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Looking after arrangement in the cadre of STS(Executives) : SNEA Kerala sincerly thank Circle Administration for releasing the DE LA orders. View Orders


JAO Phase-II Training: The Kerala Circle has reported that they are not in receipt of the reply given by Corporate office in this regard. CHQ AGS Com PadmanabhaRao collected a copy of clarification from Corporate Office and it was submitted to the Circle Administration. View Clarification letter.
We request Circle Administration to take necessary action for the Phase-II and Phase-III training in consultation with the BSNL counsel as instructed by the Corporate Office.

Publication of JAO LICE results and training: In this case, Circle Office has informed that they are waiting for the reply from GM(Recruitment) in Corporate Office to the letter No Rectt/3-4/JAO-LICE/2016/51 dated 23/9/2016 sent from Kerala Circle Office in accordance with the instructions issued by the Corporate office as per Letter No 4-22/2013-SEA dtd 9/9/2016.View Lr dtd 9/9/2016
We have taken up the matter with CHQ for an early reply from Corporate Office Recruitment Section. We also urge the Circle Administration to pursue the matter and take necessary action for publication of results and for the training immediately.

AGS Com PadmanabhaRao had discussions in this matter with PGM(Finance) for the early settlement of both issues.


Congratulations! Implementation of Superannuation pension scheme in respect of Directly Recruited Employees of BSNL - View DoT Order copy.
On CPSU Hierarchy, revised draft will be given on 03-10-2016 and further discussion will be held on 05-10-2016.


Glimpses of 3rd day of "Day Long Hunger Fast" by United Forum on 29/09/2016
SNEA Kerala extends Sincere gratitude to all District Secretaries and their team and also to each and every Comrade of Kerala Circle for the successful culmination of 3 days Hunger Strike from 27th to 29th Sep 2016. Huge participation reported from all Business Areas. Comrades, we have to go further to achieve the ultimate goal. Keep the tempo. Prepare and be ready for final fight to accomplish our ultimate victory.


GS writes to CMD, BSNL: Provisioning of Broadband Services on cable TV network. Relaxation of the conditions and EoI provisions required to make the offer attractive for local cable TV operators. GS letter to CMD


Intensify the hunger strike with maximum participation tomorrow.
BSNL proposal for replacement of E1A and E2A scales by E2, and E3 and subsequent up-gradation of IDA pay scales upto E7 has been cleared by Internal Finance of DoT (by DDG(Fin)) with a comment to take the concurrence of DPE to accord the approval of DoT. The proposal has to be cleared by Member(Fin), Addl Secretary and finally by Secretary, DoT before sending it to DPE. The stand of Addl Sec is very important as he has taken a very negative stand since beginning on this issue.
The presidential directives on 3% contribution from BSNL towards 30% superannuation benefits to the BSNL recruited employees is expected shortly from DoT since it is already been approved by Hon MoS(IC).
GM(SR) in the presence of GM(Pers) will hold a meeting tomorrow 11.30 Hrs with the representatives of the United Forum to discuss regarding implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy.


Glimpses of 2nd day of "Day Long Hunger Fast" by United Forum on 28/09/2016



Glimpses of 1st day of "Day Long Hunger Fast" by United Forum on 27/09/2016



Superannuation benefits to BSNL recruitees: Congratulations..!! The proposal got the approval of Hon MOS and the file returned to concerned section today. GS spoken to DIR(PSU-I) and confirmed the approval of MOS. Orders are expected shortly.


Day Long Hunger Fast on 27th, 28th & 29th Sep 2016
United Forum of BSNL Executive Associations comprising SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA served notice on 17.08.2016 for organizational actions protesting against the inordinate delay in implementation of a) standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO, SDE and equivalent cadres, b) 30% superannuation benefit for BSNL Recruited Employees and c) implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first TBP.

1. Immediate replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1-A and E2-A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent cadres w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per the recommendation of the Joint Committee.
2. Extending 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees as per the recommendation of 2nd PRC.
3. Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first Time Bound Promotion as per the recommendation of Joint committee.

Organizational actions and schedule:
“Day Long Hunger Fast” at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 27th, 28th and 29th September, 2016.
UF Notice for Trade Union Actions


Message from Circle Secretary
We extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to our beloved GS Com. K Sebastin and CHQ Treasurer Com R Rajan for their extensive and tightly scheduled tour program at Kerala Circle from 20th Sep to 24th Sep 2016. During the period they had attended 10 GB's at 10 Districts and the leftover SSAs will be covered in their next tour. CHQ Leaders tour had created a great momentum among our members and we assure to CHQ that we will keep and extend this momentum among all Executive's in Kerala. CHQ assured that they will arrange the tour of our great and dynamic Leader Com G.L.Jogi to Kerala Circle during the 1st week of November 2016. We also requested CHQ to depute our AGS Com Padmanabha Rao along with our Chairman. Once again we thank our GS and CHQ Treasurer.
Also Sincere thanks to all District Secretaries and their team members for the extensive preparations made to conduct GS Tour in an excellent manner.
Strengthen SNEA!!!         Strengthen BSNL!!!

Response from our Chairman GL.Jogi: Com Santhosh, My best wishes to you and Kerala team of SNEA. I eagerly look forward to visiting Kerala in due course of time. I am confident that your recent campaign alongside GS and CHQ treasurer would have considerably consolidated our position in Kerala. Go ahead, fearlessly and courageously. We are proud of you the way you stood like a rock in defeating attacks on us from MSSRao and his collaborators and Henchmen in Kerala. These vested interests today stand fully exposed. Hattsoff to you and valiant fighters of Kerala. Memorable and historical struggle. No parallels – GL.Jogi


Glimpses of Special General Body meeting of Alappuzha District on 24/9/2016
SNEA General Secretary Com K.Sebastin and CHQ Treasurer Com R.Rajan addressed the General Body meeting held at Alappuzha on 24/9/2016. Circle Secretary Com T.Santhosh Kumar, Circle Treasurer Com G.Premkumar, CWC Member Com Biju Pawath, District Secretary Trivandrum Com Sabu.V.G, District Secretary Kottayam Com Thomas Sebastian and ACS Com J.V.Ramana also attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Alappuzha District President Com Krishnakumar and District Secretary Com Thomas Sebastian welcomed the assembly. Veteran leader Com M.P.P.Panicker also attended the meeting.
ALP GB 240916


Glimpses of Special General Body meeting of Kottayam District on 24/9/2016
SNEA General Secretary Com K.Sebastin and CHQ Treasurer Com R.Rajan addressed the General Body meeting held at Kottayam on 24/9/2016. Circle Secretary Com T.Santhosh Kumar, Circle Treasurer Com G.Premkumar, CWC Member Com Biju Pawath, District Secretary Trivandrum Com Sabu.V.G, and ACS Com J.V.Ramana also attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Kottayam District President Com Shaju and District Secretary Com Thomas Sebastian welcomed the assembly.
KTM GB 240916


Glimpses of Special General Body meeting of Kollam District on 23/9/2016
SNEA General Secretary Com K.Sebastin and CHQ Treasurer Com R.Rajan addressed the General Body meeting held at Kollam on 23/9/2016. Circle Secretary Com T.Santhosh Kumar, Circle Treasurer Com G.Premkumar, Circle Vice-President Com Asha.A.S, Area Secretary (South) Com G.Harikrishnan, District Secretary Trivandrum Com Sabu.V.G, District Secretary Circle Office Com Suneer.S and ACS Com J.V.Ramana also attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Kollam District President Com Sujith Kumar and District Secretary Com Asharaf Yoosuf welcomed the assembly. More than hundred comrades of Kollam and Trivandrum district attended the meeting.
Kollam GB 230916


Glimpses of Special General Body meeting of Pathanamthitta District held at Tiruvalla on 23/9/2016
SNEA General Secretary Com K.Sebastin, CHQ Treasurer Com R.Rajan, Circle Secretary Com T.Santhosh Kumar, Circle President Com George Varghese and Circle Treasurer Com G.Premkumar addressed the General Body meeting held at Tiruvalla on 23/9/2016. Circle Vice-President Com K.O.Aleyas and ACS Com J.V.Ramana also attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by District President Com Vinod.N and District Secretary Com Manoj.P.K welcomed the assembly.


Publishing of JAO LICE Select List and Issues related to Phase-I training
CHQ AGS Com Padmanabha Rao met senior officers at Corporate office and discussed regarding publishing of JAO LICE select list of Kerala Circle and also discussed the issues related to their Phase-I training with Director NATFM Hyderabad. It was informed that necessary instructions are issued to Kerala Circle regarding publishing of JAO LICE select list and the circle has to act accordingly. As far as training is concerned it was informed that except from Kerala Circle the details are available with NATFM and they are waiting for details from Kerala Circle for finalizing the training schedule, the delay of which may cause the training in other circles also get delayed.
District Secretary of Circle Office Com Suneer.S met concerned officers in Kerala circle office and apprised them the situation and urged for immediate publication of the select list and for sending necessary details to NATFM for the Phase-I training.


JAO Phase-II training - BSNLCO replied to the clarifications sought by Kerala Circle Office
CHQ Leaders met concerned Officials again on 22/09/2016 at BSNLCO in-connection with imparting Phase-II training to JAO's who already completed Phase-I training and were regularized recently after a sustained legal battle and today it is learnt that Corporate Office has sent the reply for the clarifications sought by Kerala Circle. With this we hope that the hurdles for imparting Phase-II training are cleared.


Glimpses of General Body Meeting of Palakkad on 22/9/2016
SNEA General Secretary Com K.Sebastin, CHQ Treasurer Com R.Rajan, CHQ Leader Joint Secretary Com Aravind Pal Dahiya and Circle Secretary Com T.Santhosh Kumar addressed the General Body meeting held at Palakkad on 22/9/2016. ACS Com K.V.Chandran, ACS Com J.V.Ramana, CWC member Com Sureshkumar.R and Asst District Secretary of Ernakulam Com Vimal also attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Palakkad District President Com Namboothari and District Secretary Com John Jacob welcomed the assembly.
Palakkad GB 220916


Glimpses of General Body Meeting of Thrissur on 22/9/2016
SNEA General Secretary Com K.Sebastin, CHQ Treasurer Com R.Rajan, Circle Secretary Com T.Santhosh Kumar and Circle President Com George Varghese addressed the General Body meeting held at Thrissur on 22/9/2016. ACS Com K.V.Chandran, ACS Com J.V.Ramana, CWC member Com Sureshkumar.R and Asst District Secretary of Ernakulam Com Vimal also attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Thrissur District President Com Unnikrishnan.M and District Secretary Com Gokulan welcomed the assembly. The meeting was also attended by our AIGETOA friends who had a very good interactive session with our CHQ and Circle leaders and we hope that their apprehensions about stand of SNEA on BSNL Direct Recruitees was cleared.
TCR GB 220916


CRM-CLARITY Issues in CDR Package dampening the growth of BSNL
As per the feedback recieved from our field executives, this Association has taken up the case of CRM-CLARITY issues in CDR Package with CGMT Kerala and GM(IT) Circle Office. CRM/Clarity softwares are very slow since one week and most of the time it is unavailable. LL & BB orders are badly delayed. GM(IT) responded and informed that the matter has been taken up with ITPC and TCS is attending the issues, expected to clear by today.


Glimpses of Malappuram AGB held on 21/9/2016
SNEA General Secretary Com. K.Sebastin, Circle Secretary Com. T.Santhosh Kumar, CWC member Com K.Sudheer and other leaders of Malappuram SSA addressed the Annual General Meeting held at Chemist Bhavan, Malappuram on 21/9/2016. The following Comrades were unanimously elected as the new office bearers of SNEA Malappuram:
District President : Com Raghuram P.D, SDE Legal
District Secretary : Com Sidhique. T, SDE Mobile
District Treasurer : Com Ajesh K K, JTO Comp


Glimpses of Special General Body Meeting at Calicut on 21/9/2016
SNEA General Secretary Com. K.Sebastin, Circle Secretary Com. T.Santhosh Kumar and other leaders of Calicut SSA addressed the meeting held at Calicut on 21/9/2016.


JTO to SDE case at Hon. High Court of Kerala As BSNL Sr.Counsel from Delhi is hospitalized, JTO to SDE case at Hon.Kerala High Court is likely to be listed by middle of Oct. 2016. After vacation, benches reconstituted and both judges are now in different benches. Since the case is part heard, with the permission of the chief Justice, the same bench has to be reconstituted for hearing the case. The exact dates will be decided soon.


