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Hunger Strike by AUAB at all levels on 24-02-2020


1. Immediate payment of salary for the months of December 2019 & January 2020 as well as timely payment of salary every month.

2. Immediate clearance of the dues already deducted from the salaries of employees.

3. Immediate launching of 4G services by BSNL.

4. Immediately issue sovereign bonds for Rs 15000 Cr, the financial support approved by the Union cabinet.

5. Immediate withdrawal of notices issued under FR 17 (A).

6. No whimsical transfer of employees on the pretext of restructuring.

All Office bearers and activists are requested to mobilise and make it a grand success in co-ordination with AUAB.

23/02/2020: Circle News

Meeting with CGMT on 18th Feb 2020:

Based on our recent letters, CGMT invited  SNEA  for discussion and accordingly Circle Vice President Com.Narendra Kumar.S, Circle Treasurer Com.Suneer.S and ACS Com.J.V.Ramana met CGMT on 18th Feb 2020 and suggested the following:

1. All Transfers in the interest of service may be put on hold up to March 31st.

2. All Request transfers to needy BAs (based on per line availability)  may be approved.

3.The number in AGM/CAO/DGM grade may be enhanced by ordering LA from among the optees. We requested to ensure that Looking after is given for at least 50 % of Pre-VRS working strength of AGM/CAO/DGM if sufficient optees are available in respective BAs as instructed by Corporate Office since more than 50 % has taken VRS.While calling option the number of posts proposed may be intimated with reasonable time. At least one week time may be allowed for exercising the option with number of vacancies proposed for filling. The list of optees may be published before finalizing for giving opportunity for correction. In case of no option, the senior most of the BA may be given LA to the higher grade.

4. We pointed out that in the recent LA orders, the option of the senior most AO from Trivandrum was not considered though the LA order was issued after 10 days after the option was received in the circle office. Further the number of posts filled under LA is far below the minimum requirement. PGM Finance who is the head of financial activities in this Circle, has explicitly indicated that a minimum of 7 CAOs are required to run the show as she consciously designated 7 routing officers, though the designations evolved is unheard of in BSNL till the orders were issued and inspite of 7 routing officers, LA was given to only 2. We strongly urged to issue LA orders in CAO cadre for atleast 7 AOs as soon as possible as explicitly done by PGM Finance.

5. Hasty ERP release done for two AGMs of Trivandrum BA:  We strongly protested the inhuman attitude of Administration in effecting forced ERP release done even before their entitled joining time is over.  We called upon  the Administration to correct the wrong precedent created and in light of circle administration willingly kept all these transfers in abeyance necessary corrective action to bring back in the ERP.  Association is ready to intervene in BA levels also.

CGMT responded positively and assured to look into the suggestions. We later met GM HR and apprised the meeting with CGMT.

Later it is reported that  as assured  by CGMT ,the Circle office has instructed Kollam BA  to keep the  transfer orders of DEs under abeyance  and the circle office is assessing  the pending request cases.

We express our sincere thanks to CGMT and Circle Administration.


Hunger strike at all levels on 24.02.2020 :

The AUAB meeting was held at 11:00 am today. The meeting reviewed the situation. Since there is no improvement on any issue, it is decided to powerfully implement AUAB's decision of organising hunger strikes on 24-02-2020, at Corporate Office, Circle and BA levels.

Mobilise maximum number of Executives and Non-Executives in the programme by coordinating with the other constituents of the AUAB. 

Make the program  a grand success by availing one day leave.


SAD NEWS: With heavy heart, it is informed that Sri.Suresh.R, SDE Medical College, Trivandrum BA has left us today due to cardiac arrest.  He has worked as District Secretary / District President in SNEA Kollam. SNEA mourn the untimely departure. Let's together join the bereaved family.Funeral at 7 pm today at the residence in Manchallur junction, Pathanapuram, Kollam District.


Congratulations to all....!!!

Promotion and postings order issued for 195  executives to   the grade of DGM(T) in Telecom Operation Stream on purely Adhoc Basis.  View Order copy

Congratulations to the officers promoted from Kerala Circle :

  1. Shri George Varghese
  2. Shri Venugopalan.S
  3. Smt Latha.K
  4. Shri Raju.A
  5. Shri Mukundan Nair.K.C
  6. Shri Sankarnarayanan.R
  7. Smt Deepa.V.P
  8. Smt Saji.S.S
  9. Shri Sudheer.K

We are pursuing the leftover missing cases:

  1. Shri Palvannan.R
  2. Smt Zareena.K.K
  3. Shri Binduprakash.K.P
  4. Smt Geethakumar.R.S
  5. Shri Vivekanandan.P.T


CS writes to CGMT regarding Unorthodox method adopted by Kerala Telecom Circle in ordering higher responsibility for executives already working in higher pay scales 

View Letter


CS writes to CGMT regarding Non-Convening of Formal Meeting and Request for keep in abeyance the transfer orders issued to DE/AGMs in the interest of service

View Letter

As per the new Recognition Rules-2014, this recognized association stand entitled to have formal meeting in every three months in lines of joint consultative mechanism which has been in vogue since long. 
While Circle Administration is keen in convening formal meetings with recognized non-executive association BSNLEU, we feel deprived of such meetings. We requested CGMT to grant us a formal meeting at the earliest. 
In the meantime it was requested to keep in abeyance the transfer orders issued in the circle transferring DE/AGMs in the interest of service as mentioned in our letter dated 14/2/2020. 


SAD NEWS: With heavy heart, it is informed that Sri. Mohammed Rafi (56), JTO Admn/Legal, Palakkad BA, has left us today morning.  SNEA mourn the untimely departure. Let's together join the bereaved family.  


Congratulations..!! to all.... After our continuous persual, finally Circle office issued orders for  the Fixation of Pay on implementation of 2nd PRC in the case of Officiating JTOs who got promotion as regular JTOs after 01/01/2007 and opted for pay fixation under 2nd PRC wef the date of regular promotion.

View Orders

We sincerely thank Circle Administration for the orders, especially the contributions of Shri R.Sathesh, GM(HR & Admin), Shri Mukunthan, CAO Circle office who got retired through VRS-2019, and all other officials in Circle office team who immensely contributed for the release of these orders.


CS writes to CGMT regarding Shortage of Executives in higher grade in BAs in Post VRS scenario-Arbitrary and irrational transfer of AGM/DE level Officers in the circle violating Corporate Office instructions - registering our strong protest with the request to review the issued transfer order.

View Letter


Group Term Insurance for BSNL Executives - Guidelines for Annual renewal of the scheme w.e.f 01/03/2020 :

GTI for executives of BSNL - Guidelines for annual Renewal


Lunch Hour Demonstrations at all BAs conducted by AUAB on 11/2/2020


AUAB meeting was held yesterday, 06.02.2020 to discuss about the post VRS scenario. GS and senior Office bearers of SNEA, BSNLEU, NFTE(BSNL), AIBSNLEA, FNTO, SNATTA, BSNLMS, BSNLOA, ATM etc attended the meeting. 

Non payment of salary and other dues, no action for launching 4G services, abnormal delay in issuing sovereign bonds for 15000 Cr approved by the Union Cabinet as Govt support, withdrawal of notice issued under FR 17A, labour payment, whimsical transfer in the name of restructuring etc are the major issues discussed during the meeting.

After detailed discussions, AUAB decided to launch agitational programmes on the following demands:

1. Immediate payment of salary for the months of December 2019 & January 2020 as well as timely payment of salary every month.

2. Immediate clearance of the dues already deducted from the salaries of employees.

3. Immediate launching of 4G services by BSNL.

4. Immediately issue sovereign bonds for Rs 15000 Cr, the financial support approved by the Union cabinet.

5. Immediate withdrawal of notices issued under FR 17 (A).

6. No whimsical transfer of employees on the pretext of restructuring.


Lunch Hour demonstration on 11.02.2020.

Hunger strike at all levels on 24.02.2020


GS SNEA Com.K.Sebastin formally launched the Video Documentary series prepared by SNEA Kerala Comrades about the Triple play service and BSNL Exclusive LCO/TIP project started in Annammanada exchange in Thrissur BA of Kerala Circle.

The launch was done by GS SNEA in the GB Meet of Calicut BA on 4/2/2020 in the presence of CP Kerala Com George Varghese , CS Kerala Com Jithesh KP, ACS Kerala Com Vivek G and various Circle and District leaders of SNEA Kerala and Calicut BA. 

This LCO/TIP ANIOMAX FibroNET was groomed under the guidance of Sri Anoop K J , JTO OMCR Kerala Circle.

The main USP of this project is that they provide Real Triple Play Service of  High Speed Data , Voice and IPTV to the customers in the same OF Cable . The speciality of this in house developed architecture is that watching TV doesn’t consume Internet data and also doesn’t affect the Speed of internet browsing.

Last month the policy for Provision of IPTV services through BSNL FTTH by content providers / partners  was issued by BSNL CO for which the POC was made available  from Kerala model .

The significance of this model  by ANIOMAX FibroNET is that it is a working business model which was created even before the policy was approved by BSNL, there by becoming a case study for all aspiring LCOs across India.

The business model has been discussed by CWC members from Kerala in the last CWC meet in August 2019 and the same captured the imagination of all those present in the meet.

Also it is known that even before the release of this documentary series almost 25 such BSNL exclusive LCO/TIP is already formed in Kerala circle and many of them have started giving connections.

We request every one to watch the video documentary series and try to groom BSNL Exclusive LCO/TIP  for Triple play service through FTTH in your respective locality /exchanges which will aid the speedy revival of BSNL

SNEA hopes more people get inspired by this documentary and will lead to the formation of more BSNL exclusive LCO/TIP across India for providing  Triple play service.

Here is the link for the video Documentary series containing 10 videos explaining the complete details of the formation of the TIP ANIOMAX FibroNET.


Com.Aslesh.S.S, District Secretary, Circle Office takes over the charge of SNEA Bhavan, Trivandrum.....

Consequent of VRS by Com.Dr.Premkumar.G and as per resolution passed in CEC held at Trivandrum on 30/12/2019, the charge of SNEA Bhavan is handed over to Com.Aslesh.S.S, District Secretary Circle office.

For all bookings of SNEA Bhavan, Trivandrum, kindly contact Com.Aslesh.S.S on his Mobile No 9447477447



Ernakulam District Executive Committee was held at SNEA Bhavan, Palarivattom on 29/01/2020 and co-opted the following office bearers in lieu of VRS.

  1. District President - Com.Sibyraj
  2. District Secretary - Com.Suresh Kumar.R
  3. District Treasurer - Com. James Sikkera

Congratulations..!! to the newly co-opted office bearers.....


General Body meeting of SNEA Kottayam held at Joyees Residency, Kottayam on 22/01/2020.

Com. Thomas Sebastian, District President Kottayam, presided the meeting. District Secretary Com. Biju Joseph Pawath welcomed all to the meeting. Circle Secretary Com. Jithesh K.P. inaugurated the function and delivered felicitation address to the retiring/retired comrades (Total 39 Members). 37 members opted VRS-2019 and 2 members already retired in Nov 2019. CS honoured them by presenting the Mementos.

CWC Member Com. Suresh Kumar R  and Area Secretary Central Com. Maneesh K.P addressed in the function.

Some of our veteran leaders of Kottayam Com. Raveendran Sir, Com. Radhakrishnan sir, Com. Benny sir were also present in the function and delivered felicitation address.

The meeting concluded with the Vote of thanks by Com Anish James, DT of KTM.


20/01/2020: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding counting of training period as qualifying service for calculating pensionary benefits..... View Letter

20/01/2020: Circle News

Meeting with CGMT on 16/1/2020:

Circle Secretary Com.Jithesh.K.P, Circle President Com.George Varghese, Circle Treasurer Com.Suneer.S, Circle Vice President Com.Narendra Kumar S, Assistant Circle Secretary Com.J.V.Ramana, Area Secretary Central Com.Maneesh.K.P along with Ex-Circle Secretary Com.T.Santhosh Kumar met CGMT Shri Dr.P.T.Mathew on 16/01/2020 at the allotted time 3 PM to discuss various issues in the current scenario as well as Post-VRS scenario.

CGMT Shri Dr.P.T.Mathew, PGM(F) Smt.Yojana Das and GM(HR&Admin) Shri Sathesh.R attended the meeting from Administration side.

At the outset of the meeting our Ex-Circle Secretary Com.T.Santhosh Kumar introduced the new Circle Secretary and other co-opted Circle office bearers to the CGMT.

The following points were discussed:

1. Pending cases of Request Transfers : We requested CGMT to consider the pending request transfers for those who have already completed two years BA tenure. CGMT responded positively.

2. Relieving of officers whose transfer orders on request are already issued: CGMT assured that  BA Heads  will be instructed to relieve them at the end of this month.

3. Post-VRS HR scenario:
We requested  for the equitable staff distribution based on business and assets rather than the mere demands raised by BA heads. CGMT informed about the upcoming meeting in Corporate office on 22/1/2020 to decide on the Post-VRS HR policy, and Kerala Circle will be taking decisions based on those guidelines.

4. Pay Fixation/Recovery of Officiating JTOs regularised in 2008 and 2016.
As far as 2008 JTOs  are concerned  CGMT  admitted that the last order issued denying the option was a mistake in haste and it will be corrected immediately .
As far as 2016 batch the matter is now in Court.

5. Condonation and Treating of training period for calculating pensionary benefits:

After detailed discussion CGMT agreed  to consider the issue on  case to case basis.

6. Looking after arrangement in AGM/CAO/DGM cadre: We discussed the acute shortage of AGM/CAO/DGM cadre in the Post-VRS scenario, around 70% of AGM will leave the organisation this month and only about 125 AGMs and less than 10 DGMs will be available in the Post-VRS scenario. In this situation, we requested administration to go for Looking after arrangement in the absence of much awaited regular promotions. CGMT assured to do accordingly.

7. Manpower Utilisation in Civil/Electrical: We requested Circle administration to redeploy the officers from Civil/Electrical wings to BA after assessing the HR requirement for External projects. CGMT responded positively and assured to do the same.

Association also discussed on other various  aspects  : 

1. Outsourcing  of external plant and CSC.
2. Property tax in Panchayath area getting  excemption  as per limitation period.
3. Avoiding duplication work in Circle  and BA for various reports available  from ITPC /CDR/SAP etc.
4. Compensation from PWD for shifting cables during  road work as the steps taken by Com. Narendra Kumar, DE Nemom, Trivandrum and also our Circle Vice President.
5. IPTV rolling out, proposal for combo plan and startup plan matching competitors.
6. Issues related with closing orders in clarity and FMS for FTTH.
7. Projecting the staff requirement  atleast as per the norms issued by corporate  office  and demanding  more executives from other Circles .
8. Proper work study of Finance Wing .
9. Sap related issues like payment  to Vendors and communication of the splitup amount. Amount is being credited to the Vendor but the splitup is not communicated in the right time which is causing all the troubles to the field units, especially for the KSEB bills.

Meeting with CE(Civil/Electrical), Shri Sanjay Kumar on 16/01/2020:

CS Com.Jithesh.K.P, CP Com.George Varghese, ACS Com.JV.Ramana, Area Secretary South Com.Vinukumar, Com.A.Shiyas met Chief Engineer (Civil/Electrical) Shri Sanjay Kumar at 12 noon and discussed various current issues as well as of Post-VRS scenario.

We requested him to redeploy the officers from Civil/Electrical wings to BA after assessing the HR requirement for External Projects. We also requested to explore Looking after arrangements in SDE cadre. CE responded positively. We requested  the CE to project the requirement  of atleast 6 EEs as there was 12 EEs wkg.

17/01/2020: CHQ News

A Vital Breakthrough for Triple Play FTTH service through BSNL:

Open policy for provision of IPTV: The much awaited Policy for Provision of IPTV services through BSNL FTTH by content providers/partners have been issued by BSNL CO.

This venture is touted as BSNLs answer to major Private Players providing Triple Play Services--

By this project, BSNL is going to provideReal Triple Play Service to customers because here Watching TV is not going to consume Internet Data.

This is going to be one major Lifeline for BSNL revival.

This Venture has already been successfully developed and implemented privately by an LCO/TIP in Thrissur BA in Kerala Circle with the technical support of BSNL in house talents led by Com Anoop K Jayan, JTO OMCR, Ernakulam.

They have devised an App to make/receive landphone calls using mobile phone using WiFi. 

This project was presented in the recently held CWC Meet of SNEA at Bangalore in August, 2019. 

Various Proposals have been received from different Circles for the implementation of IPTV through BSNL Network.

The absence of IPTV (or TV service) has been identified as one of the major reasons for the lacklustre response to BSNL FTTH connections from multi operator LCOs across the country.

SNEA have been pursuing the project in all levels and we are happy to see light at the end of the tunnel.

We congratulate in the in-house talents in BSNL who showcased their real potential.

We congratulate the efforts taken by S&M unit of Kerala Circle office under the leadership of DGM Smt.M.S.Prema, AGM's Smt.Bindu.K.R, Smt.Grace Moothedan, Smt.Rosamma Jacob, their team members and all officers who have been working for the implementation of the project both in Corporate office as well as Circle office and particularly Com. P Padmanabha Rao, our AGS & DGM, BSNL-CO.

IPTV Open Policy


GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL:

Kindly take immediate action for Regular promotion instead of Look after arrangement in different Grades from among the Executives already working in higher scales by mere designation change to fill up the huge vacuum created in the field units by VRS 2019 and for motivating the Executives to take extra work load:

As per the data available, on 01.02.2020,

i) Only 57 DGM(T) will be available against the sanctioned strength of 1481.

ii) Only 32 DGM(Fin) will be available against the sanctioned strength of 402.

iii) Only 1746 AGM(T) will be available in BSNL instead of 6500 AGMs working one year back. On DGM promotion, the number of AGMs will be about 1200, less than 20%. SDEs with 15 years of service are waiting for promotion.

iv) Only 70 CAOs will be available against the sanctioned strength of 1347. They will not be sufficient even to man the vacant DGM(Fin) posts.

v) Thousands of Executives in higher scales are working in JTO, SDE equivalent grades for 5 to 30 years and waiting for the promotion. JTOs recruited from 1988 are waiting for promotion in Arch wing. Thousands of JTOs from 1999, 2001 to 2008, 2010, 2013 etc batches are waiting for their first promotion. JTO(Civil/Elect/TF) wing status is equally bad.

We totally object to the prevalent look after arrangement being followed by the management instead of regular promotion. The Executives are already working in higher scales and they may be promoted to higher grades on regular basis just by designation change, instead of LA arrangement. 

GS letter to CMD


Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, DIR(HR) on 09.01.2020: GS, President and both AGSs met DIR(HR) in the presence of Sr GM(Pers & Estt), GM(SR), GM(Restg), GM(Admn) and GMs(Pers) and held discussions on the following issues:

Staffing norms and Restructuring of BSNL: We explained the temporary  staffing norm issued by Restg cell is not at all workable as the field realities are not considered by the management. By the temp norms, some SSAs headed by GMs today has to be headed by an SDE in the future. There will be large number of small SSAs with huge geographical areas where only one or two Executives will be justified. Practically it will be impossible to maintain the services in those areas. By outsourcing, the role and responsibility of Executives will not come down especially in CFA segment. In Rural areas, clubbing all the works of Transmission, BTS mtce, EB, Cable maintenance with SDE(Group) with vast areas will defeat the very purpose. Similarly urban areas norms also stringent. So the temporary norms are to be reworked immediately. Otherwise nobody will come forward to work in the external plant and Trans mtce and those who are working also will request for posting in Indoor, mobile etc. Similarly substitutes are not marked in many SSAs for a smooth takeover on 31.01.2020. Director and GM(Restg) explained that it is only temporary norms which can be reviewed. We requested to review immediately.

Maintenance of Primary Cables: We further explained the demand from the field units that maintenance of Primary Cable also should be included in the tender for outsourcing. Among the available TTs, very few have knowledge of cable jointing and they are not sufficient to maintain all the Primary Cables. Others are required for Indoor/MDF/Power Plant maintenance. This facts are explained in the meeting with DIR(CFA) but no favourable decisions come out so far. DIR(HR) assured to bring this important issue to the notice of DIR(CFA) again.

Promotions in the post VRS scenario and the need for Regular Promotion instead of Lookafter arrangement: We strongly protested against the move for giving Look after arrangement instead of Regular promotion. Almost DGM(T/Fin) positions and AGM/CAO/EE grades will become vacant after the VRS on 31.01.2020 and immediate action is to be taken for promotion, we demanded. Since large numbers of Executives with sufficient experiences are working in higher scales, they can be simply given promotion by designation change, we pointed out. Similarly thousands of JTOs in different wings are already in higher scales and can be given promotion by re-designation. Even DPC is not required. LA arrangement is against the interest of the Executives as they loses the service and future promotional avenues. Management is making LA years together and denying regular promotions. We demanded stopping of this mechanism and provide regular promotions for all the eligible Executives.

