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19/03/2023 :Update about the Actions of SNEA about EPFO's 26(6) demand for exercising Higher Pension Option

The National Council for Officers Association(NCOA) is the Consortium of all Major Associations of PSUs in India, in which SNEA has the leading Role. Taking the Role of the Working President of the Consortium by GS SNEA has decided to go for Contempt Case filed against the EPFO's recent demand for proof of submission of 26(6) which is against the Orders from Hon. Supreme court, mainly because EPFO themselves replied in an RTI that not even a single permission under 26(6) was issued by EPFO so far.  Hence they are asking employees to submit something that is non-existent and hence impossible to submit.

Leading Advocates shall be appearing in Supreme Court on behalf of NCOA & SNEA in this regard. Earlier also, NCOA has fought the EPFO case at Supreme Court level, along with other PSU Employees in India for which SNEA also has contributed a big amount for appearing for the EPFO Case vide WPC 1134 of 2018. It is important to note while others were busy in legal fund collection, SNEA had unanimously decided to go along with NCOA at the supreme court level by contributing a big amount for Higher EPF Pension Case, without any fund collection from individuals because SNEA wanted a ruling from Supreme Court which will be benefiting all the EPF Members of BSNL eligible for exercising Higher Pension Option and don't want to limit to any officers who are participating in the case in some of the lower courts.

At present also since BSNL is an All India Organization, and since the 26(6) condition is equally affecting other PSUs also, we need an instruction from the Hon. Supreme Court to get the benefit all India level. This is the way SNEA is working for the good future of the Employees. Irrespective of PSUs, Irrespective of Executive or Non Executive, Irrespective of Association, Irrespective of whether they are part of any cases related to EPFO, everyone will be benefitted with the ongoing process of NCOA supported by SNEA.

13/03/2023 :SNEA Kerala Writes to CGMT Kerala for relieving of Sri Tenson Joseph, AGM Lakshadweep and JTOs belonging to Rule – 8 transfers urgently.


View Letter

03/03/2023 :Congratulations to the New JTOs..Welcome to the Executive Fraternity..SNEA Welcomes all new JTOs
Untiring Efforts by SNEA wins the Promotions for the experienced JEs as JTOs and in the requested BA postings.

28/02/2023 :Meeting with GM HR


SNEA team met GM HR today in his chamber under the leadership of CP,CT,ACS ,CWC Member and COS.

Following are the points of discussion:

IMG2023/Congratz to LICE JTOs 2023.jpeg

Relieving of Sri.Tenson Joseph from Lakshadweep

GM HR assured the relieving of Tenson Joseph without further delay and also to remove from Circle long stay considering his service tenure in LKD. A seperate letter to Corp.Off will be sent by this weekend.

Rule 8 transfers

SNEA pointed out the undue delay in implementation of completed Rule 8 requests and also to expedite the processing of all pending requests with concerned Circles. GM HR positively responded and replied to issue the completed Rule 8 transfers by March end.

Rule 9 extension of executives in Kerala Circle on account of recent Corporate Office letter

GM HR assured to take up the extension requests with Corporate Office.

Posting LICE JTOs on completion of filed training

SNEA once again demanded the postings as per requests .

GM HR in principle assured that all the requests shall be considered positively. We suggested to expand the Mobile Services at Calicut. So diversification makes more vacancies at MS Calicut which leads to more ideas and processes results in Productivity increase by executives.

We demanded to publish BA wise vacancies before operating Inter BA long stay transfers.

GM HR assured the same.

Processing of requests of Deputation to DoT

We requested to process all the  requests of officers including ALP and EKM for  Deputation to DoT. GM HR assured to consider the same after discussing with CGMT.

Request Transfer of officers to home BA, posted on the basis of long-stay to other BAs  - who are completing two years during the month of April 2023.

GM HR assured to consider all such cases including the requests of executives from PTA and ALP.

SDE Reversal issue of Kerala Circle

GM HR conveyed that , As assured in the agenda meeting CGMT called Director HR and told that a positive note has been received from Director HR and will sort out the issues in a short span of time. A seperate letter will be given by CGMT to Director HR in this matter.

AD OL case settlement

GM HR conveyed that , As assured in the agenda meeting CGMT called Director HR and told the issues to be solved and a seperate letter also given last weekend to Director HR (signed by GM HR).

Further our CHQ Office bearers are pursuing with Personnel Section, ND for the settlement of the issues.

09/02/2023 :CS writes to CGMT reg Deputation to DOT

CS SNEA writes to CGMT Kerala requesting to forward all applications received for deputation to DOT.

See the detailed letter

06/02/2023 :Posting of Newly promoted JTOs through LICE for Field Training:

CS SNEA writes to CGMT Kerala by pointing out the anomalies on Posting of Newly promoted JTOs through LICE for Field Training.

SNEA Kerala demands review and modifications in recently issued orders.

See the detailed letter

04/02/2023 :Meeting with GM HR to discuss re-allotment of JTO Trainees for field training:

After continuous persuasion with Management, it was decided to re-allot the JTO Trainees  having genuine health conditions including lactating mothers, orders for which would be issued shortly (mainly from TCR, ALP and QLN BAs etc.)