General Body Meeting at Kannur and Kanhangad on 20/9/2016
SNEA General Secretary Com K.Sebastin started his referendum campaign in Kerala, which is famous for both struggle and growth, from Kannur SSA with back to back meetings one at Kanhangad before noon another at Kannur in the afternoon. Very systematically conducted meeting was very well attended by huge gathering of members even from the remotest areas of this northern SSA of Kerala. GS in his speech emphasised the need of harmonious and corruption free atmosphere in BSNL for which, the sacrifice made by Kerala comrades, Kannur in particular was specially appreciated. Vision of SNEA for the betterment of BSNL, proposal for synchronised HR activities, solutions for the entangled problems that BSNL currently facing, roadmap to success etc were narrated in detail. GS appealed the members to strengthen SNEA which will ultimately strengthen BSNL. In the inter action session with the members GS listed various proposal and solutions of SNEA on various HR and service related issues that our beloved company is facing presently. He appealed all members to systematically march ahead towards gaining a thumping victory for the SNEA in the coming referendum.
Circle Secretary Com T.Santhosh Kumar deliberated about the interference of SNEA Kerala in implementation of popular plans in Kerala as well as the alertness and sincerity in day to day affairs of Kerala Circle. He pointed out at the industrial peace prevailing in circles after the successful struggle culminated with its desired results. Regarding the transfer issue of LICE 2014 JTOs who are eagerly waiting for their transfer to parent SSAs,he assured that the commitment given by the leadership will be fulfilled at any cost. Meeting unanimously passed resolutions regarding posting of GM to SSA, allotment of OLT, 4G network and hotspots to this super performing SSA. The meeting was chaired by DP Rajesh Manchan and DS Jithesh KP welcomed the assembly.


Congratulations..! Phase-I training to the successful candidates of LICE-JTO(T) held on 22.05.2016 for vacancy year 2013-14 is scheduled at RTTC Trivandrum wef 7/11/2016. The candidates allotted to RTTC Chennai for the pre-basic-I & pre-basic-ll trainings would be relieved to RTTC TVM on completion of the pre-basic-ll training for attending Phase-I training. View Orders


Glimpses of Kannur District GB on 20th Sep 2016.
General Secretary Com K.Sebastin, Circle Secretary Com T.Santhosh Kumar and other Leaders of Kannur SSA addressed the General Body. All queries raised by Members were thoroughly discussed by GS and CS.
Kannur GB 200916


Glimpses of Kanhangad GB on 20th Sep 2016.
General Secretary Com K.Sebastin, Circle Secretary Com T.Santhosh Kumar and other Leaders of Kannur SSA addressed the General Body. All queries raised by Members were thoroughly discussed by GS and CS.
Kanhangad GB 200916


Congratulations..! Inter-Circle Transfer orders to Chennai & Karnataka Circle in AGM/DE (Telecom Operation stream) released.View Orders


Congratulations..! Promotion and Posting orders of Executives (STS level of Telecom finance) to the grade of DGM (JAG level of Telecom Finance) on Adhoc basis released.
View Promotion/Posting orders || View Reversion orders


Organisational Tour Diary of General Secretary Com.K.Sebastin in Kerala from 20/9/2016 to 24/9/2016

DATE   Morning Session  Afternoon Session
 20/9/2016  Kanhangad  Kannur
 21/9/2016  Malappuram  Calicut
 22/9/2016  Palghat  Trichur
 23/9/2016  Tiruvalla  Kollam
 24/9/2016  Kottayam  Alappuzha
Respective Secretaries are requested to contact each and every member and also invite sister association members for the meeting and make the function a grand success.


CHQ News: Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh judgement on reservation in promotion
GS and AGS met GM Pers on 12.09.2016 and held discussion on the recent Hon CAT, Chandigarh judgement on reservation issue. Hon CAT ordered that as per Nagaraj judgement of Hon Apex court, reservation should not be given on Promotion. This judgement came in the case of SDE to DE promotion.
Association requested management to take all necessary steps to protect the Constitutional rights of SC/ST Executives by appealing against the judgement immediately. Further we suggested to approach the Hon Supreme Court directly by filing SLP and get it clubbed with other cases pending in the Hon Supreme Court.



Onam wishes from CMD-BSNL through Twitter


Onam Message from CGMT Kerala
View Message


Organisational Tour Diary of General Secretary Com.K.Sebastin in Kerala
20th - CNN
21st - MRX (Morning session) CLT (Afternoon session)
22nd - PGT (Morning session) TCR (Afternoon session)
23rd - PTA (Morning Session) KLM (Afternoon session).
Respective Secretaries are requested to contact each and every member and also invite sister association members for the meeting and make the function a grand success.


Congratulation..!! JTO(T) Training orders released for Pre-Basic-I, Pre-Basic-II and Phase-I training for 27 LICE qualified candidates for the vacancy year 2013-14 The training orders for the remaining successful candidates will be notified shortly. View Orders


Recruitment of JTO(T) from Open Market: BSNL initiated recruitment for 2510 JTOs from Open Market through valid Gate Score-2017 in the pay scale of E1. SNEA strongly protest against the BSNL Management decision to recruit JTOs in the E1 scale from the market when BSNL Board approved E2 scales for the JTO/JAOs. This establishes the double standard of BSNL, on one side they are approving E2 scale where as in reality they want to recruit only in E1 scale.


LICE notified for promotion to the grade of JTO(T) under 50% internal quota for the vacancy year 2015-16 to be held on 11/12/2016
View Notification || Exam syllabus || Recruitment Rules-2014


Status of E2, E3 pay scales: Based on the BSNL reply dated 18.08.2016 on revision of pay scales, PSU section once again processed the BSNL proposal on 05.09.2016. We requested PSU section to focus the reply of BSNL where it replied that replacement of E1A and E2A to E2 and E3 is part of 2nd PRC for which presidential order is not issued by DoT so far. It cannot be referred to DPE or 3rd PRC as suggested by DoT. It has to be decided now itself. It is learned that PSU section opined that there is no objection as the proposal is in line with the DPE guidelines. It is confirmed that the proposal moved from Addl Secretary, DoT to Finance section yesterday morning. The real challenge lies in getting DoT Finance approval as last time DoT Finance only objected the proposal citing financial implications.
United Forum demands the intervention of CMD and DIR(HR) at this crucial stage.



Audited accounts of BSNL for the year 2015-16 approved by BSNL Board yesterday.
It is a moment of great satisfaction for all the employees as BSNL is growing under great challenges. Still we could improve the revenue also. SWAS programmes giving life to BSNL in terms of growth, quality of service and revenue.

· After 2009-10, Highest Revenue. Total Revenue 32,918 crores (Last year it was 28,648 crores)

· Highest operational revenue. Revenue from Operation is 28,449 crores comparing to 27,242 crores of last year.

· Increase in revenue from operations by 4.43%.

· Total revenue increased by 15% mainly due to interest on Income Tax refund, Amount write back etc.

· Losses reduced by 53%, from Rs 8234 crores to 3880 Crores.

· EBITA—3854 crores against 672 crores of last year. This hike in profit is mainly because of the 3400 Crores on Interest on IT refund and Amount write back. Actual increase in revenue from operations will be 3854-3400=454 Crores.

· Employees Expenditure slightly reduced from 54.3% to 54.08%

· Admin expenditure increased slightly from 39.9% to 40%

Least debt Telecom company. BSNL is having only 2500 Crores


CAO to DGM (Finance) promotion:
Promotion orders issued to 234 CAOs as Adhoc DGM (F) today. SNEA congratulates all the promoted executives.
View Promotion orders

SNEA Manifesto for Membership verification

Strengthen SNEA, Strengthen BSNL

A thought for unity, a vote for SNEA

Manifesto in PDF || Manifesto in Word


Congratulations to all the comrades of United Forum especially to the Comrades of SNEA for making the two days DHARNA a grand success throughout the Circle with massive participation.

As per the reports, Hundreds of Executives joined the Dharna at Circle/SSA HQs with huge enthusiasm. Almost all the SSAs reported massive participation showing the commitment of the comrades who are suffering for years together without pay scales, promotions and superannuation benefits.

On pay scales demand is to get the replacement scales for E1A and E2A to E2 and E3 before 3rd PRC. Other pay scales are not the immediate agenda and it will be addressed in the 3rd PRC after few months as E2 to E7 proposal is already rejected by DoT citing financial implications. If E2 and E3 are not settled now itself, we will end up in E1, E2 to E6 and 3rd PRC will give replacement scales for that only, closing the demands and our dream for standard pay scales. We have to pressurise mgt to settle E2 and E3 first. Mgt is playing with the future of Executives by sending the proposal of E2 to E7 and not modifying it by limiting it to E2 and E3 even after UF notice demanding E2 and E3 alone. They are not even pursuing the matter with DoT. They are pretending that they want to give everything but practically not interested to give anything.

Superannuation benefits proposal is with the Hon Minister and we hope that it will be cleared in few days.

On CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, GM(Pers) and Jt GM(Pers) initiated discussions on the contentious issues. UF demanded that a) time bound functional promotion upto AGM grade without linking with the availability of posts as recommended by Khan Committee, b) delinking promotions beyond AGM grade from the proposal, c) sanctioned posts should be as per the norms, not as per the Deloittee recommendation, d) after AGM grade, promotion to E5 and E6 scales should continue in 5 years as per EPP instead of proposed 7 years etc. Discussions should continue after mgt taken a view on these issues.

Settlement of pay scales, CPSU Hierarchy upto AGM and increasing the contribution of Superannuation benefits requires long long struggle with strong conviction, firm commitment and dedication. All the District Secretaries are requested to prepare our membership for a long struggle on these vital issues which will settle almost 80% to 90% of the HR issues.


Glimpses of Dharna on 7th Sep 2016 UF Dharna 07-SEP-2016


Glimpses of Dharna on 6th Sep 2016 UF Dharna 06-SEP-2016


Full Day Dharna on 6th and 7th Sep 2016:
United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations consisting of SNEA, AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA launched organizational actions demanding:
1) Implemenattion of standard pay scales of E2, E3 replacing E1A and E2A
2) 30% Superannuation benefits to BSNL direct recruits
3) Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy.

All SSA/Branch Secretaries are requested to make all out preparations for the two days Dharna on 06th and 07th September 2016.

Ensure 100% participation on both days.


Tour Diary of SNEA Kerala Circle Office bearers for the upcoming dharna on 6th Sep & 7th Sep 2016:


Corporate Office orders: Posting of JAOs on probation under DR quota consequent on completion of training reg.

BSNL to counter RJio with unlimited broadband data at Rs.249 : The plan will enhance the customer experience towards wireline broadband services and attract new users to experience BSNL broadband services, the Chairman cum Managing director Anupam Shrivastava of the corporation said in a statement.....View Media News

Fact about Reliance JIO Free Voice calls: The voice calls on JIO network will be sent in the form of data and thus calling and called party of voice calls will be charged. In our case only calling party pays.


Solidarity and support to the General Strike on 02.09.2016 by the Central Trade Unions: Central Trade Unions decided for one day strike on 02.09.2016 with various demands including No disinvestment of CPSEs, minimum wages, strict enforcement of labour laws and no amendment to labour laws, no merger of banks etc. All the issues are so serious and having direct impact on BSNL when Govt very seriously thinking about strategic sale.
SNEA decided to extend solidarity and support to the strike by joining the demonstration or holding separate demonstrations wherever possible.

Superannuation benefits to BSNL Direct recruitment employees: The proposal cleared by Additional Secretary (Telecom) and gone to Secretary, DoT for approval.

Membership Verification Process: As requested by this Association BSNL Corporate Office issued instructions regarding Finalization / supply of electoral rolls to the authorized representatives of participating Associations latest by 05-09-2016 regarding. View Letter

CAO to DGM(F) promotion: DPC almost completed. Since one of the DPC member is on leave, promotion orders are expected after few days.

CPSU Cadre Hierarchy: Initial response of UF comprising of SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA to the draft proposal on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. If the proposal is implemented all the SDEs completed 10 years of service will be promoted as AGM and all efforts are made to ensure that all the SDEs in list no 6 & 7 are promoted together in a single lot ending all the disputes.
View the copy of initial response to the draft proposal on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy.


Kannur News: Taliparamba Branch Secretary com MV Narayanan Retires...
Com MV Narayanan, an ardent leader of working class movement, always in the forefront of agitations organized by SNEA and also an expert in external plant maintenance, most sincere and loyal to the association as well as organization, retires on superannuation today after serving more than four decades. His contribution will be remembered for ever and SNEA wishes him and his family a happy and prosperous retired life.

A General body meeting to Facilitate Com MV Narayanan held at Taliparamba on 27.08.2016. Former Circle organising secretary Com K Narayanan inaugurated the function. DP com Rajesh manchan, DS com Jithesh addressed the meeting. The present body was dissolved and New Office bearers of Taliparamba Branch were unanimously elected:
President: Com Damodaran EP, JAO Payyanur
Secretary: Com Manoj kumar KV, JTO TIM Taliparamba
Treasurer: Com Narayanan Nambeesan, SDE Cml Payyanur.