On DGM promotions,SNEA explained the meeting with Secretary, DoT on 01.01.2020 and his positive decision allowing DGM promotions. Even DoT given promotion to Sr DDG (CGM) level on 30.12.2019 for those retiring on 31.12.2019 but BSNL is not taking any action to give promotion to the vacant posts before their retirement. After discussion, DIR(HR) assured to discuss with Secretary/DoT and CMD/BSNL and do the needful for DGM promotions.

Reversion of 2001 Rect JTOs passed the LDCE -2007: Again discussion held on the matter and Assn explained their eligibility with reference to the SDE RR clause 12, note 5 and the clarifications issued in 2007 regarding their eligibility to appear in the LDCE-2007. Now some of them are reverted on the basis of the clarifications issued in 2012 for the LDCE 2010. The clarifications issued regarding eligibility for appearing in LDCE 2007 and LDCE 2010 are entirely different and that made the issue complicated. The eligibility has to be decided based on the clarifications issued for LDCE 2007, we demanded. Since they already become SDEs, they could not write the subsequent DCE held in 2012 and 2015. Among them also, some SDEs of TN Circle facing reversion while others are served only show cause notice. We demanded to stop the reversion process till the matter is decided based on the facts placed before the management. We suggested to form a Committee to examine the matter. Finally DIR(HR) directed the concerned Officers to bring all the related files the next day itself for taking appropriate decision.


Meeting with Shri P. K. Purwar, CMD BSNL on 10.01.2020: General Secretaries and AGSs of AIBSNLEA and SNEA met CMD BSNL today and had the discussions on the following issues:

DGM (T) Promotions: Regarding promotions from DET to DGM (T), we explained about the meeting with Secretary (T) DoT on 1st Jan and 3rd Jan 2020 in which Secretary (T) agreed for the promotions for DGM (T) provided it is not creating any Additional Financial Implications. CMD BSNL informed that he had also discussed with Secretary (T) in this regard and trying to do the needful.

Clearing of pending dues of recoveries from the Salary of the employees: CMD informed that the payment of the GPF recoveries in respect of VRS optees, about Rs.710 Crore will be released on Monday. Other dues will also be cleared at the earliest.

Promotions to fill up vacant posts after VRS: Regarding Promotions, CMD is of the opinion that employees should forget promotions for at least one year and work hard for the Revival of BSNL. Also opined that more merit is to be introduced in promotions in future. We explained the ground realities. Almost all DGM posts in Telecom & Finance Wings as well as AGM & CAOs posts will become vacant after 31.01.2020 and it will become difficult to run BSNL thereafter without filling up these vacant posts on immediate basis. There is stagnation in the Cadres of JTO and SDE and their promotions cannot be delayed. At the time of recruitment of JTOs & JAOs as well as in promotions from JTO to SDE, the competitive examination is available and practically 50% Executives eligible at the time of promotion are from competitive quota only, we explained. CMD BSNL agreed about the shortage in AGM, CAO and DGM posts after post-VRS 2019. 

Farewell to the retiring employees: On recognition of the services of the retirees, we requested to restore the amount of Rs 3001/- as it is just a token of appreciation of their past services in BSNL and honour for them. CMD informed his inability due to the cash crunch in BSNL. In that case, we suggested some alternative arrangement like recharge coupons equal to that amount. CMD appreciated our suggestion and agreed to look into the alternative instead of Cash Award.

Allotment of USOF Projects to BSNL on Nomination Basis: We appraised CMD BSNL regarding the allotment of USOF Projects to BSNL on Nomination Basis. CMD BSNL mentioned that we have to do all the Govt. Projects/ USOF Projects and our performance during previous years was very good and we have completed the Govt. Projects within the time frame. However, we feel that if it is given on Nomination Basis, it will be good for BSNL otherwise if we compete through tender, it may not be beneficial for BSNL.  

Maintenance of Primary Cables: We further appraised CMD about the difficulties faced by the Executives and various Circles in Post-VRS Scenario in maintaining the Primary Cables since the orders for maintenance of Primary Cable for outsourcing has not been issued by the Corporate Office. CMD BSNL mentioned that due to the developmental works going on in various States, the Primary Cable has to be replaced/ maintained frequently by taking the permission from various Local State Govt. Bodies/ Highway Authorities for which the Tenderer may not come forward and our maintenance work will be suffered badly.

Maintenance of MDF: We pleaded with the CMD BSNL that the control of MDF should be within BSNL Staff. CMD BSNL mentioned that our young staff should come forward, grab the important works and take responsibility. CMD further mentioned that due to shortage of staff in post VRS scenario it may not be possible to maintain MDF round the clock by the BSNL Staff. After detail discussion, CMD assure to review the situation after three months.


SNEA extends solidarity and moral support to the General Strike by the Central Trade Unions on 08.01.2020 against Privatization of Public Sector and other demands.


CS writes to CGMT regarding counting of Training period for the purpose of Pensionary benefits.

View Letter


CS writes to CGMT regarding Calling of Options in the Executive Cadre for Post-VRS scenario

View Letter

As per  recent order from Circle office dtd 01/01/2020, options are called from amongst willing executives in the cadre of DE/CAO, SDE/AO, JTO/JAO for working in the business areas where there would be shortage of executives post VRS – Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Palakkad, Malappuram and Calicut. As per the letter, shortage of the cadre as well as the BA is not clear and as such the executives are not in a position to exercise the option if any.  Further the criteria under which the above BAs are declared as shortage are also not known. In this connection we would suggest - based on facts and figures to arrive at the shortage of SSAs rather than depending on hear say. The details of executives available in each SSAs pre/post VRS is enclosed here with to arrive at a logical decision. 


SNEA Wishes everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2020

31/12/2019: Circle News

CEC Meeting at SNEA Bhavan, Trivandrum on 30/12/2019

In the wake of VRS scheme, as some of our Circle office bearers have chose to avail VRS, the CEC decided to co-opt Circle office bearers for the remaining portion of term as per existing constitutional provisions of SNEA. Accordingly the following Circle office bearers were co-opted unanimously by the CEC :

1.   Circle Secretary – Com. Jithesh.K.P (200301753, SDE Kannur)
2.    Circle Vice President – Com. Narendra Kumar (199004688, DE Trivandrum)
3.    Circle Organising Secretary – Com. Mohamed Niyas (200305494, SDE Malappuram)
4.    Area Secretary Central – Com. Maneesh.K.P (200801797, JTO Kottayam)

CEC also elected three Advisors from the CEC members to the Circle Office Bearers Team :

1. Com. Biju Kumar KB, SDE Ernakulam
2. Com. Shinemon V, SDE Alleppey
3. Com. Bindu, DE STR Palghat

In the morning, CEC was welcomed by DS-TVM Com. Dr.Sabu.VG and was presided by Circle President Com. George Varghese. Circle Secretary Com. T.Santhosh Kumar briefed the CS report. 

CEC deliberated on the following current issues:
1.    Post VRS scenario and operations
2.    Pay Recovery and fixation of erstwhile officiating JTOs
3.    Promotions through CPSU Cadre Hierarchy 
4.    Condonation of training period due to administrative delays
5.    Group Medical Health Insurance scheme 
6.    Pending transfers and relieving

SNEA calendar for the year 2020 was unveiled and released in CEC by CS Com.T.Santhosh Kumar, CP Com.Geroge Varghese, CT Com.Suneer.S along with the designer of Calendar – CWC Member Com. Suresh Kumar.R.

SNEA Leaders who will be leaving us on 31/1/2020 shared their thoughts with CEC :
1.    Com. T.Santhosh Kumar – Circle Secretary
2.    Com. Asha A S - Circle Vice President
3.    Com. PRG Panicker – Circle Vice President
4.    Com. Nujumudeen M - Circle Vice President
5.    Com. Prem Kumar.G – Assistant Circle Secretary
6.    Com. Baiju V – Area Secretary Central
7.    Com. Siddique.T – Circle Organising Secretary
8.    Com. Joseph Lukose – District Secretary, Ernakulam
9.    Com. Babu Dominic – CEC Member, Ernakulam
10.    Com. John Jacob -  District President, Palakkad
11.    Com. Jyothiprasadan PK – District Secretary, Palakkad

SNEA Kerala whole-heartedly express sincere recognition and gratitude to all these comrades for their invaluable contribution to BSNL and SNEA in particular....

30/12/2019: Circle News

Meeting with GM HR on 30/12/2019:

CS, CP, CT and DS-CO Met GM(HR) Sri. Satheesh.R on 30-12-19, expressed our strong protest against the recent order issued  by Circle  Admin denying the pay fixation  option excercised by JTOs regularised  in 2008.

GM HR agreed that the order  issued is without his knowledge and many of the statements  in the letter is contrary to the facts and it will be reviewed and fresh orders  will be issued.

We will further follow it up  for  a fruitful  outcome.

30/12/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT reg Acknowledging efforts made by those field executives who spent considerable amount from their personal savings to prevent breakdown of essential telecom services in the most potential Circle of BSNL during the difficult times-Terminating SAP privileges to VRS opted field executives, our request

View Letter

30/12/2019: Merry Christmas

23/12/2019: Circle News

All Kerala BSNL Employees Health Insurance Scheme

(an initiative of all Unions and Associations of BSNL Kerala Circle)

This scheme was discussed in our last CEC. The lowest price quoted is by United Insurance Company Ltd, a PSU.  One of the advantage of this scheme is that VRS optees can also join in this scheme.  If majority  of our members are willing to join the scheme we can start the policy in the month of January  2020 itself. ie before the implementation  of VRS.  Click here for Policy Details
we requested  the Circle Secretaries  of other Unions/ Associations  to circulate  the scheme among their members. The Insurance company intimated that the premium can be further reduced if the participants  is more than 3000. 

Kindly click on the below link (Google Forms) to fill the details for subscribing to All Kerala BSNL Employees Health Insurance Scheme.

Click here for the Google Form

For any queries, kindly contact Shri T.Santhosh Kumar, Circle Secreatary, SNEA Kerala Circle at 9446072525 or email at

Some FAQs  received  from various corners regarding this Medical  Insurance  scheme.  
1. Retired people eligible for this scheme ? 

- YES  with higher premium. one condition minimum 200 members may join in this scheme from retired category.

2. Former VRS taken employee eligible ?

- YES. < 60 years eligible. otherwise  they can join as retired employees  category with little higher premium. 

3. More than 2 children eligible ?

- YES.  one more child is eligible. 

4. Autism affected child eligible ? 


5. Child >25 years eligible ?

- YES.  Up to 30 yrs eligible with a condition that he or she may not be an employee.

19/12/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to DIR(HR): The reversion of the JTOs of 2001 Rect year who were promoted as SDE through LDCE 2007 for the vacancy Year 2005-06 and made eligible as per SDE RR 2002 and the clarifications issued by BSNLCO dated 16.04.2007 and 10.07.2007 may be decided after the finality of the Review Petitions and examining their eligibility as per provisions of schedule 12, note 5 of the SDE RR 2002

View Letter copy.

17/12/2019: Circle News

Meeting with GM HR/Admin: 

Circle Treasurer Com.Suneer.S, ACS Com.Ramana and DS-CO Com.Aslesh.S.S met GM HR Shri Satheesh.R today and discussed the pay fixation issues, pay recovery issues and regarding withholding of pensionary benefits of erstwhile officiating JTOs. We expressed our displeasure over the recent order issued by Circle Administration in total misinterpretation of the court order and decision for withholding the retirement benefits till a finality is reached in the court case. GM HR heard us and responded positively. He assured that necessary corrigendum would be issued in this regard.  

We have also expressed our strong displeasure over the inordinate delay in issuing necessary instructions/sample pay fixation memo rectifying the errors of pay fixation made by some BAs in respect of officiating JTOs who were regularised on 04/02/2008. GM(HR) assured to issue sample pay fixation rectifying the discrepancies at the earliest.

16/12/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding recovery from Pay and withholding of pensionery benefits of officials

View Letter

It is really surprising that the letter AGM(HR)/Pay Anomaly/JTO(o)fixation/2013/Pt/10 dated at TVM-33 the 13/12/2019 has been issued by the circle administration in total misinterpretation of the court order which is very clear and without any ambiguity.

The stay order is not limited to the applicants and it is not for a short period as mentioned in the letter. The stay order is till the disposal of the original application. This order was passed by Hon. High Court of Kerala in OP CAT 99/2019 filed against the order in RA 39 /2015 in OA 1056/2015 and connected cases of Hon. CAT Ernakulam.

As we have already pointed out and requested as per our letter dtd 13/12/2019, the order should have been extended to at least to all affected officials in the connected cases if not to all.  But surprisingly the circle office has decided to with hold even the pensionery benefits of the official who has approached   the Hon. High Court for justice which is a fundamental right available to all citizen. Even Director (HR), Corporate Office in his message dated 23/11/2019 stated that “Management is also working with the objective that the dues of employees are paid in timely manner including Leave encashment.”  

In this connection it is pertinent to point out that when Hon. PCAT New Delhi passed an order in favour of the applicants the BSNL corporate office has generalised the stay order on recovery in order to avoid multiplicity of litigation. As per the interim order, Administration may take immediate action to implement the same in the salary of November-2019 onwards, as the salary is not paid to the officials till date. It is seen that recovery of payments is made in the payslips of November-2019 in some of the BAs. It has to be  regularized while disbursing the salary of November onwards as per the interim order. The letter from Circle Administration will lead to multiple litigation resulting wastage of precious human resource and financial resources.

It is once again requested to not to proceed  in utter violation of the order of Hon. High Court and extend the benefits  of the order to all similarly placed officers and  not to  venture  into  with holding of pensionery benefits in guise of the  court order which is non exist.

16/12/2019: Circle News

Circle Executive Meeting is scheduled on 30/12/2019 (10 AM) at SNEA Bhavan, Trivandrum. 

All Circle office bearers, SSA Secretaries, CEC members and Branch Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting in time.

View Notice

13/12/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding recovery from pay of erstwhile officiating JTOs on account of purported over payment..... View Letter

11/12/2019: Circle News

Combined Meeting with GM HR on 9/12/2019:

Circle Secretary Com.T.Santhosh Kumar and Circle Treasurer Com.Suneer.S met GM(HR/Admn) Shri Satish.R along with office bearers of AIBSNLEA to discuss the following issues. DGM HR, DGM ERP and CAO ERP were also present in the meeting.

(i) pay recovery of officiating JTOs who were regularised during 2016 :  

we have categorically told that pay recovery shall not be effected for the following reasons.

  1. As they belong to group ‘B’ cadre as admitted by the administration in the recent letter, and were placed in JTO scale, fixation made w.e.f. 1.1.2007 is correct.
  2. Further even if it is erroneous as per the Administration based on the relevant provisions of PAT order, pay recovery cannot be made and CGMs are empowered to write off such over payment.

As the administration insisted for pay recovery with immediate effect, we have reminded that any pay recovery procedure initiated against the officiating JTOs were against the Hon’ble PCAT order which was endorsed by BSNL corporate office as well as BSNL Kerala circle. Finally, circle management has decided to write in detail for obtaining clarification from corporate office.

(ii) Wrong fixation resorted by certain BAs in respect of officiating JTOs who were regularised on 04/02/2008: 

We have informed our strong protest in inordinate delay in issuing necessary instructions rectifying the errors of pay fixation made by some BAs in respect of officiating JTOs who were regularised on 04/02/2008 despite the fact that circle finance wing is fully convinced about this erroneous pay fixation and contradictory points raised therein. We requested to settle this case immediately in the light of our letter No.SNEA/Kerala /2018-19/II/64 Dated.27.11.2019 as this case is pending since long and most of the similarly placed officers have opted for VRS.

11/12/2019: Circle News

CS Writes to CGMT requesting to Consider training period, RTP service period and break in service due to administrative reasons of Group-C cadre and JTOs for calculating benefits of pension and ex gratia purpose View Letter

11/12/2019: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director(HR) on 10.12.2019: 

GS, President and AGSs met Director(HR) and held discussions on the following issues:

1) Restructuring: DIR(HR) informed that the discussion is going on and management will take the decision at the earliest. The order regarding merger of Mtce Regions and Project Circles will be issued shortly.

2) Promotion in various cadres: JTO to SDE in all the wings, SDE to DE, SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E), SDE(TF) to AGM(TF), SDE/AO to Sr AO promotions are overdue. For bringing parity, promotion is to be given w.e.f 29.06.2018 or 01.07.2018. We opposed any promotion on a prospective date as it will not bring parity and will lead to never ending litigation. We told the new DIR(HR) that parity in promotion is already accepted by the management and approved by the BSNL Board. Delay in promotion will lead to litigations. For bringing parity, all the JTOs upto 2013 year has to be promoted and SDEs upto 2008 year irrespective of wings. DIR(HR) informed that management is serious on promotion and will start working on it from January onwards after he return from leave by last week of December. We expressed our serious concern on the delay and waiting for one more month when thousands of Executives due for promotion are retiring on 31.01.2020 on VRS.

When the Assn is vigorously trying for non-post based promotion w.e.f 01.07.2018 itself, retrospectively some other Assn is playing in the hands of the management and demanding promotion from a prospective date, that also for few Executives. Why they are opposing promotion from the due date of 01.07.2018 is not known when all the Executives are benefitted and their service will be counted from 01.07.2018 onwards. Demanding promotion from a prospective date will adversely affect the future promotions of all the JTOs of 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008 etc. Why they are insisting for a delayed promotion when there is a Board decision to give promotion w.e.f 01.07.2018? They very well know that posts are going to be reduced drastically in the immediate future. Promotion from 01.07.2018 will bring parity and uniformity among all the cadres and the service will be counted for future promotion. Practically they stopped the promotion by filing contempt case against the CMD in CAT/Ernakulam insisting for the personal appearance of the CMD and opposing the BSNL Review Petition in the High Court. Surprisingly all the cases are spearheaded by those already become SDEs, sidelining the JTOs. If that Assn is really sincere in JTO to SDE promotion, first they have to withdraw the contempt case at CAT and create a conducive atmosphere, otherwise it is only a website/WhatsApp membership campaign.

3) Threat of reversion for LDCE 2007 – case of 2001 rect JTOs passed the LDCE: We explained to Director(HR) the history of the case. All the senior JTOs of 2001 rect year who completed 2 years of service as on 01.07.2005 are eligible as per the rect rule provisions and the clarifications issued by the BSNLCO. All are seniors and their juniors completed 3 years of service and written the LDCE. PGM(Pers) also agreed that those who are short of less than 1 year service is eligible as per the RR. Finally it is assured that management will take a positive stand on the matter. Further we requested that management should not oppose the review petition filed in the Hon Madras High Court against the reversion in which the SDEs pleaded their eligibility as per the clause 12, note 5 of the SDE RR. Seniority in the All India Eligibility is to be considered as SDE is an all India cadre which will make all of them eligible, we demanded. This will settle the case of TN Circle also.
On 06.12.2019 we met PGM(Pers) along with Com Ashlesh from Kerala who is one of the SDE facing reversion and explained the entire issue to the PGM. PGM got convinced on the merit of the case for the 2001 batch which is covered by the clause 12, note 5 of the SDE RR.

4) For the success of any outsourcing, labour payment is to be expedited so that they will participate in the outsourcing work, we suggested. DIR(HR) also agreed to our suggestion and informed that Mgt is trying to release the payment of few months to labours and contractors in December itself.

5) Request transfers: The request transfers of the VRS optees will be issued immediately facilitating them to join the parent Circle and submit the pension papers. Available cases, orders will be issued today itself, mgt assured

Meeting with Shri S P Tripathi, Director(CM) on 10.12.2019 on post VRS scenario: 

GS, President and AGSs met Director(CM) and held detailed discussions for about two hours on the post VRS maintenance activities, staff utilization, 4G launching and the new tender for 4G.

CM vertical is working out the outsourcing model and will not be a big challenge as the infra maintenance is already outsourced in most of the places.

Another plan is under preparation for utilizing the services of the retiring employees in many ways especially on sales and marketing, CSC works etc.

4G launching is planned by 01st March, 2020.

The new 4G tender need not be on turnkey basis as BSNL is having sufficient experienced Engineers to install the BTSs etc. If at all required, MSC/BSC installations can be given to the vendors, we suggested. Further for AMC, critical equipments like BSC/MSC/IN etc which requires vendor support only has to be included. This provision has to be included in the tender, we suggested. Director(CM) appreciated our suggestions and agreed to consider them.

10/12/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL:

Counting of training period for Pension, Gratuity and Ex-gratia -- condonation of the delay in issuing posting order after training if it is due to administrative reasons for counting the service for pension.

GS letter to CMD (1)  GS letter to CMD (2)

09/12/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL:

Large number of Executives, about 4,000 (about 40% higher) opted for VRS in excess of the anticipated figure creating vacuum in AGM/CAO/EE grades and DGM grades in many Circle/SSAs/Divisions. It will have adverse impact on the efforts for BSNL Revival. The outsourcing of work will take 3 to 6 months to materialise and maintaining the network will be a big challenge even after that. BSNL management should persuade the willing and meritorious Officers to withdraw their VRS option as all of them can play very important role for the Revival of BSNL. If all the options are accepted, it will become very difficult to maintain the External Plant and OFC routes after 31.01.2020:

GS letter to CMD

07/12/2019: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL on 06.12.2019:

On 06.12.2019 we met CMD/BSNL along with AIBSNLEA and discussed about DE to DGM(T) promotion:

Before opening that subject, we demanded immediate promotions to all the grades considering the post VRS scenario. Because of large scale VRS, lot of vacuum created in many places which is to be filled immediately. Since Executives are already working in higher scales, just by re-designation, promotions can be effected.

