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22/10/2021: Circle News

Calling Volunteers from JTO(T) for posting in Lakshadweep

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We thank Management for considering our suggestions regarding posting of JTOs in Lakshadweep islands, that were evolved in the CEC meeting of SNEA Kerala held online on 13-10-2021.

As per the list published by Administration dtd 07-10-2021 , it was seen that the Circle long stay list of JTO Cadre has been published not only against the precedence being followed in the circle but also against guidelines issued from the corporate office from time to time.

As we all know that Lakshadweep has been a part of Ernakulam BA at all times. When a posting order in JTO cadre to these islands is being carried out (other than new recruitment) executives were transferred from Ernakulam BA only by taking the longest stay list of the BA. After VRS the executive strength of Ernakulam BA has reduced drastically and we do agree that it would initiate more transfer orders in the changed scenario.

The Administration has prepared a longstay list on the basis of Date of Joining of the official in Kerala circle. It neither matches the decade old policies of our circle nor complies with the transfer policy guidelines which describes as “For counting Station/SSA tenure, the period of service rendered in the previous cadre (s)/grade (s) would be counted. For Inter circle transfer, stay will be counted from the date of regular promotion/recruitment into the grade of JTO/JAO and others equivalent to the first level of Executive Hierarchy.”

If administration is of the opinion that circle stay is to be taken for the transfer to Lakshadweep, the stay need to be counted from the date of joining of the executive in the cadre of JTO, as done for the inter-circle transfers in the SDE and above cadres. As per transfer policy amendment - “For effecting transfer to rural and unpopular stations, system of calling volunteers will be adopted and in the event of not getting adequate volunteers, employees in the order of station tenure i.e. the employee with longest station stay will be considered for transfer”. Hence it was requested that revised long stay list may be published as per stay particulars of BA tenure of executives or clarification may be sought from Corporate office for preparing long stay list for transfer to Lakshadweep.

It is a known fact that the long stay transfer to Lakshadweep for the executives in the fag end of their career is a tough challenge, when their family needed them the most. In order to ease the hardship faced by such executives, SNEA proposed to evolve a flexible and innovative policy which ensures, bringing back executives volunteering to work at Lakshadweep to the previous post after completion of a minimum tenure of six months on individual representation. We also requested that their service of six months in LD may be qualified to count for the benefit of break in circle/SSA tenure.

Accordingly, we requested the circle management to call for fresh options to serve in LD islands after publishing the revised long stay of JTO cadre revised norms proposed by this association. We are confident that such a proactive action will not only fulfil the administrative needs in respect of LD but also will benefit the employees at large, which will in turn benefit the organization as a whole.

18/10/2021: CHQ News

Final All India Eligibility List-3 of JTOS for the Recruitment Year 2009 to 2012.

Letter AIEL 3                                          AIEL 3 Recruitment Year 2010

AIEL 3 Recruitment Year 2011            AIEL 3 Recruitment Year 2012

06/10/2021: CHQ News

National Confederation of Officers Association (NCOA) protesting against the discrimination in IDA rates w.e.f. 01.07.2021

Actual rate effective from 01-07-2021 for 2017 scale is 24.6%, for 2007 scale is 173.6% and 1997 scale is 361.9% respectively but actual rate paid is only 23.2%, 170.5% and 356.7% respectively for 2017 scale, 2007 scale and 1997 scale.

All BSNL Executives are requested to join the protest actions demanding IDA @ 173.6% instead of 170.5% w.e.f. 01.07.2021 by:

1. Wearing Black Badge/Mask on 07-10-2021 (download badge in pdf | docx)

2. Conducting protest Dharna in front of DPE office and at respective CPSEs on 28-10-2021

NCOA letter to DPE

06/10/2021: Circle News

CS SNEA writes to CGMT Kerala regarding Long stay transfer of Executives from shortage BAs and Circle Tenure areas to Lakshadweep Islands.

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30/09/2021: CHQ News

SNEA views / suggestions on the Cluster based Outsourcing System:

The shortcomings in the existing tender, manipulations done by the vendor to have good MTTR and workable solutions to streamline the tender are discussed. In the new experiment of cluster based outsourcing, it is concluded that:

i) The expenditure has not come down as expected rather gone up, almost two times. On an average, about Rs 50/- paid per connection, including incentives.

ii) Services not improved rather deteriorated resulting large scale closure of Landline and BB connections.

iii) More importantly, the cluster partner (vendor) did not invest much to improve the network quality in terms of material and manpower.

iv) Most of the cluster partners do not have any experience in UG cable and external plant maintenance. Most of them are Franchisees or vendors maintaining the BTSs. 


28/09/2021: CHQ News

Today the Cluster Committee had discussions with SNEA, BSNLEU and AIGETOA through online. SNEA made a detailed presentation to the Committee on various points based on the inputs collected in the CWC meeting held on 29.08.2021 and 02.09.2021. The shortcomings in the existing tender, manipulations done by the vendor and workable solutions to streamline the tender to maximize the efficiency of the vendor and by prompt service delivery to the customers etc are explained by General Secretary.

In the new experiment, i) the expenditure has not come down as expected rather gone up almost two times, ii) services not improved rather deteriorated resulting large scale closure. This proves the failure  of the new tender which is to be addressed.

The solution should be worked out based on HOW LONG THE LEGACY COPPER WIRE CONNECTIONS will be maintained. Accordingly long term or short term strategy should be evolved, we suggested.

AIGEOTOA and BSNLEU also made presentations on various points explaining the shortcomings and possible solutions.

27/09/2021: CHQ News

All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB) Circluar to to all the employees.

The meeting of AUAB was held at New Delhi on 23.09.2021 and 25.09.2021. General Secretaries of SNEA, BSNLEU, NFTE, AIGETOA, AIBSNLEA, SEWA BSNL, FNTO, BSNL MS, BSNL ATM, TEPU and BSNL OA attended the meeting. The meeting reviewed the 3 Days Dharna at New Delhi and discussed about the future course of action. Decision has been taken to organize:

Twitter Campaign on 06.10.2021.

Black Flag/ Black badge wearing demonstrations on 26.10.2021.

All Circle and SSAs are requested to implement the decisions taken in the AUAB meeting. 

AUAB Circular dated 27.09.2021

26/09/2021: CHQ News

All Unions and Associations (AUAB) wirtes to Shri P. K. Purwar, CMD/BSNL condemning the letter dated 17.09.2021 denying basic democratic rights of the employees, to sabotage the 3 days Dharna organized by AUAB – Demands immediate withdrawal of the letter.

AUAB letter to CMD - page 1AUAB letter to MD -page 2 SR Cell letter dated 17.09.2021

22/09/2021: CHQ News

1st day Dharna at New Delhi on 21.09.2021 under AUAB banner.

First day Dharna demanding BSNL Revival, 3 PRC, SAB and Pension Revision become a huge success with the participation of large number of Comrades from nearby Circles PB, UPW, HR and Delhi.

In addition to GS, President, AGSs, CP & CS of BSNLCO and large number of comrades from PB and UP West Circles under the leadership of CSs participated in the Dharna and made it a big success.

21/09/2021: CHQ News

Three days Dharna (21-09-21 to 23-09-21) organized by ALL UNIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS OF BSNL (AUAB) started at Police Chowki, Jantar Mantar, New Delhi demanding

(1) Immediate launching of BSNLs 4G service, by way of upgradation of the BTSs and also steps for moving towards the launching of 5G service.

(2) Immediate settlement of the dues to BSNL, amounting Rs.39,000 Crore, by the DoT.

(3) Immediate steps to off-set BSNLs debt, through the Monetization of lands.

(4) Disbursement of salary on the last date of every month.

(5) No selling out of BSNLs 13,567 mobile towers, in the name of National Monetization Pipeline.

(6) Complete review of the Cluster based Outsourcing System.

(7) Immediate settlement of 3rd Pay Revision, Pension Revision and Enhancement of Superannuation Benefits (SAB) up to 30%, for the BSNL Directly Recruited Employees.

(8) Speedy measures to improve the quality of BSNLs FTTH service.

(9) Prompt maintenance of BTSs, proper up-keep of the power plants, as well as availability of batteries.

(10) Strengthen the transmission networks by carrying out the speedy maintenance works.

15/09/2021: CHQ News

FORUM OF BSNL EXECUTIVES ASSOCIATIONS (SNEA, AIGETOA, AIBSNLEA) writes to Shri. P. K. Purwar, CMD/BSNL jointly demanding Promotion of all the eligible Executives on Time Bound basis before Restructuring and post reduction.

Define road map for promotion to higher posts. No Looking After/Adhoc Promotions, only regular promotions. The promotions should be extended to all w.e.f. 01.07.2018 onwards as and when the Executives fulfill their eligibility criteria. We will be compelled to oppose any Restructuring and post reduction before Promotions.

SNEA, AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA jointly decided to launch the struggle 

Forum of BSNL Executives association letter to CMD

15/09/2021: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director (HR) on 10.09.2021

CHQ leaders of AIGETOA, SNEA, SEWA (BSNL) and AIBSNLEA met Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar, Director(HR) on 10.09.2021 and held detailed discussions on promotion to BSNL Executives. It is informed that Restructuring is in very advanced stage and it will be presented to MC in a couple of days.

1. We demanded that all eligible Executives as on date should be promoted before restructuring and only viable option is Time Bound Promotion for all eligible Executives before the Restructuring. BSNL Board has approved Time Bound Promotion Policy in May 2018 itself and promotions should be ensured in a time bound manner for all eligible Executives, we demanded. The concern on Reservation can be addressed by incorporating a provision for following the Govt/DoPT guidelines on Reservation and protecting the constitutional rights. The promotions should be extended w.e.f. 01.07.2018 onwards as and when the Executives fulfill their eligibility criteria.

We also told that other issues which have been raised by various sections from time to time may be addressed in the policy by involving all the stake holders and drawing a consensus. It will be pertinent to mention that Management Committee of the Board is empowered to decide on such changes in the policy.

2. We also requested that before Restructuring, all the Adhoc DGM(T/F) Executives should be made regular DGM(T/F) as sufficient vacancies are available and thereafter all posts should be filled on regular basis. Further, a merit based fast track promotion should also be introduced for DGM equivalent and above grade for promotion to higher positions from among meritorious BSNL Executives to lead BSNL by creating adequate number of such posts. Current MTRR and DGM RRs should be scrapped altogether and replaced with internal fast track mechanism. 

Earlier CHQ leaders of AIGETOA, SNEA, SEWA (BSNL) and AIBSNLEA met and deliberated the Restructuring process and its deadly consequences on career progression of the Executives. Even small increase in the number of posts is not going to address the issue. There is a huge disconnect in numbers proposed by management and actual requirement of the posts to ensure smooth promotion for all eligible Executives in all the Grades across all the wings. It is also deliberated that the existing vacancies especially in AGM/CAO equivalent grades are also not getting filled owing to complexities associated with respect to SLP at Hon Supreme Court, relating to Reservation and the management is also not trying for any solution taking excuse of the situation.

After detailed discussion, it is decided to work jointly for the career progression of all the Executives either by making Time Bound Promotions without linking it with availability of vacancies or by getting so many numbers of posts which ensures smooth promotion for all eligible Executives in all the Grades across all the wings in a time bound manner without stagnating any Executive in any cadre or stream.

Associations agreed to pursue for implementation of the Board approved Time Bound Promotion Policy of May 2018 with incorporation of provisions for following Govt/ DoPT guidelines on Reservation protecting the constitutional rights. The promotions should be extended w.e.f. 01.07.2018 onwards as and when the Executives fulfill their eligibility criteria.

Associations will also demand that all the Adhoc DGM(T/F) Executives should be made regular DGM(T/F) as sufficient vacancies are available and thereafter all posts should be filled on regular basis. Issues raised by AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA on the policy will be pursued to be implemented. It was discussed that changes required to consider those issues can easily be addressed by Management Committee of the Board.

Associations agreed for incorporation of a merit based fast track promotion should also be introduced for DGM equivalent and above grade for promotion to higher positions from among meritorious BSNL Executives to lead BSNL by creating adequate number of such posts. Associations will also demand for scrapping of Current MTRR and DR DGM RRs and replaced with internal fast track mechanism. 

Other than promotional aspects, all issues pertaining to Pay, Promotion and Pension shall also be jointly pursued by all.

15/09/2021: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD BSNL on 09.09.2021:

CHQ leaders of AIGETOA and SNEA met CMD BSNL Shri P.K. Purwar and communicated that if BSNL management is going ahead with Restructuring and post reduction without working out the promotional avenues for its Executives and finalizing the future road map to fill up the top management positions in the company with meritorious candidates, then it is going to meet stiff resistance and opposition from all the Executives. Normally, norms are framed after conducting extensive work study in the field units, but no work study took place and restructuring process has been converted into a pen paper exercise aimed only for reduction in posts. The inputs given by Associations highlighting the shortcomings of the restructuring proposal has been completely ignored and management moving ahead with drastic reduction in posts which is not at all acceptable.

We said that management cannot simply ignore the fact that BSNL Board has approved a proposal in May 2018 where they want JTO/JAO Equivalent level Executives to reach to post of AGM in a time of 15 years of service. Such type of demeaning of Executives where management wants JTO/JAO/SDE/AO Equivalent grade officers to stagnate for as long as 12 years for their first promotion and 25 years for its second promotion will lead to a disastrous situation in BSNL, where every Executive will be in a state of unrest and will give rise to a serious conflict. We categorically demanded CMD/BSNL to put on hold current restructuring proposal and requested him to deliberate a proposal which leads to a complete transformation of organization in all respects including the work culture, motivation, promotional avenues, and recognition of Merit.

BSNL Board has approved Time Bound Promotion Policy in May 2018 itself and promotions should be ensured in a time bound manner for all eligible Executives, we demanded. CMD BSNL said that he remains open to further discussion and told us to discuss with Director HR, BSNL Board.

Later, both Association leaders met Shri. Vivek Banzal, Director(CFA) and Shri. S. K. Mishra, Director(CM) also and demanded Time Bound Promotion for all eligible Executives, before the Restructuring.

08/09/2021: CHQ News

Dear Comrades,

Yesterday CHQ leaders of both SNEA and AIGETOA discussed the ongoing Restructuring processes which entail drastic reduction of posts. It will block the entire career progression of all the Executives, both the Associations acknowledged.

It has concluded that Promotion in a Time Bound manner is the only solution for this and there is an urgent need for Fierce United Struggle to address the promotional issues of Executives.

Finally both sides decided to demand promotion for all eligible Executives, Time Bound Promotion before any Restructuring and meet the CMD in this regard on Thursday itself and place the demand. Further discussion will continue for a common minimum program and other Associations will also be approached. (GS/AIBSNLEA was out of station)

08/09/2021: Circle News

CS replies to the CGMT Letter on Illegal tracking of Employee Location in Online Attendance System - Infringement on privacy of Individuals.

View CGMT Reply Letter || View CS Reply Letter

05/09/2021: Circle News

It's a special day for executives of  Kasaragod, as soft tenure status is reinstated to  Kasaragod and Uppala SDCAs on our demand. View Orders

28/08/2021: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT Kerala requesting to withdraw the Online Attendance System and the discriminatory and humiliating practice of employee surveillance in Kerala Circle in the name of "Punctuality for Productivity".