(Photo: Senior comrade and SSA VP Com Manojkumar KV, SDE Payyanur giving Memento to Com MV Narayanan)


Circle level Meeting of United Forum comprising of SNEA, AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA held at SNEA Bhavan, Trivandrum on 30/08/2016: View Minutes

The meeting commenced at 5.30PM and the following decisions were taken at the meeting:
1. A Circle level committee of United Forum was formed:
      I. Chairman – Com Shaji.V, CS AIBSNLEA
      II. General Convener – Com. T.Santhosh Kumar, CS SNEA
      III. Treasurer – Com. Binu.S, CS AIGETOA
      IV. Executive Committee members –
            Com G.Harikrishnan, SNEA
            Com G. Premkumar, SNEA
            Com J.V.Ramana, SNEA
            Com Vijayakumar.B, AIBSNLEA
            Com R.Udayakumar, AIBSNLEA
            Com Manoj Viswanath, AIBSNLEA
            Com Sekhar.S.Nair, AIGETOA
            Com Saheer.S, AIGETOA
            Com Aravind.M, AIGETOA
2. All SSA should hold United Forum meeting on or before 03/09/2016.
3. Common banner and common notice should be prepared and distributed to SSA by Circle committee.
4. Ensure maximum participation.
5. Ensure that all members are on leave for two days (06/09/16 and 07/09/16) well in advance and ensure 100% participation in the dharna pandal.
6. Combined campaigning to be done at SSA level.
7. Expenses in connection with dharna should be beared equally.
8. Circle level Review meeting will be held on 05/09/2016.
The meeting concluded at 7.10PM.
Glimpses of the meeting
United Forum 30/8/2016

Click here for the United Forum Notice for Trade Union Actions

1. Immediate replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1-A and E2-A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent cadres w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per the recommendation of the Joint Committee.
2. Extending 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees as per the recommendation of 2nd PRC.
3. Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first Time Bound Promotion as per the recommendation of Joint committee.

Organizational actions and schedule:
1. “Lunch/Closing Hour Demonstrations” at BSNLCO/Circle/SSA Headquarters and other major Centres on 23rd August, 2016.
2. Full day Dharna at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA Headquarters on 06th & 07th September, 2016.
3. “Day Long Hunger Fast” at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 27th, 28th and 29th September, 2016.


CHQ News: Meeting with Senior Officers of DOT for pursuing Standard payscales of E2 & E3, Superannuation benefits to BSNL Direct Recruits:

Superannuation benefits to BSNL Direct Recruits:
In continuation of our agenda meeting with Secretary DOT on 19-08-2016, GS, CHQ President and Chairman met senior officers of DOT today to further pursue the proposal on Superannuation benefits . In the meeting held on 19-08-2016, Secretary DOT assured us that the proposal will be approved soon. Member Finance, Telecom Commission now cleared the proposal, crossing the major hurdle. The orders are expected in a couple of days.

Replacement of E1A & E2A pay scales with standard pay scales of E2 & E3: Today GS, CHQ President and Chairman met the concerned officers in DOT and given further input to the issue. They assured that the inputs will be incorporated in the proposal.
United Forum comprising of SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA is on agitation to settle the issues.


History, status and vision of SNEA on Superannuation benefit to BSNL directly recruited employees:

After pay, pension and terminal benefits are the most important concern for any serving employee. Similarly, for the employees directly recruited by BSNL, Superannuation benefit is the most important issue directly affecting their social security. At the time of formation of BSNL itself, this important issue got covered in Rule 37A. As per Rule 37A, BSNL employees absorbed from DoT are covered by Govt pension under CCS pension Rules 1972 and for the BSNL directly recruited employees, a separate pension fund is to be formed. Instead of forming a separate pension fund, EPF pension scheme introduced for the BSNL directly recruited employees, after discussion with the Unions and Assns. All were demanding for a more secured EPF scheme instead of forming a pension fund.

Initially, the EPF contribution was a fixed amount of Rs 781/- per month for all the BSNL directly recruited JTO/JAOs, with the ceiling of 12% of 6500, irrespective of the emoluments. BSNL continued the same contribution till 2005. SNEA struggled since 2003 for the removal of the ceiling on EPF contribution, demanding full 12% of the emoluments (basic pay plus IDA) as the employer contribution. Finally BSNL management agreed to our demand in May, 2005 and BSNL Board approved the proposal with retrospective effect. The orders issued removing the ceiling on 12th August, 2005 with retrospective effect, making provision for EPF contribution @ 12% of emoluments, w/o ceiling, a big achievement for the BSNL direct recruits. This was the second major issue, SNEA could settle for the BSNL directly recruited JTO/JAOs. First was the E1A pay scale for the direct recruits also at par with the absorbed officers instead of E1 scale.

2nd PRC recommended a separate pension fund, with a contribution, maximum upto 30% of the emoluments towards PF, Pension, Gratuity and Post Retirement Medical Benefits. This demand came into limelight when Forum gone on agitation in 2012 along with other demands of 78.2% IDA and CCL. Till that time management was taken a stand that there is no need for a separate pension fund as EPF scheme is available. During settlement of the agitation, management agreed to constitute a committee to examine it.The committee recommended for a separate pension fund, starting with a contribution of 2% from BSNL. In 2013-14, then CMD agreed for 4% contribution and in our AIC at Jaipur, present CMD assured 6% contribution, in the presence of almost all the General Secretaries. However there was no consensus among the Unions/Assns even on 6%, sticking to unrealistic demand of 12%. On 19.02.2016 in our absence, management announced 3% in a meeting and gone ahead with that. SNEA strongly protested against this betrayal. We are continuing our struggle to see that this 3% contribution is enhanced to the 6% as assured to SNEA for the time being. We shall continue to struggle for the full 30% Eventhough the 3% proposal is approved by Board and gone to DoT for approval, our strong protest reopened the case and management agreed to review the contribution after recalculation of the medical expenses. Now UF also taken it as a demand in the trade union notice.

The proposal is pursued in DoT for early administrative approval. Association met almost all the senior officers in DoT in this regard. On 19.08.2016, an agenda meeting was held with secretary, DoT in this regard in which Secretary directed the concerned officers to clear the proposal and assured that DoT approval will be communicated to BSNL shortly. Our future agenda in 3rd PRC is to ensure that superannuation benefit is becoming a mandatory provision, giving no scope to the management to linger on or decide the quantum of contribution.


JTO to SDE case at Hon'ble High Court of Kerala:
JTO to SDE promotion case was listed for hearing today, 29.08.2016 at Hon'ble High Court of Kerala. On a separate application, Hon'ble HC fixed the date of hearing as 29.08.2016. Sr Lawyer from Supreme Court engaged by BSNL on our specific request reached Ernakulam yesterday itself. The Sr Lawyer engaged by SNEA was also briefed properly by our comrades. The arguments from applicants side almost completed. The case posted for further hearing on 22.09.2016 after Court vacation for Onam holidays. The arguments from respondents (BSNL and SNEA side) will be on 22.09.2016. For completing the arguments next time, Hon'ble High Court of Kerala reserved two days for the arguments, 22.09.2016 and 23.09.2016. Today arguments were made for about 4 hours.


Meeting with PGM(Finance):
CS, CT and ACS met PGM(F) on 26/8/2016 to discuss the progress of imparting Phase-II training to JAO's who already completed Phase-I training and imparting training to recently qualified LICE JAO's. PGM(F) intimated that some clarification is required from Corporate Office regarding Phase-II training of JAOs and Administration is vigorously pursuing the case with Corporate Office to settle it at the earliest. We also collected reference details from concerned section and forwarded to CHQ to pursue the case at Corporate Office. In connection with training of recently qualified LICE JAOs, PGM(F) intimated that training will be scheduled at the earliest.


General Body Meeting of Palakkad SSA held on 25/8/16 at Hotel Gazala, Palakkad. CP, CS and ACS Com KV.Chandran addressed the meeting. Excellent participation in the meeting especially from lady Comrades. Meeting commenced at 2PM and concluded at 5.30PM.
PGT GB 250816


The LICE from Group C to JTO(T) (50%) for the year 2014-15 and JAO (10%) scheduled for 28.08.2016 is postponed to 24.09.2016 due to flood situation in various parts of the country. View Letter copy.


Provisional Seniority list in the grade of STS (CAO) Regular working in BSNL as on 10-06-16. View List


View Glimpses of Lunch hour Demonstration held on 23-08-2016 at Kerala Circle/SSA Head Quarters:


GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding first membership verification among Executives Associations. Displaying the electoral rolls, submission of objections, final electoral roll etc – extension of time View Letter


View Media Reports:
BSNL Unlimited 3G Plan without Speed Restriction - Launched
BSNL to launch 4G service in Kerala by March next.
BSNL launches unlimited 3G plan for Rs 1,099, cuts rate by 50%.
BSNL makes data cheaper by 100%.
Exclusive Interview Manoj Sinha, Telecom Minister of India, DOT Minister.
BSNL Kerala retains status as most profitable telecom circle.
BSNL Kerala is leading the show for State-run telecom on how to maintain growth.


Draft proposal on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy upto AGM Grade.

Our major demands and suggestions are accepted by the management to great extent:
a) Time Bound Functional promotion to SDE/AO, Sr SDE/Sr AO and AGM/CAO after completion of 5 years of service.
b) Promotions delinked from seniority.
c) Promotions delinked from availability of posts, fully upto Sr SDE/Sr AO grade.

SNEA suggestions accepted by the management:
1) First promotion immediately on implementation itself, without DPC, for the Executives working in higher scales. Example: JTO in E2A scale. Immediately he will be promoted as SDE w/o DPC. This will give great relief to thousands and thousands of JTOs, SDEs, JAOs and AOs waiting for promotions for years together.

2) For the Executives working in two or more higher scales, two years relaxation in the qualifying service for the second promotion. Example: A JTO in E3 scale. Immediately he will be promoted as SDE w/o DPC and he will be promoted as Sr SDE after 3 years of service as SDE (relaxation of 2 years).

3) Change of designation for each grade.

4) Uniform date of promotion, 1st January or 1st July. Similarly uniform date of increment, 1st January or 1st July. In future, anomalies will not be there.

5) DPCs decentralised to respective Circles.

  Challenges in the draft CPSU proposal, to be addressed in totality:
a) Time Bound Functional promotion to AGM grade for the existing SDE/AOs having 10 years of combined service as SDE/Sr SDE or AO/Sr AO without linking with the availability of posts. As and when remaining SDE/AOs completes 10 years, promotion to AGM grade.

b) To get the CPSU Hierarchy upto AGM grade as recommended by the Khan Committee, processed first, separately, w/o linking with the promotions to higher grades. Promotions to higher grades are to be dealt separately, later.

c)  Increasing the number of DGM posts to atleast 2000.

d)After implementation of CPSU Hierarchy upto AGM, processing the promotions from DGM onwards with necessary changes.

These outstanding issues are to be settled. UF comprising of SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA is committed to that and our struggles will lead to its resolution


Lunch Hour Demonstrations by United Forum

Lunch Hour Demonstration by United Forum led by SNEA held at Circle Office and All SSA Head Quarters with Massive participation of SNEA Members and other Members of United Forum

SNEA Kerala Circle sincerely expressing our gratitude to all Comrades for making this event a grand success!!!


Lunch/Closing Hour Demonstrations at BSNLCO/Circle/SSA Headquarters and other major Centres on 23rd August, 2016.
Comrades, Make extensive preparations for the Lunch/Closing Hour Demonstrations by United Forum of BSNL Executive Associations comprising SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA. Show our strength and protest against the inordinate delay in implementation of:
a) Standard pay scales E2 & E3 for JTO & SDE & equivalent cadres
b) 30% superannuation benefit for BSNL Recruited Employees and
c) Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first TBP.


History, Status and Vision of SNEA on E2, E3 Pay Scales for JTO, SDE and equivalent Cadres: Earnest Appeal from SNEA to “All the Stake Holders” to join hands for a conclusive fight on E2, E3 Pay scales in the coming days.

Comrades, today the basic cadres, JTO and SDE equivalent are under threat of demotion. These prestigious cadres got higher pay scales and recognition through continuous struggles for the last three decades, since 1984. The JTO cadre is having the history of struggles and the Association also got transformed after each struggle from erstwhile JETA(I) to JTOA(I) to TEOA(I) to SNEA.

During DoT era, cadre based Associations was the concept. During 1980s, the pay scales of JE (Jr Engineer and now JTO), was less than that of JAOs and even selection grade PIs. Through continuous struggles for three years from 1984 to 1987, JEs redesignated as JTOs and the pay scale revised from 425-15-700 to 550-900 (revised scale of 1400-40-2700 to 1640-60-2900). The agitation was so terrific, Union Cabinet forced to decide the pay scales of JTO Cadre in DoT. The Assn also renamed from JETA(I) to JTOA(I). During V Central Pay commission (CPC), through continuous struggle and interaction with CPC, JTOA(I) (SNEA) achieved further recognition by one more upward revision of pay scales from 5500-150-9000(pre-revised 1640-60-2900) to Rs.6500-200-10500 (pre-revised 2000- 3500) w.e.from 1st January 1996. Further, the JTO cadre elevated from Group C to Group B Gazetted status. As a natural process, upgradation of pay scales of SDE took place from 6500-200-10500 to 7500-250-12000 due to upward revision of pay scale of JTO. Assn also renamed from JTOA(I) to TEOA(I), eligible to enroll all JTOs and officers promoted from JTO cadre.