We demanded that only regular promotion is to be issued in the future, no look after arrangement. By LA arrangement, management getting the work done but the Executives are losing its promotion and service also.

Regarding DGM promotion, CMD told that due to the new hurdle created by SEWA and some Executives in the Parliamentary Committee, promotions could not be issued without their clearance. After 15 days, he will try to convince the Secretary/DoT and the Chairman in this regard. Last Friday, 29.11.19, CMD assured us to speak to Secretary after 05.12.19 but today CMD talking about the meeting after 15 days. This delay tactics is going on for the last two months. In categorical terms we told CMD that the file for DPC conduction was pending with him for 15 days and if it was cleared in time, the promotion orders could have issued 10 days back. All the DPC work completed and VC was ready but approval not given. So blaming the SEWA and other Executives repeatedly and putting the entire blame on the Executives is not correct. Management is to be blamed, not the Executives. It is clear that Management is intentionally delaying all the promotions till the implementation of the restructuring plan.

We came out of the meeting as it is clear that CMD is not at all interested to give any promotion and simply telling excuses one after other. Last few months, he was giving false hope to us in each meeting.

We are afraid that the new CMD is trying to demoralise the remaining staff by denying the legitimate promotions to make the company further sick and create a situation conducive for privatization. The success of BSNL VRS, option of more than 50% of the employees, is in fact the failure of the BSNL management and a clear indication that the Executives lost faith in the present management. Nobody is having any clue how to run the company, post VRS.

05/12/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding Unbundling of PRBT from all STVs and PLANs of Kerala Circle like in Orissa Circle due to huge revenue loss – urgent intervention solicited View Letter

05/12/2019: Circle News

Lunch Hour Demonstration by AUAB on 4th Dec 2019 was successfully conducted at all BAs, Circle HQ and BSNLCO across the Country demanding immediate salary payment for Oct and Nov 2019 and against discrimination in salary payment between BSNL employees and the ITS officers on deputation.

05/12/2019: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director(HR):

Today, 05.12.2019 we met Director(HR) along with AIBSNLEA and held discussions on Restructuring plan. PGM(Pers) and GM(SR) also present.

During discussion we asked about yesterday’s meeting with the Parliamentary Committee for IT. The meeting was very smooth and appreciated the efforts of DoT, BSNL and MTNL for the Revival efforts. DoT Secretary and others were very happy with the success of VRS, Director(HR) informed.

There was no other meeting between BSNL and DoT yesterday.

On age reduction to 58, Director told that since large number of employees opted for VRS, there is no need for age reduction. BSNL will convince DoT in this regard.

Since large number of Executives opted for VRS, about 40% higher than the anticipated figure and vacuum created in lot of SSAs, we requested Director to reconsider the matter and convince the dynamic officers not to take VRS and stay with BSNL.

On DGM promotion, the minutes of the meeting between Parliamentary Committee for SC/ST, DoT and BSNL received in which it is recorded that Secretary/DoT replied that DGM promotion will be considered after the restructuring. This is on a specific query on promotion to 287 SC/ST candidates as DGMs. In fact all will be covered in this promotion. This fact is to be explained to Secretary/DoT and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee before issuing the promotion orders. Management will try to do this. In the last meeting, CMD promised us that he will meet Secretary, DoT after 05.12.2019 in this regard.

On salary payment DIR(HR) informed that there will be no discrimination between unabsorbed ITS and BSNL employees. If required it will be informed to the Court also.

Clarification sought on completion of mandatory training before VRS will be issued in a day or two. There is no need to undergo training.

The request transfers of all those opted for VRS will be issued immediately, including tenure Circles for facilitating them to submit the Retirement papers in the parent Circle. Those applications along with option papers can be sent to CHQ urgently through the CSs.

Discussion on Restructuring plan started point by point and will continue tomorrow morning at 10 am in which GM(Restg) and GM(Trg) also will join in addition to PGM(Pers) and GM(SR). The discussions will be strictly based on the proposal we submitted yesterday.

04/12/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL: Suggestions regarding Post VRS BSNL

SNEA suggestion on Post VRS

03/12/2019: CHQ News

AUAB given call for Lunch Hour demonstration at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs on 04.12.2019 demanding:

1. Immediate salary payment for October and November, 2019.

2. No discrimination in salary payment between BSNL employees and the ITS Officers on deputation.

AUAB notice to Secretary/DoT and CMD/BSNL

02/12/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon MoC: Kind intervention solicited for issuing promotion orders (just designation change) for more than 5,000 Officers (out of 13,000 opted) opted for VRS before their retirement who are working in the same grade for 15 to 30 years. Young Executives career growth also is fully depend upon promotion. There is no financial implication on giving the promotion/designation change as all are working in higher scales, rather huge saving is there for BSNL and DoT.

GS letter to Hon Minister

02/12/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to CMD/BSNL and Secretary/DoT regarding Salary payment: There should not be any discrimination in salary payment for the BSNL employees in the pretext of court order as Govt and BSNL miserably failed to present the facts before the Hon Court. Salary for the ITS Officers heading the company as Directors, CGMs and GMs should be paid along with other employees:

DoT and BSNL has to take immediate steps to pay the salary for the months of October and November immediately with all the recoveries.

Any discrimination in salary payment in BSNL cannot be accepted. Any discrimination in salary payment will invite wide spread resentment among the employees and in that case this Association will be compelled to go for protest actions immediately, including legal remedies.

GS letter to CMD and Secretary, DoT

30/11/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding discrepancies in the recently published stay particulars of A&F service officers in Kerala Circle View letter

29/11/2019: Circle News

Meeting with CMD, BSNL on 29.11.2019: GSs of SNEA and AIBSNLEA met CMD BSNL and held discussions on the following issues. DIR(HR) and PGM(Pers) also present.

DE to DGM(T) promotion: The DPC work was initiated yesterday itself but the file approval was not received  from CMD for formal DPC. So we met CMD in the morning itself. As per the assurance given to us, the promotion orders are expected by today evening to facilitate the DEs to join as DGM before their retirement on 30.11.2019.

CMD informed a fresh development in the yesterday’s meeting of the Parliamentary Committee in which Law Secretary, Telecom Secretary, CMD and Member (Services) were called by the Parliamentary Committee. The agenda was reservation in AO to CAO promotion. However on a unstructured querry of the Chairman regarding DE to DGM promotion, Telecom Secretary replied that the DGM promotion will be considered only after the restructuring of BSNL and it is recorded. According to CMD, the reply was given by Secretary(T) without consulting BSNL.

It is learned that some SC/ST members approached the Parliamentary Committee complaining about non-issuance of DGM promotion but in fact it stopped the promotion for all, for the time being. CMD assured that he will discuss the matter with DoT Secretary next week and explain to him that reservation is not applicable in DGM promotion, all the eligible DEs are getting covered and thereafter it will be explained to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee before issuing the DGM promotion orders.

Meanwhile we also trying to meet Secretary and Chairman also to explain the facts and getting the promotion orders issued early.

Restructuring of BSNL: We had brief discussion on the matter and demanded that being the major stake holders of the company, the matter should be discussed with the Associations and Unions. The well experienced BSNL Executives are to be utilised at DE and DGM equivalent level and dependency on officers on deputation should be minimum. CMD agreed to out suggestion and posting will be arranged as per the DELs as well as Revenue. There is no justification for GMs below 20,000 to 30,000 DELs, CMD informed us. The committee report also to be shared with us so that we can place our opinion on the matter. He also mentioned that the management will arrange a meeting with the consultant M/s Deolittee, engaged by BSNL for restructuring. CMD assured detailed discussion with the Associations after 06.12.2019. 

Salary payment for Oct 2019: CMD informed that the salary for Oct 2019  could not be done today as planned earlier due to some urgent repayment of bank interest (Rs 200 Cr) and about 250 Cr shortage is there today. It may take another 4-5 working days to collect the amount for making the salary payment.

AO to CAO Promotion: We requested for consideration of allowing about 70 AOs, who have already been promoted as CAO but could not join due to transfer to other Circle and subsequent ‘Status Quo’ case at Hon CAT Chandigarh. We requested CMD BSNL for consideration of allowing to AOs promoted as CAOs to join ‘as is where is’ basis before relieving them on VRS on 31.01.2020. CMD positively responded and assured that BSNL will file an urgent MA in Hon CAT/ High Court Chandigarh to get the stay vacated.

Requirement of Mandatory Training under EPP: We have requested CMD to issue clarification for giving exemption from the Mandatory Training/Exam in respect of VRS Optees as assured by him. Director (HR) mentioned that the instructions contained in the BSNL CO letter dated 23.01.2013 is applicable to those who are going on VR as per the existing rules but not applicable to those who are going on VRS-2019 scheme. Hence, Management is of the opinion that there is no need to go for training/exam for those who are going on VRS on 31.01.2020 and not completed the required 2 years time. However, we pleaded that most of the CCAs are raising objections for the withdrawal of increments for not fulfilling the instructions of EPP regarding the training/exam and requested CMD to issue necessary clarification in this regard to avoid any financial loss to VRS optees on a later date.

28/11/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT requesting for revision of pay (2nd PRC 2007) w.e.f from date of regular promotion and on DNI and fixation of pay by protecting the pay drawn during the officiating period – case of officiating JTOs regularized on 4-2-2008 View letter || Annexures

26/11/2019: CHQ News

During CHQ OBs and CSs meeting held at New Delhi on 25.11.2019, lot of queries came regarding VRS.

1) Mass Transfer to far off Circles after VRS implementation: It is only a rumour created by some vested interests to create panic among the Executives. There is no such proposal or even thinking about mass transfer within the top BSNL management. There will be routine transfer as usual as per the transfer policy. It is assured by Director(HR) in the meeting with us yesterday also.

Large number of Officers submitted option due to the panic created in the name of mass transfers, work load etc. All of them can continue in BSNL and play very important role for the Revival of BSNL.

2) Threat of age reduction to 58, Govt thinking on retirement on 33 yrs of service or 60 yrs: Considering the good response on VRS, it is very unlikely that age reduction will be implemented. Being an unpopular measure, it was not even mentioned in the Cabinet briefing by the Hon Minister. The rumour of retirement on 33 yrs of service or 60 yrs also repeatedly denied by the Govt. Two days back in the Parliament also Govt denied it.  

3) There are very good prospects for BSNL Revival. In the Revival package, there is a provision to allot 5G spectrum also in the future as done in the case of 4G which ensures continuing Govt support for the future.

4) Future road map for the BSNL revival. Now management started seriously working out on the subject and taking feedback from the Associations.

5) Majority of the labour involving work will be outsourced. Executives are to monitor the work. Work culture and working atmosphere will definitely improve.

6) Clarifications sought on Pension Revision, Pay Revision etc: BSNL mgt and DoT assured the clarification by Monday but not issued so far. Officers are to watch and take a final decision based on the developments.

Considering the above facts, the Officers applied for VRS can reconsider their decision, especially those having more service left. Let us take part in the challenging job of Revival of BSNL.

25/11/2019: CHQ News

Director(HR) invited SNEA for discussion on the implementation of the new non-post based promotion policy approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018. PGM (Pers), GM (SR) and CGM/MH Circle present during discussions. We had elaborate discussion on the matter for more than 2 hrs. The discussion will continue after 03.12.2019, after the VRS window is closed. For facilitating the discussion, as per the opinion of the CHQ OBs and CSs reached at New Delhi for participating the Hunger Fast, SNEA decided to defer the agitation programme from tomorrow, 26.11.2019 for the time being.

22/11/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL: Management will be squarely responsible for the industrial unrest it is deliberately creating by stopping all the promotions and shutting doors for dialogue. Non post based promotion with parity cannot be delayed on flimsy grounds as more than 5,000 Executives taking VRS will miss their promotion before retirement and much more number of young Executives whose career growth is fully depend upon it. These Executives are going to play crucial role in the Revival of BSNL. Professional approach is required, not bureaucratic approach.

The delay tactics of the management may aggravate the situation and the Association is compelled to go for RELAY HUNGER FAST from 26.11.2019 onwards followed by INDEFINITE HUNGER FAST. We cannot be a simple spectator when about 5,000 Executives are retiring on a single day without getting their due promotion. Similarly for thousands of other Executives continuing in the BSNL who are demoralised and dejected due to the treatment given to them.

GS letter to CMD, BSNL

22/11/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL: BSNL management has to persuade the meritorious people to withdraw their VRS option. Most of them submitted option due to the panic created in the name of massive transfers, work load etc. All of them can play very important role for the Revival of BSNL. Management should not become an arm of the Govt to downsize the company by any means and sell it/disinvest it, instead of Reviving BSNL. Any delay in Revival of BSNL will be naturally termed as a failure of the management.

Large number of outstanding Officers given option for VRS as they are frustrated over the panic created in the organization and finding no road map for future revival.

Post reduction will happen across BSNL, not in a particular Circle alone. It will be more in Northern and Eastern Circles due to large scale closure of landlines. Shortage will be there everywhere, each and every Circle. Massive transfer is just a rumour. There is every possibility for BSNL revival, for a bright future for BSNL and 3rd PRC also. It is always better to take some challenges in our life and now we got an opportunity. Executives submitted VRS should reconsider their decision on the basis of factual position, not by rumours. 

GS letter to CMD, BSNL

22/11/2019: CHQ News

Struggle is inevitable as management is not showing any inclination in giving promotion. Negativity gripping the top management. No professionalism visible.

Seniors will retire without promotion and the youngsters are to rotten as JTO or SDE, the post they are holding today. Restructuring and reduction of posts is going on in war footing, the only agenda, but there is no thinking in the management how the Executives will get promotions in the future.

When it comes to the question of salary /benefits, BSNL should perform like a PSU (profit oriented) but for promotions, it should be like a Govt dept following hierarchy and pyramid structure. Is pyramid structure available in BSNL now? Whether management can implement it by huge rect in the future? Mgt is still harping on decade old theory abandoned by the CPSUs and management experts long back. This shows that our top management is not at all professional in its approach, still in the DoT mind set.

The file for DGM promotion is shuttling between CMD, DIR(HR), PGM(Pers) and Pers Section for no reason where the vacancies are more and eligible DEs are less. Management is not ready for an element of risk but the employees are to take all types of risks.

No urgency or need for the management as all the work is getting done through LA arrangement and will continue to do so unless we protest. The message is very clear. The Executives are happy with this arrangement?

Gear up for protecting our rights, join the struggle from 26.11.2019 onwards.

22/11/2019: CHQ News

Future Road Map for maintenance activities and restructuring in post VRS scenario --- Meeting with BSNL Management on 26.11.2019.

The suggestions of the members from SSAs are to be collected and consolidated by the CSs and email to CHQ by this week end. External Plant and OFC route maintenance are tough jobs requires feedback from those working in those areas. CSs may interact with all the Dist Secs and activists on this issue. All the activists are requested to contribute.

22/11/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL: Bundled PRBT with most popular STVs and huge revenue loss to BSNL reg - urgent intervention solicited. Make BSNL itself a provisioning company of PRBT.

GS letter to CMD, BSNL

20/11/2019: CHQ News

Meeting with GM (HR) on 19/11/2019:

CS Com.T.Santhosh Kumar, CT Com.Suneer.S, ACS Com.J.V.Ramana and DS-CO Com.Aslesh.S.S met Shri Satheesh.R, GM(HR&Admin) to discuss the following points:

1. Relieving of JTO/SDE/DEs:  We requested to relieve the officials immediately whose transfer orders on request were already issued but not yet relieved due to want of substitute. We suggested that in the wake of ongoing VRS, at this stage there is no point in substitutes till some mechanism is involving.  GM HR heard us and responded positively.

2. Consideration of Pending Transfer Requests: We requested GM HR to consider and clear the pending cases also.

3. Cancellation of Transfer order from Kasargod to Lakshadweep Islands: We once again requested to consider retaining Shri Jayesh Augustine who was posted to Lakshadweep Islands from an already shortage district Kasargod and that too without considering seniority. GM HR  gave positive assurance in this regard.

4. Showcause notices to SDEs from LDCE-2007: We enquired about the recent Corporate office letter regarding non-compliance of showcause notices from Kerala Circle. GM HR informed that all the replies received from the affected officials were forwarded to Corporate office and he will enquire further with Corporate office.  

19/11/2019: CHQ News

AUAB defers the Relay Hunger Fast from 20th to 22nd November.

Director (HR) called a meeting of the AUAB leaders, yesterday morning at 10.00 am. In the meeting, Management, especially Director (HR) response was very positive on the burning issues like salary payment, wages of contract workers, remittance of recoveries, clarifications of VRS related issues, EB/rental payment and discussion on the road map for the maintenance activities in post VRS scenario.

During the discussion Director, assured that salary will be paid by the month end and efforts are going on. The collection is now kept aside for salary purpose. After last month salary payment, BSNL was made 800 Cr payment towards statutory dues in addition to some payments on rentals, EB, labour etc.

Discussion will be held with AUAB on 26.11.2019, 6 pm (as per the convenience of AUAB) regarding the future Road map.

The important clarifications sought by the employees already referred to DoT and Govt will clarify those points. Director(HR) personally taking up the matter with DoT, on 18.11.2019. AUAB demanded that in case clarification is not reached in time, the date is to be extended from 03.12.2019 in order to have an informed choice for the employees.

Considering the seriousness shown by the management to address the employees concerns and involve the stake holders for serious discussions for finalizing the future road map, AUAB decided to defer the Relay Hunger Fast from 20.11.2019 for the time being.

18/11/2019: CHQ News

Relay Hunger Fast on 20th to 22nd November, 2019 at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs:

AUAB constrained to conduct Relay Hunger Fast on 20th to 22nd November, 2019 at BSNL CO, Circle and SSA HQs in protest against the non-payment of salary, non-payment of wages to contract workers, electricity bills, rentals etc, no road map or action plan for maintaining the services in the post VRS scenario and demanding immediate clarifications on VRS-2019 and other demands.

Charter of Demands

1. Immediate Payment of Salary by BSNL/DoT, remittance of recoveries, payment of wages to contract/casual workers, payment of electricity and rental charges.

2. Spell out the road map for maintaining BSNL services in post VRS scenario, proposed restructuring plan and immediate launching of 4G Services.

3. Immediate clarifications on the VRS-2019 regarding i) Pay Revision, ii) Pension Revision, iii) Commutation of Pension and iv) Gratuity sought by AUAB, well before the closing date of option for VRS.

4. Extend 100% of IDA (119.5%) neutralization till the implementation of 3rd PRC

5. Delinking of Pension Revision from the Pay Revision of working employees and 30% Superannuation benefits to BSNL directly recruited employees.

6. No Reduction of Retirement Age from 60 to 58 honouring the agreement at the time of formation of BSNL.

AUAB sought urgent clarifications on Voluntary Retirement Scheme– 2019 on the various points before the closing date of option.

Notice for Relay Hunger Fast  AUAB letter seeking clarification on VRS2019

17/11/2019: CHQ News

CHQ office bearers and Circle Secretaries meeting will be held at New Delhi on 25th November, 2019, 10.00 am.

Venue will be announced soon.


1. Immediate measures to be taken for the maintenance of services before the implementation of VRS.

2. Organizational issues arising out of VRS. 

Make the reservations urgently. Those who are reaching for CHQ/CS meeting need not book the return ticket for participating the Relay Hunger Fast by SNEA. Accommodation shall be available from the evening of 24.11.2019 onwards.

Notice for CHQ/CS meeting

Deferment of Notice for Trade Union actions of SNEA from 18.11.2019 to 26.11.2019 demanding immediate implementation of the amendment to the Executive Promotion policy: 

GS letter to CMD, BSNL on deferment

15/11/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to Secretary, DoT regarding Voluntary Retirement Scheme – 2019: Urgent clarification required on the points referred by BSNL to DoT.

GS letter to Secretary, DoT

15/11/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding Proposal for renting out the CTO building near Ernakulam South railway station to Postal department to fetch an annual revenue of around 1.9 Crores per annum to BSNL kitty to be expedited attempt to defeat the monetization of a prime building of BSNL at Ernakulam town by allotting the highly priced building space to TERM Cell and CCA would be very much detrimental to the interest of BSNL at this crucial juncture, require strong intervention from all concerned, our request View Letter

15/11/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding Issues related to UTStar NGN switch causing difficulties to customers, urgent intervention required to get the issues resolved by the vendor on war foot basis, our request. View Letter

14/11/2019: Circle News

SNEA Kerala submitted a memorandum on BSNL revival to Shri. Sanjay Dhotre, Hon'ble Minister of State for HRD, Communications, Electronics and IT ,Govt.of India, today at Kochi Airport. He was on an official visit to the State for last two days. Hon'ble Minister assured to consider our suggestions. View Memorandum

13/11/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT requesting to consider calling off the irrelevant and unproductive exercise of conducting workshops for promoting VRS in all BAs by the Circle administration. View Letter

It is learnt that the Circle administration has planned to conduct workshops in all BAs for creating awareness about the VRS 2019 scheme among the employees to encourage them to exercise their option to meet the Corporate office target set in this regard. Senior officers in the Circle including the Circle Head have to undertake long tours to conduct these promotional events.

