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Congratulations to all JTO Trainees for successfully completing 4 weeks field training on 31/3/2018 and getting appointed as JTO. We once again welcome all to the Executive Fraternity and wishing a glorious career ahead. View Orders


Results declared - Recruitment for the post of Direct JAOs in BSNL from Open market through Online Competitive Examinations held on 5/11/17 and 6/11/17 Letter || View Result
SNEA Kerala Congratulates all the Candidates in the merit list..!!

30/03/2018: CHQ News

Notification issued by AUAB to CMD for conducting massive DHARNA throughout the country on 12/4/18 View Notice

Memorandum submitted by AUAB to the Secretary DoT on 27-03-2018 regarding rolling back of subsidiary tower company. View Memorandum

28/03/2018: CHQ News

Meeting with the officers of DPE:
As per decision of meeting of all unions and associations of BSNL Joint Secretary, Arvind Pal Dahiya along with the GS / AIBSNLEA Sh Prahalad rai and GS / FNTO Shri Jai Prakash met Joint Secretary (DPE), Director (DPE) and Assistant Director (DPE). We requested Jt. Secretary (DPE) to reply DoT regarding the relaxation in the affordability Clause of 3rd PRC recommendations to BSNL as the relaxation has been granted to some PSUs like FCI & others. We also requested to consider the recommendations of the BSNL Board for implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefits in BSNL. Jt. Secretary (DPE) after detailed discussions assured to reply DoT at the earliest.
He also mentioned that DoT being the Administrative Ministry of BSNL should take up the matter with Union Cabinet for relaxation based on the recommendations given by the BSNL Board for relaxation in the affordability clause. He assured that the reply will be given to DoT with the approval of Hon Minister of Heavy Industries so that he may be aware of the issue when it is taken up in the Union Cabinet.

28/03/2018: CHQ News

Government directive to BSNL Board to ratify the name of CMD, Tower Subsidiary company within 3 days and make it operational by 01.04.2018 has forced the AUAB to intensify the agitation. Due to our strong opposition, BSNL could not conduct the Board meeting and with all your support, AUAB could foil the hidden agenda of the Government for the time being. We have to intensify the agitation in the coming days to force the Govt to reverse the decision.

27/03/2018: CHQ News

As per the decision of All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB) regarding move of the government to fast operationalise the Subsidiary Tower Company LUNCH HOUR DEMONSTRATIONS were held across in District / Circle / Central Head quarters across the country today. The response received from the circles was tremendous.

Meanwhile in Delhi, as per the decision, representatives of all the Associations and Unions participated and held lunch hour demonstration in front of Sanchar Bhawan, DOT HQs. The demonstration that was held in front of Sanchar Bhawan today, is significant in many ways. This is the first time that a demonstration is held in front of the Sanchar Bhawan, by the unions and associations of BSNL, in the 18 years’ existence of BSNL. Since the Sanchar Bhawan is housing the Ministry of Communications, police does not give permission to conduct any agitational programme there. Even for demonstration held today, the police informed us that demonstrations are banned in the vicinity of the Sanchar Bhawan, and hence no one would be allowed to demonstrate there. However, the unions and associations of BSNL decided to conduct the demonstration today at any cost, even by running into the risk of getting arrested. Around 12:45 hrs., the police locked all the gates of BSNL Corporate Office, to stop the employees of the Corporate Office from joining the demonstration. Similarly, a large number of riot policemen were deployed in front of the Sanchar Bhawan. In spite of these road-blocks, more than 150 comrades gathered in front of the Sanchar Bhawan. After extensive slogan shouting all the leaders were detained and were taken to police Head quarters and were subsequently released by 1500 hrs. CHQ congratulates the comrades of SNEA BSNL Corporate office, Delhi Circle and comrades from Gurgaon,Faridabad and Karnal who attended the historic lunch hour demonstration. This shows the conviction and solidarity in the leaders across the spectrum.
Decisions of AUAB in the meeting held today.

23/03/2018: CHQ News

Lunch Hour Demonstration on 27th March 2018 at all Circle/SSA HQs:
A meeting of All Unions and Associations of BSNL(AUAB) was held on 22nd March,2018, in FNTO office. Representatives of SNEA, BSNLEU, NFTE, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, SEWA BSNL, BSNLMS, BSNLOA participated. The meeting reviewed the developments that had taken place after the meeting with the Honourable MoS(C) that was held on 24th February,2018. It is observed that the government is moving fast to operationalise the Subsidiary Tower Company from the 1st of April, 2018, totally ignoring the strong opposition from the entire employees of BSNL. In view of this, the meeting decided to launch agitational programme to stop the same. Decision is taken to conduct "lunch hour demonstrations" on 27th March,2018, in front of Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi, as well as at Circle and SSA head quarters, throughout the country. A memorandum, opposing the Subsidiary Tower Company will be submitted to the Honourable MoS(C) at Sanchar Bhawan. Same memorandum will be submitted to the respective CGMs and the state governors, to be forwarded to the MoS(C). CHQ calls upon the circle and district unions to successfully implement the call.

22/03/2018: CHQ News

Update on E2 and E3 pay scales: GS and convenor, JF spoken to the concerned officers in Dept of Expenditure for expediting the reply on E2 and E3 pay scales sought by DoT. A reminder with all the connected documents were delivered in the DoE on 15.03.2018 on our request E2 scale will be applicable for all the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, till today.

22/03/2018: CHQ News

Followup actions on various demands raised by All Unions and Associations of BSNL - requests there of Letter to Secretary DoT

22/03/2018: CHQ News

SNEA CHQ at Corporate Office, New Delhi
Glimpses of Photos

22/03/2018: CHQ News

Development on creation of Tower Subsidiary of BSNL:
It is reliably learnt that DoT is mounting pressure on BSNL and directed BSNL to hold BSNL Board meeting urgently within days to ratify the appointment of CMD, BSNL Tower Company and to make it operational from 01.04.2018. All Unions and Associations in BSNL will be meeting to decide further course of action.

22/03/2018: CHQ News

Development on 3rd Pay Revision:
As assured in the meeting with All Unions and Assns on 24.02.2018 by the Hon Minister, based on BSNL Board recommendations DoT referred the matter to DPE, Dept of Public Enterprises for their advise.

22/03/2018: CHQ News

GS writes to CMD regarding the proposal to review the medical treatment to serving employees on outdoor medical treatment with vouchers. SNEA strongly oppose the proposal to reduce the outdoor ceiling from 23 days to 12 days and also request to desist from the proposed move to reduce the outdoor ceiling from 23 days to 12 days......View Copy of the letter.


Intra Circle Transfer Requests recieved at Circle office as on 17/3/2018:
View Letter || View Annexure
Intra Circle Transfer requests received from SDE/JTO at Circle office through proper channel/Advance copy up to 17/3/2018 is published. Additions/deletions/discrepancies if any may be immediately intimated to the Administration with a copy to District Secretary.


Circle Executive Committee Meeting on 11/4/18 and 12/4/18 at Trivandrum View Notice
Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Kerala Circle to be held on 11-04-2018 and 12-04-2018 at Trivandrum. All Circle office bearers, SSA Secretaries, CEC members and Branch Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting. Exact Venue details will be intimated soon.


CS writes to CGMT regarding publication of long stay list of SDEs/JTOs. View Letter
Circle administration has recently published long stay list of SDEs/JTOs working in all BAs and Circle office for effecting inter SSA transfers this year as understood. In this regard, the following points are brought to your kind consideration before ordering any inter SSA long stay transfers in the circle this year:

1. Nearly 600 JTOs have been newly posted in the circle through Direct Recruitment and through LICE promotions evenly distributing them in all BAs during last couple of years.

2. As the strength of JTOs has increased considerably in all BAs, we are of the considered opinion that no long stay transfers need to be effected in the circle this year in JTO/SDE cadre.

3. Inter SSA transfer requests from JTOs and SDEs including those who were transferred on long stay basis two years back can be considered without ordering fresh long stay transfers this year, as there is sufficient number of JTOs available in all BAs to look after those charges.

4. JTO to SDE promotions through various channels such as CPSU cadre hierarchy, DPC and LDCE are being finalized by BSNL Corporate Office and orders in this regard are expected any time from now.

5. In case, the above regular JTO to SDE promotions are delayed for any unforeseen reasons, circle administration can issue looking after orders to eligible JTOs availing higher scale to act as SDEs in BAs.

6. As per the CPSU cadre hierarchy scheme approved by BSNL management JTO, SDE, Sr.SDE are interchangeable post and the request of SDEs can be considered taking into account the large number of JTOs joined recently.

7. Moreover, we believe that expenses to be incurred by the circle for effecting inter SSA long stay transfers can be saved especially during this highly critical period of huge revenue crisis.

Hence, it is requested that circle administration may kindly consider not to order long stay transfers in the circle this year. The long stay transfer being a major HR policy it is requested to have a meeting with SNEA the Recognized Majority Association of Executives before finalizing the transfer cases of this year.