View Letter

27/08/2021: Circle News

CS writes to CGM STR regarding Deterioration of Optical Fiber Cable NW in Kerala STR

View Letter

25/08/2021: Circle News

Dark Fiber Leasing Out - Management had meeting with SNEA Leaders to discuss about our Protest against the move

As per the Letter given by SNEA Kerala, Circle Management hosted a meeting with SNEA for discussing our views on Dark Fiber Leasing out to Kerala vision on 24/8/2021 through Zoom. Circle Secretary Com. Jithesh K P and Asst. Circle Secretary Com. Suresh Kumar R represented SNEA,  Sri. Sukumaran NK GM(EB) and Sri. Venugopalan S GM Kannur represented Management.

We explained the probable business threats to our FTTH, ILL and P2P Services when we are offering a Dark Fiber from Trivandrum to Kannur to one of our Major Rival Company Kerala Vision in detail. We have pointed out that, the dark fiber lease rate fixed in the offer is only one fifth of the market rate (card rate is much higher) of 10G P2P link per Kilometer. Kerala vision can set up any level of bandwidth with most modern transmission equipment which is available at cheaper price in market. This business deal may elevate Kerala vision at par with BSNL offering all telecom services in Kerala circle. We have provided many circuits to Kerala vision across Kerala which we expect further revenue through expansion, but this lease out will be a total bandwidth solution to them.  We have pointed out the FTTH Business issues and Kerala vision’s instructions to their LCOs not to give more than 15% FTTH connections of BSNL. We have also explained the probable future business of Kerala vision like retail of SIP Trunk, different Telephony service including OBD, Cloud PBX etc which need high bandwidth, which all will be the main threats to our existing PRI and SIP trunk Services and growing business of OBD.

We feel that Management is mainly looking at immediate source of income from Kerala Vision through a few crores of business by neglecting the threats they could make against BSNL by grabbing our existing EB business by offering lesser tariff than BSNL. 

SNEA categorically conveyed the management about the strong protest of entire Members of SNEA against this move and if Management is not ready to withdraw the present business proposal, more vigorous protests will be taking place in coming days in a wider platform. 

Management finally agreed to brief our inputs and suggestions to CGMT and an appropriate decision will be communicated soon. We thank Management for arranging a meeting for discussing this vital issue in length and breadth. Meeting lasted for around 1hour 30min.

20/08/2021: Happy ONAM

Onam gives us hope for the future. Onam tells us that there was a period when people were treated alike and this gives us hope to move forward to a future where all people will live together as one, with love and prosperity.

Onam is a festival of hope to those who fight for equality in society, it is an opportunity for us to unite, to forgive and forget and spread the message of universal brotherhood.   

SNEA Kerala extends heartiest goodwishes to all its members, wellwishers and their family with good health and happiness. May all your hopes, dreams and wishes come true. HAPPY ONAM..!!


18/08/2021: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Fiber lease to Kerala vision

View Letter

Meeting with CGMT on 28.07.2021:

CP Com. Dr. V.G.Sabu, CS Com. Jithesh.K.P, ACS Com. Aslesh.S.S and Circle Organising Secretary Com.Ajay Krishnan met CGMT on 28.07.2021 after the conclusion of hunger fast proceedings. We had a detailed discussion about the current trend in the FTTH business sector, the only ray of hope till the introduction of 4G. We also conveyed the concern and anxiety of our members regarding the proposed  fiber leasing agreement with M/s Kerala Vision. It is learnt that Kerala vision has requested for Dark fiber at 25 routes across Kerala amounting to Rs 3.5 Cr per Annum. They also requested space at 21 major BSNL Telephone exchanges for installing their equipment. As per the field report, Kerala Vision is struggling hard to retain its customer base due to its congested network capacity.

Earlier they have taken 10G connectivity from BSNL to enhance their Bandwidth capabilities in many BAs. As all we are aware, Non Exclusive LCOs, majority of them are Kerala Vision affiliates, have been providing and maintaining BSNL FTTH connections through contract agreement for the last four years. But their performance was disparaging and they even dared to take BSNL leads and provide connections beneficial to Kerala Vision Network. The entire scenario was changed when BSNL started contracting with Exclusive LCOs. However, due to the congested network performance of Kerala Vision Broadband Internet Services, those LCOs are compelled to provide BSNL connections to sustain in the business. Now a stage has reached that Non Exclusive LCOs started providing more connections than that of BSNl’s  Exclusive LCOs. In Kozhikode BA, the FTTH provision proportion for the month of June 2021 is 60% for NLCOs and 40% for ELCOs. We have shared the concern that if BSNL is offering bandwidth solutions to Kerala Vision to wipe away their bottleneck of congestion in their network, the NLCOs may slow down the process of  FTTH provision and we afraid that they may resort to their earlier practice of converting BSNL connections favourable to Kerala Vision Network. A little consideration in this regard shows that a 10 % decrease in the present trend of FTTH provisioning may end up in a loss of revenue of Rs 5.85 Crore (Per Annum) to BSNL compared to the revenue gain of  3.5 Crore (Per Annum) in EB segment. 

Respected CGMT had a patient hearing to our submission and advised us to keep on improving the fault clearance in FTTH. He also cautioned us that the non-payment of bills from customers in the FTTH segment is more than one crore which needs considerable improvement. The proposal of the dark fiber leasing is as per the corporate office guidelines. If BSNL is not using such opportunities, they may approach other TSPs and BSNL only will be the loser. Some of our colleagues are converting high ARPU customers to newly introduced lowest FMC plans such as RS 399/- ignoring the financial position of our company. Finally CGMT concluded that the issue needs further discussion and after a thorough study, if the proposal is found as a threat to Kerala circle, Circle administration has no hesitation to withdraw from the proposed business from Kerala Vision.

Further we have brought the notice of CGMT that in Kerala circle, the SMS and Incoming facilities are extending to GP2 customers which are blocked in all other circles. CGMT replied that it is already under consideration of our circle and this practice will be stopped immediately.

Com Ajay Krishnan initiated a discussion about the update of BSNL board decision regarding 4G upgradation of Nokia BTSs. CGMT told us that he will give the latest update.

On the basis of above meeting with CGMT on 28.07.2021 regarding the opportunities and threats in the FTTH business sector, which is the only lifeline till BSNL launches 4G commercially, We have conveyed the concern and apprehensions of our members regarding the proposed fibre leasing agreement with M/s Kerala Vision. A thorough study was done and the letter is submitted to CGMT.

The point-by-point reply to the apprehensions put forth by the management in the meeting is furnished below.

Till their network got congested due to bandwidth and speed issues, the LCOs affiliated to Kerala Vision Broadband Internet Services were not all inclined to provide BSNL connections. A deep analysis will reveal that to sustain in the business in highly volatile market, these LCOs started giving BSNL connections. It is pertinent to note that, these NELCOs prior to that were not at all giving fresh leads through BSNL network, also seen converting our leads to Kerala Vision network without the knowledge of BSNL or even the customers. Now due to high demand of FTTH in the pandemic, a stage has quickly reached that the connections provided by these Non-Exclusive LCOs have surpassed the connections provided by our Exclusive LCOs.

In the month of July Non-exclusive LCOs provided 13746 (56.7%) FTTH connections against a total provision of 24228 connections in Kerala Circle.

If BSNL is offering bandwidth solutions to Kerala Vision to wipe away their bottleneck of congestion in their network, the NELCOs will gleefully go back to Kerala vision network, who is famous for its pro-LCO business model, from where they get better incentives and bonus. It is highly apprehended that we may be pushed back to our early days.

In Kerala circle, on an average we are providing 20000 connections per month. If the present trend continues, Kerala vision affiliated NELCOs will continue to provide 55% of the net FTTH provision. The revenue contributed by these fresh connections for the first month will be 33 Lakhs and 3.96 Crore for one year (11000*300*12) assuming the ARPU as Rs.600. Subsequently 20K provision for the following months would fetch us 3.96 Crore each month. The excess revenue per year will be 51 Crores. By providing a solution to our competitor’s bandwidth solutions, if we anticipate 20% shifting (a barest minimum) of new provision to Kerala Vision, we will lose a revenue of 5.1 Crores (Revenue share of BSNL) per annum. 

Nowadays TSPs are reluctant to lease their spare optical fibres and are promoting Bandwidth lease to have a control over the traffic. It is also learnt that KV has contacted most of the TSPs and no one accepted the fibre leasing. In the current scenario, getting a solution for them from any other TSP is beyond question.

The basic tariff fixed by BSNL (Rs 20000 per Kilometre of fibre lease vide Lr no 5-152/2011-EB(I) dated 28.11.2013), which is not revised for the last 8 years is not commensurate with the parameters in the drastically changed scenario. Therefore, the lease deed with KV for a basic rate of 24000 is meagre. 

Kerala vision, a major competitor of BSNL in the Internet sector is providing the value-added service compared to BSNL because of the triple play. Initially they provided FTTH connections of RailTel. Now they have taken ISP license and established their own connections. Most of the RailTel connections also they have migrated unethically. Our leasing out is only a temporary business to bail KV out of crisis, which would be a shot in the arm till the firm comes out of the present crisis and expected to end once K-Phone is operational.

The major contributor to the increased fault rate of FTTH is the Kerala vision affiliated NELCOs. The main agreement was signed by a big operating firm division/area level and under that umbrella small groups are operating to provide connections. Here these small operators being technically incompetent, not well trained, are not proactive and blames BSNL for their lapses. Because of the three-layered operating structure, the dissemination fault and its disposal are time consuming. They are slowly picking the momentum and are getting familiar with FMS software for immediate fault closure.

It is not because our people push the customers to lower plan, but it is the package announced tempting the customers opt for lower plans. It is a general fact that, if same speed is offered to different FTTH plans the customers will try to migrate to the lowest plan. ITPC may have to block plan change for promotional plans to put an end to such revenue eroding practices.

In nut shell, if we provide a remedy to the root cause of the competitor’s problem and corresponding decline in the market share which only helped our FTTH business to flourish, and relying on the easy bucks than propagating long vision and farsightedness, would be tantamount to killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

This association though shocked to hear, would like to ignore the action taken by the management to accept the offer of Kerala Vision in haste, as there is enough time to cancel the order considering the above inputs. If our explanation on the matter is not convincing enough, we would like to have an online meeting with circle administration  at the earliest.

18/08/2021: Circle News

Regarding undue delay in disbursement of salary

Com.Aslesh, ACS, Com. Ramana, CWC Member and other office bearers of SNEA, Circle Office, met GM (HR) today morning and expressed strong resentment over the issue of delayed salary disbursal by M/s Union Bank of India and the dismal approach of BSNL Kerala Circle management in dealing with this issue, which has now repeated for the 3rd consecutive time.

It was opined to take steps as per the RBI guidelines and also to release the interest for delayed salary disbursal as per Honourble Supreme Court judgement. Administration assured to send a responsible officer to the bank branch and possibility of considering change of bank was also discussed.
Later GM (HR) conveyed that the matter has been taken up on top priority with UBI Regional Officer and that salary will be disbursed today itself.

15/08/2021: Happy Independence Day

14/08/2021: Circle News

SNEA Kerala expressed its Protest to CGMT Kerala with regard to the CAF penalties :

It is reported from the field units that steps are being initiated to recover the CAF penalty imposed by TERM cell from the initiator of CAF - employees/franchisee. It is also understood that BAs have received specific instructions to recover the amount from the employees including  retirees. In this regard we are constrained to remind the administration the following:

1. BSNL Kerala Circle is having mobile market share more than 20%. One among the major reson is the vigorous marketing strategy followed years together despite with obsolete technology and high service issues. Errors may be occurred during such marketing melas since the individual collecting the CAF were entrusted to do it apart from their regular duties and are not much aware of the legal formalities. 

2. Earlier such penalties were borne by the BSNL itself in Kerala circle and we have not seen such practice of recovery in other circles. 

3. In Case of EKYC and DKYC CAFs the faulty CAF cannot be corrected and the same CAF may be selected for scrutiny next time also.

4. The Digital CAFs are mainly rejected because of the lack of White background or the photostat of ID proof. If we compare it with private operators softwares there is in built mechanism in the softwares itself not to accept blur images, coloured or fade backgrounds, duplicate ID proof etc. 

5. We are afraid that penalising employees/franchisees may demotivate them and may considerably retard the new mobile provision when BSNL is in receipt of higher port out.  

6. Administration may initiate steps to correct such defective CAFs since DOT is ready to extend the timeline as reported in the meetings.

7. The act of the CAF initiator cannot be considered as negligence. Such recoveries   will demotivate the employees and they may hesitant to give more connection in future.

Considering the above it is requested that administration may abstain from recovering the penalty amount imposed by DOT from employees/franchisees.

05/08/2021: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL on 02.08.2021.

GS, President and AGS met and held discussions on the following issues.

1. Status of the proposal pending before the BSNL Board for launching of 4G services through upgradation. 

The proposal for upgradation of M/s Nokia supplied BTSs for South and Western Zones was approved by the MC of BSNL Board on 01.07.2021 with an estimated cost of just 550 Crores. It is learned that the proposal was not approved by the Board in its meeting held on 23.07.21. Two members from DoT is part of the full Board in addition to the functional Directors from BSNL and they did not agree with the proposal and the agenda deferred to the next meeting. We sought the authenticity of the information from CMD.

CMD informed that of course upgradation of 4G compatible BTSs was an agenda in the Board meeting held on 23.07.2021. However it is not passed and deferred to next Board meeting. Discussions are going on with DoT in this regard.

It is a major setback for BSNL Revival plan and the 4G launching is delaying due to this. It is really shocking to know that after the Union Cabinet approval for 4G spectrum, Officers from DoT who are BSNL Board members, blocking the upgradation route and 4G launching. Earlier in December 2019 also, same forces stopped the upgradation route.

2. Drastic post reduction through Restructuring and the action plan of Management to give promotions by addressing the stagnation.

Regarding Restructuring exercise, we raised our genuine doubts, whether any work study has done prior to the finalization of norms. Our discussions focused on the following critical issues in Restructuring plan.

1) After drastic cut in the number of posts, how management is planning the career progression of the Executives.

2) More Executives required in filed units, than in Offices, for generating revenue. Just reverse happening now because of stringent norms for field units.

3) Working strength is more than the sanctioned strength in some cadres. How it is going to be addressed.

4) Revenue alone cannot be the criteria for deciding the norms. The vast geographical area, available network etc also to be considered.

5) JTO and SDE made interchangeable, then what is the issue in giving promotion on Time Bound basis as approved.

6) Management always talks about hierarchy and pyramid structure in BSNL. But in the restructuring proposal, no hierarchy or structure is followed. It is almost same as CPSU Cadre Hierarchy structure.

7) Need for change in the proposed norms for various cadres.

8) Excess sanction of GM posts.

9) No hierarchy between AGM and DGM cadres.

It appears that management is not having any roadmap for future promotions and the only offer is that it will be discussed after restructuring. But SNEA insisted that it should be finalized before restructuring so that the process completes smoothly. After restructuring, management will not resolve the contentious issues and as per the proposed number, no one will get any career progression. The young generation will end up with a single promotion in their entire service period. The senior most Executives may get one promotion and retire without second promotion.

After the recent SDE promotion, the SDE sanction is to be increased from 10,500 to minimum 13,500 and similarly JTO number also taking the total number of JTO/SDE to 27,000 as per our proposal. The number of DE posts is very well justified for 5000. Similar treatment for the cadres in all the streams.

However CMD is non-committal on increasing the number of posts.