We hope the Circle administration has noted the response from the employees to this VRS package across the Circles and it is certain that the Corporate target of 80000 options will be exceeded very shortly, of course may have to wait for any conclusions in that regard.

We are of the opinion that no more marketing or awareness programs are required for promoting the scheme among the employees as the target has almost been met. It is requested not to resort to prodigal spending for such unproductive and irrelevant exercises wasting precious money, manpower and time during the hours of financial crunch. Instead, it is suggested to divert the efforts to arrange payment to those employees who have spent/are spending huge money voluntarily from their salary to maintain the essential telecom services in the Circle without any support from the Circle/BA administration.

Cancelling the unwanted VRS promotional events across the Circle itself would save some amount to BSNL by way of savings in TA/DA which could be useful at this point of time, when even spending on account of cleaning and sweeping in office premises are restricted.

11/11/2019: Circle News

Long awaited Request Transfer orders of JTOs issued View Letter

We were continuously pursuing for these orders for a long time. All District Secretaries are requested to ensure that all transfer orders are implemented immediately without waiting for substitute. In the wake of ongoing VRS, at this stage there is no point in substitutes till some mechanism is involving.

08/11/2019: CHQ News

AUAB meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL on 07.11.2019: GSs of SNEA, BSNLEU, NFTE, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, BSNLMS, SNATTA, ATM and BSNLOA met CMD and held discussions on various issues. Director(HR) also present.

1) Early launching of 4G services:

We explained that after lot of efforts and struggles by the AUAB and the BSNL mgt, Govt allotted 4G spectrum to BSNL. According to media reports, Vodafone may close the services in near future and it will be a golden opportunity for BSNL to acquire good number of customers from Vodafone. Before that BSNL has to launch 4G services. According to our information, about 40,000 BTSs procured in Phase 7, Phase 7+ and Phase 8 and the core equipments are 4G compatible and can be easily upgraded to 4G with less expenditure with the support of the vendors. Another 10,000 BTSs are 4G BTSs. Further BSNL is having 20 MHz spectrum in 2600 band (BWA spectrum) except 6 LSAs where the spectrum was surrendered. In the new tender the equipments shall be procured to provide LTE services using 2600 band also so that entire 30 MHz (5 MHz 3G+5 MHz 4G +20 MHz BWA) can be effectively utilised where ever required, we suggested.

CMD explained the road map in detail. An expert Committee has been formed immediately to work out the 4G launching by upgradation and preparing the new tender. The Committee already submitted the report. By Add on order, we can go for 4G for about 24,000 BTS. If upgradation is possible with the support of the vendors especially, ZTE, 4G can be provided launched with better coverage with about 50,000 BTSs. Majority of the equipments which are to be upgraded are supplied by ZTE, about 38,000. However the rates of certain components are very high, almost 3 times, comparing to Nokia rates. This is the major challenge to make ZTE agreeable for lower rates. Upgradation to 4G is the easiest method with less cost and minimum time. Second challenge is the payment issue. No payment is made during the last one year and about 1,400 Cr each is due for Nokia and ZTE. Both are insisting for the payment first before any discussion. Efforts are going on for dialogue with both the vendors. As an alternative, new tender work is also started. In this tender 2600 band also will be added, CMD assured.

2) We also demanded that prompt steps should be taken to provide FTTH connections. Further we demanded for fruitful discussion on post VRS scenario and the road map for maintaining the connections after the VRS implementation.

3) AUAB strongly demanded for the salary payment in time. On salary payment, CMD said he could not give any assurance or specific date as of now.

4) We further demanded the remittance of recoveries to LIC, GPF, Banks, societies etc and payment of pension contribution to DoT as the employees are suffering a lot. In the case of those taking VRS, special care will be taken to clear all the outstanding due, CMD assured.

After the approval of Revival package, banks are showing positive approach and BSNL trying to get some loan for CAPEX immediately, CMD informed.

After the discussion, along with GS/AIBSNLEA we requested CMD to clear the proposal for DE to DGM promotion.

08/11/2019: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri S P Tripati, DIR(CM) on 07.11.2019: GS, President, AGSs Com P P Rao, Com Dilip Saha, Com R S Kolapkar, Jt Sec(E) Com I H Mandal and CP/CTD Com Sankar Sanyal met DIR(CM) and held discussion on 4G launching and related issues. Detailed discussions held on the subject. 

08/11/2019: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL on 07.11.2019: GS, President, AGSs Com P P Rao, Com Dilip Saha, Com Sanjeev Sharma, Com R S Kolapkar, Jt Sec(N) Com I H Mandal and CP/CTD Com Sankar Sanyal met CMD and held discussion on the following issues:

1) DE to DGM promotions: We once again requested for clearing the proposal for conduction of DPC. CMD informed that the file is not with him. CMD is of the opinion is that all the eligible DEs are getting promotion without any dropping and merit is getting compromised. We told CMD that the attendant conditions are very stringent for DGM promotion which is equivalent to GM/CGM promotion and promotion is for the Executives completed 30 to 35 years of service. If the promotion is at the right time say after 20 years of service or so, merit is having meaning but delaying the promotion after putting 35 years of service is not justified. Further SNEA is not against the merit on promotion but it is to be discussed and decided later. BSNL is extracting work from them as DGM on LA basis for years together and delaying the promotion on flimsy grounds is simply harassment. It is come to know that the proposal returned with certain queries.

Immediately after the meeting, DIR(HR) resubmitted the file to CMD replying the queries.

2) Promotion in the remaining cadres and implementation of the new promotion policy (amendment to the EPP-2007) approved by the Board: Today the CHQ OBs taken it as an opportunity to explain the issue to CMD. In earlier occasions, CMD was evading the matter, may be due to his pre-appointment on BSNL Revival related issues. We reminded CMD that promotion is also equally important for the Revival as the Executives are demoralised now. Thousands of young Executives having 10 to 18 years of service are waiting but management is not taking any action for their promotion? Further another 4000 Executives are retiring through VRS who had put 10 to 30 years of service and waiting for the promotions for years together.

When Govt has given an attractive VRS package, management has to respect them and give them the deserving promotion before their retirement for their service. Instead of implementing the new promotion policy as decided by the Board, management is sitting over the proposal which is agitating the Executives.

Today also CMD is telling us that no one told him about the policy approved by the Board, even after our notice, several letters, several meetings etc!

CMD was non committal on both the issues further strengthening our doubts that management is not interested in promotions and trying to complete the restructuring and VRS before any promotion. However we are making all efforts for getting the promotion orders issued through discussion and looking forward for the developments for another couple of days.

07/11/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL regarding Voluntary Retirement Scheme – 2019: Urgent clarification required on the following points – 2nd letter. 

GS letter to CMD

06/11/2019: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director(HR): GS, President, AGSs Com P P Rao, Com Dilip Saha, Com Sanjeev Sharma, Com Pandurang Nayak, Com R S Kolapkar, Jt Sec(N) Com I H Mandal, CS/KTK Com Jagdale and CP/CTD Com Sankar Sanyal met DIR(HR) and held discussion on the following issues:

Some of the CHQ OBs and CSs reached New Delhi as per the original schedule for participating in the Hunger Fast from 04.11.19:

1) Implementation of the non-post based promotion policy approved by the BSNL Board w.e.f. 01.07.2018.

The details of the amendments made in the EPP-2007 by the Board explained to Director by the CHQ OBs. Director also sought certain doubts and clarified on the reservation issue where we explained that the reservation policies of the Govt should be strictly followed as prevailing in the CPSUs and it can be incorporated in the policy as approved by the Board. We demanded that it should be implemented before the restructuring and VRS so that the remaining Executives can be motivated to take the challenges and those taking VRS can retire in a dignified manner.

We expressed our serious concern on the delay on the abnormal delay in giving promotions to all the eligible Executives and the DGM promotion which is creating unrest among the Executives.

2) DE to DGM promotion: Director assured early action and approval of the CMD at the earliest.

3) Various doubts on the VRS scheme: Director was very positive and asked us to submit the queries immediately so that it can be replied at the earliest.

06/11/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL regarding faster roll out of 4G/LTE services in all the Circles effectively utilising the existing 50,000 BTSs and Core equipments which are 4G compatible
GS letter to CMD

06/11/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to CMD/BSNL: Voluntary Retirement Scheme – 2019: Urgent clarification required on the following points

GS letter to CMD, BSNL

05/11/2019: CHQ News

Response on the points raised by AIBSNNLEA and AIGETOA

Letter to AIBSNLEA  Letter to AIGETOA

04/11/2019: CHQ News

Meeting with Hon MoC, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad on 04.11.2019:

THIS IS THE LAST OPPORTUNITY FOR BSNL REVIVAL. BSNL is to utilise it. Govt is having huge expectation on BSNL and its employees on Revival. Accountability will be fixed starting from the top. BSNL is a strategic CPSU. BSNL will not be closed down, disinvested or handed over to a third party ----- Hon Minister.

BSNL management arranged a meeting between the Union & Association leaders and the Hon Minister. GS and President attended, representing SNEA. Secretary, DoT, Director(HR)/ BSNL, Jt Secretary (A), DDG(PM), GM(SR) etc attended the meeting.

Hon Minister informed that during his earlier tenure, he fully supported BSNL and made it operational profit. He explained the BSNL Revival package and informed AUAB that it has approved with the specific intervention of Hon PM and the Hon Home Minister when stiff opposition was there from many quarters. BSNL is a strategic CPSU. A strong PSU is required for fair competition in the sector. Govt is have full faith on BSNL employees and BSNL can be turn around and regain its pristine glory. Land monetization will be done through DIPAM but the proceeds will directly come to BSNL instead of going to the Consolidated Fund of India. Govt will fully support BSNL. Management and the employees are to utilise this opportunity, the last opportunity, Minister reiterated. Accountability will be fixed from top to bottom. The quality of service is to be improved drastically. Various Depts, Banks etc will be asked to use BSNL services.

AUAB mentioned about the various initiative taken by the employees in the past like “Customer Delight Year”, “Service With a Smile”, “BSNL at Your Doorstep” etc focussing on marketing and improving the quality of service. Employees will continue their efforts and assured full involvement.

Leaders demanded 3rd PRC along with VRS for making it more attractive but Minister was not at all positive. Discussed Pension Revision, Pension contribution, 4G launching, Restructuring and transformation as a CPSU, exemption of Ex-gratia from IT etc. On 4G launching, customers are started approaching BSNL for 4G services. In Phase VII and VIII tender, the equipments procured are 4G compatible, about 50,000 such BTSs are there. By small software and hardware change, 4G can be launched in all the cities/towns/locations etc. We demanded early launching.

On the specific issue of Retirement age reduction, Minister informed that it is part of the Cabinet decision. Govt want to see that the VRS become a big success and for that purpose very attractive package, best in the history of any CPSU, is approved for BSNL employees. Revival of BSNL depends on its success, Minister told. If VRS is not successful, the second option is there.

Hon Minister appealed all the Union & Assn leaders to make the BSNL Revival package and the VRS successful.

04/11/2019: CHQ News

BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme-2019: Notification of the Scheme and Circulation of guidelines to facilitate the exercise of option by employees....View Notification       View Annexure

03/11/2019: CHQ News

VRS: Guidelines on VRS under Gujarat model issued by DPE.

(DPE O.M. No. 2(32)/97-DPE(WC)/GL-XXII dated 5th May, 2000)

(i) The compensation will consist of salary of 35 days for every completed year of service and 25 days for the balance of service left until Superannuation. The compensation will be subject to a minimum of Rs. 25,000/- or 250 days salary whichever is higher. However, this compensation shall not exceed the sum of the salary that the employee would draw at the prevailing level for the balance of the period left before superannuation.

(ii) Salary for purpose of VRS will consist of basic pay and DA only.

(iii) Arrears of wages due to revision etc. will not be included in computing the eligible amount.

6. The compensation under VRS/VSS will be in addition to terminal benefits.

(DPE O.M. No. 2(32)/97-DPE(WC)GL-XXXV dated 8th December, 2000)

1. Whether allowances like Personal Pay, HRA, NPA, Family Planning increment are to be included for computation of ex-gratia?

Basic pay plus DA only is to be taken into account for computation of ex-gratia under VRS.

2. Whether the post of the employee who has taken VRS is to be abolished?

There shall be no recruitment against vacancies arising out of VRS.

3. Whether any arrears of ex-gratia are to be paid in the event of pay revision being sanctioned subsequent to voluntary separation?

Ex-gratia will be re-calculated on the basis of revised pay scale and the difference be paid.

4. Can notice pay in lieu of notice and TA for settling in the Home Town or elsewhere be paid to the employees who are to opt or have opted for VRS?

One month/three months notice pay (as per service conditions applicable to the employees) may be paid. TA for the employees and family would also be admissible to the place where he intends to settle down after taking VRS. For this purpose, the entitlement will include transportation cost of personal effects and travelling cost of self and family members, as admissible under the entitled classes.

5. Under the Gujarat pattern, will the compensation for the balance service be calculated @ 25 days for every year of service left?

Compensation under VRS modelled on the Gujarat pattern will consist of salary of 35 days for every year of service completed and 25 days for every year of service left until superannuation.

8. Whether PF, leave encashment, gratuity, notice pay, LTC are payable to employees in case of voluntary retirement?

These are to be paid to the employees opting for VRS as per the provisions of the relevant statutes and the service conditions. These are outside the computation of ex-gratia on voluntary retirement.

(DPE O.M. No.2(32)/97-DPE(WC)/GL-LVI dated 6th November, 2001)

c) Under the Gujarat pattern, the salary for VRS/VSS shall be calculated on the basis of 30 days in a month and not 26 days. Consequently, the method of calculation of ex-gratia for VRS and VSS shall be similar.

VRS FAQ  VRS DPE OM dated 08.12.2000 Consolidated instructions by DPE

02/11/2019: CHQ News

VRS: Various Groups formed by BSNL to monitor VRS activities.

2nd Membership verification: Suggestions regarding postponement till VRS implementation.

VRS monitoring groups  2nd MV postponement

02/11/2019: CHQ News

Relay Hunger Fast from 04.11.2019 deferred to 18.11.2019

Director(HR) Shri Arvind Vadnerkar invited SNEA for discussion on the notice for Trade Union actions dated 14.10.2019, Relay Hunger Fast at BSNLCO from 04.11.2019 to 08.11.2019 and Indefinite Hunger Fast from 11.11.2019 onwards demanding immediate implementation of the amendments to the EPP-2007 (BEPPAR-2017) w.e.f. 01.07.2018 which is approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018. PGM(Pers) and GM(SR) also present.

At the outset Director (HR) explained the hectic activities going on regarding the Revival of BSNL and requested for the cooperation of the Association. Revival package is approved by the Govt after lot of difficulty and we have to implement it successfully, Director(HR) told.

SNEA leaders explained the compelling reasons for giving notice like restructuring of BSNL, proposed post reduction and the VRS proposal by which career growth of thousands of Executives are getting affected. Further explained the details of the proposal and expressed anguish over the abnormal delay in implementing the amendments to the EPP, facilitating Time Bound functional Promotions even after 16 months, on one pretext or other.

Director (HR) assured to study the matter in detail in another 10 days time as he was busy with BSNL Revival issues immediately after joining and have further discussions after that. Director (HR) appealed to withdraw the agitation program till that time. Director (HR) appeared very serious and sincere in resolving the issue. After consulting all the CSs and CHQ Office Bearers, SNEA decided to defer the Hunger Fast till 17.11.2019 and start the Hunger Fast from 18.11.2019 onwards if the issue does not resolve by that time.

Appeal made by Management  SNEA deferment letter BSNL letter

01/11/2019: CHQ News

Payment of electricity bills:

Comrades, Govt has taken a very good initiative, writing to all State Govts not to disconnect electricity connections due to non payment till 31.03.2020. Secretary, DoT written to all the Chief Secretaries in this regard. Further Hon MoC Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad  written to all the State Chief Ministers also in this regard. This is a very good gesture from Govt of India. Further it is written not to levy penal interest on BSNL and make the payments due towards BSNL on priority.

It has to be pursued with State Govts and State Electricity Boards/Corporations by the CGMs. We have to purse the matter till it materialises.  If any difficulty is faced with State Govt, it may be reported to BSNLCO so that further intervention from DoT can be sought.

Hereafter payment of electricity bills will not be priority as BSNLCO planning to utilise the fund for other maintenance activities for the remaining months.

01/11/2019: CHQ News

BSNL connection to other Govt Depts:

As part of Revival package, Govt also decided in principle to direct all the Govt Depts and State Govts to take BSNL landline and BB connections. As and when 4G roll out happens and quality attains, BSNL mobile services also will become mandatory.

This is another big decision in favour of BSNL.

Prior to that BSNL has to make mandatory for its own Officers and staff to use BSNL connection!

29/10/2019: Circle News

Massive Dharna Against  Unprofessional, Anti-Employee Circle Management.

With huge participation of Executives from all SSAs of Kerala Circle, Dharna conducted by SNEA in front of CGMT Office at Trivandrum became a grand success. Executive's protests were registered against the Anti-Employee and unprofessional attitudes of Circle Management. The Dharna was presided by Circle Vice President Com. P.R. Gopalakrishna Panicker and inaugurated by Circle President Com. George Varghese. Circle Secretatry Com. T.Santhosh Kumar had detailed the mismanagement of Kerala Circle administration in his special speech. Circle  Vice president Com.Asha, Circle Treasurer Com. Suneer.S, CWC Members Com. Rajesh Manchan, Com. Suresh Kumar R and Com. Vimal R ACS Com. Vivek  & Com.Jithesh also addressed the Dharna. Com. Aslesh S.S Dist Secretatry Circle Office Branch delivered the Welcome speech and Com. V.G.Sabu delivered Vote of thanks.

After derailing the Very smooth HR Policies prevailed in the Circle, the administration had showed its unprofessionalism in managing Man Power, Material and Money for ensuring the Revenue of Kerala Circle. The Dharna was conducted in light of miserable failure of Circle Management to ensure enough Funds for maintenance of the Most Revenue earning Circle of BSNL. For ensuring the Maintenance, Circle Management had not taken any move instead they were experimenting in reducing available experienced Casual Labour Contractors which worsen the situation of employees working in O/D.

When many of the Circles has shown Positive Growth after entry of JIO, Kerala Circle Management were more concentrated in humiliating Executives through Webinars for a polished Report other than resolving real field issues. Harassing the Executives, who were running the system by spending from their own pockets, even a legitimate transfer which have been prevailing in the Circle was not given by the Management.

In last two years, it was noted that, Kerala Circle management was specially focused in delaying all Employee favourable orders in the name of Court Orders, Implementing any Anti Employee Orders without any delay even if other Circles were asking for clarifications, delaying transfer orders even if BSNLCO had given instructions to operate Long Stay orders, blindly reducing the contract Staff without assessing the field realities,  totally collapsing the Tenure Transfer policy agreement made between Executive Associations and BSNL Kerala Circle.

Being a responsible Association, SNEA has always took the lead role to correct the negative attitudes of Management and raised the voice for executives without any fear. SNEA was always in forefront to tell that "The King is Naked". The Dharna conducted on 25th October 2019 at BSNL Circle Office Trivandrum was only a beginning of the protests and SNEA is ready to go to any extent  for correcting the Anti Employee and Negative attitudes of Management which is demoralising the committed officers and staff, badly affecting the growth and business of the Circle.

The Circle  management  has failed to show even empathy to the executives  and staff who are struggling  in the field, the members felt. The speakers pointed out many anti-employee and inhuman attitude of the Circle administration  resulting in denial of promotion, VRS , reversion etc.

At a time GOI has announced  BSNL revival package and Hon. Minister has called for professionalism in all activities, the Association had its genuine  apprehension on its success with the present  style of management.
Dharna concluded at 2PM. 

27/10/2019: Happy Diwali

27/10/2019: CHQ News

SNEA condemn the speech by Shri P K Purwar, CMD, BSNL on 25.10.2019:

The language, tone and tenor of the speech is highly objectionable. BSNL become sick mainly due to the wrong procurement policy, corruption, bad policies, bad management decisions, Govt interference etc and not because of the employees alone. Now also large number of connections are closing due to unscientific labour and vehicle cut, non payment of electricity charges etc.

CMD forgot the fact that the BSNL Revival package is approved by the Govt due to the sustained struggle by the same BSNL employees. Hon Minister in the Cabinet briefing clearly stated that VRS is purely voluntarily, then how CMD can compel the employees to take VRS? It is really humiliation for the employees who maintain the network by paying thousands of rupees from their pocket. We want to know how many senior officers of BSNL, GMs, CGMs, Directors and the CMD contributed from their pocket to maintain the network? Senior management has to become more professional to steer the company. Leaders should motivate and lead the employees from the front.