CS writes to CGMT regarding allotment of office room to SNEA, the only Recognized Representative Majority Association of Executives in BSNL View Letter


Property Tax issue for Mobile Tower sites and Revenue Recovery Notices:
CS along with ACS and DS-Circle office met CGM Dr.PT.Mathews to discuss about the grave situation being faced in the field regarding the attachment, prosecution faced by the field officers and the landlords regarding remittance of property taxes for Mobile Towers as demanded by local bodies and requested for his immediate intervention either by getting stay from court or intervention of the Minister at Govt level. CGMT agreed to meet the Minister for resolving the issue and nominated GM NWP-CFA, Shri Sukumaran for coordinating at Circle level.


EPF Full Pension option:
Association was waiting for the final judgement from Kerala High Court for deciding for further proceedings. As the judgment is not coming forth, it is supposed to go ahead with legal proceedings with interested persons. Those who are interested with EPF full pension option may contact respective District Secretaries with the following details.
1. Name
2. Designation
3. HR Number
4. Mobile Number
6. Present Member ID (Eg: KR/TVM/16720/147)
7. Name of the EPF Regional Office
8. Option Submitted Date

Earlier, the CWC meeting held in Dec-2017 unanimously decided for legal action by the Association to get the full pension option for all the BSNL Executives, covered by EPF. The case will be filed by the Association for the affected Executives, centrally at Delhi for getting the benefit for all, across BSNL. A separate legal fund will be collected for this purpose from the affected parties (Rs 500 per head) exclusively for this purpose. The list of the affected Executives interested in full pension option is to be prepared immediately by all the units.

16/03/2018: CHQ News

Reply to the queries on CPSU hierarchy proposal is approved by DIR HR. It will be sent to JS on Monday (19-03-2018).

Allotment of Room for SNEA / CHQ in BSNL, Corporate Office: Room no:250, East Court is allotted for the functioning of SNEA CHQ body at BSNL Corporate Office.

On the E2, E3 proposal, yesterday DoT send a reminder to DoE for early advice on the issue. As reported earlier, JF met the Joint Sec DoT in this regard and he assured to send a reminder with all the connected documents.

Term Insurance for all the Executives, PAN India basis. The data of all the Executives submitted to LIC and SBI Life for their quote. The quote from LIC and SBI Life expected by next week. Since it is proposed to cover all the Executives, we expect competitive quote.

DIR HR instructed to make some changes in the reply to the queries on CPSU hierarchy. With the changes, the reply will be submitted back today and it is expected that the reply will be cleared today.


Kerala Circle has published Longstay list of SDEs and JTOs.... SDE List || SDE Lr || JTO List
Inspite of our suggestion for not resorting to longstay transfer this year taking into account the joining of nearly 300 DR-JTOs and the expected promotions from JTO to SDE shortly, Administration has brought out longstay list. In mind even we doubt whether the “Smart Working” of HR has restarted in Kerala Circle. Association urged Administration to desist from this move.


Corporate office has issued clarification regarding Extension of benefits to Direct Recruit JEs also selected as JTO Telecom through GATE. View Orders


CS writes to CGMT regarding Request Transfer of JTOs on compassionate grounds : View Letter
JTOs were posted far away from their hometown during posting on promotion (JTO-LICE) and on joining on Rule-8 transfer. At the time of their posting it was inevitable for the administration to fill the vacant posts at shortage BA’s so they were posted away from their hometown. Now the situation has entirely changed. In Kerala circle so far 290 DR JTOs have joined in the financial year 2017-18. At present there is no shortage of JTOs so that the above JTOs can be posted back to their Home BA’s without any reliever.


Congratulations..!! Long pending Time Bound Upgradation orders E2-E3 and E3-E4 released for Kollam and Malappuram, TBP orders(E3-E4) released for PS cadre also.
View E3-E4 orders || View E3-E4 orders for P.S || View E2-E3 Orders

12/03/2018: CHQ News

Meeting with Member(Technology & Services), Telecom Commission.

GS and President met Shri Prabhash Singh, Member(T&S), Telecom Commission on 09.03.2018 and held discussions on the following issues:

a) Pension revision for the Govt pensioners retired from BSNL with 15% fitment: We explained the meeting with the Hon Minister and the Secretary on the issue on 24.02.2018 in which Hon Minister directed DoT to take actions for the pension revision. The revision is due w.e.f 01.01.2017. Pension revision is not related with the affordability or paying capacity of BSNL. Union Cabinet already decided a fitment of 15% for the pay revision which will be applicable for the pensioners also. In 2007, Cabinet approved 30% fitment for the pay revision and the same was extended to the pensioners also. Accordingly we requested to move a Cabinet note separately for pension revision of the pensioners with 15% fitment, w.e.f 01.01.2017. Member(Services) assured to do the needful and told us to meet again in the first week of April for further discussions.

b) Support from Govt on BSNL Development related issues:

i) We expressed our serious concern that Govt is utilizing BSNL wherever other operators are not ready to execute the work like NOFN project. Other projects are going on tender basis where the tender conditions are favorable to other operators. In the phase II LWE project, tender eligibility conditions are made arbitrary, to keep BSNL out. The 4G operator as a precondition is to favour other operators, we pointed out. By this clause, BSNL will not be able to participate in the tender.

ii) IT related work on nomination basis: Since BSNL is having huge expertise on IT related works with a strong network, DoT has to consider, giving IT related works to BSNL on nomination basis. ITPC is having more than 500 professionals and their services can be utilized for earning more money by taking up IT related activities of other Depts. BSNL is having more strength than the NIC. Member(T) acknowledged it and told us that he is fully aware of the strength of ITPC as Ex CGM/ITPC and their service can be effectively utilized for earning more revenue. BSNL has to come up with proposal and he is ready to support, he assured.

09/03/2018: CHQ News

JF met Director (PSU)/DoT on 09.03.2018 and held discussions on the comments/advice sought from Dept of Expenditure (DoE) by DoT on revision of E1A and E2A pay scales with E2 and E3 scales from 01.01.2007 onwards for all the JTO/JAOs etc. The discussion at DoE last week and the feedback received from them updated to the Director. Concerned section in DoE is of the view that the proposal is not reached in DoE. We requested to send a reminder with all the documents once again. Since DoE deals with such issues when it is submitted as a file, we requested to send the queries along with the documents as a file. Director assured positive action in this regard.

09/03/2018: CHQ News

GS and President met Director (PSU)/DoT on 09.03.2018 and held discussions on the 3rd Pay revision proposal with 15% fitment. Director (PSU) informed that now they got specific direction from the Secretary/DoT to process the matter and sending it to DPE. Based on the BSNL Board recommendations, the proposal will be prepared at the earliest and after the approval from the nodal sections in DoT, it will be send to DPE, Director(PSU) informed.


SNEA Kerala Salutes ALL WOMEN
on the occassion of International Women's Day


An Appeal from CGMT Kerala expecting a collective effort and dedication in the process of re-verification of all mobile customers of our Circle through Aadhar linking by 31st March, 2018, the deadline imposed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court. View Appeal

07/03/2018: CHQ News

Developments on E2, E3 scales

Convenor/JF met Shri Pon Radhakrishnan, Hon Minister of State for Finance (MP from Nagercoil/TN) today, 07.03.2018 and sought his intervention for the comments/advice sought from Dept of Expenditure (DoE) by DoT on the subject. Initially OSD to Hon Minister has given an appointment. Since the Parliament adjourned in the morning without any transaction, Hon Minister was available in the office itself. On hearing the issue in detail, OSD himself taken the initiative to arrange an immediate meeting with the Minister which was not expected.

Hon Minister and the Addl PS present in the meeting sought the details and asked about the queries from DoT. After explaining the issue, Hon Minister directed the Addl PS to examine the matter in detail and take up with the concerned officers in DoE and follow up the matter. He assured that he will direct DoE to examine the matter at the earliest and give proper reply to the DoT.

We explained the issue in detail to the Addl PS and the indifferent stand taken by DoT now on the issue as follows:

i) E1 and E2 are the pay scales approved for the BSNL rects after 01.10.2000 and E1A and E2A are not pay scales, it is a special dispensation for facilitating absorption for the officers of DoT. BSNL wrongly implemented E1A and E2A scales for the BSNL rects.
(We explained that DoT issued only one PO on 28.07.2003 with E1A, E2A, E3, E4 and E5 pay scales for all the Executives including the BSNL rects and there is no separate PO issued with E1 and E2 scales. E1 and E2 scales never implemented in BSNL. The JTO and SDE equivalent RRs are with E1A and E2A scales and rect taken place in that scale only. E1 and E2 are provisional pay scales now, till replacement scales of E1A and E2A are notified)

ii) BSNL is making huge losses for the last four years.
(We explained that this is a 2nd PRC related issue, due from 01.01.2007. As per DPE guidelines, the PBT for the 2007-08 is to be taken into account for the implementation of 2nd PRC. During 2007-08, BSNL made Rs 4451 Cr profit. So BSNL satisfies the affordability clause and recommended E2 and E3 scales)

iii) The Presidential order is issued as per BSNL recommendations.
(We explained that BSNL never recommended E1 and E2 scales as E1 and E2 scales never operated in BSNL. Initially BSNL recommended replacement scales of E1A and E2A which was rejected by DoT and DPE directing BSNL to fit every Executive in the standard pay scales. Subsequently BSNL recommended E2 and E3 scales as replacement scales for E1A and E2A)

In complete disregard of BSNL recommendation and misinterpreting the DPE guidelines on affordability clause by taking the present financial condition, DoT issued the PO on 28.03.2017. Since BSNL management and Executives are not accepting the PO, DoT now sought the views of DoPT and DoE.