We pointed out the stagnation issue specifically in Electrical/Civil/Arch/ Telecom etc wings. CMD informed that on case to case basis, personal upgradation of posts will be considered to address the stagnation after the restructuring process. However details did not divulged.

Personal upgradation of post is nothing but CPSU Cadre Hierachy which is already approved by the Board and pending for implementation. We categorically told management that unless and until Time Bound promotion is not implemented, we cannot accept post reduction. Otherwise, the minimum number of posts in each cadre is to be as per our proposal to have promotional avenue.

We also demanded that all the existing posts are to be filled before any restructuring.

3. Rule 9 Transfer in JTO and JAO cadres on humanitarian ground.

All the genuine Rule 9 cases, even on medical grounds are pending now. It is because of the instruction of CMD, not to consider any Rule 9 transfer. We requested to revoke the ban and consider the genuine cases urgently. CMD assured to look into the matter for an early resolution.

04/08/2021: CHQ News

SNEA had agenda meeting with Director (HR) and all the GMs under HR vertical on 03.08.2021 on the following agenda points already submitted. For fruitful discussions, physical meeting held in the chamber of DIR(HR) instead of online meeting.

As GS, President and AGS stationed at New Delhi, physical meeting become possible. PGM(Pers), Sr GM(Estt), Sr GM(SR), GM(Restg &WS), GM(Trg & Admn), GM(Rect) were present in the meeting. Discussions continued for more than three and half hours, from 4 PM to 7.30 PM.

Agenda points:

1. Promotions in all the cadres -- ways to overcome the deadlock situation.

2. Restructuring.

3. Settlement of other long pending HR issues:

a) DoT approval for standard Pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f. 01.01.2007.

b) Enhancement of SAB Contribution to full 30%.

c) Settle the pay loss issue with Rs 22820/- as starting basic for the 2007 to 2010 batch JTO/JAOs who recruited in pre-revised E1A scale.

d)  Extend E1+5 increments for the post 2010 rect JTO/JAOs till E2 scale is settled.

e) Extend E1A and E2A scale notionally w.e.f. 01.10.2000 for the JTO/SDE in Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/PS etc streams as approved by the MC of BSNL Board.

4. DGM (Telecom/Fin) Regular promotion.

5. E7 scale for SG JAG Grade instead of E6 scale for all Officers. For Group A absorbed Officers, SG JAG scale is E7 and for Group B Absorbed Officers, SG JAG scale is E6. This is against the DoT and DPE orders.

6. Clarification on 1st Time Bound Promotion as per DoT scheme (ACP/LA etc) prior to 01.10.2004.

7. Clarification on Officiating Pay Protection for Officiating JTOs become regular on or before 07.05.2010 and opted for 2nd Pay revision from date of promotion.

8. SDE to DE promotion for the left out cases w.e.f. 29.06.2018 notionally, who are seniors and above the last General Category SDE already promoted – progress in filing MA.

9. a) Revise Transport Allowance, Travelling Allowances, Tuition Fee reimbursement etc in line with the recommendations of 2nd & 3rd PRC and 7th CPC:

b) Extend medical facilities without voucher for Out Door treatment:

c) Executive Health Check up for all the Executives:

d) Restoration of All India LTC and similar benefits extended to Group A Officers working in BSNL:

Major time consumed for discussions on Restructuring and Promotions in various cadres. Discussions on the remaining issues will be continued as per the convenience of DIR(HR).

Details will be updated ----

03/08/2021: CHQ News

SNEA had a meeting with CMD, BSNL on 02.08.2021 and discussed the following issues.

1. Status of the proposal pending before the BSNL Board for launching of 4G services through upgradation.  

2. Drastic post reduction through Restructuring and the action plan of Management to give promotions by addressing the stagnation.

3. Rule 9 Transfer in JTO and JAO cadres on humanitarian ground.

Details will be updated ----

On 03.08.2021, SNEA is having an agenda meeting with Director(HR) at 4 PM on various agenda points. This meeting was postponed several times earlier.


Hunger Fast successfully conducted at all BA HQs and at Circle Office on 28.07.2021, maintaining social distancing under Covid Protocol.... View Photos


HUNGER FAST on 28.07.2021, tomorrow at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs on the charter of demands:

Make all preparations. Secretaries at respective level to take the lead and participate in the HUNGER FAST, maintaining social distance under Covid protocol. 


Meeting with Shri Devusingh Chauhan, Hon Minister of State for Communications:

Hon Minister visited BSNLCO on 24.07.2021 to have interaction with BSNL management (Board members). CMD invited the leaders of Recognised Assns and Unions also to have meeting with the Hon Minister.

GS and President represented SNEA. During meeting with the Minister, AUAB leaders focused on the BSNL Revival related issues and salary payment. We requested Adhoc payment from DoT against the Rs 38,000 Cr dues receivable from DoT on various heads to meet the urgent operational and capital expenses of BSNL. Leaders requested for a another meeting with the AUAB on various issues.

The following points discussed in the meeting and a memorandum submitted to the Hon Minister.

1) Immediate launching of 4G service by way of upgradation of the BTSs and also steps for moving towards the launching of 5G service:

2) Immediate settlement of dues to BSNL, amounting Rs.39,000 Crore, by the DoT:

3) Immediate steps to off-set BSNL debt, through the monetisation of lands:

4) Disbursement of salary on the last date of every month:

5) No monetisation of BSNL towers and Optical Fibre as is being planned by the Finance Ministry / Government of India:

6) BSNL service related issues like: i) Complete review of the cluster based outsourcing system which resulted in massive surrendering of the landline and broadband connections, ii) Improving the Transmission network, iii) Speedy measures to improve the quality of BSNL FTTH service and iv) Prompt maintenance of BTSs, proper up-keep of power plants, as well as availability of batteries etc are to be addressed without further delay.

SNEA welcomes Hon Minister  AUAB submits memorandum to Hon MoS

Top News!!!


CS sends a strong message to CGMT regarding denial of Salary by Bank Authorities

Denial of Salary by bank authorities is not acceptable. After a long delay, the fund for the salary is authorised by the Corporate office to BSNL employees. But the official banking partner of BSNL is denying salary to non account holders of their bank and is a criminal offence. As far as the drawal of salary through a bank account is concerned, it is not necessary that every employee should have the salary account with the official bank itself.

Here, the Union bank of India is purposefully denying the salary of the employees who are having account in other banks. This approach by bank authorities is against the Hon' High Court judgement of WP(C) No. 37894 of 2016 (J), which is a similar type of issue at MCC, Thalasserry. Here in our case, this is the second time, the salary is denied for the employees in Kerala Circle, when all employees of other circles are being credited with salary. So the bank authorities have to arrange interest for the delayed days. Circle Administration shall take an immediate action in this without any delay. Bank authorities shall be warned and a legal notice also to be served to the Bank Manager for this unprofessional an unethical attitude in his official duties.

Reply from CGMT Kerala :

1. Yesterday was Bank Holiday.

2. Regarding the delay, the manager has sent a detailed mail, i need to examine it and then act.

Without knowing full facts of the matter i am unable to comment, if there is any wilful delay, we will take up.

SNEA Kerala has also taken up the issue with District Secretary, AIBOC, Trivandrum regarding delay in disbursement of salary from UBI end. He immediately called UBIOA, Kerala Region secretary and informed our resentment due to  repeated unreasonable delay in disbursement of salary. UBIOA Secretary agreed to intervene  immediately and  tomorrow he will talk to our Circle Secretary. Being a constituent in AIPCOC they want to keep cordial relationship with us.



CS writes to CGMT regarding Regularization of provisional posting of JAOs in Kerala circle, against 2012 vacancy –final disposal of SLP Civil Appeal No.9872 of 2014

View Letter


CS SNEA Kerala writes to CGMT Requesting to take immediate steps for addressing issues wrt e-office (speed/errors)

View Letter

There are rampant complaints from administrative offices including BSNL Kerala Circle Office regarding degradation in performance of e-file system.

Frequent disruption in connectivity/repeated error associated with the application is resulting in unwanted delay & multiple/repeated activities on the same file causing confusion and resulting in frustration.

Kindly do the needful to take up with the concerned authority for increasing the bandwidth/arranging direct route from Kerala to Noida server so as to settle the bandwidth/connectivity related issues.


Congratulations..!! Revised Posting orders issued in STP for JTO to SDE Promotions.

Earlier on 09/07/2021, SNEA Kerala had elaborate web meeting with CGM STP and appealed him to review the Inter State posting of JTOs on Promotion to SDE Cadre who completed more than 5 to 8 years of Service outside Kerala and came back to Home circle. Later we submitted letter dtd 11/07/2021 in this regard.

We thank CGM STP Shri.Munindranath for considering our submissions and issuing a revised posting order for all our members.

View Revised Posting Orders 


All Unions and Associations in BSNL (AUAB) notice to Secretary/DoT and CMD/BSNL on the charter of demands, mainly related to BSNL viability.

Programme of action: Placard showing on 15.07.2021.

AUAB Notice


CS writes to CGM STR regarding Alarming situation of BW availability in Core NW of STR

View Letter


CS writes to CGMT Kerala requesting to take immediate steps for addressing the missing and anomaly cases occurred in the recent JTO(T) to SDE(T) Promotion Transfer Order.

View Letter


CS writes to CGM STP requesting urgent review of Postings to other Territorial Circles in STP on JTO to SDE Promotion

View Letter


Meeting with CGM STP by SNEA Kerala to review the Posting of SDEs outside the Circle

Today, 9/7/2021, from 2:30PM to 3:15PM, SNEA Kerala had a Video Conference with CGM STP Sri.Munindranath on Zoom. 

CP, CS, ACSs, CWC Members Com. Sudheer and Com. Vivek. G, EKM Dist. President Com. SibyRaj represented SNEA in the Meeting.

We have elaborated the issue in length and breadth. We appealed to the CGM STP to review the Inter circle posting of JTOs on Promotion to SDE Cadre who completed more than 5 to 8 years of Service outside Kerala and came back to Home circle. We also appealed not to post Lady Officers Outside Kerala.

CGM presented his view on shortage of SDEs in STP in the territorial area of Other States of Sothern Transmission Project  especially KTK and TN. But we told him to review the order in the pretext of on-going Restructuring exercise which is likely to be implemented very soon. Since there would definitely be some amount of rearrangement of executives based on the organisational requirements during restructuring, immediate shift of officers is not at all required, we represented.

We have also pointed out that, as far as BSNL is concerned, only in STP, inter circle transfers are effected along with the promotion and posting in the caste of SDEs. Also we pointed out that Kerala being the revenue generating circle of BSNL should be given some amount of preference. Hence we requested him to reconsider the posting order.

Based on our detailed presentation, finally CGM categorically agreed to avoid the  transfer of Lady Officers. Other cases he agreed to reconsider the transfer orders on merit basis.  We hope that there will be a positive outcome that can be expected from CGM STP.

Finally CGM asked us to give a detailed representation to reconsider the cases. We will be sending it very soon.


Congratulations Comrades..!!

Posting Orders released by Kerala Circle....

for JTO(T) to SDE(T) Promotions.....

All are posted to the present working BA as promised to us today morning....

Due to the continuous efforts by SNEA Kerala Leaders at Circle Office, Promotion and Posting orders from JTO to SDE issued by Kerala Circle now. As promised to us, all executives in the list are posted to the same BA where they are currently working now. The transfer requests would be considered separately. The missing cases and anomalies to our notice are also taken up with Administration.

Kindly fill your missing cases and anomalies in this Google Forms.

View Order || List ||


Postings in the same BA for JTO to SDE Promotions:

CT Com.Suneer.S and ACS Com.Aslesh.S.S met CGMT Shri C.V.Vinod and GM HR Shri Sathesh.R and requested to issue the posting orders for the JTO to SDE Promotions on as and where basis in the same BA. Earlier our Circle Secretary Com.Jithesh.K.P also  intimated our views to CGM.

The shortage of SDEs is more in Kerala Circle and Management was not giving looking after arrangement to meet the shortages and now we have got sufficient number of SDEs (237). 

In this pandemic period many places are declared as containment zones. The public transport facilities are also minimum in such areas. Therefore it was kindly requested allowing the officers to join even through email request.
Management has assured to post the officers in the same BA and the orders are expected today itself.


Congratulations to ALL..!!

Finally the JTO(T) to SDE(T) SCF Promotion issued today at 3:00 am (08.07.2021) for 3697 JTOs. We congratulate one and all for this Promotion Order and especially those, whose name figured in the list.

We thank our Assistant General Secretaries Com.P.P.Rao Com.Kolapkar who were pursuing day and Night for these promotion orders at Corporate Office. We also thank GM (Pers), his entire team especially the DPC section at Corporate Office who worked day and night for releasing these orders.

We once again Congratulate all the promoted officers and request them to join today itself to avoid any further unforeseen litigations.

Orders || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 ||


Policy for provision of Concessional  FTTH connections to Serving / Retired employees of BSNL-Orders issued. As discussed iin the Agenda meeting of SNEA held in the chambers of Dir HR on 2.12.2020, It was agreed to form a committee and based on the recommendations will implement the Concessions.The committee  was formed and Sufficient inputs were given to the committee by our Association and based on the committee recommendations orders were issued today. We thank Dir Hr and committee members -Sr GM FIN-CFA, Sr GM Admin and GM CFA in  this   regard.

View Corporate office Order.

03/07/2021: CHQ News

AUAB holds crucial discussions with CMD/BSNL and other Board of Directors on 02.07.2021:

The AUAB held a crucial meeting on 02.07.2021 with Shri. P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL. General Secretaries /Representatives of SNEA, BSNLEU, NFTE, AIGETOA, AIBSNLEA, SEWA BSNL, BSNL MS, SNATTA, AITEEA, BSNL ATM, TEPU, BSNL OA and BEA participated in the meeting. From management side, DIR(HR), DIR(CFA), DIR(Fin), DIR(CM), DIR(EB) and many senior officers of BSNL Corporate Office participated. The meeting went on for three and half hours in the Conference hall.

Leaders of the AUAB forcefully demanded prompt upgradation of the BTSs to immediately launch 4G services. Payment of salary on the due date of every month was prominently raised. Improving the FTTH service, improving the maintenance of Transmission network as well as landline and BB services etc were raised. Present Governments plan for raising Rs 40,000 Cr by monetizing BSNL Towers and Optical Fibre was severely opposed. Proposal of the management for restructuring BSNL manpower came under severe criticism. Regarding the Super Annuation Benefits, it was firmly demanded that BSNL Management should immediately take steps to increase its contribution upto 30%. The BSNL Management Policy of continuing to rely on ITS Officers to run the company was severely criticised. Many other issues related to the employees and the BSNL revival were also raised.

The All Unions and Associations (AUAB) meeting held on 01.07.2021 discussed major issues related to BSNL Revival and finalised the charter of demands and some programme of actions to start with. Important decisions of the AUAB meeting is given as a Circular for vide publicity among the employees and the public.

AUAB Circular on important decisions of AUAB meeting held on 01.07.2021


Dear Friends,

More than ten months have passed since the last membership verification and again we are facing a membership changeover window. We have all witnessed how an association through their hollow words and empty promises gathered more votes than their membership and won the MV last time. It means only one thing, many people, other than their strong members also believed in their hollow promises and claims of making a change. Alas, we have all witnessed in the last few months what change they could bring here. Instead of making any positive changes, they have indeed taken us decades back in the other direction. None of their promises could be materialized and they have again resorted back to the blame games which they were playing before the MV. If they were blaming legacy associations before MV, now they have started putting the blame on Corona pandemic also. But they dare not raise their voice against BSNL management who is the real culprit in denying many of our legitimate claims. 