26/10/2019: CHQ News

Meeting with Secretary, DoT on 25.10.2019:

GS along with all the Union and Association leaders of BSNL met Shri Anshu Prakash, Secretary DoT on 25.10.19 morning at the Committee Room of Sanchar Bhavan. At the outset AUAB thanked the Union Govt for approving the BSNL Revival package when there is severe financial crisis in the country. We specially thanked him for his personal efforts in getting the proposal approved. Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL, Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, DIR(HR)/BSNL and Shri Navnet Gupta, Jt Sec(A)/DoT also present.

Secretary specially mentioned that the Govt is having huge faith on BSNL and its employees and that is why it had taken the big risk in the present situation, recognising the strategic importance of BSNL. It was a political decision at the highest level. The letters and other communications helped a lot in taking a positive decision, Secretary specifically informed. He explained the salient features of the package. The monetization of land assets will be monitored by Group of Ministers for sorting out the contentious issues cropping up like change of land usage. The liability of about 18,000 Cr payment towards Ex-gratia (BSNL&MTNL) will be borne by Govt through budgetary provisions instead of issuing bonds by BSNL/MTNL in addition to the pensionary benefits. He appealed AUAB to explain the advantage of VRS package to the employees for the betterment of BSNL.

During the meeting we raised the following issues with Secretary, DoT:

1. 3rd PRC implementation as he promised on 30.01.2019: Secretary replied that it is not possible now as BSNL is finding difficulty in paying the salary. Once BSNL condition improves and market share reaches atleast 15% from 10% and become EBITA positive, automatically this will be considered. Success of VRS is one important factor in this regard.

2. Pension Revision delinking it with Pay Revision as assured by the Hon MOSC in the meeting held on 03.12.2017: Secretary replied that Pension Revision cannot be considered without pay revision. Otherwise DoPT has to do it and to pursue with them.

3. Pension Contribution on actual basic pay: Secretary replied that Finance Ministry did not agree to the proposal (we have to verify the facts as it was the earlier decision of FM but recently Finance Ministry shown willingness to reconsider it).

25/10/2019: CHQ News


CMD and all BSNL Board of Directors met All the Unions and Associations in BSNL to explain the BSNL Revival package approved by the Union Cabinet on 23.10.2019. A presentation was given.

Hon Minister stated that this is the last opportunity given to BSNL for Revival as Finance Ministry, NiTi Ayog etc want to close down BSNL. For Revival, BSNL has to improve the work culture and bring professionalism in the organization.

Highlights of BSNL Revival Package:

1. 4G spectrum will be allocated administratively through equity infusion on 2016 price (Rs 14,155 Cr).

1.i) 4G allotment by this calendar year as and when our network is ready.

1.ii) 80,000 to 1 lakh sites to be made ready in 12 to 15 months for an expenditure of Rs 15,000 Cr.

2. 18% GST of Rs 2540 Cr will be borne by the Govt.

3. Sovereign guarantee bond for Rs 7,500 Cr (Rs 15,000 Cr for BSNL & MTNL). Existing liability is 15,000 to 16,000 Cr.

4. Ex-Gratia payment of approx. Rs 14,800 Cr for about 80,000 employees will be borne by the Govt.

5. Monetization of selected land/building for Rs 20,000 Cr (Rs 38,000 Cr for BSNL & MTNL) in 4 years for i) debt and associated interest payment and ii) funding for CAPEX/OPEX. Existing loan is Rs 20,722 Cr.

6. Details of VRS package which is very attractive comparing to the VRS packages implemented in other sectors so far:

6.i) Employee cost for 2018-19 is Rs 14,492 Cr.

6.ii) Likely savings through VRS for about 80,000 employees is Rs 7500 Cr.

6.iii) VRS formula: (Salary means Basic + IDA of the last month in service)

6.iii).a) 35 days salary for each completed year of service.

6.iii).b) 25 days salary for each remaining year of service.

6.iii).c) Salary for the remaining service.

6.iii).d) Ex-Gratia due = [a) +b)] OR c) whichever is less.

6.iii).e) Pension for the remaining period upto 60 years of age based on the full pension (w/o commutation) of the retiring month.

6.iii).f) Ex-Gratia due+ Pension OR Ex-Gratia alone for BSNL DRs.

6.iii).g) 125% of the salary for the remaining service calculated based on the salary of the retiring month.

6.iii).h) VRS package = f) OR g) whichever is less.

6.iii).i) Ex-Gratia amount to be paid = h) minus e).

6.iii).j) Ex-Gratia will be paid in 2 instalments, 1st instalment in 2019-20 and 2nd instalment in the 1st quarter of 2020-21.

6.iv. Gratuity will be paid on attaining 60 years of age OR after 5 years of retirement (for those below 55 years of age) whichever is earlier with GPF interest rate. In case of death, gratuity will be paid immediately.

6.v.  Commutation of Pension will be allowed on attaining 60 years of age OR after 5 years of retirement whichever is earlier. Till that time full pension will be paid. For the deferred payment of Gratuity and Commutation of Pension, relaxation in the CCS Pension Rules, 1972 is approved by the Cabinet which will be separately notified.

6.vii. VRS option will be opened for a period of 30 days through ERP.

6.viii. E/L and HPL settlement as per Rule.

7. BSNL and MTNL merger in 18 to 24 months after addressing all the contentious issues like debt, delisting of MTNL, pay & pay scales, promotion etc. Initially MTNL will become a subsidiary of BSNL.

8. Reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58: It was part of the proposal but final decision is not known. CMD hinted that if VRS is successful then there is no need for reduction of retirement age, otherwise Govt will implement 58.

9. CMD expressed the hope that the entire VRS process can be completed by 31.12.2019.

10. BSNL will go for massive restructuring and a performance oriented mechanism will be evolved. Those having personal/ family problems has to avail this opportunity of VRS. Transfer will become inevitable and compulsory. The additional 25% payment, advance payment of Ex-Gratia and interest on Gratuity may take care of the future increments.

Finally CMD and Directors requested all the Unions and Associations their full cooperation and support in the implementation of the Revival package.

24/10/2019: CHQ News

Congratulations to one and all -----

BSNL & MTNL Revival Plan approved by the Union Cabinet on 23.10.2019 as a Diwali Gift:

Finance Ministry objections over ruled.

Continuous struggle and pusuration by AUAB finally yielded results. The assurances given to AUAB two years back materialised now.

The Revival Plan approved is much better than the earlier proposal:

1. The ex-gratia amount is paid by the Govt, not by BSNL, saving of Rs 14,800 Cr + interest. Earlier BSNL proposed to make the payment through bonds with sovereign guarantee.

2. 18% GST (Rs 2,806 Cr) for 4G spectrum will be paid by Govt instead of BSNL.

3. Govt permission for sovereign bond for Rs 15,000 Cr meeting CAPEX and OPEX will be a big relief in the absence of SPV.

4. Permission for land monetization for Rs 38,000 Cr.

5. Proposed merger of BSNL and MTNL after addressing the contentious issues will make BSNL a Pan India operator. Delisting of MTNL will be a major policy shift.

We are extremely grateful to the Hon Prime Minister and Hon Home Minister who headed the crucial GoM for approving the Revival package.

Full credit goes to the Hon Communication Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad. From day one, he was working for the revival of BSNL and formulating the Revival package. His strategy to get Hon Home Minister as the GoM head was the masterstroke which outplayed the conspiracy by the Finance Ministry. New MoC continued with the initiative taken by Shri Manoj Sinhaji.

Former Secretary(T) Smt Aruna Sundararajan was instrumental in convincing the PMO, the need for the revival of BSNL and preparing the Revival package and the Cabinet memo. It has been seriously followed up by the new Secretary(T) Shri Anshu Prakash.

Former CMD and Board of Directors played an important role in formulating the Revival package. After taking charge, new CMD Shri P K Purwar was fully devoted to the single agenda, approval of Revival package.

The role of AUAB is specially to be mentioned. It is AUAB which started the agitation more than 2 years back demanding 4G spectrum, land monetization, financial assistance from Govt along with other demands and pursued at all levels. Agitations, parliament march, strikes etc given a positive result today.

SNEA was in the forefront of all the agitations and countering the false/negative propaganda against BSNL by the vested interests. SNEA effectively countered the false propaganda with facts and figures by writing to the highest authorities, Hon PM and Hon HM & GoM head, seeking their intervention which got tremendous media attention and public support. On finding actual facts, media and pubic started supporting the struggle of BSNL employees, beyond our expectation. The campaign through social media, spearheaded by SNEA also got tremendous support from the public and mounted pressure on the Govt.

Finally the sincere efforts of Hon MOC, Secretary(T), CMD BSNL, AUAB and SNEA yielded results in getting the proposal approved. It is a great achievement for AUAB and SNEA in particular.

The role of present MoC, Secretary(T) and CMD BSNL was very crucial and they were working day and night during the last few months for getting the proposal approved. The senior officers in DoT and BSNL are very instrumental in the whole package. Our sincere gratitude to all of them.

Now our focus should be on the effective implementation of the Revival package.

23/10/2019: CHQ News

PIB Delhi: Posted On 23 OCT 2019 4:58PM. 

Union Cabinet approves 

1) Revival plan of BSNL and MTNL and in-principle merger of the two.
2) Spectrum of 4G to be allocated to the Telecom PSEs.
3) Funding through capital infusion of over Rs 20,000 Crore.
4) Sovereign guarantee for long term bonds of Rs 15,000. Crore.
5) Union Government to bear cost of attractive VRS.

The Union Cabinet today approved the proposal for revival of BSNL and MTNL by administrative allotment of spectrum for 4G services, debt restructuring by raising of bonds with sovereign guarantee, reducing employee costs, monetisation of assets and in-principle approval of merger of BSNL & MTNL.

The following was approved by the cabinet:-

Administrative allotment of spectrum for 4G services to BSNL and MTNL so as to enable these PSUs to provide broadband and other data services. The said Spectrum will be funded by the Government of India by capital infusion in these PSUs at a value of Rs 20,140 Cr in addition; the GST amount of Rs 3,674 Cr to this spectrum value will also be borne by the Government of India through Budgetary resources. By using this spectrum allotment, BSNL and MTNL will be able to deliver 4G services, compete in the market and provide high speed data using their vast network including in rural areas.

BSNL and MTNL will also raise long-term bonds of Rs 15,000 Cr for which sovereign guarantee will be provided by the Government of India (GoI). With the said resources, BSNL and MTNL will restructure their existing debt and also partly meet CAPEX, OPEX and other requirements.

BSNL and MTNL will also offer Voluntary Retirement to their employees, aged 50 years and above through attractive Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS), the cost of which will be borne by the Government of India through budgetary support. The ex-gratia component of VRS will require Rs. 17,169 Cr in addition, GoI will be meeting the cost towards Pension, Gratuity and Commutation. Details of the scheme will be finalised by BSNL/MTNL.

BSNL and MTNL will monetise their assets so as to raise resources for retiring debt, servicing of bonds, network upgradation, expansion and meeting the operational fund requirements.

In-principle merger of BSNL and MTNL

It is expected that with the implementation of said revival plan, BSNL and MTNL will be able to provide reliable and quality services through its robust telecommunication network throughout the country including rural and remote areas.

23/10/2019: CHQ News

Congratulations..!! After PMO's late evening intervention, yesterday night 9.30, DoT send the cabinet Memo to the cabinet without waiting for the response from Finance Ministry. It's understood that it is approved by today's cabinet meeting. Details awaited...

21/10/2019: Get Ready.... Join En Masse... for the Dharna on 25th Oct 2019 at Circle Office, Tvm

download banners |English|Malayalam|

19/10/2019: Circle News

Urgent Circle Executive Committee Meeting on 24/10/2019 at SNEA Bhavan, Trivandrum

View Notice

Notice is hereby issued for an urgent Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Kerala Circle to be held on 24-10-2019 (10 A.M) at SNEA Bhavan, Trivandrum. All Circle office bearers, SSA Secretaries, CEC members and Branch Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting in time.

18/10/2019: Circle News

Day Long Protest Dharna at Circle HQ on 25th Oct 2019 View Notice

Lethargic, unprofessional and anti-employee attitude of the Circle Management, damaging morale of the self-motivated work force in the most potential telecom circle of BSNL in the country seriously affecting service quality of essential telecom services in the Circle - our strong protest thereof, Call for a day long Protest Dharna at Circle HQ on 25th Oct 2019.

17/10/2019: CHQ News

After AUAB meeting with CMD, DIR(HR) and DIR(CM), AUAB decided to defer tomorrow’s Hunger Strike:

CMD and Directors invited AUAB for discussions. In the morning discussions held with Director (HR) and Director(CM) followed by meeting with the CMD at 3 PM. In the meeting with CMD and AUAB, CMD assured to make the salary payment by 23.10.2019. Further CMD informed that Govt is taking very positive steps for the Revival of BSNL irrespective of objections from various quarters and it is in the advanced stage. At this stage going for agitation may weaken the efforts of Secretary/DoT and CMD, CMD informed AUAB. In view of the developments, CMD and Directors appealed to withdraw tomorrow’s Hunger Strike. Considering the appeal from the new CMD, Director(HR) and the developments on Revival plan, AUAB decided to defer tomorrow’s Hunger Strike.

After observing the developments during next week, AUAB will decide the future course of action in the meeting scheduled on 30.10.2019.

16/10/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P. K. Purwar, CMD, BSNL: 

GMs and PGMs posted to SSAs having less than 20,000 connections are not at all justified. SSAs having more than 1 lakh connections are not having GM, SSAs with 3,000 connections have GM! SSAs having less than 20,000 connections can be headed by TDMs or TDEs and all the excess ITS officers working in BSNL on deployment basis can be repatriated immediately and have huge savings. HR activities in BSNL require full review.

On one side BSNL is struggling to pay the salary to its employees and working for the retrenchment of its own employees. On the other hand, BSNL unnecessarily keeping excess officers on deputation from DoT and paying them. 

GS letter to CMD

16/10/2019: CHQ News

SNEA welcomes the new Director(HR) Shri Arvind Vadnerkar.

GS letter to new Director(HR) 

Shri Arvind Vadnerkar has taken charges as new Director(HR), BSNL Board on 14.10.2019 evening. He will hold the post till 30.09.2023, i.e. the date of his superannuation.

SNEA wishes him all the success. We extend our wholehearted support to all his efforts to motivate BSNL Executives by resolving their complex HR issues which remain unattended for long time.

14/10/2019: CHQ News

All Unions & Associations of BSNL (AUAB) notice for Hunger strike on 18.10.2019 at BSNLCO, Circle/SSA HQs.

AUAB Notice

A meeting of the AUAB was held today. SNEA, BSNLEU, NFTE, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, SEWA, SNATTA, BSNLMS, AIBSNLOA, BSNLOA, TEPU, TOA BSNL and BEA attended the meeting. The meeting expressed its serious resentment over the non-payment of the September salary. Non-payment of contract/casual workers wages for the past 8 months, non-payment of electricity bills, the misleading reports appearing in the media that BSNL would be closed down etc, were seriously viewed by the meeting. After indepth discussion, it was decided to organise one day hunger strike on 18-10-2019, to be participated by the General Secretaries, Circle Secretaries and District Secretaries at the Corporate Office, Circle and SSA levels respectively. Together with this, lunch hour demonstrations are to be organised at all the places on same day, involving the entire Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL. The meeting also taken a decision to approach all Unions and Associations which were not able to participate in the meeting held on 11.10.2019. The AUAB will again meet on 21.10.2019, to decide about the future course of action.


1. Immediate payment of the September salary. Timely payment of salary every month.

2. Payment of contract/casual workers wages, electricity bills, rentals etc.

3. Revival of BSNL by immediate allocation of 4G spectrum, extension of financial assistance/ soft loan and approval for BSNL’s Land Monetisation policy.

4. Settlement of 3rd Pay Revision, Pension Revision and 30% Superannuation benefits.

5. Payment towards Banks, LIC premium, Societies, GPF etc.

11/10/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding requesting to maintain the status quo - as SDE - Order dated 04/10/2019 of O.A. No 703/2019 of the Honorable Central Administrative Tribunal, Ernakulam Bench wrt JTO to SDE LDCE 2007 as done in Tamil Nadu Circle. We expect that Kerala circle will follow an employee friendly attitude in this crucial HR matter rather than driving the executives to unnecessary litigations till a final disposal is made by the  Hon. Central Administrative Tribunal  Ernakulam in the  Original Application 703/2019. View Letter

11/10/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding Optimum utilization of available HR in LD islands, avoiding unnecessary spending by way of TA/DA, Island allowance, hard tenure allowance, etc during the hours of grave financial crisis and when austerity measures are enforced restricting even cleaning/sweeping works in office premises, our suggestions. View Letter

10/10/2019: Media News

View Media Report:

BSNL quashes news reports of closure, says govt working on revival plan. 

10/10/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to Secretary DoT: Request for issuing a press release refuting the fake news published in some news papers and other print/electronic media on 08.10.2019 regarding closure of BSNL/MTNL, quoting Finance Ministry sources. GS letter to Secretary, DoT

08/10/2019: CHQ News

The Union/Association leaders available at New Delhi held a meeting on 07.10.2019 to review the situation, the issues like abnormal delay in disbursement of salary, labour/electricity payments and BSNL revival. The meeting is of the opinion to strengthen the unity and launch organizational actions immediately on the above issues. The programs will be announced on 11th after discussing with other Unions/Assns.

07/10/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri Sheetla Prasad Tripathi, DIR(CM):

Issues related to poor SIM sales, Reduction in revenue, revenue leakage and the unwarranted threat of Salary deduction. GS letter to DIR(CM) on SIM sales

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD, BSNL:

Taking necessary steps on defaulted payment of EMI/Installments of Home Loans, Insurance, Society etc for the recoveries made from salary by taking up with Banks, LIC, Society etc, owning the responsibility of payments by BSNL. GS letter to CMD on EMI/Instalments

04/10/2019: CHQ News

Positive Developments on BSNL Revival Plan

Home Minister Shri Amit Shah and head of GoM sent a reminder to DoT few days back why the GoM decision on BSNL Revival is not getting implemented. He insisted that there should not be any change in the GoM decision. This might have made the Finance Ministry and others to agree to BSNL proposal, to great extent.

Our timely letters to the Hon PM and HM highlighting the GoM decisions and the attempt by Finance Ministry officials to scuttle the revival plan even by questioning the GoM authority has highlighted by the print and social media and made a big issue.

It is understood that the discussions held at PMO yesterday was very positive and the Secretaries from different Depts come to an understanding that BSNL Revival is required and BSNL can be Revived. Discussions are continuing on the implementation of Revival package. Hopefully it will be concluded in another one week and proposal may go to the Cabinet for approval before Deepavali.

04/10/2019: Circle News

Comrades of Thrissur under the leadership of Com. Muraleedharan who were officiating  as JTO to SDE  and benefited by the order for protection of pay they have drawn during officiating  period prior to 2007, the date on which EPP was ordered due to the continuous  persuation of SNEA at CHQ  for 10 years upto 2017 donated Rs 14000 - the amount they have collected for court case in this matter.

More than 3000 executives  who were officiating  as SDEs  up to 2007 have benefited by this orders.

Similar contribution  was made by Calicut comrades under the leadership of Com. Kanakadas.

SNEA Congratulates and thank  these Comrades.

Circle  Association  as mark of gratitude to Thrissur Comrades have decided to donate the amount to the relief fund of SNEA Thrissur.

03/10/2019: Circle News

Masive Protest Demonstration throughout the country on 01.10.2019

Thousands of employees participated in the Lunch Hour demonstration at all Circle and SSA HQs in protest against the non-payment of salary in time, non-payment of wages to contract workers, electricity bills, rentals etc and total ban on capital expenditure along with other issues related with Revival of BSNL. Employees demanded that BSNL or DoT should pay the salary to all BSNL employees as DoT is the Principal Employer and owner of the company.

Govt is deliberately delaying the Revival package making BSNL sick day by day. It is becoming clear day by day. GoM is recommending the Revival package but Govt Secretaries are opposing it. From management side also much efforts are not visible to motivate the employees and increase the business. So strong agitation is required in the near future to compel the Govt to approve the Revival Package as suggested by us approved.

At New Delhi, the demonstration was addressed by Com Sebastin K, GS/SNEA, Com P Abhimanu, GS/BSNLEU, Com S Sivakumar, GS/AIBSNLEA and Com Suresh Kumar, GS/BSNLMS. CHQ President, both AGSs, CS/BSNLCO and CP/NTR and BSNLCO also participated alongwith other activists. In Kerala also demonstrations were held successfully in all BAs and huge number of employees gathered for the revival of the company.

After the demonstration, discussions held regarding the future programs. We are contacting each and every Union/Assn in BSNL and appealing them to join the future struggle for Revival. We are in touch with the Unions/Assns in MTNL also and working for a joint struggle for struggle.