Other JTO Trainees who have been posted out of their parent BAs for the field training shall be considered positively and will be posted back to parent BA after completion of their field training along with pending OTP transfer requests.

03/02/2023 : Hearty Congratulations to New JTOs..

Hearty Congratulations to New JTOs... But Promotion should not be a Punishment

At the outset SNEA Kerala congratulated all the JTO Trainees who qualified the examination and got posted to different units. In the posting orders published we have seen unprecedented postings which disheartened most of the new JTOs. It seems like, administration took this promotion of JTOs as a tool for punishment.

When there were two requests from Kozhikode to Ernakulam, none of those requests were considered, instead the other Five JTOs from Kozhikode were transferred to Ernakulam.

 A large number of JTOs are posted to CnTx South when many officers during the recent past were relieved to Circle without Substitute due to Surplus staff. Some persons with low marks are posted in the same BA when higher mark candidates are posted outside the BA.

 Officials with medical grounds who recently got the posting in some BA were transferred out in the current posting without considering their Medical conditions.

Humanitarian consideration cannot be seen in most of the cases where Couples were posted in two different stations without asking their options before posting orders are issued.

 It is seen that a large number of JTOs were posted to Lakshadweep beyond the actual requirements.

When there are enough OTP transfer requests from Malappuram to outside and our agreement for relieving all those requested officers without Substitute during March and when we can post 8 new JTOs  after training to their Home BA Malappuram, it is surprising to see that most of those new JTOs are posted outside.

SNEA Kerala strongly protested in this unilateral posting orders of Kerala Circle and Circle Treasurer, ACS, CWC Member and Organizing Secretary of SNEA Kerala met GM HR and strongly registered our protest and conveyed the agony of New JTOs about their protest. We hope that the Administration would review the Posting orders and incorporate necessary changes considering the actual filed realities and sentiments of New JTOs.

We, SNEA Kerala, on behalf of entire JTOs, again reiterate that The Promotions should not be a Punishment.

01/02/2023 : Update :

In the Pending Court case at CAT Chandigarh about DGM Adhoc to DGM Regular Promotions,  hearing could not take place today, and next date of hearing is fixed as 10/02/2023.

31/01/2023 : Interactive session by SNEA Kerala with JTO Trainees at RTTC Trivandrum:

A delegation of Circle office Bearers of SNEA Kerala Circle visited RTTC Trivandrum to have interactive session with JTO Trainees undergoing Phase-I Training at RTTC Trivandrum on different dates and have continuous interaction with all JTO Trainees and tried to sort out the issues faced by the trainee JTOs and guided them on different issues.

On 08/12/2022, delegation of SNEA consisting Shri. Aslesh S.S. ACS SNEA Kerala, Shri. Suneer, CT SNEA Kerala, Smt. Vidya VP SNEA Kerala, Shri. Shafi DS SNEA Trivandrum addressed the trainees and welcomed and invited them to the SNEA family.

On 09/12/2022 delegation led by Shri. Shafi DS SNEA Trivandrum visited RTTC TVM to distribute 90 Copies of Training Handouts (First Module) as decided in the CEC meeting of SNEA Kerala.

On 02/01/2023, a grand meeting was arranged by SNEA Kerala Circle to distribute SNEA Diary to all trainees. Shri. Vimal Raghunath, AGS SNEA CHQ, Shri. Jithesh CS SNEA Kerala, Shri. Suneer, CT SNEA Kerala, Shri. Aslesh S.S., ACS SNEA Kerala, Shri. SureshKumar ACS SNEA Kerala, Shri. Maneesh KP, Area Secretary (Central) SNEA Kerala, Shri. Jyothis, CEC Member SNEA Kerala, Shri. Vivek, CWC Member & DS Ernakulam, Shri. Sudheesh A.N. DS Kottayam, Shri. Rahulraj DS Kollam, Shri. Sreejesh DS SNEA Palakkad, Shri. Sujith, ADS Ernakulam, interacted with the trainees.

On 04/01/2023, another grand function was arranged to distribute remaining training hand out copies. Dr. V. G. Sabu, CP SNEA Kerala, Shri. Aslesh S.S. ACS SNEA Kerala, Shri. J.V. Ramana, CWC Member, Shafi DS SNEA Trivandrum addressed the trainees and once again welcomed all to SNEA fraternity by introducing the Organisational structure of SNEA and updated them about the career progression and future of BSNL and its executives and the need of united efforts to get the pending HR issues resolved.

As requested by the JTOs trainees at Trivandrum, SNEA Kerala Circle is arranging a life skill and motivational training by renowned International Corporate trainer Shri. Cherian Varghese, Faculty member in various corporates, trainer for sales teams, educational institutions, industrial organisations, hospitals, banks and domestic establishments.

Visiting faculty of Institute of Management in Government, Trivandrum for a session on 02.02.2023 at RTTC Trivandrum.