Convenor submitted a memorandum with all the relevant documents to the Hon Minister.

We are extremely grateful to Com Titus for arranging the meeting at Delhi with the OSD to Hon MOSF and then with the Hon Minister itself. This meeting was arranged on the continuous efforts taken by CHQ Treasurer, Com R Rajan for almost one month.


CS writes to CGMT regarding Payment of property Tax for Mobile towers - measures taken by LSGD resulting shutting down of BTSs and prosecution against BSNL Officers. View Letter

This is to bring the following facts for your kind attention to the grim situation being faced for the operation of Mobile services in general and by field officers in particular.

1. The LSG Departments across all SSAs had issued demand note for payment of property Tax against Mobile towers.
2. These demand notes were kept pending without payment as directed by the Circle office as the matter was under challenge before Hon’ble High court of Kerala. (This was dismissed recently)
3. On non-receipt of the payments LSGD had issue revenue recovery notice to all field officers/ Landlords.
4. LSGD have issued instructions to KSEB for disconnection of the power supply to BTSs under section 138 of Kerala Electricity Supply code 2014.
5. KSEB units had issued notice for disconnection of Supply within 15 days to the concerned SDE/ DE BSSs as per the demand from LSGD.
6. LSGD had issued notice to Concerned SDE/DE BSS/GMs intimating the proceedings to SEAL/ Attachment of BTSs and for the prosecution of the concerned officers within 15 days unless the payments are received by them as per the RR notice.

In this context, our opinion is that the views expressed by some quarters that the property tax to be paid by the land lord is not a practical solution and will be counterproductive for running the mobile services. If a landlord is put in to financial loss or dragged in to the proceedings by the LSGDs it will be very difficult to operate the service without the co-operation of the landlords as there is already lots of protests from the public itself.
In these circumstances it is requested to take necessary steps for the smooth functioning of the services as well as to redeem the field units from this grim situation they are being put into presently.


CS writes to CGMT regarding Delay in Issuance of NOC to recently recruited DR-JTOs View Letter

Some of the newly recruited Executives joined in Kerala Circle have been requesting circle administration for issuing them ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) for applying jobs and attending interviews in other Central/State Government Organizations. It is understood that circle administration is yet to respond to such requests received from them due to obvious reasons. It has also come to our notice that many other circles have responded to such requests and issued NOCs to those applied for attending interviews subject to fulfillment of terms and conditions of Bond agreement executed during recruitment process.
It is suggested that requests for NOC from those executives who are under the covers of Bond agreement may be considered after collecting an undertaking from them that they will not claim bond transfer to the new organization if they opt to join there after getting selection and will remit expenses to BSNL as per the terms and conditions of Bond agreement executed during recruitment process.

06/03/2018 : CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivatava, CMD/BSNL: GS, President and AGS met CMD/BSNL on 06.02.18 and held discussions on the follow up to be taken on various issues discussed with the Hon MOSC and DoT on 24.02.18 and assurances given. We thanked CMD for the intervention at the right time to arrange the meeting with Hon Minister. CMD is back at BSNLCO after attending the Mobile Congress at Barcelona, last week along with Hon Minister and Secretary/DoT.

06/03/2018 : CHQ News

GS, President and AGS met GM(Pers) on 06.02.18 and held discussions regarding the reply to the Board members on various queries regarding CPSU Hierarchy. GM(Pers) informed that the draft reply is ready and it will be submitted after getting approval from DIR(HR) who is on official tour. DIR(HR) will be at HQ on Monday, 12.03.18.

05/03/2018 : CHQ News

Congratulations to all Branch/SSA/Circle Secretaries and office bearers at all level: SNEA membership increased from 21,708 in Oct:2017 to 23,305 in January, 2018.

Make all efforts to reach 24,000 in the month of March,18. Change of Union/Anns is allowed every month for the TTAs become JTO/JAOs(who were members of Non Executive Unions). New JTO/JAOs and non members can be enrolled every month.

As per the information received through RTI, the membership details of various Associations in January, 2018 are:

SNEA:23,305, AIBSNLEA:9,800, AIGETOA:3,718, AIBSNLOA: 474, AITEEA:242 and BBOA:237.

Memebership details during January, 2018

01/03/2018 : CHQ News

Work According to Rule agitation deferred till 30-04-2018.
All circle and district secretaries are hereby informed that in view of the meeting held between the Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications and the All Unions and Associations of BSNL on 24.02.2018, and also in view of the assurances given for the settlement of the demands, it is decided to defer the Work According to Rule agitation till 30th April, 2018. In view of this decision of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, all comrades are requested to restore normalcy with immediate effect. View Letter

28/02/2018 :

CS writes to CGMT regarding Request Transfer of Ex-Servicemen JTOs on compassionate grounds View Letter

28/02/2018 :

CS writes to CGMT regarding Posting of Office Bearers of Associations in Sensitive Posts View Letter

24/02/2018 : CHQ News

Meeting with Hon'ble MoSC

Meeting between Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications and All Unions and Associations of BSNL.

A meeting was held at the Sanchar Bhawan today the 24.02.2018, between Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications and the All Unions and Associations of BSNL. Together with the Minister, Secretary, DoT, Special Secretary, DoT, Joint Secretary (Admn.), DoT, PS to MoSC and OSD to the Hon’ble Minister, CMD BSNL and Director (HR) BSNL were present. From the All Unions and Associations of BSNL, Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, Com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE, Com. K. Sebastin, GS, SNEA, Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, Com. K. Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO, Com. N.D. Ram, GS, SEWA BSNL, Com. Ravi Shil Verma, GS, AIGETOA, Com. Mallikarjuna, President, BSNL MS and Com. S.D. Sharma, GS, BSNL ATM, participated in the discussions. The representatives of the AUAB heartily thanked the Hon’ble Minister for taking out time to meet them. Detailed discussions took place on the memorandum submitted to the Hon’ble Minister, the details of which are as follows:-

3rd Pay Revision. So far, the DoT has been maintaining that BSNL employees are not eligible for 3rd Pay Revision. In today’s meeting the Hon’ble Minister agreed that the issue of 3rd Pay Revision of BSNL employees would be processed and would be taken for the approval of the Cabinet. He directed Secretary to take up the matter personally with Secretary, DPE. This is a great achievement. We have broken the stalemate that prevailed in the Pay Revision issue. At the same time we have to be vigilant, till the final approval is given by the Cabinet.

Formation of Subsidiary Tower Company. The AUAB representatives expressed their apprehension that in the name of formation of the Tower Company, the 66,000 mobile towers of BSNL are being snatched away from BSNL. They also pointed out that the decision of the Cabinet that, the Subsidiary Tower Company would remain under the control of BSNL Management, has been violated, through the appointment of an IAS officer as the CMD of Subsidiary Tower Company. They further pointed out that even BSNL Management was not taken in to confidence in the appointment of an IAS officer as the CMD of the Subsidiary Tower Company, which clearly shows that the Subsidiary Tower Company would not be under the control of BSNL Management. Hon Minister was non committal and the reply given by the Hon’ble Minister in this regard is not satisfactory. The AUAB has to find ways and means to ensure the rolling back of the Subsidiary Tower Company.

Pension Revision. The representatives of AUAB strongly argued that pension revision should be done to the BSNL pensioners. It was pointed out that the BSNL pensioners and the Central Government pensioners are covered by the same rules. They argued that when pension revision is settled for the Central Government pensioners, the same should not be denied to the BSNL pensioners. The Hon’ble Minister assured that needful action would be taken to settle this issue and directed Secretary to take necessary action.

Calculation of Pension Contribution. It was strongly argued that pension contribution in respect of BSNL employees cannot be calculated on the basis of maximum of the pay scale, when the same is calculated on the basis of actual basic pay, in the case of Central Government employeeson deputation. It was pointed out that as per the DoP&T order issued in 19.11.2009, pension contribution of the Central Government employees is being deducted on the basis of actual pay only, w.e.f 01.01.2006. The Hon’ble Minister directed the Secretary, DoT, that this issue should be settled as per Government orders.

Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL. The AUAB representatives pointed out that it will be extremely difficult for BSNL to compete with the private operators, without providing 4G service. They strongly argued that the proposal of the BSNL Management, for the allotment of 4G spectrum by the Government, should be accepted. The Hon’ble Minister replied in the positive and assured that needful action would be taken and spectrum will be allotted to BSNL.

Reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58. The AUAB representatives strongly argued that the retirement age of the BSNL employees should not be reduced from 60 to 58, as a measure for the revival of BSNL. The Hon’ble Minister told that the government is not having any proposal to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58.

Left out issues of the 2nd PRC. The AUAB representatives pointed out that this issue is lingering on very long time and needs to be settled. The Hon’ble Minister stated that this issue would be looked into by the Secretary, DoT.

At the end of the meeting, the Hon’ble Minister stated that the representatives of AUAB could meet him again, as well as the Secretary, DoT, in continuation of today’s meeting. The representatives of AUAB heartily thanked the Minister for his positive response to most of the issues.

