Dear Comrades, Gear up for the Relay Sathyagraha from 19/01/2016 to 21/01/2016 at Circle Office Trivandrum!!!

Ensure Maximum participation from TVM, Kollam, PTA, ALP, KTM and EKM. Northen SSA Secretaries may be ensured minimum 10 members are attending the Sathyagraha each days.


  • Withdraw all the vindictive actions taken against BSNLEU and SNEA leaders and workers.

  • Cancel the illegal transfer orders of six officials enabling them to join their original offices

  • Implement the recommendations of the committee for contract labuorers and enhance the wages from 1-8-2015 as agreed upon by Dir (CFA)

  • Resort to healthy HR policies including transfer policy which was in smooth operation in the circle till 2013.

  • Take immediate action to impart better service to the public in land line, Broadband and action to improve coverage without interruption to the public in the mobile sector.

  • Restore healthy working arrangement in Landline, Mobile, Civil, Electrical etc and to resolve problems related to ERP implementation for the efficiency of service.

  • Better co-ordination at Circle level with State Govt. for stringent action against cable damages.

  • Supply adequate store materials and equipment.