediate response regarding 3rd Pay Revision for BSNL employees and the continuing stalemate in promotions. On E2 and E3 scales, Assn demanded strong intervention at this crucial juncture when DoT and Hon Minister is going to take a final decision.

Regarding promotions, GS told that even after 17 years of formation of BSNL, BSNL could not become a full fledged PSU in terms of HR matters, promotions etc. BSNL is the only CPSU following post based promotions, based on availability of posts and seniority as followed in Govt departments. All other CPSUs are following Time Bound Functional promotions upto certain level without any link with availability of posts or seniority. So, the Executives in other CPSUs are getting uninterrupted promotions. Present post based promotions in BSNL will not give any relief to majority of the cadres due to shortage of vacancies. Association demanded uniform promotion policy to ensure equal promotional avenues to all the Executives in the equivalent grade in various wings, minimum upto AGM grade.

GS demanded strong initiatives from the management to end the stalemate in promotions in various cadres. CMD assured that management will take immediate actions to end the stalemate in promotions in various cadres.

CMD further informed that DoT has written to BSNL management, with the approval of Secretary/DoT, regarding the proposed amendments in SDE RR and JTO RR. These letters are based on the agenda item in the Board meeting held on 12.10.2017 in which these items are postponed to the next Board meeting on 24.10.2017. DoT directed BSNL not to withdraw the SDE RR amendment from the Board and made some objections to the amendments in JTO RR. In fact, the BSNL proposal to withdraw the amendments from the Board agenda was approved by the BSNL Board in its meeting held on 24.10.2017. BSNL proposed to withdraw the amendment from the Board as the power for RR amendments are already delegated to the MC of BSNL Board and the MC already approved the amendments in 2015 itself. The details are to be discussed further.
We strongly protested against the highhandedness of DoT in every issue, directly interfering with the functioning of the Board.

31/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Meeting with Hon MoSC on E2 and E3 pay scales: JF leaders met Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon MoSC at his residence on 29.10.2017 on this issue.

Minister was of the impression that the meeting is for 3rd Pay Revision. In the beginning itself, Hon Minister expressed his frank opinion about 3rd PRC implementation: How I can go against the Cabinet decision? This statement of the Minister indicates how difficult the PRC implementation for the BSNL employees. Our earlier decision for the agitations made good impact and lead to BSNL Board recommendation for 3rd Pay Revision. This will strengthen our demand for 3rd Pay revision in the coming days.

On the issue of approval of standard pay scales of E2 and E3, JF leaders briefly explained the matter and reminded about the assurance in the earlier meeting on 03.06.2017. CMD BSNL written to DoT to reconsider the PO dated 28.03.2017 with lower pay scales of E1 and E2. This PO is against the BSNL recommendations. Thousands of Executives are demoted. DoT denying the genuine issue citing todays financial condition where as this is a residual issue of 2nd PRC due from 01.01.2007 and as per the balance sheet for 2007-08, the PBT was Rs 4451 Crores.
After discussion, Hon Minister assured positive actions on the BSNL proposal and informed that he will direct the Secretary for taking necessary actions.

29/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Joint Forum Leaders met Hon MoC Shri Manoj Sinhaji on 29.10.2017 regarding E2 - E3 pay scale issue.View Memorandum submitted

29/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Developments on various issues and postponement of agitation programmes from 30.10.2017 for few weeks.
a) In further pursuation of E2, E3 pay scales, we pursued the matter on 27.10.2017 at the office of Hon Union Cabinet Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari and Hon Minister of state for Home Shri Hansraj Ahir. Both the offices are in touch with the Hon MoSC and his office. In fact yesterday, 27.10.2017, Union Transport Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari office taken up the pay scale issue directly with Shri Manoj Sinha, Telecom Minister. The meeting with Hon MoSC will be taking place in a couple of days.
Comrades, as a last attempt we are trying to resolve the issue by various sources. If it is not succeeded, we will not have any other option other than launching the agitation programmes.

b) HR issues: On some of the HR issues, major breakthrough got during the last few days like 2% hike in the Superannuation fund and SDE RR amendment. We are trying for strong initiatives from the management to end the stalemate in promotions in various cadres. Notional pay of E1A and E2A is already approved by the MC and to be considered by the BSNL Board. Once CPSU Hierarchy is approved, focus will be on uniform 1st TB promotion and pay loss issue of post 2007 rects.
In view of the hectic activities going on at CHQ, the positive settlement of some of the issues and serious efforts from the management to resolve the remaining issues, Joint Forum decided to postpone the agitation programmes from 30.10.2017 for a few weeks in order to facilitate BSNL Management and DoT to resolve the issues.