After the meeting with the Hon’ble Minister, a meeting of the AUAB was held in the FNTO’s office. All the General Secretaries expressed their satisfaction with regards to the progress in the issues. They also expressed the view that all these have happened only because of the united struggles and massive mobilisations by the entire Non-Executives and Executives, for which they deserve appreciation. We are extremely thankful to CMD BSNL to impress upon Hon MoSC for arranging the meeting

24/02/2018 : CHQ News



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As per the call of All Unions and Associations of BSNL the march stared from Eastern Court building of BSNLCO compound. More than 5,000 comrades from nook and corner of the country to participated in the SANCHAR BHAVAN MARCH. Before the commencement of the March different Central trade unions leaders of CITU, AITUC, INTUC etc i.e. Comrade Shri Tapan Sen, Hon MP and General Secretary/CITU, Shri Vidhya Sagar Giri, Secretary/AITUC and Shri Zile Singh, President/INTUC Delhi addressed the gathering and extended the fullest support of Central Trade Unions for the struggle of BSNL employees.

The March was stopped by Delhi Police at Parliament street Police Station near Sanchar Bhawan. The comrades even tried to break the barricades and march towards Sanchar Bhavan. It become very difficult for the leadership to control the comrades who forced to break the barricade and the police. Finally on the assurance of the police that they will arrange a meeting with Secretary Telecom, March culminated in a peaceful manner with a meeting which was addressed by all the GSs of all Unions and Associations. GS/SNEA, veteran leaders Com G L Jogi/Chairman and Com V A N Namboodiri addressed. About 1000 SNEA comrades from RAJ, PB, UPW, HR, MP, KRL, J&K, BR Circles participated in the March along with the comrades from Delhi and BSNLCO.

The GSs of all the Unions and Associations of BSNL were escorted by the Police to Sanchar Bhawan to have the meeting with Secretary. However, Secretary directed Police to take all the leaders to meet Special Secretary(T), DoT as she was busy in preparations for the tour to Barcelona, in the evening. All the leaders took strong objection to this and categorically told that we will meet only Secretary/DoT, otherwise all the comrades will immediately reach Sanchar Bhavan, for which DoT establishment only will be responsible. SS(T) is the person putting all the hurdles on BSNL related issues and taking anti BSNL stand, we told the police to inform them. Sensing the danger, after some time, Secretary agreed to meet the leaders in the Committee room.

In the presence of Police, Secretary/DoT along with SS(T), Jt Sec(A) and Director (PSU) attended the meeting. At the outset all the leaders expressed their serious concern that Secretary is not granting meetings to discuss the issues. Earlier Secretaries granted us meeting as and when required to discuss the issues. We protested against the negligent attitude of DoT administration towards the issues of BSNL and BSNL employees. Detailed discussion took place on various demand:

Implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment benefits: Secretary tried to justify the DoT action citing Cabinet decision and DoT is not in a position to implement it in violation of Rules. We categorically told that BSNL become loss making due to the Govt and not because of the employees and this was publically admitted by the former Telecom Minister in the Parliament. After BSNL started expanding the network, last three years BSNL recorded improvement and profit. Affordability clause is only for the Executives, not for non executives but for Non-Executives wage negotiation as per DPE guidelines not started. In the DPE guidelines, affordability clause is not there, even then DoT did not issued guidelines for wage negotiation even after repeated reminders from BSNL. This is dual stand. DoT become anti BSNL, we complained to secretary.

Rollback of Tower Subsidiary: We expressed our apprehension that it will lead to disinvestment. The recent developments established that. The CMD of the Tower Subisdiary and the Board of directors were decided without the knowledge or approval of BSNL Board, how it can be possible? It is told that there will be Joint venture (JV) which will lead to disinvestment. BSNL is earning about 500 Cr this year from tower sharing which will go away. In the future BSNL mobile expansion will be under threat as the JV will demand rent for all the BTSs which will be a huge money. Secretary and others don’t have any reply.

Pension revision for the Govt pensioners from BSNL: We questioned why pension revision is not happening as it is not linked with profitability or affordability of BSNL. Officers of DoT did not have anything to answer.

The other issues settlement of let out issues related to 2nd PRC and No reduction in retirement age from 60 to 58 years and no VRS also briefly discussed.

Secretary explained that the issues are already in her knowledge but she is not the final authority to decide, a political decision is required on 3rd PRC. Hon MOSC called a meeting tomorrow to discuss all the issues and we have to wait for the directions from the Hon MoSC.

After the meeting with Secretary, all the GSs met CMD/BSNL and DIR(HR) BSNL Board and apprised about the discussions took place with Secretary/DoT and others. CMD informed that he along with Secretary will attend the meeting tomorrow with Hon MOSC.

23/02/2018 :

Congratulations..!! to all Direct Recruitee (through GATE) JTO Trainees for successfully completing Phase-I training today from RTTC Trivandrum and joining for field training on 26/02/2018. SNEA Kerala wholeheartedly welcomes all to the Executive fraternity and best wishes for the glorious career ahead.View orders

22/02/2018 :

Time Bound Promotion Orders for E3-E4 issued for CO, KTM, PTA, CNN, TVM and PGT:
View Orders || E3-E4 Annexure
Time Bound Promotion Orders for E2-E3 issued for CO, KTM, PGT, TVM and CNN
View E2-E3 Orders
TBP orders for Calicut BA was released earlier. For the remaining BAs, the respective District Secretaries are requested to pursue at BA level for the early release of the long pending TBP orders.

20/02/2018 :

Meeting with Smt Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary DoT on 20.02.2018:

GSs of SNEA, BSNLEU and AIBSNLEA met Secretary DoT and held discussions on the 3rd PRC with 15% fitment. BSNL Board after taking all the aspects into consideration recommended 3rd PRC with 15% fitment, freezing the revision of all allowances. The BSNL proposal is pending in DoT for the last three months but no steps are taken for its implementation. The employees are very much agitated over this. We requested that DoT should take necessary steps to get the affordability clause exempted for BSNL. Financial condition of BSNL is nothing to do with the employees as the entire telecom sector is facing problem. The employees are working with full commitment for the revival of BSNL and to implement the Govt projects. Pay revision is a must to keep the employees motivated.

GS/BSNLEU specifically pleaded that 3rd PRC is for the Executives but the pay revision for the Non-executives are based on negotiated settlement. Surprisingly the negotiation itself is not started as DoT didnot given clearance for that. As per the DPE guidelines, for the wage negotiation, there is no affordability clause.

Regarding pension revision for the Govt pensioners retired from BSNL, we apprised Secretary that DoT Pension Cell is linking the pension revision with the pay revision of BSNL serving employees which is not at all correct as BSNL pensioners are not related with the profitability or paying capacity of BSNL. Their pension is paid by the Govt from the consolidated fund of India as per CCS pension Rules, 1972, not by BSNL. Last time also DoT moved a Cabinet note to get the pension revised for the BSNL pensioners with 30% fitment. Present situation also, DoT has to get the Cabinet approval for pension revision with 15% fitment as 15% is already approved by Union Cabinet as fitment formula for 3rd PRC. Their pension contribution has already been paid to DoT. DoT(Estt) always takes the stand that pension revision is to be done for BSNL pensioners after the pay revision of BSNL serving employees, otherwise anomalies will be created. This is not the justification to deny the pension revision to the Pensioners, we categorically told the Secretary and sought her kind intervention for resolving the issue.

Secretary given a patient hearing and assured an early action in this regard and mentioned that Hon MOSC also telling in all the meetings that we will consider the case.

Since there is no concrete assurance from the Secretary other that the normal gestures, the March to Sanchar Bhavan on 23.02.2018 will to continue with more intensity.

20/02/2018 :

GS and Jt Sec met GM(Estt) and DGM)Estt) and held discussions again on implementation of Hon Kerala High Court order on Pay fixation for Officiating JTOs under FR22(1)(a)(1) without challenging it in the Supreme Court. All the offtg JTOs are become regular JTOs and majority of the offtg JTOs are retired by this time. The matter is discussed with DIR(HR) and CGM legal also, we informed them. GM(Estt) informed that as per the advice of Legal cell, directions are given to Kerala Circle to file the SLP in the Hon SC. However the matter will be reexamined.

GS writes to DIR(HR): Implementation of Hon Kerala High Court order on Pay fixation for Officiating JTOs under FR22(1)(a)(1) without the restriction of FR35. There is no justification in challenging it again in the Hon SC
GS letter to DIR(HR)

19/02/2018 :

Meeting with CGMT Kerala on 15/2/2018:
CS Com.Santhosh Kumar, CP Com.George Varghese, CT Com.Premkumar, ACS Com.Ramana and DS-Trivandrum Com.Dr.VG.Sabu met . Dr.P.T.Mathews, CGMT Kerala on 15/2/2018 and discussed various pending HR issues and other service related issues. The meeting began at 11.30 A.M and lasted upto 1.10 P.M. The following issues were discussed:

1. EPP pending cases since 1-10-2016: We expressed our concern in the inordinate delay in issuing the pending TBP orders. We requested CGMT to review EPP cases in webinars with few power point slides as in case of probity and efficacy which will speedup the process in various BAs. It is to be noted that only Calicut BA has completed the pending E3-E4 cases.

2. Delay in process of DGM Look after/DE Look after: CGMT intimated that options were recently called for looking after in DE/DGM cadre and it will be processed soon.

3. Transfer request of DGMs/DEs to other circles, those who have completed their tenure period: We expressed our concern in the delay in processing the requests. As per CGMT it would be processed and can be relieved along with new LA .