After formation of BSNL, the Group B Gazetted status given us recognition in the way of absorption as an Executive in BSNL. All other similar cadres absorbed in BSNL as Non Executives. During absorption process, TEOA(SNEA) was the only Assn demanded terms and conditions for absorption in BSNL/MTNL like a) pay scales, b) Promotion policy and c) Fitment formula for an informed choice. We would like to mention here that all other Sister Organizations gave their consent to BSNL Management that they are ready to get absorbed in BSNL with an Adhoc payment of Rs.2000/-. TEOA(SNEA) fought the matter organizationally and legally in Court of Law and compelled BSNL Management to declare Terms and Conditions before Absorption. Management offered E1, E2, --- E6 Pay scales to JTO, SDE, Sr SDE, DE, DGM and SG DGM equivalent grades. TEOA(SNEA) demanded E2 scale for JTO, E3 for SDE, ----E7 scale for SG DGM. TEOA(SNEA) single handedly fought again organizationally in 2002-03 by Nationwide struggle. BSNL management finally agreed for E1A, E2A, --- E6 for JTO, SDE, --- equivalent grades in 2003. Even though management was decided to extend only E1 pay scales for the BSNL recruits, our agitation forced them to extend E1A scales for all, absorbees as well as new BSNL recruits. Here we would like to mention that Pay scale of JTO / SDE is concern of SNEA (Erstwhile known as TEOA, JTOA, and JETA) since decades and by lot of struggle we have achieved results also.

2nd PRC given us another opportunity to demand for E2, E3 --- pay scales which was our original demand since formation of BSNL. A joint committee was formed in 2012 after the joint agitation of United Forum but it was practically defunct. E1A and E2A are the only two pay scales where the presidential orders are not issued by DoT. All other pay scales, E3 to E9, presidential orders are issued by DoT in 2009 and implemented in BSNL. More importantly these are the entry level pay scales of the basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO. Terms of reference of the Joint Committee was limited to replacement of E1A and E2A scales by E2 and E3. SNEA is sincerely trying for E2, E3 keeping the larger interest of the cadre as well as the interest of the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007. Mgt was decided to demote the cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO by reducing the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2. The demand of E2 scale from 01.10.2000, cascading effect etc from some sections was suiting the mgt which want to crush our legitimate demand of E2, E3 scales replacing E1A and E2A. When others were not serious on the issue, SNEA alone started organizational actions since February, 2014. During the agitations mgt again referred E1A and E2A scales to DoT and DPE for approval. By our timely intervention, DPE and DoT rejected the proposal in July, 2014. Only SNEA was pursuing this matter with DoT and DPE on a day to day basis to get the proposal rejected. If E1A and E2A scales were approved by DoT/DPE, then there is no scope for E2, E3 pay scales! Again SNEA launched agitation in Sept, 2014 and April-May, 2015 which resulted in the reconstitution of the Joint Committee with a dynamic absorbed officer as its new Chairman. Further CMD directed the Jt Committee to meet regularly atleast once in a fortnight and submit the recommendations in 3 months time. Our vigil and continuous efforts in the Jt Committee resulted in a very positive and sweeping recommendation from the Jt Committee, which recommended replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007. Unfortunately, after signing the committee recommendation by all the three Assns, there was change in view in some sections. In the name of cascading effect etc they tried their level best, in connivance with the mgt, to derail the issue. We told one and all including Management that E2 to E7 is the demand of SNEA since absorption but E2 and E3 proposal should be separate from E4 to E7 as we are in immediate need of finalization of E2, E3 pay scales before 3rd PRC. Simultaneously the assured five TB promotions between 4 to 6 years, which we achieved in 2002 through sustained struggle, should not be disturbed. Knowing very well that DoT will not agree for a mini wage revision in the name of cascading effect just ahead of 3rd PRC, some sections compelled BSNL mgt to send a mini wage revision proposal to DoT. As assured to the Assn in the meeting with CMD and DIR(HR) on 17.05.2016, the MC approved the pay scale proposal in two parts 1) E1A to E2, E2A to E3 and 2) E3 to E4, --, E6 to E7 and the proposals sent to DoT directly. The second part will be an uphill task as these scales are already approved by DoT in 2009 and the proposal is like another wage revision as all the scales are getting upgraded. It may take more time as it may have to go to Union Cabinet due to MTNL issue, which is not an easy task. Knowing all these facts, our friends tried for a single proposal from E2, E3 to E7.

As we afraid, DoT rejected the combined proposal of E2, ---- E7 citing huge financial implications. DoT didn’t examine the first part of the proposal from E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 in isolation. DoT even suggested to refer the matter to 3rd PRC where as the issue has to be dealt by BSNL and DPE. We will oppose this tooth and nail. Now all the Associations understood what is feasible and realistic and joined together demanding immediate approval of E2, E3 scales without disturbing the five TB promotions already we are having. If the promotions are disturbed, Jt Committee recommendation and implementation of CPSU Hierarchy also will be jeopardised. All are joined together with this single agenda. Strong organizational actions will be starting soon. We are committed to ensure that our basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO are not demoted. We are committed to see that our young comrades recruited after 01.01.2007 who are the committed soldiers of SNEA are getting E2, E3 scales with 5 promotions which the seniors are getting now.

The demand of E2, E3 is alive today, only due to the struggle of SNEA since 2014. It will be a natural process to get Sr SDE/Sr AO scale shifting from E3 to E4, then E4 to E5 --- E6 to E7, atleast during 3rd PRC implementation. If E2, E3 not settled now, before 3rd PRC, there is no scope for E2, E3, -- E7 as it will automatically end up in E1+5 increments, E2, E3, --- E6 forever, which management is trying to implement. Before 3rd PRC, atleast E2, E3 should be settled. At any cost, we should not allow demotion to happen. Once E2, E3 pay scales are approved, the demand of pay parity of Rs 22820/- for 2007 and 2008 batch can be strongly pursued.

Comrades, our immediate aim is to get the approval of E2, E3 pay scales replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A. E1A and E2A are the two pay scales, presidential orders are not issued so far. So, it is part of 2nd PRC and should settle before 3rd PRC. Whatever glory our predecessors earned for these cadres through various struggles, we should not allow that to fade. Now all the Assns joined together with this minimum demand. We will keep the five TB promotions intact, so that it will automatically lead to E2, E3, -- E7 in the coming days.


CS writes to CGMT regarding imparting training to the recently declared LICE qualified JTOs and JAOs:
The results of LICE held for the posts of JTOs and JAOs have been declared recently and considerable number of candidates from Kerala Circle have passed the examination. At present our Circle is facing acute shortage of both JTOs and JAOs and as a result the development activities of the circle are severely affected. We humbly requested CGMT that necessary steps may be initiated to impart training to the qualified candidates at the earliest and efforts may be initiated to arrange the training at RTTC, Thiruvananthapuram. Moreover, if the training is started immediately they may be able to join their new post before 1-1-2017 and they may become eligible to enjoy the benefits of 3rd PRC right from 1.1.2017 in the Executive cadre. View Letter


Phase-II and Phase-III Training to JAOs:
CS writes to PGM(Finance) for imparting Phase-II and Phase-III training to the 33 JAOs who were recently regularised and posted after sustained efforts and legal struggles since 2012.
View Letter


Meeting with Secretary, DoT:
Secretary, DoT granted an agenda meeting to SNEA at 4PM on 19.08.2016 to discuss the following agenda points:
a) Approval of E2, E3 pay scales
b) Superannuation benefits and
c) Pension revision for BSNL pensioners part of terms of reference of 3rd PRC.
GS, CHQ President, Chairman and AGS had a detailed meeting with Secretary, DoT on various HR issues.
On Superannuation benefits we convinced Secretary about the urgency to clear the proposal sent by BSNL as more than 33000 employees are not having any social security. Immediately Secretary directed the concerned officers to clear the proposal and assured that DOT approval will be communicated to BSNL shortly.

On E2, E3 pay scales, DoT Finance informed Secretary that higher pay scales cannot be considered due to financial implications. Instead Finance suggested that the cadres can be placed in E1 scale and their pay can be compensated (by addl increments). However we took very strong exception to this and explained in detail to Secretary how JTO cadre has been recognised and upgraded the pay scales in 1986 by a Union Cabinet decision, again in 1996 by the V CPC recommendations. The cadre also upgraded from Group C to Group B Gazetted by the Govt as per the recommendations of V CPC. By demotion of the cadre to E1 scales, it will demoralize the entire cadre and cannot be accepted by the Assn under any circumstances. Further we informed Secretary that even after extending E2 scale, the Basic pay will be less by Rs.2220 (Rs.22820-Rs.Rs.20600), comparing to the JTOs joined prior to 01.01.2007. The E2 pay scale benefit will be extended to the fresh recruits after 01.01.2007 and not for others. All other Executives will not get any benefit at all. These are the entry cadre pay scales where direct recruitment taking place from market. Demotion of the cadres will affect the rect and talents will not join BSNL. Finally Secretary directed concerned officers to re examine the case in light of the fresh inputs provided by us.
Comrades, it is very clear that DoT is not in a mood to consider even E2, E3 pay scales. Make extensive preparations for a prolonged agitational programs on pay scales.

Revision of pension for the BSNL pensioners by referring the mater to 3rd PRC: Assn explained the issue. Pension revision is done through cabinet decisions which is cumbersome process. Pension revision is always getting delayed. So the matter may be referred to 3rd PRC and it should become part of terms of reference of 3rd PRC. Already DoT written to DPE in this regard, but it did not included in the terms of reference as it reached DPE late. Secretary informed that he had already spoken to the Secretary, DPE in this regard but the response is not positive. However on our repeated plea, he assured that he will take the matter with DPE to get it included in the terms of reference of 3rd PRC.


United Forum of BSNL Executive Associations comprising SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA served notice for organizational actions protesting against the inordinate delay in implementation of:
a) Standard pay scales of E2 & E3 for JTO, SDE & equivalent cadres
b) 30% superannuation benefit for BSNL Recruited Employees and
c) Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first TBP.

United Forum Notice for Trade Union Actions
1. Immediate replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1-A and E2-A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent cadres w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per the recommendation of the Joint Committee.
2. Extending 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees as per the recommendation of 2nd PRC.
3. Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first Time Bound Promotion as per the recommendation of Joint committee.

Organizational actions and schedule:
1. “Lunch/Closing Hour Demonstrations” at BSNLCO/Circle/SSA Headquarters and other major Centres on 23rd August, 2016.
2. Full day Dharna at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA Headquarters on 06th & 07th September, 2016.
3. “Day Long Hunger Fast” at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 27th, 28th and 29th September, 2016.


CMD's Message on Independence Day


Dear Comrades,
DoT rejected BSNL proposal of E1A, E2A,.... E6 to E2, E3, ... E7 pay scales citing huge financial implications on BSNL and DOT (Pension liability). Even suggested to send the proposal to DPE. This was our apprehension since beginning. Now there is no option left for us. We will be serving notice shortly. Gear up for the toughest struggle. Now the 3rd PRC also under question. Click here to view Letter


Excel File - SSA wise Result of LICE for promotion from Group C to the grade of JAO under 40% quota held on 17-07-2016 Click here for excel file


CHQ News - Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL:
GS, CHQ President and Chairman met CMD, BSNL and discussed the following issues. During discussion GS/AIGETOA and VP/AIGETOA also joined with us.
1) Approval of E2, E3 --- pay scales replacing the intermediary scales of E1A and E2A. We together requested CMD that atleast the pay scales of E1A and E2A which are not approved by DoT so far should immediately be replaced and all other scales can be taken care of later on. We informed CMD that this issue already discussed with Addl Sec, DoT and informed him that replacing the intermediary scales are of imminent necessity and we have submitted all the supporting documents in this regard. CMD was quite supportive of this idea and even opined that this may be the only possible solution at this point of time. We requested his personal intervention to get it expedited in DoT before DoT/Fin is taking negative stand on the whole proposal. CMD assured to speak to Addl Sec and do the needful.
2) Approval of superannuation benefit to BSNL direct rects. We requested his intervention to get the proposal cleared at the earliest. CMD assured to take up this issue also.
It is a good beginning to resolve the issues.