=> Let us take the case of JTO to SDE promotions. They have been blaming SNEA for non release of JTO to SDE promotion orders whereas their own court cases and adamant attitude had stopped it for many years together in legal battle. They have been promising promotions every next month before MV but even after staying in power for over ten months, they couldn't move an inch further in this regard. Even now after the vacation of stay in CAT Jabalpur, instead of getting the orders released immediately, their leaders and followers are all over social media spreading lies about the support association instead of working to release promotion orders and they seem to have forgotten that they are the so called majority now.

=> Before the MV their AIP had promised the resolution of 22820 issue in six to eight months but not even the committee formation in this regard has materialised yet. Now keeping the membership window in sight they have simply started spreading some news of committee coming soon. Why no follow ups during these entire ten months period for it? They are conveniently forgetting that a committee was formed in Dec 2016 for the same issue and have submitted its report. What change will happen by simply forming a new committee again? 

=> 6% SAB promised to SNEA by the then CMD during our Jaipur AIC was sabotaged by them when they unilaterally accepted a mere 3% for credit mongering. In fact SNEA during their recognition period were able to get an additional 2% to make it total 5% SAB. Remember we are still below the original 6% SAB which we could have got from 2016 or so. Who is responsible for this huge loss to BRs? Pending SAB contributions were promised to be raised to 30% but the reality is that even the present SAB contributions are not being paid regularly. They will pounce when any payment of SAB happens to claim the credit, while staying silent even when no payment is happening. Whereas SNEA have been regularly demanding to make regular payments of SAB to BRs.

=> Restructuring :- SNEA has always been saying that our posts are going to get reduced drastically and promotional avenues are going to dry up and we should move to a non post based promotion policy immediately, while AIGETOA has been singing songs of "DPC next month/DPC as festival gift" from long back. They never had the vision to foresee the restructuring and thus blocked everyone's career progression through litigation and sticking to a legacy promotion system.  

Their leaders have already got their promotions and hence they have sabotaged CPSUCH thinking SNEA might get the credit if CPSUCH was implemented.
Who is suffering because  of these blunders.? Supporting them still will keep dividing us and lead us to our ultimate destruction.

=> Many issues pertaining to LICE batches like payloss & promotion and GATE batches like payscale and temporary transfers were taken up before the MV season and yet they never saw the light of the day after MV. This begs the question whether the so called BR association reduced to only GE-JTO association after MV and discarded the later batches completely?

Similarly the other issues in their "SHAPADPATRA" have also remained wherever they are or is in even worsened condition than before.

It is strange to note that many of their active leaders who were so vocal in all of the DR-BR whatsapp groups and social media have suddenly gone silent or missing from those groups as they were unable to answer their members. Some even expressed their helplessness by telling their CHQ is not listening to what they are telling. This is only a natural excuse since the only thing they could achieve is also a copy of SNEA's achievements. 

When they got tired of finding faults with SNEA Kerala's successfully running pan-india medical insurance scheme, they also started their own instead of making BSNL to start an all India scheme from the management side. SNEA had always intended to use our scheme as a pilot medical insurance scheme to prove to the management the advantages of a medical insurance scheme and overall profit to BSNL MRS scheme by switching over to it. SNEA has no intentions of running our medical insurance scheme forever and have been pursuing with management to switch over to one of their own. But even in this crucial issue AIGETOA leaders chose to take the easy route out.

=>The most important issue of the timely disbursement of monthly salary which was being delayed for a few days earlier have now reached almost or more than a month. 
But still they are staying away from questioning the management as an integral part of the united group under AUAB, citing some reason or the other and playing right into the divide and rule policy of the management.

=>It is an open secret that their association itself was formed as a B team of the management with their blessings. And they are proving it in each and every chance they get by not attacking the management for not launching of 4G in a timely manner, for not disbursing salary on last working day, for non-remittance of SAB, IT, MOU loans, LIC etc, for non-resolution of HR issues and pay anomalies etc. 

=>Just remember that they were the only association in trade union history to welcome VRS unconditionally whereas others under AUAB could bargain for a BSNL revival plan which was at least good on paper. 

=>It is high time for each and every one of us to think and decide who is going to help us to stand and question the wrongdoings of this management & government to ensure the survival of our beloved company. Is it SNEA under the banner of AUAB or some paper tigers who look good only on their website / letters but become kittens when it comes to real action?? Many among us also may have voted for them under the wrong impressions of change and believing all of their stories but we need to independently think and analyse the facts and the facts never lie. 

=>They have nothing to show for achievements whereas SNEA during their recognition period could achieve many, if not everything on our manifesto. 

Board approval for CPSU CH was secured during our recognition period, which would have ensured the time bound career progression of all employees. But they sabotaged it knowingly, because SNEA would get major part of the credit. 

Remember how they refused to withdraw the contempt case on CMD just to stop the promotions that were about to happen as per their own website posts.

Approval for E2 E3 standard scales by BSNL board and was sent to DOT but their ill-designed contempt case forced DOT Secretary to pass presidential orders with ‘E1’ as the standard scale (instead of replacing E1A with E2) . As the majority association then, SNEA was able to force BSNL management to reject that PO and request DOT to reconsider its E2-E3 proposal. Remember that their adamant attitude for implementing E2 from 2000 onwards and supporting cascading demands only sabotaged the proposal in the first place.

=>Their leaders were actively blaming SNEA during the MV time for the plight of those who were left out of list 7, list 8 of SDE to DE promotions only for gathering votes by cashing in on their feelings of missing their promotions, albeit due to court verdicts. We should ask them all, what have you done for resolving those issues till date??

=>They have also promised SDE to DE promotions for not only List 8 but were able to publish List 9 also in connivance with some people in the management during MV even when the code of conduct was in place. They were promising all of these as if there were no roadblocks for SDE to DE promotions w.r.t. reservations and vacancies.

What happened to those promises for List 8, List 9 etc …. Is it also blocked due to the Covid pandemic??

=>So many bad decisions, ego, adamant nature and blatant lies are plaguing their leadership which is evident from the fact that they have kept on dividing into smaller pieces ever since their inception. Countless BR associations like BESA, AITEEA, TSOA etc were formed only because of these leadership problems. 

It is high time that we keep aside all the divisional politics and join our hands together in the platform that serves all our BSNL executives regardless of cadre, batch etc. In this membership window let us join SNEA who is leading from the forefront of AUAB with the sole responsibility of reviving BSNL and it's employees.

Let it also be a wake-up call to those who feel, since they have won the membership verification they can enjoy for the next three years and need not take care of the welfare of the members and other executives.

02/07/2021: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Request for releasing Time Bound Promotion orders of Executives pending from 01.01.2021 onwards.

View Letter

02/07/2021: Salary News

Delay in Salary Disbursement - Meeting with Circle IFA and GM HR on 02-07-2021 :

It is understood that there was inordinate delay in disbursing the salary from Bank’s end in Kerala Circle and that it was due to the unprofessional attitude of the Union Bank of India, Pattom Branch Trivandrum. It is to be noted that most of the Circles got salaries same day or next day of the receipt of fund authorization.

In this regard, CT Com.Suneer.S, ACS Com. Aslesh S.S and CWC Member J.V. Ramana of SNEA Kerala met Circle IFA Smt. Rethirani and GM HR Shri. Sathesh R. and expressed our strong resentment and requested to takeup the matter with the bank authorities for not repeating the same in future.

30/06/2021: Salary News

The All Unions and Associations (AUAB) leaders met CMD BSNL at 11.00 am today and presented the memorandum. Director(HR) and Director(Fin) were also present. The AUAB leaders severely criticized the management for not disbursing salary on the due date of every month. After prolonged discussion, CMD agreed to release the funds for May salary today itself. The leaders insisted for disbursement of June salary immediately and also disbursement of salary on the due date of every month, hereafter.

A meeting between AUAB and the CMD is also fixed for 02.07.2021 to discuss the issues related the revival of BSNL. 

Submission of Memorandum to CMD by AUAB

In Kerala also the Circle Secretaries as part of AUAB met CGMT Kerala and submitted Memorandum. At BA level, District Secretaries met BA Head and submitted Memorandum for the timely salary disbursement on the due date of every month. 

View Photos

Circle Office:

Trivandrum BA:

Kollam BA:

Pathanamthitta BA:

Alleppey BA:

Kottayam BA :

Ernakulam BA :

Thrissur BA :

Palakkad BA :

Malappuram BA :

Kozhikkode BA :

Kannur BA :

26/06/2021: Circle News

Lunch Hour demonstration on 25.06.2021 demanding Salary payment on the due date successfully conducted in all BAs

View Photos

25/06/2021: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD, BSNL:

BSNL Revival plan approved by the Union Cabinet on 23.10.2019 is simply on paper, even after 20 months. BSNL Revival fully depends upon 4G services. To start with, about 13,300 number of 4G and 4G compatible BTSs supplied by M/s Nokia have to be upgraded and launch 4G services atleast in South and West Zones, the revenue earning zones. BSNL losing thousands of Crores of revenue due to non-launching of 4G services. Thousands of Crores spend in Phase VII and VIII tender for 4G equipments becoming waste. BSNL should avail the allotted 4G spectrum and provide 4G or 3G services as per the availability of equipments for better speed and coverage.

A wise management decision to upgrade existing network to 4G by spending hardly 1500 to 2500 Crores would have saved the company. Instead of that management focused on new tender worth 9000 Crores for purchasing and deploying new equipments!

Employees are able to contribute only after the launch of 4G services by the management.

GS letter to CMD

25/06/2021: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri S K Mishra, Director(CM), BSNL:

Agreement for the sale of 2G features handset bundled with BSNL SIM at a bundled price of Rs 999/- as per MOU with M/s Innocom – humble request to reconsider the decision as it will further damage the image of BSNL.

GS letter to Director(CM)

25/06/2021: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD, BSNL:

Early finalization of seniority of SDE(T) in list 9 with uniform criteria by a common interpretation of the Hon Supreme Court judgment

GS letter to CMD

24/06/2021: CHQ News

Organize Lunch Hour demonstration on 25.06.2021 demanding Salary payment on the due date:

AUAB meeting held on 21.06.2021 decided to hold Lunch Hour demonstration at CHQ, Circle, BA and SSA HQs on 25.06.2021. 

Comrades, join the demonstration to express your anguish and resentment over non-payment of salary in time.

AUAB Notice

24/06/2021: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD, BSNL:

Total failure of cluster maintenance contract for landline and BB connections. Very poor maintenance resulted large scale surrender of landline & BB connections (about 1 lakh per month) – urgent need for review and re-working on the tender reg:

After one year, it is established that the new exercise was a total failure in many ways:

i) Tens of thousands of landline and BB connections are closing every month due to poor maintenance, making huge financial loss to the company,

ii) Practically no maintenance taking place in many clusters but vendor got uninterrupted payment due to the loopholes in the tender,

iii) The rate was exorbitantly high, almost 3 times, comparing to the expenditure incurred per line during previous years.

If the present cluster maintenance contract is continued, it is sure that in another 2 to 3 years time, our cable network will be collapsed and entire landlines will be closed. If top BSNL management intention is to close down CFA segment with landline and Broad Band business, it can continue with the present cluster system. Otherwise, it is to be reviewed and re-worked considering the shortcomings observed in the field units while operating the tender. For that top BSNL management has to listen to the CGMs, SSA Heads and the Executives working in the field units. Instead of silencing them, BSNLCO has to inject confidence in them to speak out the truth and ground realities. Otherwise top Management and CGMs has to take responsibility, why landlines and BB connections are closing so rapidly, almost 1 lakh per month, seriously impacting BSNL revenue. 

GS letter to CMD on cluster maintenance

22/06/2021: CHQ News

AUAB meeting on 21.06.2021:

All the major Assns and Unions participated in the AUAB meeting (SNEA, BSNLEU, NFTE, AIGETOA, AIBSNLEA, SEWA BSNL, FNTO, BSNLMS, BSNLATM, TEPU, BSNLOA).

AUAB meeting discussed the following burning issues: 

1) Abnormal delay in launching of 4G services,

2) Salary payment,

3) Huge payments pending from DoT,

4) Total failure of cluster system resulting in massive surrendering of landline and BB connections,

5) Tardy progress in Land monetization and clearing the debts, 

6) Neglect of Transmission network deterioration of Backhaul,

7) 2nd PRC pending issues,

8) 3rd PRC,

9) Excess payment of Pension contribution. 

AUAB meeting decided for immediate protest actions demanding salary payment.

On 25.06.2021 protest demonstration will be done at all levels.

On 30.06.2021, meeting with CMD, CGMs and SSA heads demanding salary payment on the last working day. GSs, CSs and SSA/Dist Secretaries will present the memorandum at their respective levels.

AUAB meeting will be held at New Delhi on 01.07.21 to finalise the charter of demands, focusing on BSNL revival and program of action. 

AUAB meeting on 21.06.2021 -- circular

14/06/2021: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Aadhar linking with EPF UAN

View Letter

It is understood that linking of Aadhar with EPF UAN is mandatory for uploading EPF-ECR statement w.e.f. 1st June 2021. As per the letter referred above, necessary instructions were seen to be issued among IFAs of BAs to take necessary steps for validating Aadhar particulars of 78 employees whose details are not yet seen validated with UAN.

In spite the earnest efforts on the part of the employees to link the Aadhar with EPF UAN, in certain cases there is mismatch of name, initials and surname etc and getting updation of corrections in Aadhar data would take much more time. Moreover, for certain updations and effecting corrections employees will have to approach Permanent Enrolment Centres like Akshaya Kendras etc. In the prevailing pandemic situation and ongoing lock down situation across the Kerala, 100% linking is cumbersome task in such a short span of time.

In case EPF ECR uploading is denied by EPFO through system itself, BSNL will be liable to pay heavy penalty for excluded cases, if any. In this regard, we requested CGMT to take up the matter with EPFO for obtaining extension of time for validation of data so that we can achieve the 100% linking in the intervening period.

14/06/2021: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD, BSNL:

Various HR issues of the Executives kept pending in the name of financial crisis and waiting for Revival of BSNL are to be settled without further delay. Non launching of 4G services and delay in land monetization are the major reasons for Non Revival of BSNL for which Executives cannot be held responsible. As witnessing today, neglecting Human Resources and genuine issues of the Executives have serious adverse impact on the growth of the company as they are highly demoralized. Large number of Executives recruited as JTO/JAOs left BSNL as they find no future in BSNL (career progression as well as a reasonable pay) due to the poor handling of HR issues.

1. DoT approval for standard Pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f. 01.07.2007, replacing the intermediary pay scale of E1A and E2A as recommended by BSNL on 06.06.2016:

2. Enhancement of Super Annuation Benefits (SAB) Contribution to full 30%:

3. Settle the pay loss issue with Rs 22820/- as starting basic for the 2007 to 2010 batch JTO/JAOs who recruited in pre-revised E1A scale. Till that time pre-revised E1A scale may be allowed for addressing the Pay loss:

4.  Extend E1+5 increments for the post 2010 rect JTO/JAOs till E2 scale is settled:

5. Extend E1A and E2A scale notionally w.e.f. 01.10.2000 for the JTO/SDE in Civil/Electrical/Arch/TF/PA/PS etc streams as approved by the MC of BSNL Board:

6. Revise Transport Allowance, Travelling Allowances, Tuition Fee reimbursement etc in line with the recommendations of 2nd & 3rd PRC and 7th CPC:

7. Extend medical facilities without voucher for Out Door treatment:

8. Executive Health Checkup for all the Executives:

9. Restoration of All India LTC and similar benefits extended to Group A Officers working in BSNL: 

GS letter to CMD

12/06/2021: SAD News

SAD NEWS: With profound grief and deep sorrow, it is informed that Shri.Sadan PK, SDE(Stores), Thrissur BA, has passed away and left for heavenly abode. SNEA mourn the untimely departure and pay its rich tribute to him. Let's together pray for his soul and join the bereaved family.