Congratulations..!! Long pending Time Bound Promotion Orders issued. Also, Kindly escalate the "Long pending left over cases" (if any) with our respective District Secretaries, so that we can followup the cases.
E2-E3 Orders || E3-E4 Orders || E4-E5 Orders

27/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivatava, CMD, BSNL on 26.10.2017:
We had a detailed discussions with CMD on the following issues:

a) 3rd PRC implementation: We congratulated CMD, DIR(HR) and the Board of Directors for taking bold and very positive decision on 3rd PRC implementation. The Board recommendation is a very positive step towards its implementation. The interaction of CMD and DIR(HR) at various levels could convince most of the other Board members, supporting BSNL proposal. We expressed our sincere gratitude for keeping his promises on 3rd PRC implementation and his sincere efforts in this regard.

b) Stalemates in promotions: We requested for strong initiatives from the management to end the stalemate in promotions in various cadres. CMD assured that DIR(HR) and CMD is aware of the situation and working out some permanent solutions in this regard at the earliest as discussed with the Assn. The commitment given to the Assn will be materialized.


CEC meeting scheduled to be held on 26/10/2017 at Thrissur is Postponed View Letter

24/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

BSNL Board meeting today at New Delhi:
GS and AGS met DIR(HR) today and discussed about todays main agenda in the Board meeting, 3rd Pay revision and 2% hike in Superannuation benefits. DIR(HR) confirmed that the discussions on both issues were positive and expecting positive outcome.
Later on, GS spoken to CMD BSNL also in this regard. CMD informed that discussions on both the issues were very positive and final outcome also will be positive. CMD further informed that he had briefed the Secretary, DoT regarding 3rd PRC and taken her into confidence before the discussion in the Board meeting. Secretary is very much convinced that Govt cannot stop the Board from discussing the proposal and taking a decision in the Board meeting.
For confirmation, we have to wait for the minutes of the meeting. It will be a big step in the right direction. Our sincere gratitude to CMD/BSNL, DIR(HR), all the BSNL Board of Directors and the officers concerned for this very positive and significant breakthrough. Their hard work, commitment and laisoning finally yielded the desired result in the Board meeting.
SDE RR amendment was an agenda pending in the Board since Sept, 2015 to incorporate inter-se-seniority provision in the RR for the unfilled vacancies, ie from 2009-10 onwards.


Emerging Stars from the Family of SNEA.

Our Comrades M.Manoj and B.Unnikrishnan successfully completed doctoral research in relevant areas related to BSNL. They have been awarded Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Management Sciences by University of Kerala.
Both of them completed the study under the guidance of Dr. K. V. Krishnankutty, Professor (Rtd.), College of Engineering (CET), Trivandrum.

Congratulations to Com. Dr. M. Manoj!!!


Read the synopsis of the research work
View the presentation of topic of research
Read Full Text Ph.D. Thesis authored by Com. Dr. M. Manoj

Congratulations to Com. Dr. B. Unnikrishnan!!!


Read the synopsis of the research work
View the presentation of topic of research
Read Full Text Ph.D. Thesis authored by Com. Dr.B.Unnikrishnan

The hardcopies of theses are available for reference in the library of Institute of Management in Kerala, University of Kerala, Karyavattom Campus, Trivandrum

24/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

The BSNL Board meeting today at New Delhi discussed 3rd Pay revision, 2% hike in the Superannuation benefits, SDE RR amendment etc. It is learnt that the discussion on 3rd Pay revision and 2% hike in the Superannuation benefits are positive. SDE RR amendment is cleared by the Board. Details will be updated after meeting CMD/DIR(HR).

GS writes to CMD/BSNL: Request to fully utilise the delegated powers of the Management Committee of BSNL Board by the BSNL Board on settling the long pending HR issues. Sending proposal well within the powers of MC of BSNL Board to the full Board unnecessarily delaying the proposals.
Letter to CMD-BSNL


EPF Higher Pension Option - View Letter from Circle Office || Download Option Form
Based on the discussions held by this Association with PGM(F) on 9/10/2017, Circle Office issued instructions to collect option form from BSNL DRs for the EPF Higher Pension option for keeping it ready and to avoid further delay. We are in constant touch with our CHQ for an early clarification from BSNL Corporate office as PF Commissioner Trivandrum has taken negative stand about the court order. All District Secretaries are requested to coordinate for an early and timely collection of the option forms.