28/09/2019: CHQ News

Protest Lunch Hour Demonstration on 01.10.2019 

View Notice

The Unions and Associations of BSNL is constrained to conduct a lunch hour demonstration on 01.10.2019 in protest against the non-payment of salary in time, non-payment of wages to contract workers, electricity bills, rentals etc and total ban on capital expenditure along with other issues related with Revival of BSNL.

Unions and Associations further demanded that if BSNL is not able to pay the salary, Govt should pay the salary to all BSNL employees being the Principal Employer and owner of the company.

Charter of Demands

1. Immediate allotment of 4G Spectrum and Land Monetization.

2. Payment of Salary to BSNL employees on due date by BSNL or DoT.

3. Payment of wages to contract workers, payment of electricity and rental charges.

4. Implementation of 3rd Pay Revision.

5. Honour the Commitments given by Union Cabinet in 2000 to ensure Financial viability of BSNL:

i) Financial support for loss making Rural Exchanges.

    ii) Extend soft loan to BSNL/ Sovereign Guarantee for it’s capital expenditures.

iii) Remove the total ban on capital expenditure by BSNL. Allow field units capital expenditure, where revenue is assured.

6. No Retrenchment & No Roll Back of Retirement age to 58.

7. Payment of Pension Contribution by BSNL as per the Govt Rule.

We appeal to all the Unions & Associations and employees to join the protest demonstration on 01.10.2019

27/09/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding immediate intervention of the Circle Administration for remaining request transfers View Letter

27/09/2019: Circle News

AGB of SNEA Thrissur was held at Elite International Hotel, Thrissur on 26/9/2019. Circle Secretary Com.T.Santhosh Kumar, CWC Member Com.Suresh Kumar and other leaders addressed the AGB.

The AGB unanimously elected new body of SNEA Thrissur.

District President : Com. Susanthan JTO Elect
Vice President : 1) Com. Vidya S, DE Thrissur
                           2) Com. Molcy kutty SDE

District Secretary : Com. Jyothis JTO Mala 
Asst Secretary : 1) Com. Sreeja JAO
                           2) Com. Vinod V J, SDE

District Treasurer : Com. Gokulan P V SDE
Asst Treasurer : Com. Denny KS, AO

Executive committee members :
1) Com. Prathibha DE STR
2) Com. Kishore JTO Civil 
3) Com. Sunil SDE Elect 
4) Com. Shabu SDE BSS 
5) Com. Lenin AO TR
6) Com. Pretty Davis DE Mgkavu 
7) Com. Velayudan DE VRI.

CEC Members :
1) Com. Sureshbabu JAO OSP
2) Com. Loveby JTO EB

23/09/2019: Circle News

Meeting with GM HR on 21/9/2019:

CS, CT and ACS met GM HR to discuss the following issues:

1. Pending Transfer Request cases – We expressed our protest over the delay in releasing the orders for the  two years tenure completed cases. GM HR informed that it is being processed. 

Though  the last transfer orders  were issued more  than one month before none of the orders are implemented by BAs. It is requested to give a deadline to BAs else to be completed through ERP from Circle office.

2. Reversion of SDEs from LDCE-2007 and Show Cause Notices – We expressed our displeasure regarding reversion and issuing of show cause notices to the SDEs (from LDCE2007) over their ineligibility after more than 10 years. 

3. JTO (O) pay recovery issue – We protested over the recent orders for pay recovery inspite of clear stay from PCAT Delhi leading to contempt and further litigations. GM HR informed that the issue will be sent to Corporate office for further clarification. We requested for keeping the recovery orders in abeyance till clarification order is sought from Corporate office.

4. Pending Time bound Promotion Cases – GM HR informed that DPC is scheduled on Monday for the available data. We informed that just like Circle office is rigorously pursuing pending faults, pending time bound cases also has to be pursued by Circle office so that the orders can be released on time.   

We also met PGM Finance to discuss the JTO(O) pay recovery issue.

20/09/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding Fixation of pay of TTAs officiating as JTOs as on 1-1-2007 View Letter


1. No.HR-III/2-5/JTO (O) Pay fixation/2012/part-I/67 dated at TVM 18th Sep 2019

2. HR-III/2-3/JTO(O)/Pay Fixation/2012/Pt/6 dated 11th October, 2012

3. BSNL Corp. Office letter no. 5-32/2013/Estt-IV dated 22-12-2015

4. Interim order from Hon. PCAT in OA 892/2016 dated 4-3-2016 View Order

As per the letter under reference (1) it has been directed to review all pay fixation cases of TTAs who were officiating as JTOs on 1-1-2007 in accordance with letter under reference (2) and recover overpayment if any.

In this connection it is brought to your kind notice that the letter under reference (2) has been superseded by letter under reference (3) and as such any action pursuant to letter under reference (2) will be violation of BSNL corporate office orders under reference (3).

Further the letter under reference (3) is under challenge before Hon. PCAT New Delhi in OA NO. 892/2016 and as per the interim order dated 4/3/3016 the Hon. CAT has orders as follows:

“Issue notice to the respondents, who shall file their reply within four weeks. In the mean time they shall not to recover any amount from the applicants pursuant to the order dated 22.12.2015”

From the above it is clear that the orders from circle office as per reference (1)  is in violation of BSNL corporate office order dated 22-12-2015 as per letter under reference (3) and is clear contempt of the Hon. PCAT order dated  4-3-2016 as per reference (4).

In this regard, it is requested not to proceed in violation of BSNL corporate office letter and against Hon. PCAT order dated 4-3-2016 in OA No 892/2016.

19/09/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGM for ensuring alternate arrangements for the proper upkeep of at least the major telecom installations to avoid breakdown of telecom services in the Circle in light of Agitattion started by Casual Labours .

It is learnt that majority of casual contract labourers supplied by various agencies across all BAs in the Circle are going on indefinite strike from tomorrow onwards. These contract labourers are being engaged for carrying out daily fault maintenance of wire line network, infra maintenance of telephone exchanges and proper upkeep of major telecom installations in BAs. In many BAs, sufficient contract labourers are not available as well. Hence, in the absence of labourers, it will be difficult to maintain Fault repair system as well as Power plant, AC units, DG sets etc. in telephone exchange. It is requested that necessary action/instructions may be issued to field BA units for ensuring alternate arrangements for the proper upkeep of at least the major telecom installations to avoid breakdown of telecom services in the Circle. View Letter

18/09/2019: Circle News

Diversion of FTTH cards to Kerala Circle from Chennai Telephones

Diversion of FTTH cards to Kerala Circle from Chennai Telephones We have been informed from CHQ that BSNL Corporate Office has issued orders diverting five numbers of FTTH GLCP cards from Chennai Telephones to Kerala Circle facilitating addition of more FTTH customers in already installed Alphion make OLTs in the Circle.We had requested CHQ to bring the shortage of such cards in Kerala Circle to their notice. We have also requested CFA section of BSNL Corporate office to analyse loading of equipped OLTs in all circles and to facilitate inter circle diversion,wherever possible, to provide more FTTH connections where demand is high. We thank CHQ for the prompt support in this regard. View Letter

16/09/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding 

Encourage, not threaten in the hour of crisis, our final request.... 

View Letter

It has come to our notice that the Circle Administration is using the platform of CFA and Sim Sales webinars as a tool for harassing the executives in the name of delay in closure of faults and for not achieving sim sale targets and at the same time completing the closure advice notes issued by ITPC for DNP or by CSCs on customer requests, pending for more than a year. We would like to make it very clear that the self-motivated executive community of the Circle cannot tolerate such unethical and unjustified actions from the Circle management which has decided to ignore all the field realities and basic expectations from the entire staff of BSNL in the circle during these hours of crisis.

We once again like to convey our strong feeling from the CFA/Sales section which are at the receiving end that the present HR management in the Circle has failed in motivating the available man power to derive best out of them in these hours of crisis.

It is requested that necessary instructions may be issued to BAs for completing long pending landline/broadband closure orders to reduce mass customer complaints being received at CSCs/CFA offices regarding deposit refund, wrong bills etc.

We would like to request the Kerala Circle administration to go through the following five annexures enclosed herewith. We have nothing more to say in that regard.

We expect CGMT Kerala to be more realistic to actual field conditions which was brought to the notice of Administration during many occasions by the Association. Now, at least by seeing the above letters written to BSNL Board by head of BAs performing much below Kerala Circle, we expect CGMT will stand by the side of employees struggling hard for the best performance of the Kerala as per the Annexure 1 and stop threatening advisories, if not appreciated, particularly during CFA/CM Sales webinars.


  1. Revenue performance report of all BSNL units upto August 2019
  2. Letter from a South Zone BA Head to Director HR/CM, BSNL Corporate Office
  3. Letter from a North Zone BA Head to Director HR/CM, BSNL Corporate Office
  4. A news item of September 13, 2019 on ET Telecom news portal
  5. A news item of September 16, 2019 on ET Telecom news portal

12/09/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding Settlement of the long pending issue of SDE Promotion through LDCE 2007 (Vacancy year 2005-06) of 2001 Rect JTOs who were made eligible as per SDE RR 2002 and non issuance of SCN/Reversion for those SDEs working for more than 10 years View Letter

11/09/2019: Happy ONAM

05/09/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding Phase 8.4 Project AMC, addition/deletion of line items View Letter

It has come to our notice that the Ph.8.4 Vendor for CM expansion in South and West Zones is putting undue pressure on Circles to include certain line items like Installation materials, Power Cable, Antennae, Fixtures, Feeder Cable, Tower materials etc in AMC list for the first two years.  The relevant clauses available in the Ph.8.4 tender itself has given the privilege to BSNL for adding/deleting any equipment(s) from the scope of AMC. Also, in the tender conditions nowhere it is mentioned that entire line items in the PO must be included in AMC. While operating same clause in the previous tender, Kerala Circle excluded these line items from AMC and could save nearly 4 Crores in 2 years. It is also informed that yielding to such pressure tactics from the vendor would create huge unrest and protests among the field units.

We have requested the CGMT to advice such greedy vendors to refrain themselves from such unjustified and unwarranted actions, which is likely to invite CVC interventions, and may take stringent action against those who insist the Circle to go for unnecessary AMC expenditure which would be nothing but huge burden on BSNL during these hours of grave financial crisis and hence to be avoided at any cost. Our CHQ has brought this case to the CMD and the Director (CM), BSNL Corporate Office and requested their interventions as well. All other Circles in South and West zones are also being alerted through the respective Circle Secretaries to avoid unnecessary expenditure in this regard.

04/09/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CHQ President/Gs regarding delay in disbursing of Salary View Letter

Ever since the formation of our beloved company BSNL,  Kerala Circle made profit upto the financial year 2017-18. Considerable  revenue has been generated during this period compared to any other circles in India. However,  Kerala Circle has not received any special consideration so far in this regard.

One of the important  festival of Kerala,  ONAM is falling  in the 2nd week of September 2019 and the entire people  in Kerala celebrating Onam barring creed, caste and religion.  Now it is learnt from reliable source that the salary for the month of August 2019 will be delayed and the disbursement  will be extended beyond 5th September 2019. In this circumstances,  we humbly request immediate intervention of CHQ to release our salary at the earliest,  so that we can celebrate  our precious  festival in decent manner.

03/09/2019: Circle News

Congratulations to all….!! The 4 JAO LICE Vacancies finally released…… 

Fight for the Truth…. Truth has and will always prevail

Continuous interventions and relentless persuasion of SNEA for more than two years finally came to a logical conclusion in favor of Employees. It is yet another victory for SNEA as Administration finally released 4 LICE JAO vacancies and declared revised results for the Group-C to JAO promotion under 40% quota. View Orders

Though Administration was not ready to release the vacancies, we continuously pursued the issue with logical arguments and debates on various occasions in the last two years in the meetings with CGMT & GM(HR) on 9th Nov 2017, 15th Feb, 25th April, 8th May, 3rd Nov, 19th Dec of 2018, 7th Mar, 30th July and 14th Aug 2019. Several letters were written for resolving the issue, latest being 12/8/2019

We thank Administration for issuing the orders and Hearty congratulations to all promoted officers especially to Com.G.S.Hariharan who relentlessly fought the battle.  We welcome all of you to the executive community.

28/08/2019: Circle News

Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Kerala on 21st August, 2019 at SNEA Bhavan, Trivandrum :

The Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Kerala was held at SNEA Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram on 21st August, 2019. The meeting was conducted as per the CHQ directions to discuss the views of the membership on issues like restructuring of BSNL, proposal for reduction of retirement age to 58, VRS, strategies for next MV etc for presenting before the upcoming CWC meeting to be held at Bangalore on 29th and 30th this month. The meeting presided by Circle President Com. George Varghese, commenced by 11 AM was attended by  Circle Secretary, Circle Office Bearers, District Secretaries, CEC and CWC members. District Secretary, Trivandrum Dr. V G Sabu welcomed the participants.

At the outset, the CEC meeting paid homage to the late Com. K V Sheela, JTO, Kozhikode BA. Com. M A Gafoor, CWC Member briefed about her untimely and sad demise. The meeting also paid homage to those who lost their life in the recent disastrous flood. It has been decided to extend all possible support to the flood victims as done in the past. The meeting congratulated those employees who made selfless and relentless efforts for quick restoration of telecom services in the flood hit areas.

The following points were discussed.

  1. Additional spectrum allocation and launching of 4G/5G services: The unjustified delay of allocating additional spectrum to BSNL has badly affected customer satisfaction and resulted in huge decline of market share and revenue in CM vertical. The meeting stressed the need for immediate launch of 4G/5G services to regain the lost customers and increase market share/revenue. The meeting also demanded allocation of sufficient capital fund for deployment of 4G/5G network throughout the country on war foot basis along with the proposed additional spectrum allocation through equity infusion. The meeting also remarked that timely renewal of 2G/3G spectrum license also should be carried out for smooth running of all essential wireless services by BSNL. The meeting was of the view that BSNL shall roll out 4G in the existing spectrum as already done which does not involve  hardware  purchase and spectrum allocation as the phase 8.4 equipments are compactable for 4G and only software license is required.
  1. Restructuring of BSNL: The meeting expressed serious concerns about some media reports like retirement age reduction to 58 from 60, VRS, land monetization etc. The meeting decided to oppose any attempts to reduce retirement age which is against the terms and conditions during absorption process and commitments given by the Union Cabinet in the year 2000. Moreover, it affects not only those who are nearing retirement but the service of the entire work force in BSNL, including the youngsters, if retirement age is reduced by two years. In addition, there has been no clarity on the future network operations of BSNL in the absence of sufficient manpower.  This is particularly pertinent taking into account the majority of the targeted  work force are utilised in CFA sector which give more than 50% of the revenue  and not comparable with other TSPs. The real issue is the road map should be  towards increasing the revenue since the reduction in expenditure will give only a temporary relief. The private TSPs are also in huge loss inspite of minimal wage cost.
  1. VRS Proposals: The meeting decided not to oppose VRS proposals if the same is decided and formulated for the revival of BSNL as well as beneficial to the VRS optees, the details of which are yet to be known including roadmap about the future network operation strategies in the absence of existing manpower and the future liability on BSNL on this account.
  1. PRC and Pension Revision: The meeting expressed disappointment over the negative stand taken by the Government and the management by denying 3rd PRC benefits to serving employees and the delay in revising pension benefits which is totally against the  commitments given by the Government during absorption. It is to be noted that the IIMA committee had recommended extending 3rd PRC benefits to motivate employees along with other suggestions to achieve the ultimate aim of BSNL revival. The  non implementation of PRC will be more detrimental to remaining serving  employees as they have more number of service left.
  1.  Stalemate in all promotions on account of court case by  selfish vested interest  is creating frustration among the cadres and CHQ should take proper steps for its implementation, the CPSU cadre hierarchy   which ensure timely promotion as  approved by the BSNL board. In case of JTO to SDE in spite of more than 7000 vacancies and in case of more than 1000 DGM post  no promotions are taking place. Similar is the case of other streams.
  1. SPV for transfer of existing liabilities: Any revival package without favorable decision on nullifying existing liabilities may not help actual revival of BSNL. There should be a mechanism for transfer of all liabilities including loans and formulation of future roadmap for ensuring sufficient capital for further network expansion in all verticals.  It is also noted that while the proposal for SPV was mooted against land alone now the focus is shifted to Tower and fibre which  are very vital for the   service of BSNL and under the scanner of other TSPs for rolling out 5G .
  1. Land and building monetization: Such proposals should be highly transparent and helping BSNL for its revival as well as assuring future prospects. The apprehensions and complaints about certain land parcels’ valuation need to be addressed before taking final call on monetization. BSNL should have final say and the BSNL management should have the capability to protect the interest of BSNL unlike what we have seen in the past.
  1. Issues of young executives like NOC, Deputation, Rule 8 transfers etc: In one side management is telling “no deputation” due to shortage of executives in field, but at the same time, the same management is involved in formulating strategies for reducing man power which is contradictory. The CEC requests CHQ to bring this double standard to the notice of the HR wing of BSNL Corporate Office to consider the requests from young executives for NOC for applying jobs in other organizations, Deputation, Rule 8 transfers etc in the most generous and judicious way.
  1. AMC expenses: Huge money is being spent by way of AMC expenditure to Corporates and MNCs which is alarming as the number of working connections are drastically coming down and reduction in AMC costs not being reflected anywhere. At the same time, allocation for labour costs to workers in CFA &CM verticals is drastically reduced. It is high time that the AMC expenditure in various verticals is reviewed at highest level and measures taken to arrest leakages in all possible ways, CEC observed.
  1. It has been decided to represent issues to the CGMT, like long pending faults due to  shortage of manpower and material and closure advice notes pending for long time resulting customer complaints for non settlement of accounts  in the Circle.
  1. The CEC meeting decided to request management to consider at least part payments to contractors and contract labourers during the eve of Onam, which would benefit hundreds of families during the festival and in turn  results in increased productivity in the field. The CEC decided to donate Rs 25000/- to CCLU as token of our concern  towards non payment of wages for months together.
  1. The meeting also decided to work out plan for better utilisation of Civil, Electrical and Accounts wing executives  in changed  business scenario. It was reported that though in  some SSAs accounts personals are posted in CSC and sales EB etc it is not been happening in many SSAs though CGMT as well as AUAB has decided in the same line.
  1. CMDRF: The CEC decided to appeal all members of SNEA to voluntarily donate oneday’ salary directly to Chief Minister’ Disaster Relief Fund. This is to enable claiming income tax rebate on donation. A consolidated report on payments by members may be prepared by the concerned DSs and posted in the Circle group for the information of all.
  1. The request from DS, Malappuram to allot more JTOs to the BA was agreed in order to compensate the transfer of JTOs to their home BAs by a recent order. Association is fully aware of the need of substitutes for Malappuram BA and it has to  be ensured. The remaining transfer requests who has completed 2 years are to be followed up for its approval without further delay.
  1. GTI premium excess payments: Complaints from members regarding excess premium collection for GTI to be brought to the notice of CHQ for early resolution of the same. The claim settlement under GTI and its procedures are to be expedited.
  1. Multiple payments while applying MT examination: There are mass complaints from members regarding multiple payments happened while applying online for MT recruitment examinations. This need to be brought to the notice of CHQ for effecting early refund of the same.
  1. Medical Insurance Scheme: The CEC has decided to request management to chalk out new comprehensive medical insurance scheme which would be beneficial both for members and for the Company replacing existing BSNL MRS by allowing  and promoting the employees to avail medical insurance and reimbursement by BSNL within  limits. CGHS facility to BSNL employees  to be more attractive so that more employees shall opt for CGHS.
  1. Property Tax issue: It has been decided to follow up the representation given by the Circle body to Chief Minister, Kerala regarding property tax issues in Panchayaths for early resolution.
  1. It has been decided to explore migration of existing procedures in the Engineers Cooperative Society to a computer based platform for smooth handling of accounts.
  1. The initiatives from Ernakulam and Kannur BAs for promoting FTTH connections through various means were applauded wholeheartedly and request all BAs to take similar efforts.
  1. The false propaganda being  unleashed by vested interest eying on membership verification  to be identified at local level by timely intervention. The meeting congratulated  PGT team for enrolling around 19 members and other SSAs for bringing back  the members despite unethical  campaign  by others.

The CEC meeting concluded by 7 PM. Dr. G Premkumar, Assistant Circle Secretary delivered vote of thanks.

27/08/2019: Circle News

Meeting with GM HR on 27/8/2019:

CT Com.Suneer.S and ACS Com.J.V.Ramana met GM HR Shri Satheesh.R today for discussing and following up the leftover transfer cases in the cadre of JTO/SDE/DE. GM HR responded positively and assured to release the orders within a couple of days. We also requested GM HR to consider the request for Transfer/Posting to hard tenure areas like Idukki, Wayanad and Malappuram.

25/08/2019: Circle News

Meeting with DGM(HR) on 23/8/2019:

CS Com.T.Santhosh Kumar and ACS Com.J.V.Ramana met DGM(HR) Smt.R.Ponnammal on 23/8/2019 and discussed about :

1.    Processing of pending leftover transfer request cases: As transfer and Posting orders were issued in the month of May in 2017, it is unfair to consider transfer requests this year only upto 31st March 2019 avoiding the officers who were relieved to shortage BAs in or after May 2017. DGM HR responded positively and agreed to process it without any delay.