4. Transfer request of executives for posting toParent SSA, considering the improvement in executive strength on account of JTO postings: We requested CGMT to consider the transfer requests of executives who were posted to shortage BAs on promotion, as sufficient number of JTOs are posted now to these shortage BAs. Even many Ex-Servicemen who served their youthful years away from family in Armed Forces and are still away from their family due to service in BSNL. Many JEs who worked in other Circles came on transfer to Kerala Circle and immediately got promotion and posted to far away places. CGMT opined that requests can be considered generally only after the completion of 2 years. We told CGMT that a positive approach of the administration can motivate the executives which will results in output. We have also pointed out that while GMs are able to get transfer within one year it is difficult to digest the 2 year theory when substitute are available in plenty. CGMT agreed to consider deserving Compassionate ground cases. We again pressed our demand to consider maximum cases.

5. Release of LICE JTO Vacancy: We expressed our protest over the delay in releasing the LICE JTO vacancies. Seven JEs are still waiting for posting as JTOs even after completion of their Phase-I JTO training due to blocked vacancies. CGMT informed that posting against the vacancies recalculated will be issued soon .

6. Phase-I Training to leftover officiating JTOs: We expressed our protest over the delay in sending the two leftover officiating JTOs for the Phase-1 Training. We have suggested to send them along with the left over LICE/ DR batch. CGMT agreed to look into the case.

7. Consideration of rearrangement request of recently posted DR-JTOs to Kannur, Malappuram and other Business Areas: We thanked CGMT for considering the requests.

8. Appointment of Office bearers of Associations in sensitive posts: We once again expressed our protest against the posting of office bearers of associations in sensitive posts against clear Corporate office order. CGMT promised to look into the matter.

9. Release of JAO vacancies: We requested CGMT to immediately fill the 5 resultant vacancies created in JAO cadre due to the declining of posting after joining as JAOs as done in Telangana Circle. CGMT responded positively.

10. Shortage of funds – affecting the development works of BA: CGMT shared our concern and pointed out the further threat by launch of FTTH with content by Reliance Jio and called for our added involvement in provisioning of FTTH by BSNL as well as through LCO. We have also shared our suggestion in reducing CAPEX/OPEX by reducing AMC charges , by avoiding DGs at urban areas by proper battery backup as done by other TSPs.

11. Issues in settlement of Temporary Advance: CGMT told that almost all suggestions made in this regard is now incorporated and any more modification required may be intimated.

12. Popularize digital transaction through CSCs

13. Issues related to CIMS – Cable Inventory Management System: We have pointed out the futility of DCRMS implemented in the circle and expressed out our view that this may also result the same. Any how being a corporate instruction we requested CGMT to instruct IT cell to assist the field units in completing cable mapping as all are facing lots of difficulties.

14. Diary Reimbursement: CGMT agreed to approve as and when the file reaches to him.

Meeting with PGM (Finance) on 15/2/2018: The following issues were discussed:

1. Release of JAO vacancies: We requested PGM(F) to immediately fill the 5 resultant vacancies created in JAO cadre due to the declining of posting after joining as JAOs as done in Telangana Circle. PGM(F) responded positively.

2. Issues in settlement of Temporary Advance

3. Double Taxation in Top up:
PGMF agreed to our view and informed that the Circle has already written to Corporate office. We will also pursue the case at corporate office.

4. Consideration of Transfer Requests : PGM(F) informed that he wanted to do all transfers in a transparent manner and issued instruction to publish all the transfer request pending in the circle. We have appreciated his action and informed that this time as new DR JAO posting and promotions in all streams are expected the existing transfer requests may be able to consider without long stay transfer .

19/02/2018 : CHQ News

GS writes to Shri Ajay Narayan Jha, Secretary, Dept of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance:
Revision of the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A for the JTO, SDE and equivalent Executives in BSNL w.e.f 0101.2007, a CPSE under Dept of Telecommunications, based on 2nd PRC recommendations and DPE guidelines in this regard. DPE guideline stipulates replacement of intermediary pay scale like E1A and E2A with standard pay scales notified by DPE. Based on this, BSNL Board recommended next higher standard pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing E1A and E2A. DoT issued Presidential order on 28.03.2017, lowering the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2, contrary to the recommendations of BSNL Board. Reference from DoT seeking views /comments from DoE in this regard.
GS letter to Secretary, DoE, Ministry of Finance

17/02/2018 :

Pending requests for transfer of Accounts and Finance Executives in Kerala Circle as on 17/2/2018:
View List

We thank PGM(Finance) for publishing the list for considering the transfer requests of A&F Executives as demanded by this Association. Once again as done in the last year, steps are being taken for ensuring transparency in implementing transfer requests in accounts wing as demanded by SNEA.
All are requested to verify and report the errors/ommissions/discrepancies noticed in the list and takeup with the respective District Secretaries of SNEA.

16/02/2018 :

Congratulations..!! to all Direct Recruitee (through GATE) JTO Trainees for successfully completing Phase-I training today from RTTC Trivandrum. SNEA Kerala wholeheartedly welcomes all to the Executive fraternity and best wishes for the glorious career ahead. View Orders

16/02/2018 : CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Keshav Rao, GM(Pers) on 15.02.18: GS and President met GM(P) and held discussions on the following issues:
a) Board approval for CPSU Hierarchy proposal: GM(P) informed that the queries from the Board members are yet to be received. BSNLCO is trying to contact the concerned Board members to get the queries so that it can be replied immediately and thereafter for the approval, the proposal can be moved through rotation.

b) Speedy implementation of Hon SC judgments on 206 seniority and consequential benefits to all the seniors: The proposal is already moved from Pers section few weeks back. Now the proposal is gone to the legal section for legal opinion. Based on the legal opinion, the proposal will be processed for early implementation. We requested for early implementation as DGM(Regular) promotion etc can be considered only after the finalization of the seniority list in DE cadre (after the revision of SDE seniority and subsequent changes in promotion to DE cadre).

c) Filing MA in Hon Chandigarh Court on DE to DGM(Adhoc) promotion: DGM(Adhoc) promotion is stayed by Hon CAT Chandigarh on reservation issue and catchup rule. The MA seeking permission for issuing promotion for the missing cases etc will be filed shortly. The draft MA is approved, GM(P) informed.

d) Approval of minutes of the review DPC for the 33 missing cases: After discussion, GM(P) assured early action.

e) Speedy implementation of Hon SC judgments on revision of seniority for the SDE(C) and consequential benefits to all the seniors: We explained the urgency in implementing the SC order and conducting the review DPC for EE promotion. There after they will be eligible for SE promotions also. Since the number is less, we requested to expedite the matter. GM(P) agreed to speed up the matter and explained that since all these matters involve legal issues, checking at various level involves, causing delay.

f) Promotion to SDE(T) based on the Hon SC order revising their JTO rect year. Since the review DPC is already over for the promotion to earlier vacancy year, it is requested to expedite the promotion order for the 06 cases where the SC given earlier rect years in JTO cadre. All of them are already working as SDEs.

16/02/2018 : CHQ News

GS writes to Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL:
Acute shortage of OLTs and ONTs in the field units to provide FTTH connections. Proactive steps needed to procure equipments on war footing or empanelment of vendors to provide FTTH connections before the competitor, R-Jio enter the market. Our BB connections will be under serious threat once R-Jio starts providing FTTH connections, so more focus should be given to FTTH instead of ADSL BB connections.
GS letter to CMD

13/02/2018 :

Protest demonstrations to be conducted on every Wednesday:
As part of intensifying the Work According to Rule programme, it has been decided to conduct protest demonstrations on every Wednesday. District Secretaries are requested to effectively conduct these demonstrations, by coordinating with other constituents of the All Unions and Associations of BSNL. Efforts should be taken to mobilise maximum number of employees in these demonstrations.

11/02/2018 :

Hearty Congratulations..!! to Com.K.T.Sajith Kumar, JTO STR Kozhikode for getting the prestigious Bharat Sanchar Seva Padak Award, 2017.
SNEA Kerala is proud of you Comrade.

View Letter

10/02/2018 :

Glimpses of Satyagraha on 9/2/2018 of Kerala Circle View Photos

09/02/2018 :

Glimpses of Satyagraha on 8/2/2018 of Kerala Circle View Photos

08/02/2018 :

Glimpses of Satyagraha on 7/2/2018 of Kerala Circle View Photos

07/02/2018 :

Glimpses of Satyagraha on 6/2/2018 of Kerala Circle View Photos

07/02/2018 : CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Amit Yadav, Jt Sec(A), DoT on 06.02.2018: GS, President and AGS met Jt Sec(A) and held discussions on different issues. Jt Sec(A) is nominated as the new BSNL Board member after Shri N Sivasailam become Special Secretary. We congratulated him for the new assignment.

1) Allotment of 4G spectrum for BSNL: We explained the urgency in allotting 4G spectrum and launching of 4G services by BSNL as other operators are already having 4G services. JS informed that things are now moving positively in DoT.