11/06/2021: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri A M Gupta, Sr GM (Admn):

GS met Sr GM(A) today and held discussions on the following issues:

1. Medical Insurance Policy for the BSNL employees:

We demanded that all types of treatment should be covered in the policy without capping for treatment under specific heads like medicine, surgery, diagnosis etc. In the case of 5 lakhs policy, the facility to get the coverage upto 10 lakhs without paying additional premium through the Corporate buffer also to be insisted.

Sr GM informed that discussion is going on with the four PSUs in this regard. BSNL is working to call the quotations from all of them shortly. We requested to expedite the process.

We demanded that the premium for the employees opting for the Medical Insurance Policy in lieu of BSNL MRS shall be paid by the management.

2. Service FTTH connections:

We had discussions on the existing FTTH schemes and the concessions extended to the Executives for BB connections. Earlier we had submitted our inputs and various orders on the subject. After deliberations Sr GM assured to expedite the process and complete the formalities and submit the committee recommendations to the management shortly.

10/06/2021: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD, BSNL:

Payment of Salary to the BSNL Executives and other Employees on the last working day of each month as Employees are fully depends on the salary for the daily needs. Salary is paid from the internal resources and it is just 1/3rd of the monthly collection.

Unfortunately management did not take this issue seriously as observed in the case of other Human Resources related issues. At the time of VRS, it was assured to the employees by the management as well as the Govt that once VRS is successful, salary payment will become regular and BSNL Revival will be very much possible through the Revival package. Now, no one is talking about the Revival package and the important decisions of the Union Cabinet dated 23.10.2019 for launching 4G services and land monetization which is not happened so far. Last 19 months developments established that Govt is not much keen on BSNL Revival. Govt and the BSNL management miserably failed in the process of Revival of BSNL. The employees cannot be punished for the failure of the Govt and management. 

Instead of creating industrial unrest, it is once again  requested to accord priority to Salary payment to the employees on the last working day of the month by simply  rescheduling other payments by one or two weeks.

GS letter to CMD on Dalary payment


CS writes to CGMT - Request to take-up the issues and suggestions with Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala for settlement/solution

View Letter


A very informative and interactive session by Dr. Joy John, Chief Nodal Officer and Trainer, Kerala State Covid Mission & E-Sanjeevani App, TVM was organised by SNEA Kerala Circle body for all BSNL Kerala employees and their families on June 3rd, 2021 at 7PM.

The class had very active participation with over two hundred people, including CGM Kerala and other higher officers. Dr. Joy John spend more than two hours with us clearing each and every queries and doubts. 

You can watch the recorded meeting here:

Access Passcode: Snea@123


An Interactive session with Dr.Joy John, Chief Nodal Officer and Trainer, Kerala State Covid Mission & E-Sanjeevani App, TVM for SNEA Members and their families across Kerala Circle through Zoom platform on 3rd June, 2021 at 7.30PM.

Do participate and make the programme a big success.

Topic: Interactive session with Dr.Joy John, Chief Nodal Officer and Trainer, Kerala State Covid Mission & E-Sanjeevani App, TVM

Time: Jun 3, 2021 07:30 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 892 4333 5381

Passcode: 191919

02/06/2021: SAD News

SAD NEWS: With profound grief and deep sorrow, it is informed that Shri.Satheesh MB, JTO BBC, Chembukkavu TE, Thrissur BA, aged 42 years, has passed away and left for heavenly abode. SNEA mourn the untimely departure and pay its rich tribute to him. Let's together pray for his soul and join the bereaved family.

30/05/2021: Circle News

SNEA CHQ writes to Director HR for Immediate deferment of EPP Online exam due to spreading of Covid Pandemic.

View Letter

Based on our feedback to the Management, BSNL Corporate office has issued orders for postponement of Online EPP Exam Scheduled in June-2021. We thank our CHQ for their timely intervention in this matter.

View Orders

29/05/2021: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT requesting for allowing executives to re-opt for date of Upgradation examinations scheduled for the month of June 2021 at RTTC Trivandrum and also to put hold the pre-requisite of passing the upgradation exam for drawing next increment in the prevailing lock down situation.

View Letter

CGMT Kerala Shri C.V.Vinod Sir responded positively and informed us about conducting the exams at BA HQ itself rather than travelling and coming to RTTC Trivandrum in this pandemic situation from different parts of the State. 

24/05/2021: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT requesting for not to initiate any recovery and to stop any such excess pay recovery which is under dispute and consideration of the law, till the pandemic situations improve.

View Letter

17/05/2021: Circle News

CGMT Kerala has responded positively to our letter dtd 15-05-2021 reg online attendance system and replied that :

1. There is enough flexibility in the online system to cover all issues, full powers are there with controlling officers to exempt marking, so there is no issue which will adversly affect anyone, any such individual cases can be brought to the notice of BA administration.

2. When during lock down the persons who could not come to clean toilets, whatever minium we could do was arranged phenyl was provided, further during triple lock down, all offices in those districts have been adviced to close and work from home, this is the best we could do.

15/05/2021: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT requesting to suspend online attendance system, the discriminatory model of BSNL Kerala Circle, during the period of pandemic.

View Letter

As you are well aware, we are facing an increasingly severe and intensive situation due the COVID-19 pandemic. Covid 19 cases are growing exponentially and due to the new wave hospitals are running out of room and supplies. We lost many valuable lives including our colleagues due to this deadly disease. The government agencies are consistently fighting to contain the virus and save lives. Taking into account the seriousness of the situation, the Government of Kerala has extended the prevailing lockdown up to 23.05.2021 and declared triple lockdown in four districts – Trivandrum, Trissur, Ernakulam and Malappuram.

The whole State is potentially at risk and the situation is particularly stressful because it’s hard to predict how things will develop. Even at this stressful situation BSNL employees are struggling hard to maintain the essential telecom services. But the more stressful and severe thing in this pandemic period is the hanging sword of online attendance imposed only on BSNL employees of Kerala Circle. This has brought disappointment and agony among the employee community in the Circle during the pandemic times and that too when other Telecom Service Providers who are also giving essential telecom services in the country did implement various employee friendly safety measures to protect them from the pandemic by promoting work from home practices wherever feasible.

We are of the opinion that BSNL Kerala Circle administration couldn’t act promptly even to ensure basic safety for its employees by providing minimum hygiene standards at its office spaces, premises or washrooms. Sanitization of office buildings, wash rooms, ensuring availability of sanitizers at office spaces etc were made the responsibility of employees themselves at their cost in the pretext of BSNL’ financial crisis even when their salaries were delayed for weeks. In the absence of proper hygiene in wash rooms, many officers particularly lady officers are afraid of using it in offices and force to leave the office early for their primary needs.

During the initial days of launching the online attendance portal, it was conveyed that the purpose of the online attendance system was to record attendance only. But as per field reports, some controlling Officers have gone to the extent of issuing charge sheets to executives based on attendance portal findings. Threatening calls are being received from Circle Office questioning the integrity of executives based on the CDR analysis of their mobile connections. In the absence of public transport while the staff is struggling to reach office the administration is struggling to record the online signing with second accuracy which is really a heart burn.

We are sorry to mention here that the morale of the self-motivated workforce who toiled extremely hard even round the clock during difficult times for filling the huge gap left by the VRS has been severely affected due to the implementation of this unfair and discriminatory model of online attendance system in Kerala Circle. Moreover this is an added fuel to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 crisis which exerts extreme pressure on the workforce struggling with really limited resources.

We fail to see a single instruction from Management which recognizes the field reality prevailing in the pandemic other than routine meetings and setting targets as usual. Therefore, SNEA Kerala, being a responsible association, would like to appeal to the management to suspend the online attendance system at least during the period of pandemic.

13/05/2021: EID Mubarak to everyone and Stay Safe


Meeting with GM HR on 11/5/2021 reg Vaccination drive and surge in covid cases:

Circle Treasurer Com.Suneer.S and CWC Member Com.J.V.Ramana met GM (HR) Shri Sathesh.R and discussed about the surge in covid cases especially at Circle office, Trivandrum and also regarding urgent vaccination drive for BSNL workforce in the wake of receipt of bulk stock by Kerala Govt. 

We suggested to take necessary action for preventing further spread of the virus in the circle office building, to disclose the covid cases to the staff instead of keeping them in dark and to do proper sanitisation of the areas especially toilets in the building. We also pointed out the recent surge in covid cases at OMCR Ernakulam.

GM HR informed that Administration is not compelling everyone to attend office in this scenario and it is up to the discretion of controlling authority or the unit head to allow the official to work from home using VPN facility.

Later, ACS and DS Circle office Com.Aslesh.S.S also called CGM Shri C.V.Vinod over phone and discussed the surge in covid cases at Circle office building and submitted our suggestions. CGM responded positively and accepted our suggestions.

Vaccination Drive:

We once again requested Administration to arrange vaccination drive immediately without further delay for the BSNL workforce who are frontline workers maintaining services round the clock even in this worst pandemic situation. We have already taken up this requirement in writing with CGMT earlier.

GM HR informed that Kerala Govt has agreed to provide the vaccines to BSNL on top priority and all BSNL workforce would be given vaccines including contract workers. GM HR informed that the first lot of vaccines procured and received by Kerala Govt would be utilised in southern districts of Trivandrum region up to Idukki District. The remaining districts would be covered in the next lot. In Trivandrum, the vaccine drive would be conducted at Circle office premises for both Trivandrum BA and Circle office BA.


Circle office issued orders for providing VPN facility to BSNL Employees over their personal FTTH connections in the wake of alarming surge in Covid-19 cases and for facilitating Work from Home.

View Orders

This is issued as per the letter dtd 03/05/2021 written by this association to CGMT. We thank CGMT Kerala Shri.C.V.Vinod Sir for responding positively to our request and issuing the orders as promised to us.


CS writes to CGMT requesting for granting VPN facility over Broadband / FTTH Internet Service to BSNL employees. 

View Letter



Appeal to All Members and Wellwishers 

Dear Comrades,

Our Country, Our State is passing through a catastrophic situation.

It is our bounden duty to rise to the occasion and support for humanity.

We all are in a battle against COVID-19 Pandemic. The second wave of pandemic with the recent surge in Covid cases, is affecting all of us and is much worse than the first wave. We lost many BSNL officials in this battle with the Pandemic.

The outbreak and the consequent disruption have affected the lives of many. The only choice left with us is to increase the pace of vaccination.

We can help the Government for increasing the pace of vaccination by making contributions to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF). This will also help the state in its drive to provide the Covid vaccine, FREE of cost to everyone.

We appeal all our Comrades to voluntarily and generously contribute to the CMDRF in this battle against Covid-19. Kindly intimate your District Secretary about the amount donated to CMDRF for consolidation please.

View Appeal


Donation of face shields and face masks to the Covid warriors at Vaccination Centre at Jimmy George Indoor Stadium, Trivandrum.

When we came to know about the shortage of face shields and face masks at the biggest vaccination centre of Trivandrum at Jimmy George Indoor Stadium, our Comrades in Trivandrum BA and Circle office immediately responded with contributions to our appeal, and the next day morning itself (on 27-04-2021) SNEA Kerala under the leadership of Circle President Com. Dr. V.G.Sabu, ACS Com.Aslesh.S.S, Circle Org. Secretary Shiyas A., District President Com. Sanal  handed over 300 nos of Masks and 50 nos of face shields to the volunteers and health workers deputed at Mega Vaccination Centre at Jimmy George Indoor Stadium, Trivandrum.

We also handed over 50 face shields and 200 face Masks to PGM Trivandrum Shri. Rajendran ITS for the CSC Staff at Trivandrum. Smt. Minimole DGM TVM, Smt. Usha DGM TVM, PRO TVM Com. Renosh were also present. 

We thank all our members of Trivandrum BA and Circle office who responded quickly and contributed to this noble cause.


CS writes to CGMT reg Volunteers for posting officers in legal cell Circle office, our suggestions

View Letter


CS writes to CGMT reg Transfer of Executives from Wayanad District

View Letter


SNEA KERALA proudly announces that the Group Medical Insurance scheme from New India Assurance - BSNL EXECUTIVES AND NON EXECUTIVES MEDICAL INSURANCE SCHEME 2021-2022 is fully functional now, and its premium collection window is now formally closed.

We are proud to say that this time, it is very much bigger and better than the last year. We were able to enroll around 2100 members along with their families and we could cover almost 1100 parents and in-laws as well. Nearly 7000 individuals including  CGM to Gr.D  are getting their medical expenses supported across India through the scheme this year.

The soft copy of the first set of medical cards for self & family have already been dispatched in emails given while registering. The second lot will also follow in a couple of days. The same shall be made available in the portal (in their individual login), and also in & for downloading soon.

The medical cards for parents will also be dispatched in couple of days through the registered emails.

The Premium Receipt for claiming IT rebate and the common policy document will also be made available for downloading from the website soon.

Medical insurance is something where we sincerely wish that we do not come to use the money we spent.

Group medical insurance policy is something where a group as a whole contributes the money which may help out a few individuals ultimately.

Group medical insurance also offers additional advantages over individual policy like reduced premium, corporate buffer, several exclusions like coverage for pre existing diseases, lack of sub limits etc.

After the successful co-ordination and conduction of a Group Medical Insurance scheme last year for the employees of ‘BSNL Kerala Circle’ (2020-21), where we could collect a premium amount of around Rs. 1.89 Cr. (excl GST) from 1362 families and could get back an amount of Rs. 1.61 Cr. as claims to around 250 members and their families ( a claim ratio of around 85% ), SNEA KERALA has successfully coordinated another Group Medical Insurance scheme this year, viz. the BSNL EXECUTIVES AND NON EXECUTIVES MEDICAL INSURANCE SCHEME 2021-22.

As per the popular demand from our members and the decision of our CHQ, we could expand the policy coverage across the boundaries of Kerala Circle & made the policy into an pan india coverage and we could extend the insurance benefits to around 550 employees with their parents and family from other circles. The enrollment from Kerala circle itself crossed 1600.

We could negotiate the premium amount for self & family and reduce it by 15% from last year's premium. And even with the reduced premium, on account of overwhelming response to the scheme  the Premium amount collected (including GST) also has jumped up to around Rs. 3.54 Crores this year.

Last but not least we were very particular that the policy is reached only from a Public Sector Undertaking Insurance Company unlike others so that the credibility is not lost and if at all any profit is made it is funding only a PSU.



It was not an easy task…

But your trust makes us work hard and make it possible...

AGAIN and AGAIN... !!


Meeting with CGMT on 19/4/2021:

Circle President Com.Dr.V.G.Sabu, Circle Treasurer Com.Suneer.S, ACS Com.Aslesh.S.S., CWC Member Com.J.V.Ramana and Circle Organising Secretary Com.Shiyas.A met CGMT Shri C.V.Vinod in the morning to show our protest against the technical reporting order of Officers joined in Kollam BA to Circle IT Cell.