CS writes to The CGMT Kerala regarding Scheme of partial reimbursement through CTOPUP to retailers for purchasing of fingerprint biometric device used for EKYC. View Letter

20/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

GS writes to Telecom Secretary regarding 3rd Pay Revision for the BSNL employees with full 15% fitment as BSNL is in the revival mode and the employees needs to be further motivated. Considering the strategic importance of BSNL which meets the social obligations of the Govt. and the fact that 80% of the BSNL employees are Govt employees absorbed from DoT, the BSNL proposal for 3rd Pay Revision may be supported and approved by the BSNL Board of Directors from DoT, in the Board meeting scheduled on 24.10.2017.
GS letter to Telecom Secretary

20/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Meeting with DIR(HR): GS, President and AGS met Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR) on 18.10.2017 and discussed the following issues:

a) Approval of E2, E3 pay scales: As reported earlier, DoT sent a very negative note to Ministers office on this issue justifying the PO issued on 28.03.2017, lowering the pay scales to E1 and E2 respectively. On knowing this, we sought the immediate intervention of CMD and DIR(HR) on this issue. DIR(HR) and CMD acted immediately on this issue. DIR(HR) informed that the matter has been discussed with the PS to the Minister and explained each and every point in the BSNL proposal and how PO issued by DoT is totally against the proposal of BSNL. With this input, the matter will be further discussed with the Hon Minister.

b) 3rd PRC implementation and 2% hike in superannuation benefits: DIR(HR) informed that the agenda was not discussed in the last Board meeting due to technical problems as some of the members could not get sufficient time to go through the proposal. The Remuneration Committee recommendations are positive on both the proposals. On completion of the formality of 7 days mandatory period after circulation of agenda and other technical problems, it is decided to discuss the agenda on 24.10.2017 and Board meeting scheduled accordingly.


Lunch Hour Demonstration on 17/10/2017 successfully conducted at all SSA HQs and Circle HQ under the banner of "All Unions and Associations of BSNL " demanding (1) 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL. (2) No Subsidiary Tower Company. We thank Comrades of all Unions & Associations for the huge participation everywhere and making the event a grand success. View Photos



Get Ready for the Lunch Hour Demonstration on 17/10/2017 at all SSA HQs and Circle HQ under the banner of "All Unions and Associations of BSNL " demanding (1) 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL. (2) No Subsidiary Tower Company. Ensure maximum participation and make the event a grand success.


CS writes to PGM(Finance) regarding Pension Revision consequent on implementation of 7th CPC for Pre-2016 pensioners View Letter || DoT letter

The basic data for revision of pension based on 7th CPC is the pension fixed on revision of pension on 1-1-2006 based on 6th CPC which is not available with the SSAs as the same was done by the CCA. Most of the documents as listed in the DoT letter in connection with the work remains in DoT, and similar revision was done by DOT/CCA during the implementation of 6th CPC. More over the actual life status of the pensioner/ family pensioner etc is only known to the CCA. The PPO was issued by CCA and all revision is solely based on the records available in O/o CCA.

In spite of the laborious work being carried out in BSNL owing to the implementation of GST and the never ending works related to 78.2% DA merger which was started in mid 2016, this additional burden of implementation of 7th CPC pension revision to pre 2016 pensioner is creating immense pressure in the concerned section. Moreover, the number of pension cases due for retirement is moving at an enhancing rate and has already occupied the daily works . Adding to this the review of additional increment on adhoc cases already crossed the so called mark and officials are struggling to cope up without compromising the delay of any of the above works.

The direction to carry out a work which has nothing to do with BSNL is directly hampering the morale of the employees. In the above context and based on the specific direction of DOT to CCAs to undertake the work of revision of the pension cases under 7th CPC based on the record available with them it is requested to take up the matter at appropriate level- BSNL Corporate Office/ CCA –DOT so as to avoid unnecessary additional burden on BSNL human resources for the work purely related to DoT .