2) Pension revision for the Govt pensioners retired from BSNL: We explained that the pension revision is no way linked with the pay revision for the serving employees as the pension is paid by the Govt from the Consolidated Fund of India. All are Govt pensioners retired from BSNL. Last time also pension revision for BSNL retirees was done through a Cabinet decision. The pension contribution is already paid by BSNL to the Govt(DoT). Affordability or BSNL profitability is no way connected with the payment of pension and pension revision. The fitment of 15% is already recommended by 3rd PRC and approved by Cabinet. We requested to delink it from pay revision and move a Cabinet proposal for pension revision. JS agreed to our points and assured that DoT will take positive steps to delink the pension revision from the pay revision and settle the issue of pension revision.

3) Status of 3rd Pay revision: For pay revision in BSNL, Govt has to seek Cabinet approval as a special case to get relaxation on affordability clause, JS informed. However there is no instruction from the higher authorities so far in this regard.

4) Pension contribution: We explained the issue in detail. BSNL is pursuing this matter with DoT, DoE, DoPT etc. The response from DoE is very positive. The proposal sent to DoE was without the recommendation of the Internal Finance of DoT and now DoE sought the recommendation from Internal Finance of DoT. The issue is pending with Internal Finance of DoT. If Internal Finance of DoT is taking a positive stand, DoE will agree to the proposal. SNEA also taken up the issue with DoPT and DoPT informed us in April, 2014 that BSNL has to pay the pension contribution as per DoPT OM of 2009, on the actual basic pay. We requested to pursue the matter within DoT. JS informed that he is not dealing the matter, however he will use his office to support the BSNL proposal and speak to the concerned officers.

06/02/2018 :

BSNL Corporate Office has issued letter addressed to all CGMs regarding change in option for contribution in Employees' Pension Scheme. View Letter

06/02/2018 : CHQ News

GS writes to Shri Narendra Modiji, Hon Prime Minister:
Pension revision for the 2.5 lakh Central Govt pensioners retired from BSNL as per Rule 37A of the CCS Pension Rules, 1972, w.e.f. 01.01.2017. Pension revision for the retired BSNL Executives and Non Executives is not linked with the 3rd PRC or pay revision of the serving BSNL Executives or the affordability of BSNL.
GS letter to Hon PM on Pension Revision

06/02/2018 : CHQ News

Meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR) on 05.02.18: GS and President met DIR(HR) and held discussions on E2/E3 pay scale status, CPSU Hierarchy approval, 3rd Pay revision, pension revision, pension contribution on actual basic pay etc. Later GS, President and AGs met CGM(Legal), GM(Retg) and GM(SR) on the above issues and held discussions.

06/02/2018 :

BSNL Extends Sunday Free Calling Offer for Another Three Months On Popular Demand. We continuously pursued the matter with CMD, DIR(CFA), GM(Fin-CFA) and GM(BB). Simultaneously CS SNEA Kerala at Circle level also pursued the matter with CGMT.

06/02/2018 : CHQ News

GS writes to Shri Manoj Sinhaji, Hon MoSC: Kind intervention to allot 4G spectrum as per the Detailed Project Report (DPR) submitted by BSNL Board to DoT for its immediate consideration. All other operators launched 4G services long back but BSNL could not start as Govt didnot allotted 4G spectrum. BSNL will be out of competition from the Telecom market if it is not allowed to launch 4G services immediately as in the case of 2G ---- BSNL will miss the DATA BUS also as in the case of VOICE BUS.
GS letter to Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon MoSC

05/02/2018 :

Glimpses of Satyagraha on 5/2/2018 of Kerala Circle View Photos

05/02/2018 :

5 Days Satyagraha in Kerala Circle will be held from 5/2/18 to 9/2/18 at all SSA HQ.
Work According to Rule from 30.01.2018
March to Sanchar Bhawan on 23.02.2018

Charter of Demands

(1) Settle:-
     (a) 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment from 01.01.2017.
     (b) Settle pension revision.
     (c) Settle leftout issues of the 2nd PRC.

(2) Roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.
(3) No reduction in the retirement age to 58 and no VRS.

View Notice

03/02/2018 :

Rs19,29,300/- contributed towards Com.Manoj John treatment

SNEA Alleppey in coordination with all District Secretaries of SNEA Kerala has raised a fund of Rs19,29,300/- and contributed towards treatment of Shri Manoj John, JTO(2005 batch) working in Alleppey who is suffering from acute leukaemia and undergoing treatment at CMC Velloor. Doctors have advised for bone marrow surgery for which approx. 40 Lakh Rupees are needed.

We Thank all Comrades for their kindness to the Noble cause.

Com.Manoj John has expressed his sincere thanks to all our members for the contributions. His next phase of Chemotherapy has started. Bone marrow operation will be in March. Marrow transplant testing is over and his brothers marrow is matching. Let’s pray for his speedy recovery.

03/02/2018 :

Glimpses of the ongoing Circle Conference (1st Feb - 3rd Feb) of BSNLEU-Kerala at Ernakulam

02/02/2018 :

Inordinate Delays in the issuance of Stipend to DR-JTOs:
SNEA Kerala has been pursuing the issue of stipend to the DR-JTO with the Administration. Stipend for the month of Dec-2017 for Phase-I training for the RTTC-Jaipur trainees who are now undergoing their field training in Kerala is yet to be disbursed. We are in constant touch with the officials of RTTC-Jaipur and about one week back it was told by them that stipend is being processed in ERP, given for payment and will be credited in a couple of days. Yesterday we have discussed the issue with Com.SS.Rajput , Circle Secretary SNEA Rajasthan and he has promised to expedite for an early resolution in the issue.

Circle office has issued orders and clarified that Stipend during field training will be processed by the respective Business Areas. All District Secretaries are requested to pursue the same.
View Orders from Circle office || Annexure-1 || Annexure-II || Annexure-III

01/02/2018 :

CS writes to CGMT regarding Disconnection of KSEB supply - Delayed payment of Electricity charges for TE/BTS sites - Suggestion for taking up with State Government for exemption from disconnection as being done for State PSUs and Government offices View Letter

01/02/2018 :

Tribute to our Veteran Leader Com W. Seshagiri Rao
The hero of many historic battles to win the pride and prestige of the Executive community, his stellar role in building up the SNEA will remain with us forever.

01/02/2018 : CHQ News

Meeting with Shri N K Mehta, DIR(CFA): Jt Forum leaders met DIR(CFA) on 31.01.2018 and held discussions on the following issues:

a) Restoration of night free calling and Sunday free call facility from Landline: JF strongly pleaded for the restoration of night Free calling atleast from 9 PM to 6 AM and continuing Sunday Free calling. These are some good marketing initiatives which given the field staff to get more landline connections. When so many freebies are offered for mobile connection, landline customers which gives almost 50% revenue should not be neglected. All are loyal customers of BSNL for years together. BSNL should first retain them instead of looking for new connections. BSNL has to spend thousands of Rupees for a new connection and has to wait years together to get some revenue from it. Before taking such a retrograde step which will accelerate the landline surrender/nonpayment disconnection, BSNL CO should have consulted the major Circles like KRL, MH, KTK etc to assess the impact, we suggested. Further we suggested to form a Committee consisting of few CGMs of major Circles and some officers of BSNLCO to review the decisions and put on hold the orders till that time. DIR(CFA) responded positively and assured positive action and review of the decision.

b) Reintroduction of Annual plans: We pointed out that discontinuation of annual plan was another such retrograde decision taken by BSNL and we lost lakhs of connections. BSNL was getting advance money from the customers. After the surrender of lakhs of connections, we are looking for new connections with lesser plans. These type of decisions, making our field staff very tough to face the customers.

c) Procuring Gpon OLT and ONTs for FTTH connections. Huge demand is reported from various Circles for FTTH connections. Shortage of Gpon and ONTs is the main problem. R Jio is now focusing towards this segment of FTTH and BB business. We demanded urgent procurement/supply of OLTs and ONTs for providing maximum FTTH connections before R Jio is capturing the market. In the present NGN tender, there is a provision for FTTH where the ONT rates are very low. We requested to explore the possibility to procure more OLTs and ONTs through the existing tender itself instead of going for a new tender which will take lot of time.

Meeting with new GM (Estt) on 31-01-18: GS, President, AGS and Jt Sec met the new GM(Estt) Shri Saurabh Tyagi and assured him all co-operation. Very sensitive issues like 3rd PRC, E2 and E3 scales, Pay loss issue of Rs 22820, E1A/E2A notionall from 01.10.2000 for C/E/Arch etc are dealt by Estt section and it has to be addressed on priority, we requested.

28/01/2018 :

5 Days Satyagraha in Kerala Circle will be held from 5/2/18 to 9/2/18.
Dear Comrades, Due to the upcoming BSNLEU-Kerala Circle Conference on Feb 1st, 2nd and 3rd of 2018, All Unions and Associations of Kerala Circle has decided to postpone the start date of 5 day Satyagraha in Kerala to 5th Feb 2018. In other Circles, as per CHQ call, it will be held from 30/1/2018.
In Kerala, it is decided to conduct Lunch Hour Demonstration on 30/1/2018 at Circle HQ and all BA HQ.

Indefinite Work According to Rule will come into effect from 30.01.2018

March to Sanchar Bhawan on 23.02.2018

Charter of Demands

(1) Settle:-
     (a) 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment from 01.01.2017.
     (b) Settle pension revision.
     (c) Settle leftout issues of the 2nd PRC.

(2) Roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.
(3) No reduction in the retirement age to 58 and no VRS.