As per our discussion, CGMT agreed to cancel the technical reporting order. And the transfer order issued to three executives from IT Cell will be kept in abeyance till July 2021 for completing the ongoing projects and for knowledge sharing to five executives selected in IT Cell long back for completing these projects.

SNEA has always stood for a Transparent HR Policy based on norms without any discrimination.

It is seen that Circle office continue to  issue some orders which are tailor made or individual centric. SNEA feels that this type of orders will jeopardize the good motive behind the  transfers on need basis as per long stay. 

We believe that every officer in BSNL have the capacity to run every section, and there should be knowledge transfer from one to another and everyone should get equal chances to serve each section to get the complete picture of BSNL. This will and this only will give immense experience to the officers to run the show when they get their promotion to the next level so that they can manage any sections without any hesitation. 

We also feel that all the officers in strategic positions may/should be rotated  after a particular period so that there will always be a next line team which can carry over the smooth running. It is the responsibility of the controlling officer  to see that proper job rotation is taking place in those sections and knowledge sharing is happening among the executives to avoid any kind of one-upmanship or a stand still situation like this.

Hence SNEA under the leadership of Circle President Com. Dr. V.G Sabu met Circle Administration to implement the transfers orders on  long stay basis order in its true spirit. We urged the Administration to take necessary precautions to see how a section will be run before  transferring the existing officers under Long stay basis. 

Hence the following decisions has been taken by the Administration.

1. To give proper knowledge transfer to the next line team, the present set of officers under the transfer order from IT Cell will continue for 3 months upto July 2021 in the present section itself  and they will complete the ongoing projects along with the executives already posted in the section within three months.

During this intervening period the officers posted in the IT Cell has to be in a position to acquire further knowledge what so ever to continue the projects further  . 

2. The officers under transfers will join the respective BAs immediately after three months to the new portfolios assigned by the concerned BA Administration.


CS writes to CGMT reg Covid-19 Vaccination to BSNL Employees.

View Letter

We would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is gaining momentum throughout the country and especially in Kerala state. The number of COVID-19 infected people is rising exponentially day by day and the number of people infected through social contact is also rising comparatively. On the 14th April 2021 alone, 8778 people tested positive for COVID-19 and out of these 7905 people are infected through contact with other infected people. The test positivity rate stands at an alarming rate of 13.45 for Kerala state. The fact and figures point to the fact that the second wave is more severe than the first.

            BSNL employees are always in the forefront of any activities happening in the state to overcome the present situation, be it digitalization of schools, Gram Panchayaths, households etc, or conduction of LIVE web casting during the recent elections. There is considerable increase in the footfall in our front offices like CSCs as people are moving to more and more digital connectivity. All of this means that BSNL employees are among the most exposed lot to bear the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic.

            Recently Department of Telecommunications have also given certain guidelines via their letter dated 12th April 2021 and requested every employee to get vaccinated to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Hence necessary instructions maybe given to BA heads to liason with the District Medical authorities to do necessary arrangements for setting up vaccination centers at BA level, to get the employees vaccinated at their workplace itself, without further difficulties and unnecessary travel.


Insurance Registration - Last date extended to 18-4-2021

for  enrolling in 

‘BSNL Executives and Non Executives Health Insurance Scheme 2021-22’ 

coordinated by SNEA Kerala 

Salient features :

14/04/2021: Circle Conference 2021 at Joys Palace Hotel Thrissur on 11th & 12th April 2021

New Circle Body of SNEA is  unanimously elected

New Circle body of SNEA Kerala is elected unanimously in the 25th Circle Conference held at Hotel Joys Palace, Thrissur on 11th and 12th April 2021.

As always, this time also the body includes the experience and youth. Newly elected Office Bearers  which represents all comrades of SNEA. From Well experienced respected Senior comrades to the very new JTO recruited through GATE Score, the new body contains every sectors.

Highly committed office bearers from Abosrbed as well as BSNL Recruited. 2001,2002, 2005, 2007-08, LICE, newly  recruited  GATE JTOs, representative of Civil/Electrical,  STR/STP, Accounts Wing and Telecom Wing. This body represent every sectors of BSNL. 

From the Well experienced Com. Dr. V G Sabu to the Vibrant Young JTO joined in 2018 Com. Ajayakrishnan, this team can do wonders under the very committed leadership of Highly Committed Circle Secretary Com. Jithesh K.P with a strong Support of Com. Suneer.S Circle Treasurer.

Let's fight together for a stronger SNEA for a brighter BSNL.

25th Circle Conference of SNEA unanimously elects following Office Bearers for the next term

Circle President - Com.Dr.V.G.Sabu AGM TVM

Circle Vice Presidents -

                             1.Com.Vidya A. SDE CO TVM
                             2.Com.Bijukumar DE EKM

Circle Secretary - Com.Jithesh K.P.

Asst.Circle Secretaries

                             1.Com. Aslesh S.S. SDE CO TVM
                             2.Com.Suresh kumar R. SDE EKM
                             3. Com.Vipin K. SDE KTM

Circle Treasurer- Com.Suneer S. AO, CO, TVM

Area Secretary (North) - Com.Aburezzal SDE CLT

Area Secretary (Central) - Com.Manish K.P. JTO KTM

Area Secretary (South) - Com.Shinemon SDE ALP

Circle Organising Secretaries -
                            1. Com.Shiyas A. SDE Electrical TVM
                            2. Com.Baijulal K.V.  AO TCR
                            3. Com.Irshad K.P. JTO MLP
                            4. Com.Ajaykrishnan JTO CO TVM

CWC Members -
                           1.Com.J.V.Ramana SDE CO TVM
                           2.Com.Vimal R. SDE EKM
                           3.Com.Vivek G.  JTO EKM
                           4.Com.Ashraf Y. SDE KLM
                           5.Com.Sudheer K. AGM STR CLT

Congratulations to all Office Bearers

More details of the Circle Conference will follow........


Health Insurance Policy for BSNL employees:

All employees can join upto 15.04.2021.

Maternity also covered in the Policy specially to take care of the interest of Young Executives. Another important aspect is No capping for treatment under specific heads like medicine, surgery, diagnosis etc.

The policy from New India Assurance Company became operational from 23.03.2021 and the treatment from 23.03.2021 will be covered. The policy provides coverage for 5 lakhs but practically employees will get the coverage upto 10 lakhs without paying additional premium through the Corporate buffer.

Registration and premium payment can be made through online portal

Details of Health Insurance Policy



The Kingmaker Retires…..

Com.George Varghese retires from BSNL service on superannuation on 31/3/2021…..


It is a pride for each one of us that one among us recruited as a Junior Engineer is retiring today as General Manager and BA Head….

Com.George Varghese, Gentle visionary, the Kingmaker, courageous yet humble leader of men needs no introduction  to anyone on the Trade union scene of the country in the Telecom Industry.

He is going to leave an indelible mark on organized Trade Union activities. The likes of him rarely have traversed this  planet. The great strides made by him on the cadre issues of the JTOs and the Executives of DOT and BSNL, the honorable entry of the Executives in the BSNL entity, the graceful terms and conditions for absorption, the drafting of SNEA constitution etc are only too well known and therefore requires no elaboration.

He will be remembered for Organizational and legal action against absorption in BSNL with just an adhoc payment of Rs 2000, without declaring the remaining terms and conditions, finalization of pay scales, promotion policy and fitment formula for absorption in BSNL.

The historic struggle against corrupt and autocratic CGMT Kerala will be remembered forever….The visuals of indefinite hunger strike that ended on the 4th day when police took him in an ambulance will be etched in our memories forever....The chargesheets that followed, the delay in his promotion, the monetary losses in lakhs...all these factors could not stop him fighting for truth and in the end it was once again proved that Truth always Triumps. 

With his outstanding performance as BA Head of Malappuram, he has set an example for each one of us and proved that this organisation can be run by one among us and that too more effectively and efficiently. 

Nevertheless his promotion as BA head was opposed by some and they tried their best at all possible levels to bring him down. We fail to understand why these negative forces were acting against themselves and all of us by opposing the rise of a BSNL Official in becoming BA Head.  We thank our CGMT Shri C.V.Vinod for his invaluable support and faith in BSNL officials.

SNEA Kerala wishes Com.George Varghese, a very happy and prosperous retirement from official service on his superannuation.


CEC Meeting held at Hotel Redbell Suites, Malappuram on 26.03.2021

A CEC meeting of SNEA Kerala Circle was held on 26.03.2021 to bid farewell to our respected Circle President, Comrade George Varghese Sir at Malappuram BA on the occasion of  his retirement on superannuation. Meeting started at 12pm.  Com Kamalraj DS of host SSA welcomed all. CP, Com George Varghese presided over the function. CS presented the brief report. Elaborated discussions about Circle Conference and Insurance scheme were held in the meeting. The Circle conference poster, Circle conference Notice, Donation receipt book and the Health card of insurance scheme 2021-2022 were released in the meeting.

In the afternoon session, a farewell function to the retiring comrade George Varghese, CP  was arranged in a befitting manner attended by AUAB leaders. Com Vivek.G, ACS welcomed the gathering, Com Gafoor, CWC member presided over the function. Com Rajesh Manchan, CHQ advisor presented the memoir of Comrade George Varghese, his journey from a common member in the association to a stalwart leader respected within and across unions and associations.  

Com Sudheer, former CP of our association during Rao's era presented the Memento for SNEA Kerala circle. Com Abdulla, Convenor AUAB and DS  BSNLEU, Com Kamalraj DS SNEA presented the Memento for AUAB and SNEA Malappuram BA respectively. All CEC members and district secretaries commemorated the contributions of Com George Varghese to the association as well as to BSNL. The meeting ended with reply speech by CP. Meeting concluded at 9 pm in the night.

Decisions taken in the offline CEC held on 26.03.2021 :

1. There won't be any delegate fee to the Circle conference.
2. Flx boards and Banners are to be displayed at main BSNL offices/Exchanges.
3. SSA secretaries are requested to give list of circle/district level leaders with phone numbers who has retired from service during the conference period for inviting them for the open session.
4. The agenda item of Election of office bearers may be included in the first day of conference and the announcement or result and oath taking may be done on the second day.
5. All District secretaries are requested to elect only those delegates who are willing to stay at  the venue till the conference is over.


Health Insurance Scheme - First lot list registered with us till 18/3/2021 handed over to the Insurance company - View List

Top News!!!


Sunday (28/3/2021) is a working day as per Corporate office order:

In connection with the corporate office order declaring Sunday, 28/3/2021 as working day, Circle Secretary had a discussion with Shri Satesh.R, GM (HR&Admin). We informed that Holi festival on 29/03/2021 is not a holiday for Kerala circle and the said order may not be applicable to us. He assured that he will discuss the issue with CGMT and necessary clarification will be issued in this regard if required.

22/03/2021: Health Insurance Scheme

BSNL KERALA Executives and Non Executives Health Insurance scheme 2021-22 policy will commence from tomorrow 23rd March 2021

The cheque for the premium amounts collected from applicants till 18-3-2021 was handed over to Smt Joyce Sathish, Chief Regional Manager, New India Assurance by our respected CGMT Kerala Sri CV Vinod today at Conference Hall of Circle Office Trivandrum. 

Sri Rajendran.C, PGMT TVM BA , Sri Sathesh.R GM HR&Admin, Top Officials of M/s Health India Insurance TPA Services Pvt Ltd and M/s Securus Insurance Brokers India Pvt. Limited, Circle and District Office bearers of SNEA and BSNLEU graced the moment with their presence. 

Total 1535 members from all over India were enrolled in the first lot, the details will be uploaded here shortly. 

It gives us immense pride and satisfaction that even senior  officers including CGMT and Heads of various BAs have opted for this scheme this year and we could surpass the enrollment count of previous year in the first lot itself. We are also very happy that more than 800 parents and in-laws are also covered this year . 

SNEA Kerala thanks each and everyone for showing tremendous faith and support for this noble welfare venture. The enrollment process is still going strong and it has crossed 1650 as on today.

View more photos....

19/03/2021: 25th Circle Conference of SNEA Kerala at Thrissur on 11th and 12th April 2021


CS writes to CGMT reg Property tax being levied by the local bodies for BSNL mobile towers, need for issuing guidelines to BAs to properly defend/scrutinize the demand notices and effecting payments uniformly that too as per existing norms only and a few suggestions to be taken up by the Circle Administration with the LSGD, Govt. of Kerala, our request

View Letter || View our letter dtd 31/7/2019 addressed to Hon'ble Chief Minister, Kerala


Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Kerala was held on 15.03.2021 through Zoom and decided the following :

1. To conduct Circle conference in a grand manner on 11th and 12th of April 2021 at Thrissur. 
2. To collect Rs1000/- from each members towards Circle Conference donation and working fund.
3. To organise open session and trade union session on 12th April.
4. Com Binush B Peter and Com. Rajeevan from Thiruvananthapuram are nominated as Auditors.
5. Formed committee to design poster/board of CC headed by CWC member Suresh kumar.R
6. Formed committee to prepare  CC notice headed by Sabu VG, DS Thiruvananthapuram.
7. The proposed CEC meeting at Malappuram is rescheduled on 26/03/2021 to bid farewell to Circle President Com George Varghese on his superannuation.
8. Extended the last date of registration for Health insurance till 18.03.2021.
9. To open the Health insurance Scheme to all employees of BSNL Pan india.


CS writes to CGMT reg Sharing of BSNL’ pole infrastructure with channel partners, our suggestions

View Letter


So far  more than 1250 Employees have joined the Group Medical Insurance Scheme and the total premium collection has crossed Rs 2.15 Crores.

Premium collection date is extended upto 18th March 2021.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the overwhelming response from each and everyone. So far  more than 1250 Employees have joined the Group Medical Insurance Scheme and the total premium collection has crossed Rs 2.15 Crores.

As per the request from various corners, it is decided that the health insurance premium collection date is extended upto 18th March 2021. For all who pays the premium within the first window of 18th March, their insurance coverage will be starting from the 23rd March 2021 itself. 

Further many members have indicated inability to pay the premium due to various reasons. For such cases we are trying for extending a second window of payment till the end of this month. However if anyone wishes to join after the 18th, their insurance coverage will be enrolled only during the commencement of the next window period, which will be starting in two weeks after the launch of this year policy on 23rd March 2021.

If there is any payment delay or issues in online transfer, please let us know.

Team Health Insurance
SNEA Kerala


Inter BA Transfer Orders Issued

Circle office has issued the Inter BA Transfer Orders based on Longstay and Requests. We are pursuing the left over cases with the Management.

List-1 || List-2


Restructuring, new Staffing norms and its impact on Promotions:

Director (HR) invited SNEA for a presentation on the subject on 05.03.2021. GS, President and both AGSs made the presentation to DIR(HR), PGM(Pers), Sr GM(Estt) and GM(Restg). The presentation went on for two hours explaining the stand of SNEA on Restg, Staffing norms and future promotions.

The management move gives a clear indication that it planned promotions only after completion of Restructuring and any propaganda by some groups otherwise is simply a whisper to divert the attention of Executives by making false promises. It establishes earlier observation of SNEA is correct. It is also understood that other Assn accepted the ground reality now and given a presentation on Restg.