CS writes to CGMT regarding reviewing of JTO vacancies under LICE quota View Letter
The JTO vacancy under LICE for year 2015-16 in OC category had worked out to be 110 in Kerala circle.. The above figure was arrived by considering the vacancies filled during 2012-13, 13-14, 2014-15 and notionally by considering all eligible hands. But the actual vacancies filled and under training are less than the notional figures. In fact many have declined the post on account of other job like JAO, joined in other department or not inclined to join due to personal reasons etc.. and some cases are on genuine medical ground. It is requested to re-verify the actual number of post filled for the year 2012-13 to 2015-16 and to fill up the remaining post after reserving the post on genuine ground in compliance with instruction on the subject. It may be noted that many JEs after qualifying the LICE are waiting for appointment for want of JTO vacancies while the JTO strength in Kerala circle is less than 40% of the sanctioned strength.

13/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

All Unions and Associations of BSNL served notice for trade union actions to secretary/DoT and CMD/BSNL. BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, AIGETOA, SEWA BSNL, BSNL MS, BSNL OA, ATM and TEPU signed the notice.


1) Settle 3rd PRC with 15% fitment and left out issues of 2nd PRC
2) No Subsidiary Tower Company.

Agitation programme:

a. Lunch Hour demonstration on 16.10.2017 at BSNL CO, Circle/ SSA HQs.
(In Kerala it will be on 17/10/2017)
b. "Human Chain" on 16.11.2017 at BSNL CO, Circle/ SSA HQs.
c. Two days strike on 12th and 13th December, 2017.
d. If the issues are not settled, indefinite strike will be organized.

CHQ Notice for Trade Union actions || Kerala Notice

13/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

BSNL Board meeting on 12.10.2017:
It is learnt that BSNL Board meeting held on 12.10.2017 discussed the following issues:

a) Balance sheet and accounts for 2016-17 approved. Details will be updated.

b) On 3rd PRC, AS(T)/DoT, the Govt nominee strongly opposed the proposal citing Cabinet decision and affordability clause. It is learnt that Govt (DoT) has informed BSNL that since BSNL is insipient sick CPSU as per DPE, 3rd Pay Revision cannot be considered at all. Now the question is whether Board is competent to taken a decision in this condition?

c) 2% increase in the Superannuation benefits: Govt nominee is having reservation on this also on financial implications.

d) SDE RR amendment: Board didn’t agreed to the proposal for withdrawing it from Board agenda. RR amendment is within the powers of Management Committee and BSNL proposed to withdraw it from Board.

These issues as well as other HR issues will be again considered in the next Board meeting on 24.10.2017.


CS, CT, ACS and DS-CO met PGM(Finance) on 9/10/2017 to discuss about the pending issue of Higher Pension option in EPF for BSNL DRs: We expressed our concern over the stalemate in this issue even after issuing clear-cut guidelines from Hon’ble Supreme Court. PGM(F) informed that he has gone through the court orders and has written letters to Shri Ranjay Mooshahary, Regional PF commissioner, Trivandrum for early implementation of Higher Pension option. But it seems that Regional PF commissioner has taken a negative stand and has replied negatively. In this scenario, we will take up the case with EPFO Head Office through our CHQ.


Circle Executive Committee meeting is scheduled to be held on 26th Oct 2017 (10 A.M) at Hotel Elite, Thrissur. All Circle office bearers, SSA Secretaries, CEC members and Branch Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting in time. View Notice

10/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Meeting with Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD/BSNL and Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR), BSNL on 09.10.2017.

JF leaders met CMD/BSNL and DIR(HR) on 09.10.2017 and held discussions on approval of E2 and E3 pay scales by DoT as recommended by BSNL. The note sent by DoT to the office of Hon Minister is negative, justifying their decision for lowering the pay scales. JF strongly demanded the urgent intervention of CMD and DIR(HR) to convince DoT to approve the BSNL proposal of E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007. If DoT is taking any precipitatory action, JF will be forced to prepone the agitation programms from 30.10.2017, JF informed CMD.

Both of them assured that they are taking necessary steps to convince the Ministers office and to get the BSNL proposal of E2 and E3 approved by the Hon Minister.

09/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Developments of E2, E3 pay scales:

It is learnt that DoT has sent a very negative note to the Hon MoSC office, fully justifying the Presidential order issued by DoT on 28.03.2017, lowering the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2. Minister office called the file and sought the status of the case from DoT due to the continuous efforts of JF. AS(T)/JS(T) prepared the note themselves and submitted it to MoSC office directly. They had cited mainly affordability clause, huge expenditure, wrongly quoted BSNL proposal etc to justify it. DoT want to inform BSNL to implement the PO, the note says.

Comrades JF is trying to convince the Minister through various sources, through CMD and DIR(HR) and through political sources. However we should be at the highest level of organizational preparedness. The issue reached a crucial stage now.