Meeting with Administration on implementation of SWAS(Service With A Smile)
held on 09/08/2016 at Conference Hall, O/o CGMT, Trivandrum:

Circle Administration called an emergency meeting of all Associations/Unions on short notice for discussing the implementation of SWAS (Service With A Smile) program which kick started nationwide on 30th Dec 2015 with a pledge by all employees. GM(HR) Shri D.Mohan, GM(NWO&SM-CFA) Shri I.Thirunavakkarasu, GM(NWP-CFA) Shri P.G.Nirmal, DGM(Admin) Shri R.Satheesh, DGM(HR) Shri James Sagayaraj and other Officers attended from Administration side.
Assistant Circle Secretary Com. J.V.Ramana and Area Secretary(South) Com. Harikrishnan.G represented SNEA. Representatives of AIGETOA, AIBSNLEA, BTEU and FNTO also attended the meeting.

To carry the ‘SWAS’ Programme forward more aggressively and to popularize the various products and schemes of BSNL among the public, Management and forum of executives and non-executives have decided to take again a pledge at 10.15AM on 10th Aug 2016. Different activities under this programme would continue for one full month after the event.

Suggestions put forward by our Association:
  1. Similar kind of meetings should be conducted at SSA/Division/Subdivision level also for effective implementation of the SWAS programme.
  2. “Don’t wait for Customers to approach us rather we should approach Customers.” Vigorous Marketing Mela’s should be conducted across the Circle to promote and sell our products. Management and Assn/Unions shall chalk out a program so that all Officers/Officials shall take part in the marketing/Melas at least 2 days in a month other than their routine work.
  3. Good Quality of Service to the customers can arrest disconnections as well as it helps in improving our revenue. Unavailability of sufficient skilled workforce in CFA sector is a major constraint especially for attending Cable jointing works and attending Broadband faults. Identify few skilled (or interested/can be trained) Linemen and make a Division wise task force for attending cable faults. Apprentice Trainees (ITI/Diploma/Engg) should be efficiently utilized for technical works like attending broadband faults/provisioning rather than wasting them in office works.
  4. Last Mile connectivity issues: Shortage/unavailability of stores like 5pr-cable/Dropwire are constraints in providing new connections as well as for maintaining the existing connections. GM(NWP) admitted the fact about the shortage of stores but informed that sufficient Kilometers of 5pr cables and dropwires are allotted to Kerala Circle and will be receiving shortly.
  5. Preventive measures to be taken for the shortage of SIM cards. Smartphone revolution is on exponential growth, so shortage of Nano/Micro SIM is to be addressed. The growth rate of Smartphone users using BSNL SIM to be analysed and accordingly Nano/Micro SIM to be procured.
  6. GGSN Issues at Chennai: 2G/3G data usage has enormously increased in Kerala Circle and has now reached around 60TB per day. But some repeated interruptions of a critical core network element called GGSN at Chennai catering to the millions of data customers of BSNL in South Zone, has already invited huge customer dissatisfaction. Revenue losses were also significant which cannot be tolerated in the present scenario. It is understood that CGMT Kerala has already communicated these issues to Director CM. We humbly request Management and other Unions/Associations for pushing Corporate office for deploying additional GGSN at geographically different locations in South Zone most preferably at Ernakulam.
  7. We urged Administration to take proactive measures to prevent negative publicity regarding Sim shortage, GGSN issues.. etc. In this era of social media, it takes only a few minutes for a news to become viral and can badly damage our company's brand image.
  8. Arrange public awareness programme about BSNL services: Division level meetings may be conducted with the Secretaries/Office bearers of various Residential Associations. The criticism to be taken as feedback to improve.
  9. Customer Feedback form: The Sample Customer feedback form issued by Dir(HR) could be clubbed up with a lucky draw coupon as part of upcoming Onam Celebrations. Recharge/Topup cards can be given as prizes. In this way we can collect valuable feedback from customers as well as we can improve our mobile number/email-id capturing.
  10. We appreciated the positive growth/developments happening in Trivandrum SSA after joining of Shri Thampi.S.S as PGMT Trivandrum. We all know how Trivandrum SSA slipped in the absence of a regular SSA Head in the last couple of years. We expressed our concern about similar fate of Kannur & Pathanamthitta SSA and requested GM(HR) to take up the case with Corporate office. GM(HR) responded positively and assured that atleast Kannur will get a regular SSA Head soon.

The meeting which started at 10.30AM was interactive and ended at 1:30PM.
Dear Comrades, Kindly assemble at 10:15AM on 10thAug 2016 for taking the pledge to be held at all SSA HQs as well as at other BSNL offices upto Subdivision level for reloading the SWAS (Service With A Smile) programme.
Letter by Dir(HR) dtd 29/7/16
Letter by GM(Admin),O/o CGMT, Tvm dtd 9/8/16
Letter by GM(SR), BSNLCO dtd 9/8/16


Congratulations...!!! Final List of Qualified Candidates from Group-C to JTO(T) LICE under 50% Quota for the year 2013-14 held on 22/05/2016 declared by Corporate office.
View Covering letter || View List


Congratulations....!!! Results of LICE for promotion from Group C to the grade of JAO under 40% quota held on 17-07-2016 declared today. 64 Officials from Kerala Circle were declared as qualified in the LICE.
View Covering Letter Copy.
View the Circle wise list of Qualified candidates.


Now the CAT is out of Bag -
LICE JTOs postings and transfer request
by the Persistent group:

Ohh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My god, Finally the persistent team realised that the LICE 2014 JTOs are ill-fated and posted in a disturbing way to various SSAs. Who created this ill-fate???? This ill-fate is created by the way of SMART Working in Aug 2014 by the Administration with the whole hearted support of the PERSISTENT team. Though they took more than 10 years to accept the right of TTAs to become JTOs through LICE, now it took only two years for them to realise this disturbing way of posting.

As we have already stated - SNEA is confident that, the request of all officers who have completed 2 years of service in a SSA will be considered through a systematic policy either by new posting or by transfer on long stay basis, which was in force in the circle since 2008.

By specifically demanding to meet the request the way in which the JAO case was done (JAO transfer was considered with new posting) appears to be an anticipatory bail with some vested interest . It is a question whether the demand is to meet the request of these JTOs or to protect some others. The transfer policy is very clear that these request are to be met either by new posting or by transfer on long stay basis without any dilution.

SNEA once again assure to all executives in Kerala Circle that, the transfer requests on completion of 2 years will be materialised in a timely manner. SNEA will take all efforts and sacrifice as in the past to ensure the transfer requests either by new posting or by transfer on long stay basis. When transfer orders were issued on long stay basis SNEA never approached Courts against such orders unlike some others as we have seen recently in Trichur.


Congratulations..!! orders issued for the leftover cases in STS(LA): View orders
As reported in this website on 03/08/2016, SNEA took up the case with the Circle Administration regarding reverted looking after DE’s. SNEA sincerely thank Circle Administration for considering our request. We also further request the Circle Administration to call for options for filling up the vacant posts especially in SSAs like Malappuram etc.


Move for strategic sale/Disinvestment of BSNL/MTNL....
Massive Demonstrations held across the country on 03.08.2016
Glimpses of Demonstration held at Circle Office, Trivandrum:


Meeting with GM(HR) on 03/08/2016:
Circle Secretary Com Santhosh Kumar.T, Circle Treasurer Com Premkumar.G and Asst Circle Secretary J.V.Ramana met GM(HR) Shri Mohan.D on 03/08/2016 and discussed the following issues:
Non Relieving and Shortage of Executives in Malappuram and Pathanamthitta SSA: The Association pointed out that 15 executives (8 DEs, 4 SDEs & 3 JTOs) who have completed even more than 3 years service at Malappuram SSA are yet to be relieved even after the issuance of transfer orders in April 2016. The above situation has arisen due to non joining of executives from SSAs like Thrissur, Palakkad and Calicut due to the inefficient handling of the issue by the Administration. We urged the Administration to make arrangements for posting of more DEs on LA basis by calling fresh volunteers without restriction on Seniority number and also by posting more executives from Inter-Circle transfers. We also pointed out the shortage of executives in Pathanamthitta SSA and urged to post more executives from Inter-Circle transfers. GM(HR) responded positively to our suggestions.
Looking after in STS cadre: we have pointed out that in the recent DE(LA) orders, even the existing looking after DE’s are reverted in SSAs like CNN(2), KTM(2), MRX(1), TCR(1), ENK(1) inspite of the fact that more than 150 STS posts are vacant in the Circle. We urged the Administration to increase the number of DE(LA) posts so that the humiliation to the looking after DEs who were holding the post for quite some time can be eliminated and many more eligible executives can be given promotion to DE post as they are waiting as SDEs for more than 16 years. GM(HR) ascertained the SSA wise details and agreed to consider our demands.


Move for strategic sale / Disinvestment of BSNL / MTNL
Forum of BSNL Unions/Assns and MTNL Unions/Assn decided to strongly oppose any move for strategic sale/disinvestment of BSNL or MTNL. Make extensive preparations—stop the Govt from the move at the beginning itself.
United Forum letter to Secretary,DoT


Niti Aayog – Very thinking of strategic sale in BSNL a preposterous proposition – Aayog has to get fully apprised of the ground realities that led to decline of BSNLs growth. Augmentation of BSNL at this critical juncture, when there are visible signs of consolidation of growth and massive closing down of losses, through capital infusion and other measures will strengthen the Govt. with a powerful institution to safeguard national security, force private operators to comply with policy provisions and defeat their concerted attempts of cartelization and help maintain competitive tariffs.

Nothing can be more ill conceived, ill timed and counterproductive than the very thinking in the highest policy planning body of the Country, NITI AAYOG, to dilute the equity of BSNL at a time when the Company, for the first time since the year 2008 has started showing very definite, visible and perceptible signs of positive growth trajectory and is very fast bridging the massive losses that it incurred during the preceding years. This is apt and high time when the policy making body, after taking a very close and hard look of how things have started shaping and building up of late in BSNL in terms of revenue generation, growth of mobile services, narrowing down of losses, expansion of services in rural areas etc. should have suggested very concrete measures to the Govt. to help the Company further bolster its growth so as to finally jump in the profitable zone which is just well within the reach of the Company. Getting into the profitable domain is just at arm’s length as of now and this is where the policy makers are making serious judgmental error by sending wrong signals for no reason.

Policy makers, it is extremely important, need to get apprised of some fundamental ground realities and facts that have unfolded in the Telecom sector during the last two decades. Primarily, policy makers need to factor in the unprecedented and unparalleled role that BSNL has played in terms of taking Telecom services to the remotest parts of the Country at highly subsidized rates, thereby fulfilling the National Telecom Policy Agenda of the Govt. to provide affordable Telecom Services of universal quality. In meeting this objective of National Telecom Policy, spelt out in 1988 when Telecom commission was constituted, BSNL bled and continues to bleed by investing more than Rs 20,000 crores with virtually no returns. And BSNL continues to meet this social obligation of policy, with recurring losses. It is not only pertinent but quite significant to mention that Private operators have had just no contribution in this herculean effort of building massive country wide telecom infrastructure. Instead, they exploited and continue to exploit this infrastructure without any investments. They never met the policy provisions that tasked them to provide telecom services in rural areas.

Massive reserves that the Company had were consigned to flames by politicians, bureaucrats, in nexus with corrupt officers in BSNL and vested interests. When we were running neck to neck vis-a-vis Airtel in terms of market share in the wireless segment in the year 2007, we were left crippled because of cancellation of 45.5 million lines of procurement of GSM equipment by the then Minister. That was where we started bleeding and this is just the tip of an iceberg. NITI AAYOG needs to dig out all that led to rapid deterioration of BSNL and it will arrive at inescapable conclusion that political interference, bureaucratic red tape, complete lack of autonomy, breach of policy violations by private operators at the cost of BSNL, meeting social obligations of telecom policies of the Govt. etc etc. led to fast sliding of BSNL.

Against all these heavy odds, when the Company is weathering the storm in a determined and extraordinary manner, showing great signs of resilience and visible upward growth trajectory, bridging losses incredibly and remarkably inching forward steadily but surely towards full recovery, the very thinking in the NITI AAYOG even remotely to dilute the equity of the Govt. in the Company in one way or the other only deflects the management and the employees from the path they have been together relentlessly traversing during the last more than a year towards taking the Company to its pristine glory. NITI AAYOG headed by worldwide renowned economist, Arvind Panigrahiya, will have to go quite deep into what has ailed the Company and more significantly will have to recognize the fast recovery that it is heading towards of late. Not only will the NITI AAYOG have to abandon these preposterous and counterproductive propositions of equity dilution but it will have to aggressively and proactively come out with measured strategy and plan of action that help further fortify and accelerate the recovery process that has already set in and is gathering momentum by the day. Capital infusion, akin to banking sector, clubbed with other dynamic and versatile policy intervention will surely take the Company completely out of the deep waters that it go sunk into about five years before and from where it is gradually coming to the surface.

Trade unions and the management, understanding the huge strategic significance of revival of the Company, have been facing the huge challenges together and working in tandem admirably, producing tangible results. Govt. should fully grasp the prevailing situation in BSNL in its totality and not do anything that upsets the balance of delicate apple cart between the management and the employees by forcing the employees to go on to the streets and thus completely derail them from the recovery track that the company is traversing on. The Govt. and the policy makers, on the contrary, should be seen as cementing this relationship because joint endeavor alone can pull through the Company completely out of the woods and facilitate and enable it to enter the much awaited and cherished profit domain that it has been desperately longing for to enter.