View Notice

26/01/2018 :

SNEA Kerala wishes Happy Republic Day to all Indians

22/01/2018 :

CS writes to CGMT regarding withdrawal of unlimited free voice calling on Sundays View Letter

22/01/2018 :

CS writes to CGMT regarding difficulties being faced by Executives with the Temporary Advance settlement Module View Letter

22/01/2018 :

CS writes to CGMT regarding posting of Smt. K.Latha, SDE (DS AIBSNLEA Ernakulam), as Liaison Officer at Ernakulam under AGM Legal Circle Office View Letter

It has been a matter of great shock and deep concern to the members of this Association, in particular and to most employees in general that Smt. K Latha, SDE, HR No. 199106286, the District Secretary of AIBSNLEA has been posted as SDE (Liaison) under AGM (Legal), Circle office, BSNL, Kerala with HQ at Ernakulam flouting the existing instructions and violating all norms to be observed while posting Officers to sensitive posts. In the instant case, the posting has been done not only to a sensitive post but also to a post which entails a conflict of interest between different Associations.

The above posting is a blatant violation of the instructions issued from Corporate Office and a clear direction that “the office bearers of Associations may be excluded from postings in HR/Admn and Vigilance Wings”. Such direction was obviously issued to preclude biased and partisan decisions in matters of conflicting interests.

Much more than that, in the instant case, access to vital confidential information, in matters relating to Court cases in which two or more Associations are involved definitely defeats the judicial purpose, where free and fair trial for all and natural justice is the norm of juridical jurisprudence. By posting, none other than the District Secretary (not any ordinary office-bearer) of a particular Association with access to all judicial matters including deciding the Government Counsel and briefing him on concerned cases, what is the intention of the Administration? Does it want cases to be decided freely and fairly or on the whims and fancies of vested interests? Where do the deprived and denied get the deserved justice, if not even in the Courts of law? By this single act, the Administration is denying justice to a vast majority of its employees, not only in the Circle, but also in the entire country because most of the cases have pan-India ramifications. The Corporate office instructions were issued with this specific intention, so that each employee enjoys the privilege of neutrality in all decisions of the Administration, not to speak of Court cases. Further, the recent letter issued by Director(HR), BSNL Board, New Delhi communicated to Kerala Telecom Circle contains clear instructions on the steps to be taken by the Circle for effective handling of court cases by empanelling officers with legal back ground. The fact that a number of officers with legal back ground have already registered their requests for posting in legal section, on the basis of the above directions of the BSNL CO , also seemed to have been conveniently brushed under the carpet. In many cases, AIBSNLEA, as an association or its members are party before various judicial forums in many litigations. Posting a District Secretary of AIBSNLEA, who, either directly or indirectly is a party, to this post is a below-the-belt punch on the administrative ethics and propriety. If we feel ourselves on the receiving end with fairness and justice denied to us, the Administration cannot disown its responsibility.

We have already drawn most of these facts to your attention, much before the orders were implemented. We deeply regret to note that our concerns with more than adequate support from the specific instructions on the subject by the Corporate Office, are yet to be considered by the Circle Administration. Therefore , we, once again, call upon the Administration to
1. Cancel the posting of Smt. K Latha, District Secretary AIBSNLEA to the post of SDE (Liaison) under AGM Legal, Circle Office..
2. Fill up the SDE Liaison posts at Ernakulum adhering to the instructions and procedures as stipulated in letters under reference 2 and 3 which were endorsed by the circle office as per letter under reference 4.

We hope that justice will be restored with immediate action at your end, so that we can focus and carry on with the developmental activities of the Circle without other distractions. Assuring you our co-operation to protect the best interests of BSNL

19/01/2018 :

All Unions and Associations of BSNL served notice to Secretary, DoT and CMD-BSNL for agitational Programme: View Notice for Trade Union Actions

Charter of Demands :

(1) Settle:
     (a) 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment from 01.01.2017.
     (b) Settle pension revision.
     (c) Settle leftout issues of the 2nd PRC.

(2) Roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.
(3) No reduction in the retirement age from 60 to 58 and no VRS.

Agitation Programme:

(1) Whole day satyagraha for 5 days from 30.01.2018. The starting of the satyagraha will be marked by the paying of SHRADHANHJALI at Gandhi Samadi at New Delhi on 30.01.2018 by the leaders of All Unions and Associations of BSNL.
(2) Indefinite Work According to Rule from 30.01.2018.
(3) Massive March to Sanchar Bhawan on 23.02.2018.

18/01/2018 :

Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD-BSNL: A meeting was held on 17/1/2018 between the CMD BSNL and the Core Committee. Com K. Sebastin, GS/SNEA, Com P. Abhimanyu, GS/BSNLEU, Com Prahlad Rai, GS/AIBSNLEA and Com K. S. Kulkarni, AGS/NFTE attended the meeting. In the meeting, the following information is given by the CMD BSNL.

Financial results of BSNL for 2016 – 17: CMD informed that the fianancial results for the year 2016–17 is encouraging, under the tough competition. Operating profit (EBIDTA) is Rs.1,684 crore and the net loss of the Company slightly come down and is estimated at Rs.4,793 crore. The CMD BSNL also informed that according to the new valuation mechanism, the net worth of BSNL is valued at Rs.34,319 crore and that, the net asset worth of the Company is estimated at Rs.91,684 crore.

Launching 4G service in January, 2018: BSNL will be launching 4G services in January, 2018 starting with few Circles. Further, BSNL demanded the allocation of 5 MHz of 4G spectrum, in 2100 MHz band. The price of this 4G spectrum comes to Rs.16,000 crore. BSNL Board proposed that 50% of this amount should be adjusted through capital infusion by the government, and the remaining 50% would be paid by BSNL in 10 equal installments. CMD told that DoT response is positive in this regard and that a final decision is expected to be taken soon. After allotment of 4G spectrum by the government, BSNL can add another 10,000 BTSs through add on order in addition to the ordered 10,000 BTSs for rolling-out 4G service.

Core Committee members raised serious issues with the CMD: In the meeting the Core Committee members raised certain serious issues with the CMD BSNL. Withdrawal of the free calling from landlines on Sundays, change in the timing of the night free calling, change in the commission for DSAs and Retailers, acute shortage of equipments for providing FTTH connections, large scale damaging of BSNLs cables were discussed with the CMD. After the change in night free calling time, it become very difficult to market landline and the field staff and officers are facing very embarrassing situation, we informed CMD. CMD advised detailed discussions with the concerned Directors in this regard. DIR(CFA) is on tour and the matter will be discussed with him on his return.

The issues of non-settlement of 3rd Pay Revision and formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company with an IAS officer as its CMD are seriously agitating the minds of the employees, Core Committee told CMD.

17/01/2018 :

Hon CAT Ernakulam vacated the stay on approval of CPSU Hierarchy proposal and allowed BSNL Board to take a decision and publish it. The MA dismissed accordingly.

For the vacation of this stay, SNEA got impleaded along with members belonging to JTO Electrical, SDE Electrical, JTO Civil, SDE Civil, JAO, AO, JTO Telecom (including LDCE passed), SDE Telecom, DE Telecom ( LA).

It was our endeavour to give relief to all executives who are stagnating for long time for their promotions. With the new policy we are hopeful that it will give relief to all executives and ensure both promotion and seniority. The new policy ensures seniority for those who are eligible for promotion under the old rules like those who have passed LDCE and SCF.

Stagnation in various streams for promotion in BSNL is as follows:

Similar is the case in respect of secretariat staff PA / PS, AD(OL) etc....

We appeal to all executives to avail the promotion ensured with retrospective effect from 1.1.17 and prior to it. Any further dispute on seniority in the promoted post can be settled after availing the promotion.

15/01/2018 :

The First State Convention of AIPCOC (All India Public Sector and Central Government Officers’ Confederation) was held at YMCA Hall, Ernakulam on 13/01/2018.

Hearty Congratulations..!! to our SNEA Comrades:
Circle Secretary Com.T.Santhosh Kumar for being elected as General Secretary of AIPCOC Kerala....
Circle President Com.George Varghese for being elected as Vice-President of AIPCOC Kerala....
DS Kollam Com.Ashraf Yousuf for being elected as Joint Secretary of AIPCOC Kerala....