2.    DGM LA : We requested to call fresh options as last time it was done almost six months back and it is come to notice that many seniors who did not give option earlier are now ready to take up the responsibilities.

25/08/2019: Circle News

JTO officiating wrong Pay fixation and Recovery issues - Combined Meeting on 21/8/2019:

As requested since long back and as directed by CGMT during our recent meeting with him on 14/8/2019, a committee was formed and a combined meeting was finally arranged by Administration at the chamber of GM HR Shri Satheesh.R to discuss JTO officiating wrong pay fixation and recovery issues. From association side Circle President Com.George Varghese, Circle Secretary Com.T.Santhosh Kumar, Circle Treasurer Com.Suneer.S and Circle Vice President Com.Asha.A.S attended and from Administration side DGM (HR) Smt.R.Ponnammal, DGM (ERP&CSC) Smt.Sreelatha.S, CAO Shri K.Mukunthan and AGM (HR) Smt.Sudha.P.Nair attended.

After detailed discussions, administration agreed to review the wrong pay fixation issue and regarding recovery it was decided to seek clarification from Corporate office.

21/08/2019: Circle News

Congratulations..!! to all those who were waiting for the last many months for getting transfer back to home BA. We were continuously pursuing for these orders. We thank Circle Administration for issuing the request transfer orders.

It is understood that transfers orders are issued only for those who completed two years tenure as on 31st March 2019. We will ensure that the remaining leftover transfer cases for those who were transferred in 2017 will also be considered by the Administration.

Association is fully aware for the need of substitutes for Malappuram BA and it will also be ensured.

View Orders | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

20/08/2019: CHQ News

Meeting at PMO on BSNL Revival Plan on 20.08.2019:

Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, Shri Nripendra Mishra called a meeting today at 3.30 PM in PMO to discuss the draft Cabinet Note on Revival of BSNL.

1. 4G proposal accepted as 100% capital infusion. GST portion should be funded by BSNL as it cannot be done by Capital infusion.

2. VRS proposal followed by retirement age reduction to 58 accepted.

3. Proposal for SPV for land monetization and transfer of BSNL loan NOT accepted. SPV experience was a failure in the case of Air India.

4. BSNL land monetization proposal accepted. Land, OFC and Towers will be monetized and will be monitored by a Committee consisting of BSNL, DoT and DIPAM.

5. BSNL and MTNL merger proposal dropped. It will be taken up later on.

Revised Cabinet Memo will be going to the Cabinet directly, most probably next week.

20/08/2019: CHQ News

Reduction of retirement age from 60 to 58 years – hold protest lunch hour demonstrations throughout the country tomorrow, 21.08.2019.

The AUAB has reliably learnt that the BSNL Board meeting is going to be held tomorrow, 21.08.2019, in which they are going to give approval for reducing the retirement age of BSNL employees from 60 to 58. We have been hearing for the past few months, about the proposal of the Government to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58. This is not only affecting those who are nearing retirement, the service of the entire work force, including the youngsters will come down by 2 years. In this case, there is no option for the employees like VRS. 

This arbitrary decision is taken by the Govt and now pressurising the BSNL Board to approve it without any consultation with the real stake holders of the company, the employees. This is totally against the commitment given by the Union Cabinet in the year 2000, that Government rule will be applicable so far as the retirement of BSNL employees is concerned.

In view of this, we have to strongly protest against this arbitrary move to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58 years. Hence, SNEA and AUAB calls upon the entire Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL to hold lunch hour demonstrations tomorrow to protest against the proposed move of the BSNL Board to reduce the retirement age from 60 to 58.

Employees Unity only can save this company during this crisis period and we should be in the forefront to maintain the Unity.

20/08/2019: CHQ News

Meeting at PMO on BSNL Revival Plan on 20.08.2019:

Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, Shri Nripendra Mishra called a meeting today in PMO to discuss the draft Cabinet Note on Revival of BSNL. Both the Secretaries from Finance Ministry is attending the meeting. In response to the Cabinet Note, Finance Ministry raised some queries on the possibility of Revival of BSNL as per the proposal in the Cabinet Memo. Right from the beginning, Finance Ministry was of the opinion that there is no need for revival of BSNL/MTNL. But due to the political pressure and the compulsions created by our continuous agitation, public and media support, political leadership at highest level intervened and the Revival proposal is mooted. If the outcome of today’s meeting is positive, Cabinet decision can be expected by this month end itself.

20/08/2019: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Sheetla Prasad Tripathi, DIR(CM &HR): 

GS, President and AGS met Director(CM) and held discussions on various issues:

i) On financial condition, DIR informed that there is no significant improvement. The banks are reluctant on giving fresh loan on the repayment capacity. Now all eyes are on the Revival package, once it is approved, situation will automatically change.

ii) On DGM(T) promotion, we explained the changed situation as the number of vacancies are more than sufficient to promote all the eligible DEs. Further we explained the discussions we had with CGM(Legal) and PGM(Pers)/DGM(Pers) on this matter. We requested to withdraw the MA filed in the Hon CAT and proceed with the promotions. Response of Director was very positive and assured to work out on this.

iii) Promotion in different cadres: We explained the precarious situation in promotion among different cadres and sought the intervention at highest level. Executives are not demanding any monitory benefits, just a designation change, we told. Director informed that management is aware of the situation but at present top management is fully pre occuppied in the finalization of Revival plan. Once that is finalised management will be able to focus on these issues.

18/08/2019: Circle News

Urgent Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNEA , Kerala Circle on 21/8/2019  View Letter
Notice is hereby issued for an URGENT Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Kerala Circle to be held on 21/8/2019 (10 AM) at SNEA Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram.  All Circle Office Bearers, District Secretaries, CEC members and Branch Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting in time.

Agenda: Organizational Matters/ HR issues pending in Kerala Circle/Items to be presented at the upcoming CWC on revival matters. 

The following items may be discussed in the meeting:-
1. Associations formal stand on restructuring  of BSNL
2. Proposal for reduction of retirement  age to 58.
3. 3rd PRC and Pension revision
4. Revival/ Survival of BSNL

District Secretaries may gather opinions from our members and present it before CEC. 

16/08/2019: Circle News

Meeting with the CGMT ON 14-08-2019:

The Association had a pre-appointed agenda meeting with the CGMT, Dr. P T Mathew from 4 PM to 5:30 PM on 14-08-2019. Circle President Com. George Varghese, Circle Secretary Com. T Santhosh Kumar, Circle Treasurer Com. Suneer S, Assistant Circle Secretaries Com. Jithesh K P and Com. J V Ramana represented Association side. From Administration side, Shri. Satheesh R, GM (HR/Admn) and Shri. N K Sukumaran GM (NWP-CFA) were also present.

The salient points of the discussions were:

1. Pending transfer requests from JTOs/SDEs/DEs transferred during 2017:

The Association demanded for issuing orders against all transfer requests received from executives without any further delay. As usual CGMT assured that it will be done. We insisted for a firm date for issuing orders, as CGMT has been giving only assurances for last six months and no orders have seen the light of the day. We have pointed out that a series of discussions were already held on the same subject on February 12th, March 7th, June 3rd, 20th& 28th, July 24th, 26th & 30th, August 1st & 8th this year and still there is no clarity on the matter.  After prolonged discussions and arguments, CGMT assured that the transfer orders to JTOs will be issued before 25th of this month.  The Association requested to consider the remaining cases of SDEs and DEs which are very less in number. CGMT again started arguing that there is no rule for giving transfers after two years, then why transfers to be given after two years etc.  Association strongly protested against this negative attitude of the Administration and pointed out that even officers at GM and above levels are getting transfers without any time restrictions, getting relieved without substitutes and at any rate. The Association cannot agree to this attitude of the Administration on HR issues. After arguments, CGMT finally agreed to examine cases of SDEs and DEs also. We insisted for a positive decision on that and we are assured that the decision will be intimated in couple of days.

2. Pay recovery case of officiating JTOs:

Opening the subject, CGMT informed that the case was thoroughly got examined by the Finance wing and recovery is a must as there are clear orders as intimated by the Finance wing. We have informed that the CGMT is ill informed by the Finance wing on this case and clarified that there is order from the Corporate office not to effect any recovery till further orders and the Corporate Office has not issued any orders for recovery. In fact, the Finance wing at Ernakulam BA is effecting the recovery as an anticipatory bail in case any order for recovery come from the Corporate office as communicated by the Ernakulam BA Finance wing in writing. Further, we have produced the DOPT order endorsed by BSNL and reiterated in May 2019 wherein the recovery from pay is not permissible under law. We have categorically told CGMT that all the criteria laid down in the order are squarely applicable in this case also and asked how the BA/Circle Finance wing can act against the Corporate office order. CGMT was not aware about these facts and he directed the GM HR to get clarification from Corporate office in this regard.

3. Revision of pay (2nd PRC) after regular promotion and fixation of pay of Officiating JTOs regularized in Feb 2008:

Association pointed out that though the matter referred from Ernakulam BA is pending from Jan 2019, no decision has been taken and no meeting with concerned officers of HR/Finance wing took place so far in spite of repeated directions from CGMT. CGMT once again instructed the GM HR for conducting the meeting to resolve the issues. GM HR assured to arrange the meeting without delay.

4. Filling up of JAO posts became vacant on declining JAO LICE held on 17/6/2016:

This Association was taking up the issue for the last two years and demanding to fill up the vacant posts among the qualified hands. The representation from Shri. Hariharan, who was trained and posted as JAO, but reverted later, was specifically pointed out. We are assured that based on the latest clarification received from the Corporate office, the Circle will be able to fill up the posts.

5. Filling up of vacant LICE JTO post in 2016-17:

Association demanded for filing up of the vacant JTO post on account of shifting of one candidate to 2015-16. CGMT informed that as directed by the Corporate office, this vacancy will be carried forward to 2017-18. Association strongly objected to this illogical decision and argued that case of carry forward arise only in case, if no eligible hands are available and it will definitely end up in another court case.  At this point, it was assured that the Circle office will once again take up the case with the Corporate office.

6. Declaring Idukki as an all India soft tenure station:

Association requested CGMT to recommend the proposal from Ernakulam BA as well as from the Association to declare Idukki as an all India soft tenure station so that executives of entire circle can be benefitted by getting exemption from tenure transfers on all India basis by serving in Idukki and the present staff shortage issue also can be resolved. CGMT agreed to examine the request.

7. Conducting retirement meeting in Ernakulam BA one day in advance:

We requested the CGMT to permit Ernakulam BA to conduct retirement meeting one day in advance considering the remote and vast geographical area of the BA.  CGMT was not in favour of the request and opined that retirement function should be held on the last working day only.   Though we have pointed out that the retirement will be only in the last working day and the relieving order will be issued by the controlling officer only on last day, CGMT was not ready to review his stand on this matter.

8. Deployment of more executives in Sales, Marketing and CSCs from units other than Telecom Engineering wing:

CGMT agreed to our view and pointed out that already in many BAs, Accounts Officers are posted in CSCs and Marketing and the same can be done in other BAs also. It can be implemented at BA level itself and no separate orders are required from the Circle office.

9. Operational and survival suggestions:

We have handed over the suggestions made in the last CEC for BSNL survival to the CGMT for consideration.  As far as FTTH provisioning is concerned, the initiative being taken as decided in the last CEC was briefed to CGMT. The case of allowing DSAs for providing FTTH was also discussed and necessary clarifications sought from Kannur BA in that regard will be given from the Circle Office.

10. External Projects of Civil/Electrical:

As far as external projects are concerned, we have pointed out that as there are lots of issues in effecting payments to contractors, we may better stop external projects for the time being and the staff can be better utilized in needy areas. But CGMT informed that it has been decided to form a tripartite agreement by which the contractor payments will be done directly by the agency to the contractor and we will be able to continue the external projects.

11. Meeting operational parameters in the absence of contract labourers and services in CFA and CM sector:

The difficulties on account of shortage of man power, material and money experienced by the field units were brought to the notice of CGMT. We have told that the set operational parameters are sometime unachievable and due to undue pressure, the field units are resorting to close the dockets which are ultimately leading to more closures. CGMT expressed shock over our feedback and clearly stated that his Office has never asked field units to close the faults without attending.

CGMT stressed on the duties and responsibilities of Telecom Technicians and the unjustified overdependence on contract workers. We informed that for underground cable works, we cannot compel the TTs to take pits without manpower assistance. It is to be noted that taking pits for cable works does not feature in the duties and responsibilities of TTs as published by Circle office recently.

Dear Comrades, we have tried to convey the prevailing frustration and resentment among the field executives against certain wrong HR practices being followed at present in the Circle to the CGMT in the most convincing manner, we believe, during the meeting. We have also informed him about the expectations of the executives from the Circle Leadership for extending all possible support especially for maintaining Network Operations during these hours of crisis. We hope the Administration would rise to the occasion and would stand by side of the entire staff Community for rendering quality services to our esteemed customers amidst all odds being faced by the Circle. If the assurances given to us are not being honoured as in the past we may have to take our own course of action for which the Circle Administration will be solely responsible for any unrest during this crucial juncture, which would be the last thing we wanted to happen in the most productive Circle of BSNL.

15/08/2019: Happy Independence Day

15/08/2019: CHQ News

GS writes to Shri. P. K Purwar, CMD, BSNL: For overcoming the dead lock situation on post based promotions due to never ending litigations on reservation policy and seniority related issues, BSNL Board on 28.05.2018 approved BSNL Executives Promotion Amendment & Recruitment Rules, 2017 (BEPPARR or CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) for all the Executives of all the streams, w.e.f. 28.05.2018. The requirement of Parity and Uniformity in promotions among equivalent cadres in different wings of BSNL is accepted and approved by the BSNL Board as a solution to end litigations. Implementation date can be either 29.06.2018 (the last functional promotion order date as per earlier RRs) or 01.07.2018, the immediate review date. This process shall be completed before restructuring of BSNL or implementation of VRS and all eligible Executives shall be promoted. Thousands of youngsters as well as seniors are suffering.

GS letter to CMD, BSNL

14/08/2019: CHQ News

Meeting with Shri Arun Kumar, PGM(Pers) on 13.08.2019: GS and both AGSs met PGM(Pers) and held discussions on:

a) JTO to SDE promotion: PGM informed that management is waiting for the Hon Kerala High Court order on the review petition.

The SDE promotion is delaying due to the contempt of court case filed by few AIGETOA activists against CMD and GM(P) against the promotion order issued on 15.06.2018. This forced management to file the review petition in the HC as the applicants are trying to drag the CMD and others to the court on the contempt petition. If the contempt case is not there, the promotion orders could have issued long back, which was informed by the management to all the leaders of different Associations, long back. For the assurance of all the concerned, Management filed affidavit also in the Hon CAT that it is ready for issuing promotion orders for all the vacancies and it is in a very advanced stage but the applicants insisted to proceed with the contempt case.

b) DE to DGM promotion: The MA filed by BSNL in Hon CAT Chandigarh for early hearing was listed last week but Hon Court posted the matter to 30.08.2019 along with the other MA. GS shared the apprehension that as happening now, on 30.08.2019 also Hon CAT may not give a final decision and the promotion will continue to delay. GS requested to consider withdrawing the MA and going ahead with promotions as the situation is changed. At present, the number of vacancies are more than the eligible candidates and as such there is no need to apprehend about new court cases. PGM(Pers) agreed to discuss the matter with higher authorities and explore the possibility to withdraw the MA for going ahead with the DPC and promotion.

c) Request Transfer in the cadre of DGMs: New CMD/DIR(HR) approved only those cases having less than 1 year service left and sought the details of the transfer policy followed for the remaining cases. Pers section again processed the cases with the policy guidelines and resubmitted for approval. It is expected to get the remaining transfer cases cleared shortly.

d) Request Transfer in the cadre of DEs: The requests are approved in principle and the orders will be issued by arranging substitutes to the shortage Circles.

13/08/2019: Circle News

Notice for Urgent Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNEA , Kerala Circle  View Letter
Notice is hereby issued for an URGENT Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA Kerala Circle to be held on 21/8/2019 (10 AM) at SNEA Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram.  All Circle Office Bearers, District Secretaries, CEC members and Branch Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting in time.

Agenda: Organizational Matters/ HR issues pending in Kerala Circle/Items to be presented at the upcoming CWC on revival matters. 

13/08/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding Delay in resolving long pending HR issues in the Circle– seems HR Wing testing patience of the Executives, Urgent Action solicited  View Letter

It is not unknown to anyone in the Circle about the involvement and contribution of executives of BSNL amidst all odds, may it be internal or external, for the upkeep of telecom networks intact in the State even by spending lakhs of rupees from their own salaries for arranging essential materials and labour. Even at this time of natural calamity, they are in the field to ensure that BSNL services are available to all. We don’t see anything from the Administration side for motivating this extraordinary man power during these hours of crisis. Instead of rendering helping hands to the executives at this point of time, the HR wing has been deliberately denying even the genuine and legitimate demand of executives which has been brought to your notice multiple times. We are yet to get any positive response from the Administration with regard to the following issues. 

1. Transfer back of executives to their choice stations after rendering more than two years’ service away from home.  
2. Pay fixation of officiating JTOs regularized in Feb 2008 and exercised option for 2nd pay revision after promotion. 
3. Pay recovery from JTOs against officiating period.-case referred from EKM BA. 
4. Filling up of leftover JTO LICE vacancy pertaining to the year 2016-17. 
5. Filling up of leftover JAO vacancies. 

It may be noted that Administration has no reason for delaying the resolution of the above referred demands including issuing of transfer orders for all the executives who were transferred to far away stations through different orders issued till July 2017. At the same time, we see that the top managers in the Circle are getting all HR privileges including transfers, mutual transfers, relieving without substitutes well within tenure period of two years, but at the same time, even the legitimate requests from the lower executive cadres are deliberately ignored and their requests are treated as if thrown to dust bin. 

   The discussion for all these demands had started way back and the Administration has been giving false assurances only till this time. We are sorry to say that no developments are happening in this regard to resolve the issues and Administration is still playing with this assurance strategy alone. At this juncture, we have no other go than to resort to organizational protests against this cat and mouse game from the administration side against this inept treatment to the Recognized Association turning deaf ears to the legitimate rights of executives. We cannot tolerate this type of step mother attitude from the Administration to the field executives any more.

SNEA Kerala Circle therefore urges Circle Management to consider all the above demands positively including issuing of all request transfer orders to those who have completed two years in a station as on July 31st this year within a week, failing which we will be constrained for organizational action despite precarious situation prevailing in the Circle due to natural calamity, for which the Circle Administration will be solely responsible for any unrest during this crucial juncture.

13/08/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding Suggestions for improving FTTH provisioning in the Circle View Letter

12/08/2019: Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding Date of Joining of LICE 2015-16 JTOs in Ernakulam BA View Letter

12/08/2019: Circle News

Fund allotment from disaster fund for meeting fuel expenses to maintain telecom services in flood hit areas : Circle President Com.George Varghese spoke to Sri. Benny Chinnapan Sir, DDG TERM KRL /Circle Co-ordinator Disaster Management and requested fund allotment from disaster fund for meeting fuel expenses to maintain telecom services in flood hit areas. The approval for diesel granted by Trissur District Collector is also forwarded to  him. He agreed to take up with State Disaster Management Cell and suggested  to give the requirement  of diesel Taluk wise. All DSs are requested to coordinate the same in BAs.

12/08/2019: Circle News

Press Release by SNEA Kerala : All District Secretaries are requested to forward the press release to all Newspaper Bureaus in your district and requested to publish it at the earliest. View Press Release

മാനം കറുക്കുമ്പോള്‍ മലയാളികൾക്ക് താങ്ങായി എന്നും BSNL..