Role of SNEA vis-a-vis NCOA vis-a-vis 3rd PRC.
SNEA has to be at the centre stage to get the tough decisions taken by NCOA in its NEC meet held at Mysuru on 16th July with regard to smooth and timely implementation of recommendations of 3rd PRC. NCOA has decided to force the Govt. to delink wage revision from affordability, besides taking series of other important decisions on various aspects which are reproduced elsewhere. We have to be in the driver’s seat to get these decisions implemented and that unquestionably and undoubtedly will need a prolonged and sustained struggle. Let us start making very serious and extensive organizational preparations at the grass root level so that we are fully successful in playing pivotal and strategic role to get a very positive report from 3rd PRC that largely meets our reasonable expectations.

Replacement of E1A and E2A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 and Approval of Superannuation benefit to BSNL Direct recruits... Imminent struggle awaits us, start gearing up fully to force the bureaucracy to decide.
Pay scale demand howsoever legitimate it may be has never and will never be realized without a very tough and determined struggle, requiring committed involvement of each and every comrade. Bureaucracy does not bend but has to be forced to bend. Replacement of non standard scales of E1A and E2A before 3rd PRC is just crucial to our upward movement from E4 to E7. Getting E1A and E2A prior to 3rd PRC will be a stepping stone and this vital breakthrough will surely set the stage for our movement from E4 to E7. Moving from E4 to E7 would be a natural corollary of getting E2 and E3 scales for non standard scales of E1A and E2A. Similarly the BSNL proposal on Superannuation benefits also.

There is strong resistance from bureaucracy in DOT for very obvious reasons and defeating this resistance is not going to be an easy task unless we get very tough and determined to hit and hit hard and that too very soon. Thus realizing the greatest importance of settling this unresolved issue let us lose no time in making very elaborate organizational preparations to force the bureaucracy to decide and decide quickly. Let us be on our toes and not look back, recalling our huge strengths.


Again disturbances in Mobile data observed in the entire South Zone from today morning due to ZTE GGSN issue: Frequent failures of ZTE GGSN in Chennai, which is serving the entire South zone is affecting data traffic in the entire South zone. Last time the issue started on 20-07-2016 and restored on 24-07-16. The matter was brought to the knowledge of CMD, Dir CM and Dir EB by General secretary and it was told that the issue already discussed with the vendor and experts will attend this issue. But so far no permanent solution given by the vendor. RCA (Root cause analysis) for the previous failures also not shared by the vendor. It is ascertained that the vendor is handling the issue in a unprofessional way. Due to this failure the entire South zone data traffic is affected and causing huge revenue loss for Southern Circles. Suitable penalty clause should be enforced.


Shortage & Vacant STS posts in Kerala Circle: In the recently issued DE(LA) orders, it is noted that there are cases where, even existing DE(LA) Officers are reverted due to the reduction of filling up of vacant posts. The Association has already requested the Administration to increase the number of posts and call for option from all eligible SDE’s without any cutoff on seniority.View Lr dtd 27/6/16
In some SSA’s like Malappuram there are insufficient volunteers among the officers with in the seniority No 31265. We urge the Circle Administration to review the above and increase the number of DE(LA) posts as there are more than 160 STS posts lying vacant in the Circle. The SSA secretaries are requested to take up with the SSA administration for placing their further requirement of STS posts.


Congratulations..!! DE(LA) orders issued by Circle Office. We thank GM(HR) Shri Mohan.D and his team for successfully releasing the orders today itself as assured to this Association. View Orders

Circle Secretary Com Santhosh Kumar.T, Circle Treasurer Com Premkumar.G, Asst Circle Secretary J.V.Ramana met GM(HR) Shri Mohan.D today and conveyed our concern over the undue delay in releasing the DE(LA) orders. GM(HR) assured that today the orders would be released atleast for those cases for which VC is received.


DE(LA) News: This Association office bearers - Assistant Circle Secretary Com J.V.Ramana and District Secretary Circle Office Com Suneer.S met GM(HR) Shri Mohan.D and conveyed our concern over the undue delay in releasing the DE(LA) orders. We have pointed out that even VC has not reached in this case from some units. We have suggested to release the orders immediately subjected to VC which can be ensured by the SSAs while issuing posting orders. GH(HR) appreciated our concern and contacted the SSAs in person for sending the VCs. GM(HR) assured that DE(LA) orders will be issued on Wednesday itself.


The unending Saga of Consistent and Persistent Efforts:
It has come to our information that some Association is “consistently“ contacting JTOs who were promoted in last LICE in Aug 2014 assuring their transfer back to home SSAs (the word “Home SSA” was forbidden during the tenure of their smart CGMT), if they joins the Consistent Association they are also offered with a meeting with CGMT in person and a free photo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. (Recently some photos were published on such offer). These are the days where dinner tickets are sold for sharing table with VIPs and in Kerala there are reports about fake recruitment drive to foreign countries and the Govt. has cautioned all aspirants not to become pray to their folly.

We need not recall the consistent efforts taken by the so called association to stall the JTO LICE for more than 10 years after the promulgation of JTO RR 2001, its publication of results, and in their posting in the name of officiating JTOs. When all these JTOs were posted to Trissur and beyond the consistent association could not even murmur against their favourite smart CGMT. Now with lots of sacrifice and struggle, SNEA could supply lifeline to these unions and employees who were gauged by their favourite Smart CGMT. When such an administration was thrown out, today all are confident that their genuine interest will be protected from a circle administration which recognise the legitimate expectation and rights of all employees and SNEA is sure about its implementation without any so called middle man.

Dear comrades, they tried to prevent your birth by not allowing LICE promotion, once it was held they tried to abort you by creating opposition in publication of results and posting and finally when all of you were posted to far off SSAs they enjoyed it with their SMART Circle Admin BY HOLDING PRESS CONFERENCES and rushed to CAT for the continuance e of such Administration. See the letter addressed by SNEA in Aug 2014 (View Letter) while the so called association was celebrating their collusion with the smart Circle administration.

Similarly in the E2 and E3 scale issue though SNEA has demanded for revision of pay scale from E2 to E7, after knowing the objections and likely delay in its implementation on account of cascading effect, and realising the urgency of the matter to be settled before 3rd PRC, SNEA has suggested to segregate the demand for revision of E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 from the demand of pay revision from E2 to E7,which will immediately benefit all Executives recruited after 2007 and whom are facing huge pay loss to the tune of Rs10000 per month . The Consistent & Persistent association is trying to block it by raising a share for them by demanding revision of pay scale to all from E2 to E7 at one stroke. They cannot allow a situation to get the benefit to anyone without a share to them. SNEA is working for the benefit of the cadres without any precondition to join SNEA. But ultimately SNEA has become their natural choice by their own experience. The difference is, they want the payments before the work but SNEA believe that it will be rewarded by the beneficiaries on seeing the results and that is the difference in our style of functioning. The recently held JAO LICE posting is the latest eye opener to the fact how an Association is becoming a natural choice of executives based on its commitments.
SNEA is the only Executive Association that fights for the overall Growth of BSNL & Safeguards Interests of All, irrespective of Cadre and has proved its worth.


SDE promotion through LDCE held on 21-06-2015: Calling volunteers for Inter Circle transfer including hard tenure and other than hard tenure circles reg. View Letter


Request Transfer Orders issued in the Cadre of DE: View Letter


Meeting with CGMT at Ernakulam on 22/7/2016:
Association office bearers CP Com.George Varghese, CWC member Com. Suresh Kumar.R and Assistant Secretary(Ernakulam) Com.Vimal and others met CGMT Sri R.Mani on 22-7-2016 at at Ernakulam and briefed the following and requested for further follow up action:
1. GGSN issue
2. Installation of DATA server diverted from Bangalore to OMCR EKM
3. Pending integrated OMCR work at EKM
4. Bringing back pre ERP system of BSS maintenance in Mobile operations
5. Monitoring privileges of RPR for Mobile services which can bring down the MTTR
6. Association also requested the CGMT for releasing the DE(LA) orders which is pending since long
CGMT had appreciated our views and assured that necessary action will be taken after discussing the issues with the GMs and concerned.


Time Bound Promotion to Executives:
As suggested by the association vide letter dtd 14/6/16 and 16/7/16, the circle administration has called for the APAR, Special report and VC for all the executives who are eligible for the upgradation for the review date of 01/10/2016. View Circle Office Letter


VC status of successful JTOs of SDE(T) LDCE held on 21.06.2015:
It is learned that the VC of the successful JTOs of SDE(T) LDCE held on 21.06.2015 has reached Circle Vigilance wing. This Association is following up for speedy despatch of VC to the Corporate office.


Media News: Mathrubhoomi daily dtd 24/7/2016


Non-availability of CR/APAR: Preparatory work for ensuing CPC for promotion from SDE(T)/Adhoc DEs to AGM/DE(T) on regular basis:
View Circle office Letter dtd 20/07/2016 | Missing CR
All District Secretaries and Members are requested to follow up the case with their respective units about the missing CR/APAR for further onward transmission of completed CR/APAR to BSNL Corporate office within the schedule time.


ZTE GGSN failure in South zone for the past 3 days which is affecting data traffic in entire South zone and huge revenue loss to BSNL:
General Secretary brought to the knowledge of CMD, Dir CM and Dir EB about the issue of ZTE GGSN failure for the past 3 days in Chennai which is serving the entire South Zone. Due to this the entire South zone data traffic is affected and caused huge revenue loss for Southern Circles. This is happening frequently in South zone and so far no permanent solution given by the vendor. RCA (Root cause analysis) for the previous failures also not shared by the vendor. CMD told that the issue is known to them, already discussed with the vendor and experts are coming to attend this issue.


CHQ News: GS along with Chairman(SNEA) met CMD-BSNL on 21.07.16 and discussed the following issues:
a) Approval of standard pay scales of E2, E3 for the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, replacing E1A and E2A: Assn explained the developments in DoT which is in no mood to consider the BSNL proposal of E2, E3, -- etc scales. Presidential orders for the revised scales of E1A and E2A for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO equivalent cadres not issued by DoT which is a serious problem infront of 3rd PRC. Assn all along demanding this issue to be resolved on priority to resolve the pay loss issue of young comrades and keeping full focus on 3rd PRC. Assn sought the intervention of CMD to resolve the issue. CMD assured his personal intervention to resolve the issue.
b) Implementation of CPSU cadre Hierarchy: With relevant data Assn pleaded for early implementation of CPSU Hierarchy to bring uniformity in promotions among all the wings by delinking the promotion from seniority as well as availability of posts. Assn given various suggestions for the smooth implementation which explained to him in detail. CMD assured to consider all the suggestions and informed that he will direct DIR(HR) and concerned officers in this regard.


The DATA traffic of entire South Circles are affected due to GGSN problem at Chennai for the last three days. This Association has brought this issue to the notice of CGMT for his attention and also inturn by GS to the notice of CMD & Director(CM). We are informed that experts from the Vendor from China have started for early restoration of the service.


AGB Meeting of Kollam SSA held on 21/07/2016:
Annual General Body meeting of Kollam SSA was held on 21/07/2016 at Savithri hall, Public Library Complex, Kollam. Circle Leaders CP Com. George Varghese, CS Com. T.Santhosh Kumar, Area Secretary(South) Com G.Harikrishnan attended. The meeting was a great success with excellent participation. Report and accounts of the body was presented and approved. Retirement sent-off for two SNEA members was conducted, Com.Sosamma.K (Rtd.SDE, Kottarakara) and Com.Joni.K.K (SDE,Civil) were honoured for their long and successful career. The present body was dissolved and New Office bearers of Kollam SSA were unanimously elected:
President: Com.Sujith Kumar.S (9447024300)
Vice president: Com.Raja Lekshmi.S (9446090200)
Secretary: Com.Asharaf Yoosuf (9446543217)
Ass. Secretary: Com.KRK Pillai(9447580900)
Treasurer: Com.Jayson.S (9400059911)
CEC Member: Com.Salim kumar.EV (9446040777)
And 10 executive members were also elected.


CHQ NEWS: GS writes to CMD-BSNL reg suggestions on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy implementation: Any more delay in implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy will further demoralize the Executives waiting for promotions for years together. Uniformity in promotion is required in an organization, giving equal opportunity and career growth to all the Executives -- suggestions for smooth implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy.
GS letter to CMD regarding suggestions on CPSU Hierarchy implementation


GS writes to Secretary, DoT: View Letter
Immediate action sought on the decision of the BSNL to replace intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3. Bureaucratic red tape has resulted in such an anomalous situation where basic and strategic cadres in BSNL are without standard IDA scales even after nine years of 2nd PRC report. Retrograde thinking in DoT to refer the issue to DPE is having no rational basis and will be opposed by this Association tooth and nail.


Meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR) on 19.07.2016: GS along with AGS met DIR(HR) and discussed the following issues.
GS informed DIR(HR) about the NCOA (representing the Assns and Executives in various CPSUs) meeting at Mysuru for two days on 16th and 17th July to discuss the 3rd PRC related issues. DIR(HR) appreciated the leading role of SNEA in taking up such important issues of all the Executives and suggested to give more focus to such issues in the future also.

1. Approval of BSNL proposal for replacement of E1A, E2A ---– scales: Assn requested immediate intervention at higher level in DOT on the proposals sent by BSNL on Pay Scales for early clearance. DoT is not serious in approving the proposals. This was our apprehension since beginning. Without taking decision on the proposal, there is a move to refer it to DPE. DPE is not having any role other than issuing guidelines. DoT is the nodal ministry to approve the pay scales. Requested her immediate intervention by taking up the matter with senior officers in DoT.

2. Implementation of Jt Committee recommendations on CPSU cadre Hierarchy: Since almost all the promotions are stayed by various courts, CPSU Hierarchy as recommended by the Jt Committee is the only alternative solution. It was assured to us that it will be finalised by 31.08.2016. DIR(HR) informed that the proposal is under consideration and well within target date as per the schedule given to us. Assn given few suggestions: 1) considering the abnormal delay in promotions, onetime measure to promote all the Executives working in higher scales to the higher grade by taking VC, 2) uniform date of promotion, 3) measures to address all seniority related issues as recommended, 4) increase the number of DGM posts to atleast 2000, 5) designation change, 6) relaxation in qualifying service for the Executives recruited /promoted for the same vacancy year. DIR(HR) assured to consider the suggestions. Our discussion with CMD last week on the issue set the things in motion and picked up momentum.

3. Requested for immediate change of designation of Executives in view of the change of designation of TTA as JE.

Meeting with Sri Deb Kr Chakrabarty, GM(Pers): GS along with AGS met GM (Pers) on 19.07.2016 and discussed the following issues:
1. Requested to expedite the process of implementation of Jt Committee recommendations on CPSU cadre Hierarchy and 1st TBP promotion after 4 to 5 years as assured and given few inputs as discussed with DIR(HR) and CMD. GM(P) informed that the draft proposal on CPSU Hierarchy is almost ready and will be discussed with higher management first and after that it will be discussed with Assns. The 1st TBP recommendation will be processed after that.

2. Expediting the JTO to SDE SCF court case at Ernakulum.

3. Requested for immediate change of designation of Executives in the field units in view of implementation of changed designation to non Executives. GM (Pers) responded positively and assured to do the needful.

GS met GM(Restg and SR) and informed the urgency of change of designation of Executives from JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and DE/CAO in the field units as designation has already changed for Non Executives.


Dear Comrades, SSA Conference of SNEA Kollam will be held at Public Library Hall, Kollam on Thursday, 21/07/2016 at 10A.M. Circle Leaders are addressing.


CS Writes to CGMT regarding keeping Mobile Services as a single unit under Circle Office: View Letter
We reiterated our suggestions submitted earlier for maintaining CMTS operations in a centralized manner after ERP implementation in September 2014 as done during the pre ERP era in Kerala circle. The various guidelines issued by BSNL corporate office for implementation of organizational structure in CM vertical after ERP implementation also suggested centralized model of CMTS operations. But, unfortunately, previous circle administration didn’t consider those suggestions and went ahead with the merging of CMTS unit with SSAs fragmenting the highly critical BSS/NQM functions to eleven pieces even after repeated requests from all stakeholders.
The circle conference of SNEA Kerala circle held during February 2016 passed a resolution in the conference to strive hard for restoring the highly successful model of centralized monitoring for its CMTS operations in Kerala which is the most widely accepted industry standard and as suggested by the BSNL corporate office. Following the same, we had constituted an internal committee of executives experienced in various CMTS functions to review the post ERP merger scenario in Kerala. View report submitted by the committee.
From our experience of last more than one year, we reiterate our suggestions for implementing centralized Planning, Operations and Maintenance of CMTS including BSS/NQM functions to attain operational excellence for the circle in all aspects. Kindly requested CGMT to consider these suggestions.

CS letter dtd 22-7-2014
Corp Office letter dtd 02-09-2014
Corp Office letter dtd 02-12-2014
Recommendations of the Committee(Corp Office)
Corp Office letter dtd 19-1-2015 Page-1 | Page-2
Recommendations of the Committee (SNEA Kerala)


CS Writes to CGMT regarding maintenance of Cable records & DCRMS: View Letter As per the recent D.O letter from CGMT, DO.No.OP/Gen/MIS/2016-17 14th July 2016 it was instructed to input the data regarding faulty cable pairs and route diagram up to DPs in the DCRMS. The purpose of maintaining the cable record for the maintenance as well as for making use of the available UG cable is of no doubt . But we are sorry to bring to the attention to CGMT that DCRMS implemented in the circle has not resulted any purpose rather than wasting huge man power and other resources for the Dream Project of the previous circle administration. We don’t want to go in to the details, our humble request is to find out number of login to the system after it was declared as “go live” in March 2015 for its utility. We are of the view that the effectiveness of a product/tool/process can be best judged by seeing its consumption, demand or utility. It appears that the inputs from IT cell (most of them never became part of the external plant) may be getting the more significance rather than the suggestions of the field units even in external plant maintenance.
For the upgradation of cable system, we are of the view that most of our pillar, DP and MDF need rehabilitation for which we require sufficient man power and material. Since these points are visible we may ensure the rehabilitation of MDF, Pillar and DP and DATA correction as the first step for the improvement of cable system. Secondly major cable faults are to be attended which is possible only by a special drive. It may appear that these things are the routine work of the external plant maintenance and does not require any special direction/ effort at SSA/ Circle management level. It may be born in mind that all other assets other than external plant assets like switches, Transmission systems, power plant, Battery, EA, Computers, ACs etc are planned at SSA/Circle/ Corporate level for AMC or for replacement in a time bound manner as life expired , change of Technology or irreparable. We are reporting these facts to the management after experiencing the genuine difficulties for the above routine works with the available staff and material. It is requested to chalk out a plan at Circle/ SSA level for the rehabilitation of MDF, Pillar, DPs and for attending faults in major cables and for DATA correction in the existing CDR system by taking the inputs from field executives, field staff and contract labours at the earliest.


CS Writes to CGMT regarding inordinate delay in upgradations under EPP: It is observed that promotions under EPP is delayed inordinately in almost all verticals in the Circle . There are many cases pending in the circle which was due as on 1-10-2014 or prior to that date. View Letter


VC called for the JTO to SDE(T) LDCE held on 21.06.2015.
View Circle Office Letter


GS along with Chairman, AGS Com P.P.Rao and JS Com Aravind Pal Dahiya met Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL on 14.07.2016 and discussed following issues:

1. Requested his intervention in clearance of the proposal of E2, E3 and E4 to E7 pay scales to Executives as recommended by BSNL and sent to DOT. Association informed the discussions we had at various levels of Officers in DOT during the intervening period. CMD assured his personal intervention.

2. Requested for the finalization of Jt Committee recommendation on CPSU cadre Hierarchy as assured by the BSNL Management. The dead line is fixed as 31.08.2016, concrete and brainstorming discussions to take place on the proposal. Unless the management and the Associations work in synchronization, the issue cannot be resolved. Requested intervention at higher level for the early implementation of CPSU cadre Hierarchy as all the Executives Promotions are struck up in one court or the other.

3.Association discussed on the issues to be highlighted before 3rd PRC by the BSNL Management and the letter submitted on PRC by SNEA. CMD informed that he had gone through the SNEA suggestions and try to incorporate them. Association requested for projecting BSNL as equivalent to NAVRATNA PSU, as it is operating on PAN India basis with more than Rs 31,000 Crores revenue. Since BSNL is in service sector, the profitability should not be the criteria for finalizing the pay scales. As BSNL is providing services in the nook and corner of the country and non remunerative areas. BSNL is the only operator adhering to the social obligations and meeting the expectations of the Govt. Requested for projecting to the 3rdPRC with special mention about the services BSNL rendering in entire Rural areas and hence the Pay Scales to be finalized without linking with the profitability of the company.

GS and AGS along with the GS SNATTA, Dy GS SNATTA and other Office bearers met GM (Estt) and requested to consider the relaxation for all the TTAs of 2007 recruitment to be made eligible for JTO LICE held on 22.05.2016 to resolve the issue once for all. Present relaxation created more anomaly. In some Circles, TTA exam held in 2008 but they joined for training before 01.07.2008, but relaxation not given. GM(Estt) explained that relaxation is given for those Circles where atleast one batch started training before 01.07.2008 irrespective of date of TTA examination. If any Circle is left out, it will be covered, she assured. We pointed out that clarification is not specifying this fact but taken as a cut off date of 31.12.2007 for TTA exam, irrespective of training. GM further clarified that it is applicable only for the Circles where trg started before 01.07.2008 and it is not applicable for a Circle where trg started after 01.07.2008 but TTA exam held before 31.12.2007. Assn told mgt that rect section and Circles not interpreted the clarification as explained now and it may further vitiate the situation. So viable solution may be to allow everybody. The relaxations thus given, needs to be ratified later by the competent authority, ie BSNL Board to protect the executives from legal hurdle at the later date. GM(Estt) assured to examine the matter in view of the suggestions given by us.

GS and AGS also discussed with GM (Estt) on the 3rd PRC proposals to be submitted by the BSNL and requested to give all possible inputs that project BSNL equivalent to NAVRATNA PSU.


GS writes to DIR(HR) -- Request for declaration of results of provisional candidates from Kerala Circle in the LICE for Group C to JTO (T) where the TTA examination was held prior to 31.12.2007, the cut-off date fixed by BSNLCO. Avoid further embarrassment to BSNL from Hon CAT. View Letter


Inter Circle Transfer of JTOs under Rule-8 .... View Transfer and Posting Orders


CS Writes to CGMT requesting for arranging JTO Phase-I training for candidates who have passed LICE for promotion from Group-C to the grade of JTO (Telecom). View Letter


CS Writes to CGMT regarding declaration of LICE result of all TTAs from Kerala circle who became eligible as per Letter No. 12-1/2016-Rectt dated 13-4-2016.
In the LICE held for promotion from Group C to JTO against the year 2013-14 on 22/5/2016 ,more than 200 TTAs who became eligible as per the letter dtd 13-4-2016 were appeared from Kerala Circle. But as per the results published on 08/07/2016, the results of these candidates were not declared. It is noticed that results of similar TTAs of other Circle has been published. View Letter


Issues of Handling Medical Advance processing through ERP
The Association has brought to the notice of PGM(F) the difficulties encountered in handling Medical Advances to Hospitals through FICO module in ERP. PGM(F) assured necessary action for resolving the matter today itself. We thank PGM(F), DGM(F) and DGM(ERP) for their positive response.


Administrative approval on Superannuation benefits to BSNL Direct recruits.
GS writes to DIR(HR) for sending the proposal to the concerned section for early decision. Earlier BSNL has sent the proposal to DDG(Estt), DoT which is not dealing with the issue. Assn met GM(Estt) in this regard on 08.07.2016. View GS Letter


Congratulations..!! Results declared for the LICE for promotion from Group-C to JTO(Telecom) under 50% quota for the vacancy year 2013-14 held on 22/5/2016.
Covering Letter | List-1 | List-2 | Click here for Kerala Circle List
54 nos of candidates from Kerala Circle are provisionally declared successful in the LICE held on 22/5/2016. However the result of 207 candidates from Kerala Circle are yet to be declared, who earlier approached CAT benches for being made eligible for appearing in the afforesaid LICE. SNEA is pursuing for the early declaration of results of these candidates.


The Court case at Chandigarh on JTO to SDE (LDCE) and SDE to DE promotion:
The case listed for 08.07.2016 is postponed to 28.07.2016. The impleadment application filed by some others rejected by the Hon CAT and decided to hear the case on merit on 28.07.2016. The court case related to JAO to AO etc is listed for 12.07.2016.

VC called for the JTO to SDE(T) LDCE promotions for which results were declared on 21.06.2016. View Letter


Welcome Meeting with Shri R.Mani, CGMT Kerala on 05/07/2016
SNEA Kerala office bearers had a welcome meeting with Shri R.Mani CGMT Kerala on 05/07/2016 who has taken over the charge of CGMT Kerala on 04/07/2016.
Circle President Com.George Varghese, Circle Secretary Com.Santhosh Kumar, Circle Treasurer Com.Premkumar, Circle Vice-Presidents Com.Narendrakumar and Com.Asha, ACS Com.J.V.Ramana, Circle Organising Secretary Com.Vinukumar, Dist Secretary-Circle Office Com. Suneer and CWC member Com.Sureshkumar attended the meeting. Shri R.Satheesh DGM(Admin) and Shri James Sagayaraj DGM(HR) also attended the meeting.
The first meeting with Shri R.Mani CGMT Kerala was cordial and highly interactive. We gave warm welcome and conveyed him grand success in this new assignment with total support of SNEA for growth and development of BSNL in Kerala Circle and also briefed various service related issues as well as HR issues. We thank CGMT for the patient hearing and express complete support for the growth and development of BSNL Kerala Circle.