We utilized this opportunity to explain the new Non-post based Time Bound Promotion Policy, BEPPARR 2017 and how it works on its implementation. We could clear all the doubts of DIR(HR) and others on the subject. Salient features of the presentation are:

I. Staffing Norms & Restructuring:

i) The provisional norms for JTO/SDE, CAO and DE are required to be revised. Urban, Rural and Hilly areas are to be distinguished and Rural and Hilly areas are to be given additional weightage for Landline/BB/FTTH/Leased cct/MPLS etc. We suggested the following:

JTO/SDE(Rural)     : From 2,500 DEL To 1,000 DEL (for Xges less than 100 DEL) & 1,500 DEL (for small Xges)

JTO/SDE (Urban)   : From 7,500 DEL To 5,000 DEL 

DE(Rural)             : From 7,500 DEL To 5,000 DEL

DE (Urban)           : From 21,000 DEL To 10,000 DEL

ii) As per the Restg plan, AGM and DGM can be interchanged. This is possible only when promotion to DGM is on Time Bound, we explained.

iii) There is no DGM in the field units under Cat II BAs which will create operational issues. The DGM level posts in Category II BAs required to be revised, 2/3 DGM post is to be sanctioned, combining SDCAs with combined revenue more than Rs 30 Cr, we proposed.

II. JTO to AGM equivalent Grade has to be made a single cluster with combined strength: A fair ratio can be maintained between JTO+SDE+Sr SDE --à AGM --à DGM --àGM

III. Post based promotions. It may take minimum 5 to 6 years due to litigations on Reservation issue:

i) Promotions made in 2018 in AO, CAO and DE cadres become provisional. Now appeal filed in High Court. It will take 5 to 6 years to complete the litigations in High Court and then in Hon SC. If the SC judgment is in favour of BSNL, it can proceed further but it will take minimum 5 to 6 years. If Hon SC dismisses the BSNL petition and agreeing to CAT orders, then no one can say when further promotion will take place as it is linked with Nagaraj Judgment and its implementation.

ii) For other cadres, including SDE(T), there is no stay on promotion. But promotion with reservation is stopped by the clarification issued by DoT and Law Ministry in October 2020.

IV. Future promotional avenues:

We presented a chart on i) present sanctioned strength and working strength in each cadre, ii) Present status of Promotion in all the cadres and iii) Present working strength.

Stagnation and huge disparity in promotion among equivalent cadres is the biggest issue in BSNL, leading to all litigations which is to be addressed, we explained.

Due to Reservation issue and Restructuring, new promotion policy is approved. We explained the need for immediate implementation:

In every PSU, pay scales are directly linked with corresponding Grade. BSNL also has to work towards that. The situation in BSNL is that JTOs are working in E1, E2, E3, E4 and E5 scales, it should change. In the provisional norms, JTO & SDE are clubbed together and made interchangeable which is as per the new promotion policy. Then there is no problem in giving promotions from JTO to SDE, Sr SDE and DE equivalent Grades, after every 5 years.

New Executives has to reach AGM/CAO equivalent Grade at the age of 40 to 45 yrs. Then they will have further promotional avenues to DGM Grade at the age of 50 to 55 years, SG JAG Grade/ Jt GM Grade at the age of 50-55 years, Addl GM/GM Grade etc [AGM: 40-45 yrs, DGM:50-55 yrs, SG JAG: 50-55 yrs]. As suspected by management, stagnation after DE promotion will not happen.

In other PSUs, Executives are reaching DGM Grade in 12 to 15 years, at the age of about 35 - 40 years, through 3 to 4 Non-post based Time Bound Functional promotions and then moving upwards as GM and CGM etc and leading the company, we explained.

As decided by the Board, Reservation policies of the Govt will be followed in the new Promotion policy also. Interest of SC/ST category Executives will be protected by this. As in EPP 2007, Reservation will not become an issue in the new policy also as all eligible Executives (OC/SC/ST category) gets promotion from JTO to SDE to Sr SDE and DE. There will not be a single eligible Executive left to consider for promotion. In SCF and LDCE promotion also if eligible and qualified Executives are not available, promotion cannot be made. As of now, JTOs with 20 years of service and belongs to SC/ST category (2001 rect) did not got SDE promotion but as per new policy, all JTOs having 5 years of service will get promotion which one cannot imagine. All SC/ST Executives are waiting for that, assured promotion in 5 years. Further queries of DIR(HR) also clarified in this regard.

Executives should become DGM Regular atleast when he gets SG JAG Scale, on Time Bound basis we suggested.

We explained on implementation of new policy, how it works and cleared the alleys of top management that huge number of Executives will become AGM/CAO and operational issues will arise.

Immediate requirement of DGM(T/F) can be met by promotion with onetime relaxation in the Qualifying service. They are having sufficient experience as DE/CAO. They worked many years as DE/CAO on Offtg/LA basis before regular promotion. The Ahoc DGMs are to be regularised first.

Service of Executives in Civil/Electrical/Arch/TF/CSS etc wings are to be gainfully utilised, ensuring uniform promotional avenues.

V. Fast Track Promotion:

On specific query from DIR(HR) on Fast Track promotion in the new policy, we explained that it is proposed in the second part. We proposed that promotion to GM, CGM Grade is to be as per merit through:

a) Intl MT            OR

b) Fast Track promotion for limited candidates with less qualifying service, every year, based on performance              OR

c) Fast Track promotion for limited candidates as per the company requirement each year with less qualifying service, based on: i) Written examination, ii) APAR Grading, iii) Service weightage, iv) GD/Interview, v) Additional qualifications etc. 


BSNL KERALA Executive and Non Executive Employees Health Insurance Scheme 2021-2022

Salient features of the most beneficial medical policy of BSNL employees

1. Improved policy conditions with 15% reduced premium than last year. Insurance company - The New India Assurance company Ltd.

2. All employees working in Kerala circle territorial area and those enrolled in the insurance last year and below 61 years age can join / renew in this policy.

3.  Income Tax rebate will be applicable for the premium.

4. Considering the last year excellent service, Health India, with more number of hospitals, will continue as our TPA.

5. This year onwards we are introducing separate medical insurance Coverage for  employee’s parents and parents in laws.

6. Claimable amount for parents – Rs.2 Lakhs.

7. Claimable amount for parents in law – Rs.2 Lakhs

8. Claimable amount for employees family - Rs.5 Lakhs.

9. Topup amount for employees family without any additional premium - Rs.5 Lakhs.

10. Employee's Family Definition - Employee, Spouse and maximum three children.

11. Unmarried, unemployed children upto the age limit of 30 years who are dependents of parents can be included on providing a self declaration from the parents.

12. Unmarried, unemployed, differently abled children of any age who are dependents of parents can be included on providing a self declaration from the parents.

13. Pre-existing diseases are covered.

14. No waiting period for lodging claims.

15. No waiting period for certain diseases

To join / renew, please visit

Payment gateway is integrated in the application.  Payment gateway transaction charges are as follows.

UPI - Free
IMPS – Free
Debit Cards - 0.95%
Net banking - 1.80%
Credit Cards - 1.85%

For insurance clarifications  and claim settlement, please contact K. V. Ram, Sr. Manager, M/s Securus IBI Pvt. Ltd. Mobile 8893093088 /// 8893394488 /// ///
For payment application related queries please contact Suneer.S, AO Budget, Circle office 9447341693

Insurance policy starts on 23.03.2021 for all those who makes payment on or before 15.03.2021


Indefinite Hunger Fast from 08.03.2021 postponed for one month

Considering the personal assurance from Hon CMD, BSNL and the appeal made in the meeting held on 03.03.2021, SNEA decided to postpone the “INDEFINITE HUNGER FAST” at BSNLCO and Circle HQs from 08.03.2021 onwards for a period of one month, for facilitating the Management to implement the new Promotion Policy approved by the BSNL Board.

The CSs and CHQ OBs meeting held on 04.03.2021, online took this unanimous decision, considering the appeal made by CMD. At the same time the preparations for a long drawn battle is to be continued by the Circles. SSA General Body meetings are to be completed wherever it is not held.  

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL on postponement:

Appeal GS letter to CMD, BSNL


CEC Meeting of SNEA Kerala on 2/3/2021 :

A CEC meeting of SNEA Kerala was conducted on 02.03.2021 through Zoom platform to gear up for the ensuing CHQ agitation programs. Circle secretary welcomed all comrades. He had a detailed reporting about the agitation programs scheduled from 08.03.2021. In the first stage from 08.03.2021 to 15.03.2021, two comrades from Kerala circle need to attend the program at Delhi and after 15.03.2021 our representation should be 5 comrades per day. Hunger fast in the first week from 08.03.2021 to 12.03.2021 similar to CHQ agitation to be organised at circle office.  LHD on alternate days preferably on 08th, 10th and 12th March need to be organised at BA headquarters. During the first week all comrades are requested to avoid their lunch in solidarity and support to the comrades who are on indefinite fast at corporate office and circle office. From 15th march all comrades are requested to meet their respective GMTs by forming a group of 5 comrades on each days of agitation.

BSNL Kerala Executives and Non Executives Health insurance policy 2021 is due for renewal on 23.03.2021. This time the insurer is New India Insurance Company, who was the lowest bidder and offered 15% reduction in premium amount. TPA Health india will continue with more empanelled hospitals compared to last year. The policy is made more attractive with beginning of annex policy for parents/in-law parents. This year  members may get receipt for the premium payment to claim income tax refund.

CS also reported that CP is retiring on march 31st. A befitting farewell to him by the CEC also may be planned in the last week of March. CS also reported the concerns of Calicut and Malappuram BA associations about long stay transfer and staff shortage in the meeting. CS had a warm welcome to the newly elected Pathanamthitta SSA secretary Com Shyam Mohan. 

CP Com George Varghese in his presidential address emphasised the need of promotions to executives through BAPPARR 2017 and requested all to have active participation in the forthcoming agitation programs. He congratulated the BA associations for successfully organising Offline General Bodies. 

The meeting had an active interaction and discussion about the reporting by CS. A detailed deliberation about the Staff reorientation by taking long stay of executives was also held. The practice of Circle office Admin section, continuously calling the incumbents and threatening them for exercising options to the shortage BAs, need to stop immediately. Combined long stay list of JTO and SDE is prepared to help certain group of executives, needs to be protested. Publishing long stay list every six months will create panic in the minds of executives. Executives are simply giving options to their convenient BAs only because they are named in the long stay list. It will have serious implication in the working of BAs. Kozhikode BA already gave letter to the BA administration about the staff position and the association’s discontent which CS conveyed to Circle administration. District Secretary Malappuram has pointed out the dissatisfaction of the accounts wing of Malappuram BA in transferring two JAOs to Kannur. MLP BA has least number of non executive staffs compared to other BAs.  

 Finally on account of agitation it was decided to 
1)  Send Comrades to participate Corporate Office Agitation as requested by CHQ (2 comrades from 08.03.2021 and 5 comrades from 15th march till the culmination of the agitation) 
2)    LHD from 8 th march to 12 th March and 24 Hr Hunger fast on all days at circle office    
3)    LHD on alternate days 8th, 10th and 12th March 2021 at BA HQs.
4)   Except Trivandrum BA, all other BAs need to organise one day mass hunger fast at BA HQ by participating circle leaders.
5)    Avoiding lunch in solidarity and support to the agitation on all days from 8th to 12th March 2021
6)    Meeting GM by forming a group of 5 comrades each day from 15th March till end of the agitation

Meeting congratulated the hard work and dedication of Com Dheeraj, SDE Thrissur for designing the software package for the insurance registrations.

The following decisions regarding Insurance were taken in the meeting
1)    Registration of insurance policy through our website and will be launched on 05.03.2021
2)    Send Bulk SMS Messages/whatsapp Messages to all members of insurance policy and to the non members of serving BSNL Kerala employees including STR, STP, Inspection circle etc.
3)    Closing date of registration is 15.03.2021

Meeting decided to conduct an Offline CEC and farewell function to Com George Varghese on 29.03.2021 at Malappuram BA, venue will be decided by the Malappuram SNEA.
Meeting also decided to immediately start the preparations for the Circle conference at Thrissur in the month of April.
The meeting concluded at 1 AM


National Confederation of Officers Association (NCOA) write to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL extending Solidarity and support for the Indefinite Hunger Fast from 08.03.2021 SNEA demanding Promotion of BSNL Executives w.e.f. 01.07.2018 through the Non-post based Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018.

NCOA letter to CMD


Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL:

GS, President and both AGSs had meeting with CMD/BSNL on 03.03.2021 and had discussions on the Hunger Fast from 08.03.2021 demanding Non-post based promotions from 01.07.2018 onwards and other important issues:

I. Hunger Fast from 08.03.2021 demanding Non-post based promotions from 01.07.2018.

Today, on 03.03.2021, we had a very fruitful discussion with CMD on the most important issue. We tried to clear the apprehensions of CMD on various aspects on implementation of the new promotion policy. We explained the status of implementation of the policy with reference to the main Telecom and Finance cadres.

1). On implementation of the new promotion policy w.e.f. 01.07.2018, status will be:

i) Today, the number of AGM/DEs will be about 2300 (promoted as SDE between 2004 & 2008), much less than the number of AGM/DE working today on Regular and LA basis. Similarly the number of CAOs will be less than 250 (even with 2009 batch AOs). In July 2021, number of AGM/DE will be about 4000 plus (all promoted as SDE in 2009 and corresponding LDCE). Next eligibility is in July, 2023 and then in 2027. All of them have put minimum 20 to 30 years of service (SCF: 25-30 yrs and LDCE: 20 yrs) by the time of AGM promotion.

Upto 2026, the number AGMs will be less than 4500, we explained.

ii) BSNL already utilising JTO and SDE equivalent Grades as interchangeable which is a provision in the new promotion policy. A new JTO will work in JTO, SDE and Sr SDE Grades, interchangeably for 15 years before their DE promotion. JTO plus SDE number will be around 19,500 now.

iii) A fair ratio will be maintained between JTO/SDE/Sr SDE --à AGM --à DGM.

2). Only new Executives can become AGM/CAO equivalent Grade in 15 years at the age of 40 to 45. Thereafter they are having another 15-20 years of service left and will get stagnated, which is the concern of management:

It will happen only from the year 2032 onwards, after 11 years from now, we explained. BSNL should be lead by its own Officers. This is possible only when the Executives entering at the age of 25-30 years as a Direct Recruit gets promotion to AGM/CAO Grades in 15 years, at the age of 40-45 years. Then only they are having further promotion avenues to DGM (E5) Grade at the age of 50 to 55 years, SG JAG Grade/ Jt GM  Grade at the age of 50-55 years, Addl GM/GM Grade and CGM Grade as per merit.

In other PSUs, Executives are reaching DGM Grade in 12 to 15 years, at the age of about 35 - 40 years through 3 to 4 Non-post based Time Bound Functional promotions and then moved upwards as Jt GM, Addl GM, GM and CGM etc and leading the company.

The chart explains the status:

AGM: 40-45 yrs

DGM:50-55 yrs

SG JAG: 50-55 yrs

Those entering as Executive from Non-Executive cadres through promotion quota (LICE), they will reach AGM/CAO Grade much later, we explained.

The question of continuing in the same AGM Grade for 15 to 20 years does not arise at all, we explained.

3). There is no financial implication involved on implementation of this policy as Executives are already reaching the scale as per the existing EPP itself. Rather there is saving for BSNL, we explained.