മഹാപ്രളയശേഷം ഒരു വര്‍ഷം കഴിഞ്ഞു സംഹാരതാണ്ടാവമാടിയ ഈ പ്രളയത്തിലും കേരളത്തിനു കൈത്താങ്ങായി BSNL മാത്രം. ആഗസ്റ്റ്‌ 8നു തുടങ്ങിയ പേമാരിയും അതിനെ തുടര്‍ന്നുണ്ടായ പ്രളയവും വയനാട്, കോഴിക്കോട്, മലപ്പുറം, വയനാട് ജില്ലകളെ സാരമായി ബാധിച്ചപ്പോള്‍ BSNL ഒഴികെയുള്ള മിക്ക ഓപ്പറേറ്റര്‍മാരുടെയും നെറ്റ്‌വര്‍ക്ക് പല സ്ഥലങ്ങളിലും കിട്ടാതെയായി. ദിവസങ്ങളോളം വൈദ്യുതി ഇല്ലാതിരുന്ന വേളയില്‍ BSNL ഉദ്യോഗസ്ഥര്‍ സ്വന്തം കയ്യില്‍ നിന്നും കാശ് മുടക്കിയാണ് മിക്ക സ്ഥലത്തും ഡീസല്‍ നിറച്ചു കൊണ്ട് സര്‍വീസ് നിലനിര്‍ത്തിയത്. മണ്ണിടിഞ്ഞും ഉരുള് പൊട്ടിയും മിക്ക സ്ഥലങ്ങളും എത്തിപ്പെടാന്‍ സാധ്യമാകാതെ ഇരുന്നപ്പോള്‍ അവിടേക്ക് പോകാന്‍ ധൈര്യം കാണിച്ച ഉദ്യോഗസ്ഥര്‍ക്ക് ജില്ലാ ഭരണകൂടങ്ങളും സഹായത്തിനെത്തി. ഇന്ത്യയിലെ ഇത് വരെ എല്ലാ പ്രകൃതി ദുരന്തങ്ങളിലും സംഭവിച്ചപോലെ സ്വകാര്യ ഓപ്പറേറ്റര്‍മാരുടെ മൊബൈല്‍ ബന്ധം നിശ്ചലമായപ്പോള്‍ BSNL ജനങ്ങളുടെ സഹായത്തിനെത്തി. പ്രളയം നാശം വിതച്ച സ്ഥലങ്ങളിലെ രക്ഷാപ്രവര്‍ത്തനം ഏകോപിപ്പിക്കുന്നതിനു വേണ്ടി അടുത്ത ഒരാഴ്ചത്തേക്ക് അവിടങ്ങളില്‍ BSNL മൊബൈല്‍ ഉപയോഗിക്കുന്നവര്‍ക്ക് പരിധികളില്ലാത്ത കോളും ഡാറ്റയും നല്‍കാന്‍ BSNL തീരുമാനിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു. അതിനു പുറമേ BSNL ഫോണ്‍ ഉപയോഗിക്കുന്ന ആള്‍ക്കാരെ കണ്ടെത്തുന്നതിനു 1948 എന്ന സേവനം BSNL തുടങ്ങിയിട്ടുണ്ട്. കേരള BSNL ഫോണില്‍ നിന്ന് നേരിട്ടും മറ്റു ഫോണില്‍ നിന്ന് 9400021948 എന്ന നമ്പറിലും വിളിച്ചു കണ്ടെത്തേണ്ട ആളുടെ BSNL നമ്പര്‍ ഷെയര്‍ ചെയ്താല്‍ അവരുടെ ടവർ ലൊക്കേഷന്‍ തിരികെ മെസ്സേജ് ആയി ലഭിക്കുന്ന സംവിധാനമാണ് വന്നത്. പ്രളയം നാശം വിതച്ച സ്ഥലങ്ങളില്‍ ത്വരിത വേഗതയില്‍ കമ്മ്യൂണിക്കേഷന്‍ ശൃംഖല പുനസ്ഥാപിച്ച BSNL ഉദ്യോഗസ്ഥര്‍ക്ക് അകമഴിഞ്ഞ പിന്തുണയാണ് നാട്ടുകാര്‍ നല്‍കി വരുന്നത്. റെയില്‍വേ സംവിധാനം പുനസ്ഥാപിക്കാന്‍ BSNL എല്ലാ പ്രധാന റെയില്‍വേ സ്റ്റേഷനുകളിലും GSM FCT സംവിധാനം ഏര്‍പ്പെടുത്തിയിട്ടുണ്ട്. മാസങ്ങളായി ശമ്പളം കിട്ടിയിട്ടില്ലെങ്കിലും BSNL കരാര്‍ തൊഴിലാളികളും നെറ്റ്‌വര്‍ക്ക് പുനസ്ഥാപിക്കാന്‍ ഉദ്യോഗസ്ഥർക്ക് അകമഴിഞ്ഞ പിന്തുണ നല്‍കി വരുന്നു. തുടര്‍ന്നുള്ള രക്ഷാ പ്രവര്‍ത്തനങ്ങള്‍ക്കും BSNL പിന്തുണ ഉണ്ടാകുമെന്ന് BSNL ഓഫീസിര്‍മാരുടെയും തൊഴിലാളികളുടെയും സംഘടനകള്‍ അറിയിച്ചു.

ഒരു അടിയന്തിര ഘട്ടം വന്നപ്പോള്‍ ഉപയോഗിച്ചു കൊണ്ടിരുന്ന പല സ്വകാര്യ ഫോണുകളും ഉപയോഗശൂന്യമായത് ജനങ്ങളില്‍ വലിയ പ്രതിഷേധങ്ങളാണ് ഉണ്ടാക്കിയിരിക്കുന്നത്. ദുരന്ത നിവാരണ പ്രവര്‍ത്തനങ്ങള്‍ ഭാവിയില്‍ ഏകോപിപ്പിക്കുന്നതിനും തടസമില്ലാതെ തുടര്‍ച്ചയായ സേവനങ്ങള്‍ ലഭിക്കുന്നതിനും എല്ലാ സര്‍ക്കാര്‍ ഏജന്‍സികള്‍ക്കും BSNLന്‍റെ ഏറ്റവും പുതിയ സര്‍വീസ് ആയ സാറ്റ്ലൈറ്റ് ഫോണ്‍ കണക്ഷന്‍ നല്‍കുന്നതിനെ കുറിച്ചുള്ള ആലോചന അധികൃതരുമായി തുടങ്ങുമെന്ന് സംഘടനാ ഭാരവാഹികള്‍ അറിയിച്ചു. ആപത് ഘട്ടത്തില്‍ നില്‍ക്കുന്ന നാടിനു ലാഭം നോക്കിയല്ല മറിച്ചു ജനങ്ങളുടെ സുരക്ഷയെ മുന്‍ നിര്‍ത്തിയാണ് BSNL എന്നും സര്‍വീസ് നടത്തുന്നത്, ഡീസല്‍ ചെലവ് വൈദ്യുതിയില്‍ പ്രവര്‍ത്തിക്കുന്നതിലും പതിന്‍മടങ്ങായാതിനാല്‍ നഷ്ടം കണക്കാക്കി സ്വകാര്യ സേവനദാതാക്കള്‍ ഒരു വേള പിന്മാറുമ്പോള്‍ പൊതു മേഖല സ്ഥാപനത്തിന്‍റെ ഉത്തരവാദിത്വം എന്താണെന്ന് സമൂഹത്തിനു കാട്ടി കൊടുക്കുന്ന പ്രവര്‍ത്തനമാണ് BSNL നടത്തിക്കൊണ്ടിരിക്കുന്നത്. ആപത്തില്‍ സഹായിച്ച യഥാര്‍ഥ സുഹൃത്തിനെ തിരച്ചറിഞ്ഞ ആശ്വാസത്തിലാണ് നിലമ്പൂര്‍ അടക്കമുള്ള പ്രളയ ദുരിതം നേരിട്ട പ്രദേശങ്ങളിലെ നിവാസികള്‍. ജന നന്മ കണക്കാക്കി എന്നും സേവനം നല്‍കാന്‍ സദാജാഗരൂഗരായിരിക്കുമെന്ന്‍ BSNL സംഘടനാ ഭാരവാഹികള്‍ അറിയിച്ചു.


09/08/2019: Circle News

Lunch hour demonstration was held throughout the country on today 7th August, 2019 under the banner of AUAB. The main demands were: 

(1) Honouring the commitments given by the Union Cabinet in the year 2000, to ensure BSNL’s financial viability, (a) Extend immediate financial support to BSNL, for the maintenance of the services and (b) Extend soft loan to BSNL for it’s capital expenditures).

(2) Remove the total ban imposed on capital expenditure by BSNL. Allow field units to carry out capital expenditure, where ever revenue is assured.

(3) No retrenchment. Honour the commitment given on job security at the time of formation of BSNL.

(4) Stop repressive actions for even legitimate trade union activities.

Large number of employees, especially from the field units who are really facing tremendous pressure from the customers / labours/ vendors and the management on non payment participated in the demonstration.

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06/08/2019 : CHQ News

AUAB meeting held on 01.08.2019 decided to organise lunch hour demonstrations and gate meetings throughout the country, on 07th August, 2019 raising the following demands:-


(1) Honouring the commitments given by the Union Cabinet in the year 2000, to ensure BSNL’s financial viability.

(a) Extend immediate financial support to BSNL, for the maintenance of the services.

(b) Extend soft loan to BSNL for it’s capital expenditures.

(2) Remove the total ban imposed on capital expenditure by BSNL. Allow field units to carry out capital expenditure, where ever revenue is assured.

(3) No retrenchment. Honour the commitment given on job security at the time of formation of BSNL.

(4) Stop repressive actions for even legitimate trade union activities.

AUAB Notice  AUAB Circular

Comrades, the services are getting affected, connections are started disconnecting, revenue is coming down and by stopping all the capital works, new source of income also stopped. The Management decision to stop all the capital works will only accelerate the down fall of BSNL. Govt and BSNL management is not able to provide the required fund for maintaining the network. Thousands of crores of BSNL money is blocked in DoT on various accounts.

In this hour of crisis, if the employees remain silent, it will be the last nail on the coffin of BSNL.   

See the commitments of the goverment  on 1st september 2000 on formation  of BSNL regarding 
1.Financial  viability
2.Job Security
3.Pension payment .

None of the above commitments are kept by BSNL and in turn it took many decisions in favour of Private operators which resulted the present  situation against  which AUAB has given  call to protest.

It is the time for every one who desire BSNL survival to rally behind and not to have sectarian views and make agenda of their own.


05/08/2019 : CHQ News

Excerpts from the address of GS Com K Sebastin at Vijayawada GB on 14/7/19, mainly covering the issues related to Revival of BSNL and important HR issues:

1. Financial position of BSNL: The loss is estimated to be around Rs 14,000 Crores and the revenue declined from Rs 25,000 Cr in 2017-18 to Rs 19,000 Crores during 2018-19 financial year. The pending liabilities of BSNL is around 13,000 Crores (4,000 OPEX + 4,000 CAPEX + Advance received from NOFN, LWE etc). At present monthly revenue is just 1,300 to 1,400 Crores whereas the expenditure is around 2,300 Crores and the deficit is around 1,000 Crores per month.

2. Allotment of 4G spectrum: Govt never interested to provide 4G spectrum to BSNL. In both 2G/3G and 4G spectrum issue, Govt actions delayed BSNL services. In 2G/3G, Govt interfered in the tenders & procurements and in the case of 4G, spectrum not allotted.  When the employees started agitation throughout country, Govt come under pressure and had some rethinking at the level of Secretary and MOC. But  officers down the level is not at all interested and they are against providing spectrum to BSNL, citing the Hon Supreme court order on 2G spectrum case in which SC ordered that all the Natural resources should be sold on auction only. After new Minister is taken over, some positive developments are taking place on 4G spectrum and Govt trying to get a positive Legal advice on the matter. DOT is planning to allot 4G spectrum at the cost of around 14155Cr+12%GST by way of 100% Govt equity infusion which meets our demand for free 4G spectrum.

3. Monetizing of Lands: Proposal is for taking over of all bank loans of BSNL and MTNL by an SPV with land parcels for equal amount.  With this both the companies will become zero debt as SPV will take care of debt. Further BSNL will be allowed to monetize the remaining land, Optical fibre and Towers for meeting the expenditure for CAPEX and it will be monitored by a Committee of officers from DoT, BSNL/MTNL and DIPAM. Previously SPV was proposed for Land, optical fibre network and tower monetization but now it is only for land monetization (about 29 land parcels with value around 20,000 cores only).

4. Merger of BSNL and MTNL: The proposal is to make MTNL a debt free company and then a subsidiary of BSNL. The main hurdles of merger of BSNL and MTNL are:

a) MTNL having huge loan and 60% revenue is being used for paying interest and loan repayments.

b) MTNL is listed company.

c) HR issues like difference in pay scales, pay, promotions, seniority, liability of transfer etc. 

SPV will take care of MTNL loans and MTNL will become debt free. A committee being formed with BSNL, MTNL and DOT officers for addressing other issues like delisting the MTNL and resolve all HR issues within 18 months of time and thereafter full merger with BSNL.

5. Proposal for VRS for the employees above 55 years of age (now 50 yrs) and then retirement age reduction to 58:              

Govt linked establishment cost reduction as part of the revival plan. Further Govt is not ready to consider any revival plan without staff reduction as it will not help revival of BSNL, according to the Govt. The ex-gratia is worked out in such a manner that ex-gratia plus pension amount will be 25% higher than the present pay (i.e salary +full pension). The  Employees who will opt for VRS  will get almost 25% higher amount as ex gratia +pension. Ex- gratia amount, Leave Encashment & full Pension (without Commutation) will be paid immediately after VRS.  But the Gratuity with  8% interest and Commutation Payment will be made on attaining the age of 60 years. VRS options may be asked from 01.10.2019 onwards. Govt is expecting nearly 70000 employees will be opted this VRS and around 6000 cores will be saved per annum.

After completion of VRS, retirement age reduction to 58 will be thought of w.e.from 01.01.2020. Reduction of retirement age to 58 may be a temporary measure for few years as in the case of ITI. In ITI, few years back retirement age reduced to 58 but two months back restored it to 60. SNEA is continuing its efforts to incorporate the 3rd PRC also part of the Revival Plan as recommended by IIM, Ahmadabad.

If VRS is implemented, it will have huge impacts on the cadre like massive redeployment, sharing of the additional work load by the remaining employees, absence of support staff etc in addition to the fact that the remaining employees also will lose two years of service and salary due to retirement age reduction. Since the excess staff is send on VRS, all the posts they are holding and the existing vacancies will cease to exist.

In the given situation, there is not much choice left for us and we are continuing our best efforts to get the revival plan approved. Assn will be taking a final call on these issues once final picture is known to us.

6. Restructuring proposal in BSNL:  BSNL Board already put on hold all the direct recruitments. New norms are being worked out and the fresh justification of posts will be worked out.

7. Superannuation benefits and EPF full Pension: As per assurance given by CMD, 3% enhancement of superannuation fund is to be processed by March, 2019. Unfortunately due to the salary crisis, BSNL Board is not taking up any proposal having additional financial implications. Hence enhancement of 3% SAB proposal is not materialised so far eventhough SNEA and AUAB continuing its persuation.

After Kerala High court and Supreme Court verdict on higher pension the EPF office filled two review petitions on it. One review petition was dismissed and other one is still pending. NCOA is party in the Hon Supreme Court on the cases filed for Full Pension. SNEA and NCOA is associated with the court cases at Hon SC. SNEA is closely monitoring and pursuing the issue.

GS also explained the developments on 3rd PRC, Promotions i.e. JTO to SDE, SDE to DE, DE to DGM (T), AO to CAO, CAO to DGM (F) etc, CPSU hierarchy notification, E2 & E3 standard pay scales, Pension revision, pay loss of Executives of 2007 batch onwards, first TBP and E1A/E2A for Civil/Elect etc.  All the issues are still live and SNEA is continuously pursuing. On DGM promotions, M.A is proposed to be filed shortly for early hearing of the matter. Now vacancies available to accommodate all the eligible AGM/DEs on DGM promotion as large number of AGMs and Adhoc DGMs are retired.  

03/08/2019 : Circle News

CS writes to CGMT regarding Achievement of targets and fixing responsibility to field units during hours of crisis - our humble suggestion View Letter

It is known to everyone that BSNL is passing through some tough time ever in its history as far as cash flow and regular payment towards its vendors, store suppliers, installation contractors etc. are concerned, due to liquidity crunch. As a result, many vendors have stopped supplying man power, stores, services, vehicles etc. seriously affecting day to day operations and developmental activities in field.  From BSNL side, as part of austerity measures, restrictions have been imposed on spending on account of man power, vehicle, diesel, materials, temporary advance, capital expenditure etc. It is not unknown to everyone that men, money and material are the essentials for running normal business by any service organisation. Hence, reduction in any of the three would lead to reduction of output despite best efforts from the field execution teams. It appears that the BSNL management seems to ignore these fundamental facts and expect field teams to perform both network operations and service provisions as being done during normal times.

At this juncture, it would be worth noting that the Hon. Minister for Communication himself had acknowledged this basic fact and identified the core reason for the financial crisis of BSNL as lack of fair competition in telecom industry in our country due to unleashing of predatory pricing initiated by one of the TSPs and lack of timely upgrade of technology like 4G, copper to fibre conversion etc by BSNL. Many BSNL circle heads and BA heads have already acknowledged the efforts taken by executives in their personal capacity for mitigating the stalemates by spending huge amount of money from their salary towards labour, vehicle expenses, diesel, local purchase etc. They could at least make some earnest attempt from their side to mitigate the burden being shouldered by the field executives alone even though many such attempts could not succeed due to various reasons. There are reports from circles regarding mobilisation of emergency fund through personnel contributions by sharing money right from the BA Head to non executives.

As we all know, Kerala circle, the highest profit making circle till last year had always achieved targets both in service front as well as in revenue front due to collective effort from all section of employees right from the circle head down to the contract labourers through some streamlined and time tested mechanisms implemented in the circle. As a result, Kerala circle could achieve certain milestones in the country like maintaining highest DEL, generating consistent revenue next only to Maharashtra circle from tower infra sharing etc in addition to meeting all operational parameters well within limits in all business verticals. It may be noted that Kerala circle has already initiated various opex saving measures including reduction of AMC costs in CM vertical, contract labour costs, vehicle usage, energy savings in exchanges/BTS sites and so on throughout all BAs. We are aware of the Corporate Office instruction to further reduce the labour cost by another 30%. We are of the opinion that the instruction is highly irrational as far as Kerala circle is concerned where considerable reduction in men, money and material has already taken place compared to the quantity of telecom operational assets being maintained in the circle. We suggest such points are to be brought to the notice of Corporate Office to convince them to assist the circle to equip with most essential men, money and material for the smooth operations of its telecom network in the highly productive telecom circle. Our CHQ has already brought these irregularities to the notice of Corporate Office at the highest level. We expect circle administration also would rise to the occasion to bring these facts to their notice to get favourable decisions from their side. We strongly believe that the unscientific, irrational and sharp cut in labour in our circle without any work study or assessment of actual requirement will be highly detrimental to the revenue and operational prospects of this highly productive circle.

It is disheartening to note that the Kerala circle administration seems to ignore these basic facts and seen engaged in implementing such unrealistic corporate decisions in haste simply ignoring the field realities. We are fully aware of the present crisis and would strive really hard to achieve our targets as being done at present by field officers even by spending from their own salaries. But, to our dismay, instead of acknowledging their efforts and motivating the field officers during the hours of crisis, the circle administration seems to send wrong signals to the field even going to the extent of using the sword of ‘no work no pay’, fault clearance targeted webinars etc thereby demotivating the already constrained field units to perform in the adverse operating conditions with shortage of men, material and money. The administration never seems to acknowledge the shortage of resources for the field units to perform. Instead they are involved in fixing unrealistic targets to field units.  While we have no doubt about the responsibility in clearing the faults and creating /  providing the  demands  we are of the considered view that the management is equally responsible for supplying necessary  men, money and material to achieve  the same. If the labour, material and money which are to be supplied by management are not available, the field officers cannot be held no way responsible.

 We would also like to bring to the notice of the circle administration that in the course of urge to achieve the operational targets, the count of LL, BB, Mobile connections as well as fault clearance in many circles and BAs seems to be reported unrealistic. This is amply clear from the VLR, ARPU, NIL CDR IPDR and revenue fetched by such circles and BAs. These types of “smart practices” may spoil the work culture and intellectual integrity of the staff and the system. We are constrained to bring these views on seeing the message from top level to fix responsibility among field staff and officers up to SDE level alone towards the non performance. We are not convinced under what circumstances the escalation matrix of responsibility end with SDEs.  We are of the view that the above kind of advisories and demoralising actions from the top management are highly demotivating to the field units which are already in the verge of an outburst. We request circle administration to be practical to field realities and sympathetic to the field officers and staff rather than whipping with the sword of no work no pay etc.

We urge upon the circle administration to review their present attitude towards the field units and to initiate dialogues with all stakeholders to arrive at a consensus to tide over the present exigency for the smooth running of telecom operations in the circle during the hours of crisis.

02/08/2019: SAD NEWS

SAD NEWS: With heavy heart, it is informed that our loving sister Com. K.V Sheela(57)  JTO CSC, Palayam, Kozhikkode BA has left us today.  SNEA mourn the untimely departure. Let's together join the bereaved family. 


02/08/2019 : Circle News

CS writes to Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala regarding Payment of Property Tax to Local bodies by BSNL towards its buildings and mobile telecommunication towers in Panchayaths - hardship faced by BSNL Officers due to revenue recovery proceedings, attachments, civil/criminal prosecution initiated by various local bodies in the State.  View Letter

01/08/2019 : CHQ News

GS writes to Shri P. K. Purwar, CMD/BSNL: Unscientific, irrational and sharp cut in labour across BSNL units without any work study or assessment of requirement will derail the sincere efforts for Revival of BSNL. These skilled labours become integral part of BSNL in maintaining the network, especially UG cable and OFC network. Ultimately the field units, the revenue earning wing will suffer, it will badly affect the services and BSNL revenue. Much effective cost cutting can be done on AMC but focus is not seen on those areas.

GS letter to CMD

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