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19/01/2023 : Agenda Meeting with Respected CGM,Kerala Circle & Circle Management

SNEA Kerala Circle leaders had agenda meeting with respected CGM & Circle management on 06-01-2023.

Click here for Minutes of the meeting.

25/12/2022 :

Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us - a time when we can look back on the year that has passed and prepare for the year ahead.


01/12/2022 :

SNEA Circle body greeted Shri. B. Sunilkumar at his Chamber on 01.12.2022 who took charge as CGMT Kerala Circle last day. We assured him our wholehearted support and cooperation for bringing more prosperity to our Circle. He reciprocated on the same lines and resolved to work jointly for taking BSNL Kerala Circle to newer and newer heights.Earlier on 30.11.2022, SNEA Circle body met Shri. C V Vinod, the outgoing CGMT, at his chamber and thanked him for all the good work he has done for bringing glory to the Circle even during the most difficult times of financial crisis, post VRS restructuring and the global COVID pandemic.

19/11/2022 : 

Congratulations to all..!! 

With our continuous persuasion Time bound financial upgradation orders of STR/STP executives issued.

Team SNEA Kerala - AGS Com. Vimal R, DS EKM Com. Vivek G and CWC Member Com.Sudheer earlier met CGM CNTX(South) Shri Murari Mohanan .P on 28-10-2022 during his visit to Cable Landing Station Parur, discussed pending HR issues in CNTX and also submitted our letter in this regard.

 View Letter submitted to CGM CNTX

Orders-1 || Orders-2

17/11/2022 : SDE(T) to AGM(T) Promotions

Congratulations to all...!! The long awaited SDE(T) to AGM(T) Promotions released.

View Promotion Orders

04/11/2022 : EPF News

Congratulations to all...!! Finally Efforts of SNEA on the platform of NCOA  yielded result. The higher pension option will be available to all BSNL Recruited staff along with 7 Crore subscribers of EPFO. This case is  having 700 plus applicants of various state and central PSUs. NCOA was one of the applicant in the Hon SC. SNEA funded for the case fought by NCOA.

03/11/2022 : Circle News

Meeting with CGM CNTX on 28/10/2022: View Letter submitted to CGM CNTX

On behalf of SNEA Kerala circle body, AGS Com. Vimal R, DS EKM Com. Vivek G and CWC Member Com.Sudheer met CGM CNTX(South) Shri Murari Mohanan .P. on 28-10-2022. during his visit to Cable Landing Station Parur.

The following points were discussed:

1.First time bound financial upgradation of 2017 joined JTOs
The association told CGM that ,the E1 to E2 time bound promotion of 2017 joined JTOs are not issued by CNTX circle sofar where as the same has been issued by Kerala circle long back. Three months back we had discussed the same issue with former CGM Sri. Muneendranath  and it was assured us that the order would be issued within 2 to 3 weeks. However it is not yet materialised sofar. CGM told that he had  seen the file long back and he would verify the reason for delay. Also assured to issue the order at the earliest.

2.Looking after arrangements in various executive cadre
Association told the CGM that in Kerala region alone , SDE to DE (LA) order is not issued instead senior most SDEs in the division are being given  additional charge of DEs . Normally additional charges are given for a small period but in Kerala,years together additional charges are given. CGM told Kerala GM to send the proposal and agreed to issue the LA order as early as possible .

3. Poor battery backup in CSR building Ernakulam

View Letter submitted to CGM CNTX

01/11/2022 : Online Quiz-Finals

Congratulations to all Winners & Thanks a lot to all who became the part of the Exciting Finals.



27/10/2022 : Online Quiz-Results First Round

Congratulations to all Winners & All the very Best for the Finals.

Catch up for the exciting Finals on 1st November 2022 at 1530HRS.

26/10/2022 : Online Quiz

Thanking for the overwhelming support & participation.

Results will be published on 27-10-2022

Finals on 1st November 2022.

12/10/2022 : Circle News

CEC Meeting Notice : 

Notice is hereby issued for Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Kerala scheduled to be held on 27-10-2022 (10 A.M) at SNEA Bhavan, Trivandrum. CHQ Office bearers Com.Berlin Issac (AGS) and Com.Vimal Raghunath (AGS) will participate and address the CEC. All Circle office bearers, SSA Secretaries, CEC Members and Advisors are requested to attend the meeting in time.

View CEC Notice

10/10/2022 : Sad News

With profound grief and sorrow, we express deepest condolences in the loss of a great leader Com.P.V.Chandrasekharan (78 years). Comrade PVC left to heavenly abode yesterday night (9/10/22) at Amritha Hospital, Ernakulam.

He uncompromisingly fought against the management of BSNL Kerala Circle in the period 2014-15 in forefront along with SNEA. His friendly approach and caring attitude has weathered many crises. His contributions as a leader who actively engaged in our issues with his kind words will always be remembered. His demise is a great loss to the Telecommunication fraternity. 

07/10/2022 : Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding Inordinate delay in issuance of confirmation orders of 2017 DR JAOs

View Letter

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