Shri R.Mani joined as CGMT Kerala on 04/07/2016. SNEA Kerala welcomes the new CGMT to Kerala Circle.


Report of CEC held on 24th and 25th June 2016 at Ernakulam
The Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Kerala Circle was held at Ernakulam on 24th and 25th of June 2016. The meeting started at 10:00 AM on 24-6-2016 at Sikshaksadan, Ernakulam. Circle President presided over the meeting. All Circle office bearers, District/Branch Secretaries and CEC members attended the two days’ meeting. Detailed deliberations on BSNL’ survival, service quality improvement aspects, revenue enhancement, HR issues in the circle, first membership verification of executives were made during the sessions.

Circle Secretary presented the report for the period after last CEC at Kottayam. Circle Treasurer presented the financial report for the period. All the district secretaries presented SSA reports. CEC members and other circle / SSA/Branch office bearers actively participated in discussions on various issues.

The CEC assessed that the “plant for the planet” event organised by the association in connection with this year’ world environment day was highly instrumental in creating awareness to take positive environmental action by all BSNL family members to protect nature and the planet earth. Circle body congratulated all the district bodies for successfully arranging the event which was appreciated by one and all in BSNL, conducted with mass participation and media coverage.

The second day’ session was held at Hotel Excellency, Ernakulam. GS, Com. K Sebastin addressed the CEC and elaborated on BSNL’ viability, SWAS programme, prevailing HR issues, 3rd PRC, SNEA’ historical struggles in the past, membership verification etc. among a number of other relevant matters.

GS opined that the most important and critical HR issue for BSNL Executives is the 3rd PRC. Being the important and major Association in BSNL, it is our primary responsibility to ensure that 3rd PRC recommendations are submitted to the government in time and the benefits are assured to all BSNL executives in letter and spirit. We have to struggle a lot to achieve it. SNEA has already started the struggle on the platform of NCOA demanding the same. In 2006 also, SNEA took lead role for organising 2 days’ strike demanding 50 % IDA merger along with NTPC, BHEL, Oil sector etc. which resulted in the 78.2% DA merger in 2nd PRC. SNEA had actively interacted with DPE along with NCOA for the constitution of 2nd PRC in 2007.

Other Important deliberations held during the CEC meeting are summarised below.

Corporatisation of DoT
Struggle for government pension with three federations- TEOA was the only Association which joined hands with the three federations in this case. All those absorbed officers who are ensured with government pension at present have to thank all the three federations and TEOA for this milestone achievement.

Absorption in BSNL and court case for framing most favourable terms and conditions.
The Principal CAT, as per the case filed by TEOA, directed BSNL management to frame and declare terms and conditions of absorption like Pay scale, fitment formula and future promotion avenues.

Struggle for improvement in terms and conditions
When CAT directed the BSNL management to declare terms and conditions, BSNL management announced pay scales starting from E1 to JTOs and E2 for SDEs etc. We had demanded E2 as the starting pay scale and our struggle resulted in improving the pay scale to E1A and E2A.

Improvement in executive promotion policy
BSNL management declared an executive promotion policy with stringent attendant condition resulting dropping for more than 40 %. We continued our struggle for relaxing the condition resulting almost nil dropping while the other Association was demanding that the dropping should not be more than 10 %

Promulgation of BSNL MS RR
Our active involvement has given rise to a situation wherein executives are promoted to STS level by scrapping age old bottle neck at JTS level. Today we are able to convince management to promote its own talented executives to senior level without any outside recruitment as MT or DGM.

EPF contribution.
BSNL management was contributing EPF with ceiling of Rs.6500/- to BSNL recruiters. The intervention of the SNEA compelled the management to contribute EPF on the basis of basic + DA without any ceiling.

Filling up 75 % STS post by promotion in engineering wing
Our single handed effort resulted in filling up of 75% of STS post in engineering wing and the same is pending in respect of finance and other wings, which is being pursued by the association.

Implementation of Khan Committee Recommendations
Singular efforts of SNEA made it happen in July 2014 when DPE, Govt. Of India rejected the E1A and E2A proposal (on 09.07.2014). Subsequent struggle of SNEA in 2014 and 2015 resulted in the reconstitution of the Joint Committee with a dynamic absorbed officer as its Chairman, in the meeting with CMD, BSNL during the agitation in May 2015. Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A, implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and 1st TBP uniformly after 4 -5 years was the demand. The Joint Committee made sweeping recommendations on 07.10.2015 on all the three demands even though the 3rd one was the demand of SNEA alone.

Standard Pay Scales for JTOs/SDEs
SNEA had strongly demanded for E2 and E3 pay scales for JTOs/JAOs and SDEs/AOs. But the II PRC did not make such recommendation and BSNL management decided to introduce E1 and E2 pay scale for the cadre. The stiff opposition from the Association did not allow the management to demote this cadre. Initially we were able to get the pay scale of 2005 JTOs/JAOs with 30 % fitment and then 5 increments for 2007 and 2008 batches for pay loss and now the demand for E2 and E3 pay scale to Executives are in the final stage and that too only with the committed and realistic approach of then association. E1A & E2A to civil/ electrical/TF etc w.e.f 1-10-2000 is also in the final stage. As assured to the Association in the meeting with CMD and DIR(HR) on 17.05.2016, the Management Committee approved the pay scale proposal in two parts 1) E1A to E2, E2A to E3 and 2) E3 to E4, --, E6 to E7 and the proposals will be sent to DoT directly. SNEA will never allow continuing in E3 scale for 10 years without a promotion from SDE to Sr. SDE after 5 years. By delinking the E2, E3 part from the second part of revision of E3, -- E6 to E4, -- E7, SNEA ensured the earlier approval of first part which is very crucial before 3rd PRC which would be highly critical and instrumental in protecting the JTO cadre and in rendering justice to all executives joined after 01.01.2007.

CPSU cadre Hierarchy
The functional promotion of executives will be delinked from seniority and availability of posts, up to AGM/CAO/DE level. Future promotions will not be having any link with pay scales except for the fresh recruits. On implementation of CPSU Hierarchy, a JTO will get assured promotion as SDE after 5 years where as presently a JTO with 18 to 19 years of service is denied SDE promotion due to litigations on seniority related issues. Similarly a direct recruited JTO completed 35 years of service and promoted as SDE in 2000 is waiting for the promotion as DE where as on CPSU Hierarchy implementation, an executive will get assured promotion to DE/AGM/CAO after 15 years. We are committed to its implementation which will make sweeping changes in executive promotions and end all seniority related issues going on today. As per the assurance the frame work will be completed by 31.08.2016.

First TBP after 5 years
The 3rd recommendation of Khan Committee on 1st TBP is the demand of SNEA alone which will address the anomaly in 1st TBP for the JTOs of 1993 to 1999. By this recommendation, the 1st TBP will be after 4 to 5 years instead of 4 to 6 years. As per the assurance it will be processed by September, 2016.

JTO to SDE, SDE to DE promotions
All possible efforts are being taken by the Association for the final hearing, to decide the case on merit and the proceedings happening are being informed to all. All preparatory works for promotion for the vacancy years from 2009-10 to 2014-15 for about 6100 vacancies have been completed. On LDCE quota, even though all the vacancies up to 2014-15 were notified, as per court direction, LDCE was conducted only for 2010-11 for which results have been declared recently. Issuing promotion order is stayed by the Chandigarh Court. SCF and LDCE are two separate quotas provided in the RRs and we are pursuing both at all levels for early resolution. Similarly promotion from SDE to DE, JAO to AO, AO to CAO, SDE to EE(C/E) etc are also held up due to litigations. Association is trying its best in pursuing at all possible levels to ensure justice to all.

30% superannuation benefit to BSNL Direct recruits
SNEA didn’t accept the 3% offer made by management on 19.02.2016 during a meeting in which SNEA didn’t attend. We strongly protested against the betrayal and demanded the implementation of 6% assurance given by CMD/BSNL in the Jaipur All India Conference. Even though the 3% proposal was approved by Board and forwarded to DoT, our strong protest reopened the case and management agreed to review the contribution after recalculation. The case is pursued at all levels.

Pay fixation and pay protection on officiating promotion
This was another issue affecting more than ten thousand JTOs officiated as SDEs, JAOs officiated as AAOs/AOs, SDEs officiated as DEs and AOs officiated as CAOs. For the last five years, SNEA has been struggling at different levels. On 11.05.2016 and 17.05.2016, management agreed to correct the wrong clarifications issued on 30.05.2007 and 19.02.2010. This issue will be resolved by 30.06.2016 as per the assurance.

Notional pay of E1A and E2A in Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/PS cadres w.e.f 01.10.2000
Our strong pleading for uniformity in pay scales for all the cadres as on 01.10.2000, irrespective of wings got favourable response from CMD, BSNL and DIR (HR) in the meeting held on 17.05.2016 for the first time. This issue also will be settled to our satisfaction shortly as assured.

Pay loss to executives joined after 01.01.2007
GS categorically informed the CEC that the CHQ is already aware of the issue and all out efforts would be taken to ensure that the pay scale of all JTOs/JAOs joined after 01.01.2007 would be made E2 with their basic pay fixed at Rs. 22,820/-.

Conducting LDCE for SDE-T for the vacancy years 2011-12, 2012-13 & 2013-14
GS pointed out that the notification for the same has already been issued and efforts are being made to ensure that the examinations are held as per the calendar already published by the Recruitment branch.

Posting of LDCE Qualified JTOs in Kerala Circle
CEC unanimously requested CHQ to pursue for allotting sufficient no. of SDEs to Kerala circle so that the candidates who have qualified the recent LDCE also could be posted to Kerala circle itself. GS replied positively. CEC viewed that revenue growth, profit as well as no. of DELs also needs to be considered while posting executives to circles. GS promised to take up the case with Corporate Office.

Inter circle transfer of DEs
Decision has been taken in CEC for pursuing the case of forwarding of inter circle transfer requests of DEs. Already more than 20 such requests are pending at circle office for forwarding to corporate office.

Transfer back of Officers to Kannur SSA
CEC expressed deep concern over the undue delay from circle office in settling the transfer case of officers who were transferred from Kannur contrary to corporate office instructions. CEC viewed this case as the obvious negative attitude of circle administration to very genuine and just HR demands and to further pursue for release of the officers at the earliest.

And many more....

Com. GS also explained the various steps taken by the Association for ensuring BSNL financial viability like the 50 Million GSM tender, ADC, USO fund, Wimax Spectrum, 3G roaming, pension contribution on actuals, appointment of CMD and Board of Directors etc. No other association can claim any contribution in achieving the above milestones in BSNL for its viability and for its executives’ welfare. We were able to become a pillar in the executive & non executive unity and unified struggle for protecting the interest of BSNL and its employees.

The CEC also discussed various aspects on the first member ship verification of executives to be conducted in November 2016.

Also, the following proud achievers of SNEA family were felicitated by Com. GS in the CEC.

1. Shri. Ram Ganesh, Son of Com. Roja, SDE Legal and active member of SNEA, Ernakulam SSA for getting first rank in the Kerala Engineering Entrance Examination 2016.

2. Com Vijesh, Accounts Officer and District Treasurer of SNEA, Alappuzha SSA for securing top rank in the Civil Services Examination.

3. Com Dr.V.G.Sabu, SDE and District Secretary of SNEA, Trivandrum SSA for being awarded Doctorate of Philosophy in Management by MG University Kottayam.

The meeting concluded at 5 PM on 25-6-2016.
Circle body congratulates Ernakulam SSA body for the smooth conduction of the two days’ CEC meeting in the most impressive and delightful manner.


Great..!! Initiative of SNEA Ernakulam SSA
Dear comrades, Kindly see the proposals submitted by SNEA Ernakulam SSA to PGMT after conducting interactive sessions with best performing executives of Ernakulam SSA in concerned areas EB, FTTH, Transmission, Mobile, Landline, Broadband, Indoor, Outdoor, NIB, CSC etc.. it is an initiative of SNEA EKM with a view to improve the performance of EKM SSA as well as BSNL.
| Click here for Report - LL,BB,CSC || Click here for Report - EB,FTTH,Xmn,Mobile |


Referendum News: View Corporate Office orders

1) Prepararation of Electoral roles for first MVP - Consolidated guide lines.

2) Non transfer of executive staff till completion of first MVP of Executives associations in BSNL - Revised guidelines reg.


Congratulations..!! to all Officiating JTOs for getting regularisation. SNEA Kerala welcomes these Comrades to the executive cadre. View Orders

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