All our CS/SSA/Branch Secretaries should mobilise the Joint Forum to start the organizational programmes on 30.10.2017. In case of urgency, we should be fully prepared to start the agitations even prior to 30.10.2017.


Policy for provision of GSM Mobile Service connection to the Officer Bearers of the Recognized Association reg.... View order

06/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

JF leaders were called by the concerned officers for discussion on the various issues raised in our letter dated 23.08.2017 and 14.09.2017 and we had a detailed discussion with the management on 04.10.2017.

a) Purchase of Cordless Phone: We reiterated our objection on purchase as BSNL will not be able to procure quality material and it will not help to retain the customers. Instead of this, BSNL should procure materials like dropwire and other materials to maintain the external plant, fault free. Focus should be on improving the external plant, instead of equipments at customer premises. For this, SSA heads should be enpowered to procure materials like jumper wire, UY connector, CT Boxes etc. Business Area concept taken away the powers of small SSA heads, TDMs or TDEs. First their financial powers are to be restored. Management agreed to consider our suggestions.

b) Free Call Diversion Facility from Land Phone to Mobile: Management welcomed our suggestions and assured early actions.

c) Empanelment of vendors and no procurement of modems: It is informed that management seriously considered this demand from us and decision is already taken:
i) for empanelment of vendors.
ii) to procure quality/branded modems only and if required, tender document will be amended/modified for that purpose.

We further stressed that purchase, if at all required should be restricted to branded items with additional features, 3G inbuilt data card etc with latest software. Management agreed to consider this points also.

d) Empanelment of EPBTs and incorporating memory and Information handling facility in EPBTs: After discussion management agreed for empanelment of vendors for EPBTs also. During new procurement and empanelment, the demand for EPBT with memory also will be considered positively.

05/10/2017                       C H Q - N e w s

Unanimous decisions taken in the All Union / Association meeting held at New Delhi on 04-10-2017.
(1) Hereafter, the unions and associations of BSNL will function under the single banner of "All Unions and Associations of BSNL", for conducting struggles on common issues such as settlement of wage revision and stopping the formation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

(2) Notices to be issued to the Management / government will be signed by all the general secretaries of the unions and associations.

(3) The following issues are identified for immediate struggle and settlement.

a) Settlement of Wage Revision from 01-01-2017 and settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC, viz., Superannuation benefits of the Directly Recruited employees.

b) Stopping formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company.

(4) The following agitational programme are decided to settle the above issues:-

a) Demonstration at Corporate Office, circles and SSAs on 16-10-2017.

b) Human Chain at Corporate Office, circles and SSAs on 16-11-2017.

c) Memorandum to be submitted to all the MPs by 15-11-2017.

d) Two day strike on 12th and 13th December, 2017.

e) Indefinite Strike is to be organised thereafter, if the issues are not amicably settled. The date of the indefinite strike will be announced subsequently.

(5) Next meeting of the All Unions and Associations will be held at 11:00 hrs on 23.10.2017, at BSNL MS office.


An Appeal from Secretary, BSNL Engineers’ Co-operative Society Ltd, Trivandrum View Appeal

BSNL Engineers’ Co-operative Society Ltd No. T.950, Trivandrum, the brainchild of erstwhile JETA(I), has entered into its 31st year of functioning after rendering fruitful services of three decades to the Engineers’ community of erstwhile DOT and BSNL. It is the only co-operative society in India run for BSNL Engineers exclusively and approved by Government of Kerala and DOT. The society could purchase a valuable land property at Trivandrum and is about to start construction of its own office complex for which the sanction has already been received recently from the competent authority.

While progressing with these glorious activities it has been suggested from many corners that the membership of Engineers Cooperative society shall be widened so as to extend its benefits to a large section of BSNL Executives as well as to expand the operations of the society. The Director board of the BSNL Engineers co-Operative society accordingly made an appeal to all executives to become a partner of the Co-operative movement by enrolling as members and strengthen its activities by making maximum deposits for the mutual benefits of the executive community.
Registration certificate || Recognition from DOT || Membership Form


SAD NEWS: We deeply mourn the sad demise of Shri.Subramanian Potti, SDE (Aryanad) today the 02.10.2017 at S K Hospital Trivandrum. Funeral Tomorrow at 9.00 A.M at his residence at Veliyannoor. view location of his residence on google maps
SNEA Kerala Circle conveys its deepest condolences to the bereaved members of his family for this greatest loss.



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