The meeting was presided over by Sri.Anilkumar.G, Jt. Secy-AIPCOC and the Chief Guest was Sri. V.K.Tomar, President-AIPCOC. The confederation represents 13 lakh officers from the Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Power, Oil, Defence, Railway, Dock and Pharmaceutical sectors. A state level committee was formed in the meeting and following officers were unanimously elected as State level Office bearers:

President: Sri. Abraham Shaji John, AIBOC
General Secretary: Sri. T Santhosh Kumar, SNEA
Treasurer: Sri. Ramesh Babu, FOA

Vice Presidents:
1. Sri. George Varghese, SNEA
2. Sri. G.Radhakrishnan, LICOA
3. Sri KP.Haridas, CGGOA
4. Sri. Mahesh Venugopal,AIBOCA
5. Sri. Anilkumar.N, HNLOA

Joint Secretaries:
1. Sri. Ashraf Yousuf, SNEA
2. Sri. Suresh Thampi, AIBOC
3. Sri. Haridas AS, HMTOA
4. Sri. G Rajendran, CGGOA
5. Sri C D George, LICOA

14/01/2018 :

Last week, CS Com.Santhosh Kumar and CWC Member Com.Sudheer visited training centres at Ghaziabad and Ranchi to meet JTO Trainees recruited for Kerala Circle who were completing their Phase-1 training. We thank SNEA leaders and activists of Ghaziabad and Ranchi for arranging the interactive session with the Trainees.


with SNEA Activists at Ranchi
at Ghaziabad:

14/01/2018 :

SNEA Kerala Wishes Happy Pongal & Sankranti

12/01/2018 :

Congratulations..!! to all Direct Recruitee (through GATE) JTO Trainees for successfully completing Phase-I training today from our Training Centres at Ghaziabad and Ranchi and joining for field training on 15/01/2018. SNEA Kerala wholeheartedly welcomes all to the Executive fraternity and best wishes for the glorious career ahead.
View Orders - Ghaziabad || View Orders - Ranchi

10/01/2018 :

Stay on implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy
SNEA got impleaded in the above case wherein the promotion of all cadres are stayed to ensure promotions to all cadres and streams with Executives from all wings and cadres – Finance (JAO, AO), Civil (JTO, SDE), Electrical (JTO, SDE), and Telecom Engg (JTOs including LDCE passed, SDE, DE).

The stand of SNEA is to see that all are getting their promotions and due seniority as follows:

1. All executives at JTO and equivalent level recruited since 1994 to 2010 are getting one promotion w.e.f 1-1-2017.

2. All JTOs who become eligible for promotion under old SDE-RR by passing LDCE and by SCF quota are getting their enblock seniority prior to 1-1-2017 over all those being promoted under the new policy.

3. All SDEs and equivalent cadres competed 12 years of service are getting their promotion to AGM equivalent grade w.e.f 1-1-2017.

10/01/2018 :

AIPCOC CONVENTION AT Ernakulam ON 13-1-2018 View Notice
Dear Comrades,
The first state level convention of AIPCOC Kerala (All India Public Sector and Central Government Officers Confederation) will be held on 13-1-2018 at 9.30 hrs at YMCA hall Ernakulum. This is an umbrella organisation of all Public Sectors including CPSUs, Insurance, Banking and Central Government Officers Confederation. This unity is the need of the hour considering the present Indian scenario on Government economic policies and decisions on public sector like Disinvestment of PSUs , FDI on Insurance, Banking , affordability for wage revision. Leaders of AIBOC, CGGOA, NCOA & SNEA will participate in the convention.

The convention will be Inaugurated by Com. V K Tomer President AIPCOC (GS MTLNL EA) and will be addressed by Com. K.Sebastin GS SNEA.

All Circle office bearers, DS, CEC members and Branch Secretaries and activists especially from Ernakulum, Kottyam, Alleppey and Trichur are requested to attend the convention by mustering the strength of SNEA.
CEC meeting of SNEA Kerala will also be held at the same venue on the same day. Requested to participate both the programs and make it a Grand Success. View CEC Notice

09/01/2018 :

Development on E2 and E3 pay scales :
Convenor, Joint Forum spoken to the concerned officers in DOT regarding the matter. As reported earlier, DoPT advised DOT to get the guidance of Dept of Expenditure as DoE deals with pay scales. Last week, entire history of the case along with documents are forwarded by DOT to DOE for guidance. The approval of E1A and E2A scales in 2003, 2nd PRC recommendations, PO issued by DoT on 28.03.17, BSNL stand on the PO and the demand for E2 and E3 with BSNL justification, Assn demands with justification etc forwarded to DOE. Even though it is related with DPE, DOT forwarded it to DOE as per the advice of DoPT.

09/01/2018 :

The case at Ernakulam (CPSU cadre hierarchy) listed today. Some more persons applied for impleadment. Our Impleadment along with others allowed and for the convenience of all the senior counsel, MA posted for 17.01.18 for final hearing and decision.

09/01/2018 :

Unanimous decisions taken in meeting of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL” on 8.1.2018 to intensify the struggles for achieving wage revision and for the ‘rolling back of the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company’.
“The All Unions and Associations of BSNL”, held it’s meeting at New Delhi on 8.1.2018 to discuss about the steps to be taken for intensifying the struggle for the settlement of 3rd Pay Revision and to ensure the ‘rolling back of the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company’. The meeting was attended by the General Secretaries / Representatives of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, BTEU, SEWA BSNL, AIGETOA, BSNL MS, TEPU, BSNL ATM and TOA BSNL. The meeting was presided over by Com. K. Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO. The following decisions are taken unanimously for intensifying the struggles to achieve the demands.

Struggle Programme:

(1) Whole day satyagraha for 5 days from 30.01.2018. The starting of the satyagraha will be marked by paying of ‘shradhanjali’ at Gandhi Samadi at New Delhi on 30.01.2018, by the leaders of “All Unions and Associations of BSNL”.

(2) ‘Indefinite Work According to Rule’ from 30.01.2018.

(3) Massive “March to Sanchar Bhawan” on 28.02.2018.

(4) Leaders of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL” will take all out efforts to meet Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications, the Secretary DoT and CMD BSNL, within a week’s time.

(5) The meeting entrusted to Com. G.L. Jogi, Leader, SNEA, and to Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, with the responsibility of exploring possibilities to take legal action to roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

(6) A Steering Committee consisting of the General Secretaries of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA and AIBSNLEA is formed to monitor the struggles.

(7) Meeting the leaders of political parties and Central Trade Unions, by 30.01.2018, to mobilise support in favour of the demands of “The All Unions and Associations of BSNL”.

Charter of Demands :

(1) Settle:-
    (a) 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment from 01.01.2017.
    (b) Settle pension revision.
    (c) Settle left-out issues of the 2nd PRC.

(2) Roll back the creation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

(3) No reduction in the retirement age from 60 to 58 and no VRS.

08/01/2018 :

Congratulations..!! BSNL Corporate Office issued orders for increasing the existing rate of Employer's contribution towards Superannuation Pension Scheme in respect of directly recruited employees of BSNL from 3% to 5% of Basic Pay Plus DA per month w.e.f 01/04/2017. View orders

05/01/2018 :

Tower Subsidiary Formation:
Countrywide Protest Demonstration on 08.01.2018

Govt going ahead with the formation of Tower subsidiary formation irrespective of the strong opposition from the employees. It was told that it will be subsidiary of BSNL but Govt appointed a Chairman Cum Managing Director for the new Tower Subsidiary company, making its intentions clear, day by day.

As an immediate response, all Unions and Associations will be holding demonstration throughout the country on 08.01.2018. The meeting of all the Unions and Assns are scheduled for 08.01.2018 for further steps.

05/01/2018 : CHQ News :

Meeting with GM(SR) on 03.01.2018 and 05.01.2018: GM(SR) called the Jt Forum for discussions on various HR issues. Discussions started on 03.01.2018 and continued today. Management explained their continuous efforts in resolving the issues one by one on increasing the Superannuation benefits from 3% to 5%, finalization of very complex CPSU Hierarchy, efforts on E2 and E3, E1A and E2A for Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/PS, Uniform 1st TBP, pay loss of post 2007 rects etc. Another DO letter from CMD has been sent to Secretary DoT, few days back for early approval of E2 and E3 scales. Further discussions on the issues especially the proactive role to be played by BSNL on E2 and E3 scales, implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy to break the deadlock situation on promotions etc will be held on 08.01.2018 with DIR(HR).

Meeting with PGM(Pers): Joint Forum leaders met PGM(Pers) today and held discussions on some of the issues like restoration of Circle break on soft tenure postings, finalization of job description as per CPSU Hierarchy as suggested by the Board etc.

Meeting with GM(Restg): GS met GM(Restg) and held further discussions on finalization of job description as per CPSU Hierarchy as suggested by the Board.

Meeting with Secretary, DoT on 01.01.2018: Joint Forum leaders met Secretary, DoT on new year day. We requested Secretary for special consideration for BSNL towards its growth. We requested that 4G spectrum to be allotted to BSNL at the earliest, otherwise BSNL will not be able to compete with other operators. Secretary responded very positively and assured that 4G spectrum will be allotted to BSNL soon and DoT will be working on that.

Afterwards Jt Forum met Jt Secretary (A) Shri Amit Yadav and held brief discussions on 4G spectrum allotment, approval of E2 and E3 scales and 3rd PRC implementation.

Meeting with Member(T), DoT on 01.01.2018: Joint Forum leaders met Shri Phabhash Singh, Member (Technology) and held discussions on BSNL growth related issues such as 4G spectrum allotment, providing more IT related works to BSNL on nomination basis utilizing expertise of ITPC etc.

05/01/2018 :

Congratulations..!! to all Direct Recruitee (through GATE) JTO Trainees for successfully completing Phase-I training today from RTTC-Hyderabad and joining for field training on 08/01/2018. SNEA Kerala wholeheartedly welcomes all to the Executive fraternity and best wishes for the glorious career ahead.
View Orders || Annexure

03/01/2018 :

GS writes to Director (CFA) on Night Free calling: View Letter
Revision of timing of night free calling from 9 PM - 07 AM to 10.30 PM – 06 AM -- the decision is counterproductive and the way it implemented once again shows the poor marketing strategy of BSNL.

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