4). DPCs on post based promotions may take minimum 5 to 6 years due to Reservation issue:

i) Promotions made in 2018 in AO, CAO and DE cadres become provisional. Now Appeal is filed in High Court. It will take 5 to 6 years to complete the litigations in High Court and then in Hon SC. If the SC judgment is in favour of BSNL, it can proceed further but it will take minimum 5 to 6 years. If Hon SC dismisses the BSNL petition and agreeing to CAT orders, then no one can say when further promotion will take place as it is linked with Nagaraj Judgment and its implementation, we explained.

ii) For other cadres, including SDE(T), there is no stay on promotion. But promotion with reservation is stopped by the clarification issued by DoT and Law Ministry in October 2020.

iii) Since Govt policies on Reservation will be followed in the new Promotion Policy also as decided by the BSNL Board, Reservation will automatically taken care in the new Policy.

In the light of the discussions, it seems that the apprehension of CMD on implementation of the new promotion policy is slowly getting cleared. CMD assured to examine the facts submitted by us at the earliest. Further in view of the discussions, CMD made an impassionate appeal to withdraw the Indefinite Hunger Fast from 08.03.2021.

II. Launching of 4G services:

We informed CMD about the discussions with the senior Officers of DOT (Secretary, Addl Secretary, Member(T), Member(F), Member(S)) on the 4G issue. Without 4G services, BSNL Revival is not at all possible and the revenue cannot be increased. The employees can contribute only after the launching of 4G services.

CMD informed that there is no headway on the matter. Discussions are going on at the highest level of PMO, how the deadlock can be broken. BSNL is trying to impress upon all that the new process will take long period to take off. Now DoT almost convinced on the matter. CMD also agreed to our view point that the new tender process through POC route will take atleast 2 years for roll out.

On the specific issue of upgradation and launching of services, there is no further progress, CMD informed.

The various letters written by us to various authorities on the issue, including Hon Minister is getting good response, mounting pressure on the Govt as it is getting the support of public and media attention. Discussions are going on at highest level, at PMO to find solution to BSNL 4G issue.

III. OF connectivity from RailTel:

We appreciated the initiative of management which will give stability to the media connectivity to Eastern Region especially NE Region. The connectivity doubled from Guwahati and Kolkatta towards Chennai.

PGCIL hiked the Tariff and abruptly disconnected BSNL connectivity. Thereafter management acted swiftly and got MOU signed with RailTel on almost 1/3rd rate.

Once local connectivity is established, BSNL can go for tender in the future for such connectivity, CMD informed.

IV. Transfer of Accounts Personal:

We explained that transfer of Accounts Personal are pending for the last two quarters and it should be cleared at the earliest as in other wings. The matter we discussed with Director (Fin) also on 02.03.2021. CMD assured to give necessary instructions.

V. Rule 9 Temporary Transfer:

We requested to clear the deadlock on Temporary Transfer. Many genuine cases including medical cases are pending for approval. CMD informed that once Executives are going on Temp transfer, they are not going back which creates operational issues and unwanted interference from various quarters.


Final hearing on the court case for CPSU Cadre Hierarchy promotion (Non-post based Time Bound Functional promotion) through BEPPARR 2017 approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018.

The case filed by SNEA & Others at Hon CAT, Chandigarh for Non-post based Time Bound Functional promotion through BEPPARR 2017 for all the eligible Executives on Regular basis came up for final hearing yesterday, 01.03.2021. The case was listed for final hearing. However, before arguments starts, BSNL counsel informed the Hon Court that BSNL filed an MA along with counter to the rejoinder filed by SNEA. BSNL filed the counter in the last minute to the rejoinder filed by us on 26.10.2020. Since the documents are submitted late by BSNL Counsel, it could not reach the bench by the time of hearing. These documents are to be accepted by the Hon Court before final hearing.

After preliminary pleadings on the urgency of the matter, Hon Court gave the earliest available date, 30.03.2021 for final hearing of the case.


Annual General Body meeting of SNEA, Kannur Branch

held at Telephone Bhavan Conference Hall, Kannur on 3/3/2021

Com Deepak CK BS welcomed the gathering and Com Kishore, JTO NQM Presided over the function. Com Rajesh Manchan CHQ Advisor, Com Jithesh CS, Com Deepak DS, Com Manoj DP and Com Vinod DT addressed the meeting. The leaders urged up on the importance of the strike and promotion, where management is not ready to promote executives even in the reduced  vaccancies after restructuring. Meeting had a fruitful interaction about the agitation programs and participation. Meeting elected the following as new office bearers of Kannur Branch.

President: Pramodan ,JTO Electrical
Vice president: Bhanumathi,JTO Marketing
Secretary: Kishor Krishnan ,JTO NQM

Assistant Secretary: Rajesh,JTO TIM
Treasurer: Praveen ,JTO Electrical
Organising Secretaries :
1- Ranjith K P,JTO FM Kannur
2- Bijesh ,SDE OD Kannur
3- Nithin Kumar ,JTO TIM Kannur

Executive committee members :
1- Deepak CK ,JTO CAF KNR
2- Dileep K,JTO AJK
3- Ajitha ,SDE STR KNR
4- Joy,SDE Electrical KNR
5- Manoj P,SDE Civil KNR


General Body meeting of Pala Branch, SNEA Kottayam was held at the Telephone Exchange Pala in the forenoon of 25/02/2021


District President Kottayam Com. Thomas Sebastian presided over the meeting. District Secretary Com. Biju Joseph Pawath welcomed all to the meeting. District Treasurer Com Anish James also attended the function. Several comrades from Pala, Kanjirapally and adjoining areas attended the meeting.

Circle Secretary Com. Jithesh K.P. inaugurated the function and explained regarding the upcoming agitation programs. Circle Treasurer Com.Suneer.S, CWC Member Com. Vimal Raghunath and Assistant Circle Secretary Com. Vivek G. addressed the function.

The meeting concluded with the Vote of thanks by. Babychan Michael, Branch  Secretary Kanjirapally

View more Photos

General Body meeting of SNEA Kottayam was held at the Conference hall of PGM Office Kottayam on 25/02/2021


District President Kottayam Com. Thomas Sebastian, presided over the meeting. District Secretary Com. Biju Joseph Pawath welcomed all to the meeting. District Treasurer Com Anish James also attended the function. Several comrades from Kottayam, Changanasseri and adjoining areas attended the meeting.

Circle Secretary Com. Jithesh K.P. inaugurated the function and explained regarding the upcoming agitation programs, medical insurance scheme and other burning issues.

CWC Member Com. Vimal Raghunath explained with facts and figures the various hurdles faced by present SCF DPC promotion scheme and the need to switch over to CPSU CH/ BEPPARR 2017. Assistant Circle Secretary Com. Vivek G. addressed the function and spoke about the present financial situation of the company, recent developments in the 22820 case filing etc. Circle Treasurer Com. Suneer S., Area Secretary Central Com. Maneesh K.P, District Secretary Circle Office Com.Aslesh.S.S, Ex District Secretary Com.Vipin.K etc also addressed the function.

The meeting concluded with the Vote of thanks by Com. Sudeesh A.N., CEC Member KTM.


Congratulations to the newly elected District Office Bearers of SNEA Pathanamthitta

Annual General Body Meeting of SNEA Pathanamthitta was conducted on 24-02-2021 at the Conference Hall of GM Office PTA. Circle Secretary Com.Jithesh K.P., Circle Treasurer Com.Suneer S., ACS Com.Vivek G., CWC Member Com.Vimal Raghunath, CWC Member Com.Sureshkumar, Area Secretary Central Com.Maneesh.K.P., District Secretary Circle Office Com.Aslesh S.S., District Secretary Kottayam Com.Biju Pawath etc attended the AGB. Circle President Com. George Varghese and several others joined the meeting via online mode.

District President Com. Robin Kurien Joseph, presided over the meeting. District Secretary Com. Manoj N. welcomed all to the meeting and presented the Secretary’s report and audited accounts. Circle Secretary Com. Jithesh K.P. inaugurated the function and delivered the felicitation address to the retiring/retired comrades, Com Shanthamani G, JTO Kadampanad & Com. Basheer Khan P.S. JTO Panthalam. CS honoured their long service to BSNL by presenting the Mementos to them. Circle President Com. George Varghese also spoke about Com. Basheer Khan’s long relationship with our association as Branch Secretary Pathanamthitta and in other capacities. DS Com. Manoj enlightened everyone that even after officially retiring around ten months ago, Com. Basheer Khan never fails to visit & help out in his Customer Service Center everyday and Com. Shanthamani never misses to hoist the National flag during Independence day & Republic day. Both of these sincere comrades were harassed and unnecessarily transferred away from Pathanamthitta during the infamous RAO era.

Some of our veteran leaders of Pathanamthitta Com. G Sivaraman Nair Sir, Com. K. John sir, were also present in the function and delivered felicitation address. Circle Secretary Com. Jithesh K.P. also remembered about the outgoing District Secretary Com. Manoj N. and his organizational skills.

The meeting concluded with the Vote of thanks by Com. Shyam Mohan.

The following office bearers were unanimously elected in the AGB:

President:- Com. Robin Kurien Joseph, AGM BSS Thiruvalla

Vice President:- Com. Pinky S John, DET, Pathanamthitta

Secretary:- Com. Shyam Mohan SDE EB, Thiruvalla

Treasurer:- Com. Resmi G L, SDE Plg

Asst. Secretary:-

Com. Lithin Thomas JTO Mktg Thiruvalla ,

Com. Rony Mathew Philip JTO Vennikulam

CEC Member:- Com. Marella Sandeep JTO Pallikkal

Organising Secretary:-

Com. Mahesh JTO BSS

Com. Srikanth, JTO Computer

Executive Committee Members:-

Com. Ragesh Krishna, JTO STR

Com. Suresh Kumar E K, SDE Civil

Com. Harikumaran Nair, JTO Ezhamkulam

Com. Biju T, JTO Vadasserikkara

Com. Deepthi Krishna, AO, Thiruvalla

Com. Deepu Jayakumar, JTO EB

Com. Sreejith S, JTO, Elanthoor

Auditor:- Com. Moncy Thomas, DET Thiruvalla


Indefinite Hunger Fast from 08.03.2021:

REGULAR Promotion to all eligible Executives w.e.f. 01.07.2018

Our Demands:

1. Regular Promotions through the Non-post based Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy, BSNL Executives Promotion Policy Amendment and Recruitment Rules (BEPPARR) 2017, approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018, effectively from 01.07.2018.

2. Regular Promotion upto DGM Grade instead of LA promotion and open the path for promotion to higher posts.

a) SSA/local meeting may be held and explain the compelling reasons for going for Indefinite Hunger Fast:

b) Meet all CGMS and BA/SSA Heads and submit the copy of the Notice issued on 05.11.2020 and explain the compulsions to go for agitations and seek their intervention.

c) Promotion is for all the Executives. Support of all the Executives may be sought for the agitation by meeting them individually.

Make all out preparations by meeting every Executives to make the Indefinite Hunger Fast a big success till management listening to our demands.

Appeal to all Executives


CS writes to CGMT reg Surrendering 1800 MHz GSM spectrum in Kerala Circle, consequences including operational issues and service degradation, our request.

View Letter


CS writes to CGMT reg exploring Business opportunity - Work Near Home facilities

View Letter  || Media News

Kerala government is considering work-near-home (WNH) facilities for IT firms to provide office arrangements within the neighbourhood of employees, so that office work flows can be maximized with minimum risk to the employee's health.
The net leasing or absorption of office space might fall to 25 million sq ft this year across eight major cities. The requisites are vacant building space, internet connectivity, power supply and easy accessibility, which is perfectly suited to our resources.

This is a rare and golden opportunity for earning a sizeable business in EB as well as real estate of BSNL Kerala Circle.  We requested CGMT for his personal attention to take up the matter with Government of Kerala at the earliest.


GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL

Non-launching of 4G Services by BSNL even after 1 year 3 months really shaking BSNL. BSNL missed precious 5 months after the Cabinet approval on 23.10.2019. BSNL Revival is fully depends on 4G services and then only Revival will pick up momentum. BSNL should avail the allotted 4G spectrum and provide 4G or 3G services as per the availability of equipments for better speed and coverage and earn revenue. Thousands of Crores spend in Phase VIII tender for 4G equipments should not become waste.

Instead of focusing to upgrade existing network to 4G by spending hardly 2500 Crores, BSNL focused on new tender worth 9000 Crores for purchasing and deploying new equipments! Net result is that BSNL Revival taken back seat and poor employees not getting even their salary in time.

It is a known fact that evenif the POC is successful, the new tender may take atleast 2 to 3 years to fully roll out and launch 4G services by completing the formality. In another 2 to 3 years, other operators will launch 5G services. The fresh expenditure on 4G will become a waste, in addition to the expenditure incurred in Phase VIII tender.

It is high time for BSNL management to look for all other alternatives to utilize the available network and the Govt allotted 4G spectrum to provide data services with maximum speed and better coverage. Parallel to the POC, earnest efforts required for procuring the equipment from M/s Nokia through Add on order. Eventhough the time frame for placing Add on order is over, management should adopt some unorthodox methods to negotiate with the vendor and place Add on order. Otherwise, as everyone knows, BSNL revival will become a nightmare, if management is waiting for the POC route and the new tender for 4G roll out.

GS letter to CMD on 4G services


INDEFINITE HUNGER FAST from 15.02.2021 postponed to 08.03.2021

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL

Postponement of “INDEFINITE HUNGER FAST at BSNLCO and Circle HQs” from 15.02.2021 onwards to 08.03.2021 onwards demanding promotions upto AGM equivalent Grades in all the streams w.e.f. 01.07.2018 through the new promotion policy, BSNL Executive Promotion Policy Amendment & Recruitment Rules, 2017 (BEPPARR - 2017) approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018, having NO financial burden on BSNL.

Dear comrades,

During the intervening period, all efforts should be made to meet each and every Executive (irrespective of Assn) and explain the developments going on regarding promotions: i) promotions are due from 01.07.2018 onwards and DPC promotion will be possible only from a prospective date, ii) hurdles on conduction of DPC due to Reservation issue, iii) Restg and consequent post reduction, iv) hurdles on conduction of DPC for promotion to AO, CAO and DE cadres as the promotion made in June 2018 become provisional, v) there is no financial implications in giving the promotions etc. Conduct SSA/Branch meetings as much possible and involve all.

A common write up to all the Executives prepared and circulated in the group. Make sufficient copies and distribute to all the Executives.

Write to all the CSs and SSA Secretaries of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA requesting to support and join the agitation.

Meet all CGMS and SSA Heads and submit the copy of the Notice/memorandum and explain the compulsions to go for agitations.

Initially it will be Relay Hunger Fast and it will be converted into Indefinite Hunger Fast from 15.03.2021 onwards.

During the 1st week from 08.03.2021 to 12.03.2021, we will make an appeal to all the Executives to perform duty by skipping the Lunch in support of the agitation.

Lunch Hour demonstration will be held on 08.03.2021, 10.03.2021 and 12.03.2021 at Circle and SSA HQs in support of the agitation.

From 15.03.2021 onwards, agitation will be intensified. INDEFINITE HUNGER FAST will be started from 15.03.2021.

Accommodation will be arranged by CHQ/Delhi Comrades at New Delhi.

GS letter to CMD


CS writes to CGMT regarding Implementation of long stay and Posting of officers to shortage BAs – 

1. case of service rendered in Wayanad district under Kozhikode BA, 

2. Preparation of long stay list, combined for JTO and SDE

View Letter

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